Case 29518

Alice Chivoll of Great Woolstone, 33 years. Tuesday 6 August 1605, 7 am.
Feels something to move in her body as if she should have another child. Brought abed this day fortnight at [in binding] & had a daughter w[hich] died after it was [christe]ned on Thursday. Cannot sleep. A great pain in her right leg. Sleepy & it cannot sleep. Water good.
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Case 34941

Phillip Eason of Stony Stratford, 28 years. Tuesday 21 March 1609, 2.20 pm. Pained at her heart, chest & breast with pricking. Best fasting. Was 10 weeks without them [menses] & had them. Next Saturday will be a month & then had them three days together in great store[?]. Married six [years]. Had two children at a birth last Magdalene tide one stillborn & the other lived a day & then died. Purges will not work downward but upward. Had a child three years last Allhallowtide & was here & had physic about March & proved with child & was half delivered & the child lives. This woman never had her sickness at all until she was delivered. Never had them neither before she was married nor that year neither until she was delivered. At that time had a vomit & was let blood in both feet & yet did well. A thin white water. Very ill after & used to be costive. Eating. Quaerit an sit gravida [asks whether she is pregnant].
[Left of chart] Very sick after meat & was fain to go to bed.
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Case 57726

Goody Marshal of Newport, 33 years. Monday 23 February 1624, 8.50 am. Brought abed Friday 6 February 1624, 6.20 am. Saturday last was a sennet her child died. Griped in her thigh.
[Left of chart] 3 child all dead. Cannot sleep & much pulled & griped.
A hermaphroditus. Very light headed & first had a griping in a thigh & a shooting in every part. Did buy milk at a place where they suspect a bad woman. One Howets wife suspected.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 77616

Alice Danford of Densanger, 30 years. Sunday 16 June 1633, 8 pm.
Was safely brought abed by Dr Chamberlain & her daughter also.
Woman & child had safe deliverance.
A widow before he married her & had 2 children by her former husband. & both of them are dead. & she was married to this last husband fortnight before Michaelmas last. The child is dead in her womb.
1. Sneezing powder (2 scruples); pellitory of Spain (2 scruples); diatrium pipereon [species] (1 scruple).
2. Borax; savin juniper; origanum dictamnus; 1 dram each, in 3 papers.
3. Pennyroyal, hyssop (both 1 minim?); aniseed (spoonful); licorice (spoonful); cinnamon (1 dram); ginger (1 dram); in 2 pounds of posset ale.
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Case 16959

Agnes Olny of Tebworth in Chalgrave, 38 years. Wednesday 19 May 1602, 9.45 am. Maritus pro vxore furiosa et insanientem [the husband for his furious and insane wife]. Senseless. Has no use of her wits & light headed.
[Right] A frantic woman. Mad & laughs & misterms.
First had good motions & now worse & worse. About 3 years since delivered of a child which by means of an unskillful midwife perished & rent the woman that she ever after continued lame & could never since hold her water. Upon this day sennet about 12 of the clock she began to wax mad when Sun and Moon came both to be in Gemini & Mercury dispositer of both the lights. A thick muddish water.
[Treatment information, including Latin phrase meaning ‘God for this sick little woman, may Satan be crushed under Christ’s feet, and may my medication be blessed, so that she may be freed from this distraction of mind and also be greatly and powerfully consoled, and with compassion and blessing.’]
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Case 48556

Temperance Negoose of Dunton in Bedfordshire, 30 years. Tuesday 27 April 1619, 9.38 am.
Thursday next a week brought abed & is full of melancholy. Despairing & offering to drown herself. Was so a year since & mended with that I sent her. God’s name be praised for it.
Faint & weak.
Complains of her belly & griping.
Doubts of God’s grace.
Fearful in her sleep.
Belly griped.
Urine red & thick.
Her child was christened & that day hence doubts & despairs of her salvation.
It died & since she waxed m[gap].
Offers to drown herself. Cholical. Is loose bodied.
[Astrology beginning Saturn Lord of the 6th …]
Grief touching her child.
[Over page] Temperance Negoose of Dunton by Bedford, 30 years. Tuesday 27 April 1619. 9.39 am.
[Treatment information including an electuary, an unguent and a pigeon applied to her feet.]
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Case 71341

Alice Goodcheape of Campton, 40 years. Saturday 5 February 1631, 2.30 pm. Brought abed a fortnight since. Cannot sleep.
[In chart] Light headed.
The Saturday after her delivery she became light headed & on the Sunday following she put her fingers into the child’s mouth & tore it. But the child died not. & on the next day at night being Monday, she smothered it with her hand. The coroner has sat on the [case of the] child & found her guilty of the fact.
[Treatment, an unguent and a syrup.]
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Case 68796

Mistress Joan Plot of Dunstable, 36 years. Saturday 29 June 1629, 1 pm.
Brought abed this day 5 weeks.
[In chart] Her conscience sorely tormented about her child that died a year since. Imagination so depraved that no counsel will serve.
[To right of chart] Brought abed 5 weeks since.
Took a grief for a child of 4 years old that died.
Despairs of her salvation because that she said if he die let him die. This thought troubles her mind. Cares not for her husband nor child but goes into a corner to weep. Waxes mopish.
[Left column] Covetous to have [or save?] [ward?] & neighbours. Nurses a child.
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Case 48944

Mistress Pedder of Potters Perry, 39 years last St. Lawrence’s day. Wednesday 10 August 1580, 11.30 am.
12 years married, our Lady Day’s eve three weeks before Michaelmas married.
Her husband abuses her. Rails on her, calls her whore bitch & beats her & swears that she is nought[y] & says he is bewitched. [Above the line] with Mr. Troughton.
Wednesday was sennet in the morning her husband beat her & kicked her 2 of June. [Astrology.]
Had 2 children. One died a year old 7 years since & miscarried of another.
[Right column] Master Pedder 43 years. 29 March last.
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Case 48188

Jeffery Hasker of Shenly, 38 years. Friday 5 February 1619, 12.39 pm. Much urine and thin. Argues [i.e. indicates] obstructions. He has taken much grief because his wife killed her child with beating & the Crown has set upon it. He fears that something did haunt his wife. Had lost her senses on a sudden. & this man thinks that he putting out his hand felt a thing like a cat. Complains of the reins of his back. Has a rising in his stomach.
[Left margin] Mind troubled.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 67498

Anne Edmonds of London, 34 years. Saturday 18 December 1628, 6 pm.
[Right of page, running to bottom] My advice for her falling out with a woman, her landlady, midsummer last a twelvemonth. Fell out with her, & struck her about a sister in law of hers that lived with Mrs Edmonds. She struck her & gave her cursed words & one that followed her boy being 9 months old. Put her boy into a strange fit & so continued a good while & died in the end of the fever fits. The doctors said it was in shifting the boy into another house. Had no more fits for 14 weeks after. Then her lord lady’s sister her maid was warned by her to go out of her service. And Goody Crosse that had gotten her aforetimes & the maid leaving her to come to her old mistress that Goody Crosse that did help her to a service came railing to her & cursing Mistress Edmonds with bitter curses & said that she would make her to repent it for keeping of her servant. So her child fell into these fits again & so continued with 20, 30, 40 fits a day until it died. & the mother Mistress Edmonds dreamed that a woman did bewitch her child & Dr Lamb told her that Goody Crosse had bewitched her boy.
And for herself is fallen into the same fits and craves my counsel. This Mistress Crosse did say that she did no more against her child than what she was set on.
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Case 57610

Mrs Barkely, before [née] Elizabeth Conyers, married at 15 years. [Supplied: 16 January 1624, 11 am.] Of East Barnard. Born Tuesday 24 January, 1598, 10.00 pm. 2 children dead. Did love her husband very extremely & fondly now.
Born as I suppose January 24, Tuesday 9.30 pm 1598. 2 child, both died. Six years since her last child died. Never well since.
[Left] [Astrology.]
[Related case on right of page.]
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Case 40373

Mary Goodman of Newnton, 30 years. Thursday 17 September 1612, 9.00 am. Child dead born.
[In chart] Frantic.
Brought abed. Sept. 10 Thursday 10.10. pm. Child dead & she well after it until Monday she rose & took a cold & never since well but has lost her remembrance & is mad for she cannot sleep.
Laudanum 2 ounces in posset drink. Ointment of mandrake 1 ounce. Vid sept 26 [see September 26].
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Case 40432

Mary Goodman of Newnton Blossomfild, 27 years. Saturday 26 September 1612, 10.30 am. Senses gone by fit last Thursday at night 11 pm Sept 10. In her senses until the 3rd day past. Cannot keep her clothes on her back.
[In chart] Newly about a fortnight brought abed. Frantic.
Half a dram my cousin Eving[ton] water 1 ounce. Diasc. 1 dram. Water of lettuce 2 and a half ounces. Syrup of poppy 1 ounce. Seeds of poppy 1 scruple. All.
Sent to me the 17 of September & then I gave her mandrake. Child dead borne. Urine red & thick with gravel.
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Case 49350

Elisabeth Hull of Newport Rob Anslowe’s daughter, 30 years. Wednesday 28 July 1619, 9.15 am.
Urine very thin otherwise good. Very weak & sick in London has taken much physic & is very faint & weak. Green sickness. Married to this man better than a year no child by this man. Had 3 by the other & all died before they came to be christened.
Soles of her feet burn exceedingly.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 20139

Mary Gunthrop of Wolverton, 30 years. Monday 21 December 1601, 2.00 pm. Grief. Discontentment with her husband.
Mary Gunthrop troubled with an arising in her stomach like the mother. Her mistress doubts that she is with child. Melancholy since the death of her child. Refuses company. Lies in her chest & all over her side.
[Treatment information: tabulatus silicate ii & suppository with hiera picra]
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Case 19083

Grace Hall of Faeny Stratford 26 years. Wednesday 25 March 1601, 9.30 am.
With child. Pained in her head. Doubts she is bewitched. Would not take what I sent her. Cries out. She is bewitched. Light headed. Has no sense nor care to do anything. She tells everyone that comes to her that her child that died, her cattle, & now her self is bewitched. Goody Bricknell suspected.
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