Case 10476

Gillian Charge of Amptill, 30 years. Thursday 1 May 1600, 9 am.
Gillian Charge afflicted & disquieted in mind. Thinks prayers will do her little good. It is of Saturn in Libra.
[Treatment information.]
She thought she should want living. She said the devil & the guardians of the world have overcome. Was once in mind to make herself away.
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Case 45822 and Case 45823

Case 45822
Mary Boddington of Turvey, 26 years. Friday 5 December 1617, 9.45 am. She mended.
[In chart] Swoons often.
Tempts and says that the devil tempts her to kill herself.
Quaerit utrum mortem evadet [asks whether she shall escape death].
A hoarse cough.
Hot & dry. Cannot rest.
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Case 45823
Brought abed upon Saturday last at twelve at daytime. Saturday 29 November 1617, 11.40 am.
Bleeds at the nose. Cannot rest. Is so pained & vexed. Hot & dry. A hoarseness & cannot rear [bring up] anything.
[In chart] Frantic & brought abed on Saturday.
[Left of chart] A cordial drink did her much good.
Was then brought abed & delivered of a boy & swooned very often until 2 in the afternoon.
Susp. veneficium [witchcraft suspected].
He sent also 2 December 1617, 10 am.
[Astrology, beginning Moon in square to Sun …]
Had a comfort drink for that she swooned & was heart sick.
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Case 48121

Mistress Kent of Beckley by Oxford, 32 years. Sunday 24 January 1619, 9.00 am.
[In chart] Desperate. Defies God. Praises the devil.
A quarter of a year ill ever since she lay in childbed. Despairs of God’s mercy. Charges herself with many crimes as that as that [sic] she did lie with her sister’s brother’s son. Says that the devil will have her. Denies God & blasphemes him. Thinks that she is bewitched by her brother’s son.
Despairs of mercy. Has taken physic. Twice let blood. Temples, two arms, in the emrods [hemorrhoids], & purged.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 52582

Elizabeth Church of Castle Throp, 46 years. Saturday 2 June 1621, 8.30 am.
Was much troubled in her mind for one that she had loved long & ago who is now married & she meeting him of late told him that if her old husband dies that then she will marry him, but she meant it not as she told me because that his wife is living. Her husband is 80 years old & does whip her & scourge her black & blue egged on by his child. Casts all that she takes. Cannot rest nor sleep. Is somewhat wild & feels not the ground on which she goes. Troubled in her mind. Is much tempted by Satan that comes unto her in the likeness of a cat & tells her that Satan laboured to drown & to hang herself by Satan’s temptation.
[Left column. Treatment information.]
Teeth lost.
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Case 16553

Mrs Mary Woodward of Easton Maudit, 20 years. Thursday 21 February 1605, 9.45 am.
Moon separating from trine with Mars approaching trine with Saturn.
Taken with desperate fits. Her first fit began on Tuesday last. Took a conceit partly by hearing of Mr Isaac’s daughters of Fensham who as they report are possessed, & partly ex impatientia amoris [from impatience for love].
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Case 23738

Anne Syred of Monkes Riseborough, 26 years. Thursday 28 July 1614, 9.15 am. Married.
[In chart] Frantic & mad. Distracted.
Urine indifferent but somewhat high coloured.
Mopish & distracted since Friday night & not before. Very froward & much dejected by reason of her sins. Has had 3 children, youngest about half a year & sucks. Yesterday they had much ado to keep her: & called them devils and rated all & was wonderful ill for two hours. Cries out of her sins. Desires to lie on the ground. Head very light.
1. Tab. 5 pence 12.
2. From the cephalic vein 8 ounces.
3. Extract of opium 2 and a half quarters.
Diasc. 1 dram. Syrup of poppy 1 ounce. Water of violets 2 ounces.
From the sapherous vein 7 ounces.
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Case 26630

Agnes Mabbet of Wellingborough, 28 years. Sunday 19 January 1606, 4.40 pm. Pater sine filiae consensu [the father without consent of the daughter].
[In chart] Frantic maddish by fits.
Long visage. Frantic maddish 4 or 5 days by fits. Took it with a cold & could not sleep & now raves & cries out that the devil will have her in most fearful manner. Water indifferent. Has a cough.
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Case 32676

I came to Mr Potkins of Lilly by the how, 62 years. Tuesday 4 February 1606, 10.15 am. Uxor pro marito sine consensu [the wife for the husband without consent].
[In chart] Frantic despairs ready to murder himself.
And beats his head[?] against the bedstead & says that he has given himself to the devil.
At a 11. After square with Sun. After square with Mercury.
Sextile between Jupiter and Venus approaching.
Conjunction between Sun and Mercury approaching.
Square between Mars and Mercury approaching February 11.
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Case 48337

Goody Richardson Millers sister of Newport, 56 years. Tuesday 9 March 1619, 9.45 am. Filia pro mater [the daughter for the mother]. By fits mad & furious.
[In chart] distracted was so[me?]tymes.
Her fits take her commonly at 12 at midnight mar 8 Sunday [Sunday 8 March?] 12.00 pm. Cries out of the devil.
Was let blood. Had extract of opium 7 grains. Syrup of poppy. Yet cannot sleep. Make a blistering plaster for her neck. [Astrology.] Cries out of the devil that stands at her bedside & says she is doomed & rages by [in binding] extreme[?]. Cannot sleep.
1. antimony 5 quarters. Wine 4 ounces.
2. A blistering. Plaster.
3. Hamech. 5 drams. Garlic 10 quarters. Elect. 3 ounces. Syrup of [illeg.] 1 ounce.
4. Haemorrhoid vein.
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Case 14462

George Swallow of Potters Perry, 50 years. Friday 3 February 1604, 1.40 pm.
Cannot sleep not for 3 weeks. Lay speechless for 24 hours for 5 times. Understood anything but would not speak. Light & lewd talk. Troubled with aches. He is chained & fettered & cries out of witches & casts every thing into the fire. Urine good full of motes. Cries out against Satan.
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Case 64172

Elizabeth Watts of Westoning by Amptill, 42 years. Saturday 30 June 1627, 1.45 pm.
[In chart] Mind sorely troubled.
[Left column] Joan Dogget suspected, but this woman does not suspect her. Always sickly & it took her with a gasping being then in travail.
[Right column] Fears some ill thing haunts her inwardly. It rises in her imagination like a hairy thing up to her throat & so to her chaps sundry times together.
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Case 71284

Mrs Sarah Willows of Collingtree 2 miles from Northampton. First taken Sunday 23 January 1631, 11.30am. Strangely taken with strange fits lifting her up as one shaken with a shaking ague with a great heart beating. Was present.
[Left margin above chart] She mended suddenly.
[In chart] Convulsions. Starts much & often & has had 31 fits in all.
[Right margin] her father commanding the spirit to depart with much courage & presently her fits do cease.
Witch suspected. Her father being coroner caused a woman whose neck was broken in her bed & buried 6 weeks caused by him to be taken out of the grave. Bled at nose & her eyes open & this child said that she being there saw her eye open & telling the wife’s husband’s father. So her fits took a little after that she went away with those strange fits.
[Left margin] Her father commanding Satan to leave her she is rid of her fits.
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Case 53759

Mrs Brograve sent me a token. Her husband full of grief for the burning of his house & good[s] & Mr for Mr Edmunds daughter 17 years. Monday 25 March 1622, 4.20pm. Mr Edmund’s daughter.
[To right of chart] Haunted as her father thinks with some ill creature.
[In chart] Mind much grieved & troubled.
This maid is sorely handled about her back & sides & everywhere as if she should be torn in pieces oftentimes by fits since harvest. Now will take nothing. Extreme sick & feeble & lies as one in a trance & will skrike out for half an hour. They think she will die. Is so extreme sick. Looks well in her face & bates not in her flesh. Was pretty well until a week since. Urine indifferent good. Witchery suspected. Is as one haunted. [Treatment information]
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Case 49967

Grace Child of Amerson, 60 years. 20 November, 1619, 3.20 pm. Was present. Deep melancholy & a strange fancy.
[In chart] Epilept[ic] fits of the mother.
Head much distempered & very forgetful. Vexed with many sore fits of Satan & that very often [inserted] in most pitiful manner.
[Left margin] Epilet[ic] fits of the mother.
Much grieved in trouble in mind. Ill since midsummer last. Head runs with many idle fancies. Thinks something haunts her & inwardly possesses her & speaks within her telling that she is his.
[Left margin] Thinks some live thing to be in her head alive.
Cannot speak when it is on her, when her fit is on her. Now can lift up her hand or arms & it writhes her mouth face & hands & takes away her senses & something [breaks off]. 8 years since was so troubled as she is now. Claver an old blind minister.
Liori, Mahoma, Mauro. All these three spirits came into her together. [Astrology.]
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Case 21595

Joan Spark of Blunnam, 32 years. Tuesday 16 October 1604, 11. 25 am. Had 6 children. Was delivered a Monday last fortnight of a boy which is well.
Sometimes well, & she talks idly of the devil altogether & says fondly that she has given her self to the devil & would make her self away. This last night took a garter to do it. In her fits will not talk. Has very strange fits & does fear least some ill has happened to her. Fears a bad woman that used to curse them. Had 2 calfs strangely taken. Cannot sleep.
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Case 38073

Alice Hills of Thorley, 14 years. Wednesday 8 May 1611, 2.45 pm. Parens sin consensu [the parents without consent].
[In chart] Not bewitched. Mother.
Raphael: Let her blood & she will mend.
Ellen Parret threatened her for a lie made of her & said if she took her she would flay her & after came to visit her & told her that the devil was in her & would never out of her until she lost her lying. Mightily troubled with a great arising in her chest up to her throat. They can scarce hold her. Has had it since 8 weeks & it began in her side like the falling sickness & now for 3 weeks is forced to keep her bed day & night.
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Case 45459

Joan Rogers of Little Barford. Wednesday 13 August 1617, 10.20 am. Now married about 2 years. A young child about a year old which she nurses until now.
[In chart] Distracted.
Urine red & thick. Taken in her head. Taken as she was going to make hay & ever since has been distracted for the most part. Whoops & hallows & spits in everybody’s face. She fights & beats her husband & all that come to her. Such as she can master. She says that God, on Monday last was sennet in the morning, gave her to the Devil & then the Devil said to her that he must have her. [Treatment information.]
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Case 42211

Anne Becke of Kemolten, 60 years. Friday 11 August 1615, 6.20 am. Matrix ascensus [rising of the womb]. They do fear she is possessed.
Has a great rising up to her throat one day more than others.
[Between lines] Like the mother.
& sometimes will cry Lord Jesus Jesus help me, & then again will say that the devil will come for her & have her. Sometimes talks well and sometimes idly. [Astrology.] Black dullish water stinking & full of white stinking thick unsavoury matter. Has eaten little since Wednesday was sennet. It begins at the bottom of her belly as a live thing & rises up the th[roat] & swells & she waxes big.
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Case 60271

Elizabeth Hayford of Loughton in Leicestershire, 54 years. Thursday 21 April 1625, 2.15 pm. Complains of her wits. Sometimes furious & tempted to make herself away & to drown herself in wells. Uses idle speeches & will [breaks off].
[Left margin] Had vomits & purges.
Head ill & eyes bad & dim. Had a thing to drink & to put about her neck. Cannot be saved, the devil so tells her as she says. Look where the devil stands. Will weep much. A great itch. [Treatment information.]
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Case 47095

Joan Ekins of Raunce, 25 years. Friday 17 July 1618, 9.30 am.
[Left] Joan Ekins of Raunce, 26 years. Friday 17 July 1618, 9.30 am.
The 9 of July was taken suddenly taken & began to speak idlly & has done so ever since, talking of the devil & says that she has given away her soul to the devil & says he has a lease of her life. Is grown very furious. Urine good. Full of slimy residue. Child was christened. Her boy was christened on Candlemas day last was twelvemonth. [Treatment information.] This wrought exceedingly with her & made her very sick. Ceph[alic vein] et Saph[enous vein] & pulls down any thing upon her.
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Case 64584

William Ring of Bletchley, 30 years. Married. Friday 14 September 1627, 6.00 am.
[In chart] Troubled with wicked thoughts. Sorely tempted.
Satan suggests so his sins as that he would persuade him that he is damned for it. About St Jamestide 6 weeks since. Committed adultery.
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Case 12907

Catherine Wels of Buckingam, 23 years. Thursday 20 December, 1599, 9.30 am. Vexed as she says with a spirit & dares not to ride lest seeing the water she should fall into it. Sent unto me. Troubled this 3 years. Married & has a child a year old.
[In chart] Haunted, tempted to kill herself or her child.
Worse for that her husband makes small reckoning of her. Asks whether it be not good to let her blood because she is full of blood. [Astrology.] Goes ad secessum bene [goes to stool well]. She thinks some evil spirit to be within. Tempted either to kill her self or her child & therefore when she sees a knife she flings it away. Cannot abide to take any potion to drink because it had once made her mad. But will eat anything.
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Case 32676

I came to Mr Potkins of Lilly by the How, 62 years. Tuesday 4 February 1606, 10.15 am. Uxor pro marito sine consensu [the wife for the husband without consent].
[In chart] Frantic, despairs & ready to murder himself.
& beats his bed against the bedstand & says that he has given himself to the devil.
Edition and image for CASE32676

Case 45072

Joan Simpson of Higham Ferrers, married, 33 years. Wednesday 4 June 1617, 12 pm.
Well in her wits. Ill 5 weeks & has her mind much troubled & says that the devil will have & that all that she does she does it for the devil & the devil runs always in her mind. Is very weak & feeble & is much wasted. Urine good. [Treatment information.]
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Case 17245

Alice Weatherhead a widow of Olny, 38 years. Tuesday 15 June 1602, 9.40 am. Will know whether she shall live or no.
[In chart] Died on Saturday morning about 2 of the clock.
This woman sent herself. Has been ill this fortnight. Her memory senses gone & talks much of the Devil that he is in her mouth & will carry her away with her. Had two women to keep her which have given her over. Light headed. Now a little come to herself. Would know whether she shall live or die. Very hot in her chest. Nothing quenches her desire. This day Amy Bryant told me of a shepherd called William Ashby of Olny that in his sickness said that there was no God this 26 years. Her urine good. Alice Weatherhead of Olny. Extreme hot in her stomach.
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Case 63898

Mary Sanderson of Oundle, 30 years. Tuesday 22 May 1627, 4.00 pm.
Was taken with a sore fear in a dream that she had the Devil in her bed. Saturday 19 May 1627, 8.00 pm.
[Right] Is very hot & eats little. A very fat gross [breaks off]. [Astrology.] Has had a great scouring. Was not with child.
[Middle right of page] Mary Sanderson, 30 years of Oundle. Tuesday 22 May 1627, 4.00 pm. New ague. A red urine & aguish. Is sorely troubled. Dreams of the devil yet is godly & sensible.
[Bottom right] [Treatment information.]
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Case 54333

Catherine Persival of Old Stratford, 22 years. Thursday 30 May 1622, 12.30 pm.
Mater pro filia [the mother for the daughter].
[In chart] Mopish, haunted & possessed.
23 a month before Michaelmas on a Sunday 9.40 am. Born 8 weeks before her time.
Goody Gayton of Brodyn suspected. Is dry & drinks much. Has her terms well. Would bark like a cat, dog, bull by fits when she says Lord delivers from all evil.
[Left margin] Has her terms well. Sorely tormented.
She says that she is possessed with [breaks off]. Would soon tell things that would come to pass. The king did give her a little of his own [illeg.] & tied it about her arm & helps [illeg.] her of her mad fits twice. & that she should strike her left arm strongly three times.
[Left margin] Head & chest. Not heartsick.
Goody Clark suspected. Goody French suspected.
Says that she has the Devil in her & God also in her to defend her. Since a Monday was a sennet has no fits but complains of her chest.
[Right] Oleu[m]. Susp[ected] Tomlyns. 5 years since was with me & had a vomit or two & a purge. Since Easter was tempted. [Treatment information.]
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Case 10235

Ursula Coles of Ashon, 26 years. Wednesday 2 April 1600, 10.00 am. This day sennet at night. With consent.
[In chart] Troubled in mind.
Ill in mind. Troubled in mind. James Linwell of Ashon that was amiss & now is mended by that I gave him. Ill in his mind about a year since. He caused this body to come. This woman is ill in mind. It is of Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Leo. Had a child about five weeks before Michaelmas. Grieved in mind that she went not to church. Before Easter haunted with some evil spirit. Devil more in her mind than God yet she always calls upon God. Ready to despair by reason of sins. Stomach full. An honest well minded woman & of a tender conscience.
Edition and image for CASE10235

Case 14814

[Cutbert crossed out] Roger Fuller of Evingho Aston, 16 years. Monday 14 April, 1603, 1.30 pm. Pater pro filio sine consensu [the father for the son without consent].
They think it to be haunted for always when he should go to his meat though he came from pissing but a little before, he will go forth and strain himself a quarter of an hour together until many times his ordure come from him, and when he comes in to eat as he takes the spoon in his hand to put it to his mouth he will stand thrusting his cheek with the other hand and spit a quarter of an hour together before he eat any thing.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE14814

Case 18212

John Hollowyll of 28 years a batchelor of Suffolk. Thursday 11 November 1602 4.00 pm.
Right huckbone, knee, back of his foot, under his reins of his back & down to his hip & ankle. Not able to go. Hit on the shoulder with a brickbat as many more now in a house haunted as is thought with sprites which cast brickbats & pebble stones.
[Treatment information.]
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Cases 58589, 58589

Case 58588
Elizabeth Lawrence of Luton Hoe 20 years. Tuesday 1 June 1624, 3.30 pm.
[In chart] Mad with love & melancholy & full of prate. Long ere she mended.
Apt to sigh.
1. was let blood arm & foot
2. had a vomit
Has had them but 4 times. The middle of her head ill & cannot sleep. Head & heart ill. Apt to talk of religion. Had the green sickness but now had them not this twelvemonth since last harvest. Always sickly. Despairs of gods mercy. [Treatment information.]
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Case 58589
Elizabeth Lawrence was sent Monday 24 May 1624, 5.45 am. Tempted by Satan fell into a pond & likely to be drowned but was safely delivered very godly & religious & of a good mind and faith.
Full of sad heavy melancholy thoughts. Back & head eyes run with water. Trembles and quivers.
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Case 13536

Millers, Friday 14 July 1598 7.45 am. Thomas Richardson for his wife. To know what will be her end. About 30 years old. She suspects she has been bewitched. Light headed & talks much of the devil. She can not speak. Sometimes in her fit lets out her excrements.
It seems she has taken it with a great grief. Her mind much disquieted. She scratched one that she thought had bewitched her. Magnum argumentum est maledicae linguae et hostis odij [The great evidence is of evil speech and the hatred of enemies].
Edition and image for CASE13536

Case 61852

William & Robert Lewis supposed to be hurt by bad tongues. 24 March 1626, 6.50 pm. Will 15, Robert 12 years.
[In chart] Betwitched.
Roberts water good but has a great patch of white gravel. They be strangely handled of all parts of their bodies & cry out of the witches hand & the use of their senses & wits taken away. They be haunted. The youngest Mr Hamell mended God be thanked. [Astrology.] Will[iam], water more high coloured with a ground. Muddish red grounds.
[Left margin] The children be well out of their fits.
They had vomits & lozenges were let blood. One mended but two elder are worse than before. 1 tab. Sigil Jupiter a little before 8 in the morning. Water of hypericum. Mugwort water.
[Right of page] Will Lewis of Henley of the Temps 15 years. Ill as before or rath[er] worse.
Their speeches in ther fits are all of witch[es]. They say in their fits that they are possessed. They do adjure th[e] witches to come out of them. Their senses are gone & their fits con[tinue?] one hour mo[re] or less & when they are out of their fit they complain of all[in binding]. White gravel of all parts of their bod[ies].
[Over page] Will Lewis had
1. tab 3. d.
2. A purge. Antimony 9 grains. Diagr. 12. Garlic. Jeralog each 4 grains.
3. Water of hypericum or mugwort 3 ounces. Sigil Jupiter. 2 scruples of coral.
The like for Robert Lewis.
Edition and image for CASE61852