Case 32602

Thomas Kelly, Friday 22 January 1608, 9 am, had a sore shaking aguish fit. The Lady Constable’s man. Thomas Kelly fell into a new & a strange aguish fit shaking bed & chamber round about Saturday, 9 am, 1608.
[In chart] He died of a pleurisy for not letting blood.
Moon separating from opposition with Sun approaching trine with Venus.
& he voided at his mouth.
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Case 17245

Alice Weatherhead a widow of Olny, 38 years. Tuesday 15 June 1602, 9.40 am. Will know whether she shall live or no.
[In chart] Died on Saturday morning about 2 of the clock.
This woman sent herself. Has been ill this fortnight. Her memory senses gone & talks much of the Devil that he is in her mouth & will carry her away with her. Had two women to keep her which have given her over. Light headed. Now a little come to herself. Would know whether she shall live or die. Very hot in her chest. Nothing quenches her desire. This day Amy Bryant told me of a shepherd called William Ashby of Olny that in his sickness said that there was no God this 26 years. Her urine good. Alice Weatherhead of Olny. Extreme hot in her stomach.
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Case 49733

Mrs Hull of Newport, 37 years. Thursday 30 September 1619, 3.30 pm.
[In chart] Death of a consumption.
She died October 9 at 5pm. Aguish every day with sore sick fits. Ready to die at her heart. Casts that she takes else is not well. Her feet do swell at night. Has been sick 10 weeks. Very faint & feeble & commonly keeps her bed. Eats very little but broth & is never well until it be off from her stomach. Urine white like the green sickness with cobwebs. Has not had them a quarter of a year. Married 2 years & has had by this man no child. Has taken much physic vomit & purges & preparatives.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 47857

Goody Kent of Padbery. Thursday 19 November 1618, 9.00 am. Craved something to make her sleep. Much troubled in mind & fears that she shall kill her self as her father did drown him self. Was here present.
[In chart] Tempted often to kill herself. She did drown herself in January.
Mind mightily troubled. Cannot sleep. Is very devout but exceeding fearful. Tempted
[Treatment information.] [Astrology.]
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Case 37893

William Grove of Buckingham, 21 years. Monday 22 April 1611, 11 am.
Lame a twelvemonth. Has gone almost a year with crutches. Cannot sit down yet can in his bed hold out his leg. It is of Saturn in Pisces, moon separating from trine with Sun. Has 2 or 3 running holes. Very much pained & wasted.
[Treatment information: Confectio hamech six drams, decoctum commune four ounces, alhandal one scruple.]
Unspecified angel: Will not be cured.
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