Case 62503

Michael Adams of Over, 43 years. Wednesday 31 May 1626, 7.00 am.
[In chart] A mind much troubled with false conceits & illusions.
Melancholy. False fears touching Satan’s illusions. Fearfulness of sin. Mr Baker wrote in his behalf. Fearful dreams. Yet when he would sleep supposes he sees many things which he sees not. A mist in his eyes, a giddiness in his head, an inclination to the falling sickness, a thing rising up out of the lower part of his stomach up to his head.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 76873

William Windover of Bedford, 56 years, a shoemaker. Saturday 6 April 1633, 9.15 am.
[In chart] A malignant fever.
A great good bedfellow. His wind is so short that he cannot go up & down. Heart pained, his legs cold & fail him all night. Took 5 pills which wrought well. His body loose ever since. He can sleep by no means. Troubled much with dreams & visions. Sleeping & waking which do much distemper him. Yesterday he began to vomit still after meat. Urine red and feverish.
Is very faint as inclined to a jaundice & to a dropsy.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 31913

Ellen Mariot of Ringstead [gap] miles beyond Higham Ferrers, 35 years. Wednesday 29 July 1607, 12.30 am. A month brought abed Monday last.
A swimming in her head & did swoon. In her neck and jowls on both sides. Ready to stop her wind. Sweats much by fits. This disease took her two days after she was brought a bed. Urine good. Noise speaks unto her & bids her cast away her child.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 50735

[Recorded on 27 or 28 April 1620.] On Sunday 23 April 1620, 14.00 am (sic) Mr Underhill dreamed of light which did much amaze him.
He doubted whether this dream vision & sight of a strange light did signify good or bad.
The dream did so terrify him with melancholy for a day or 2 after that he supposed that he should die about a week after.
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Case 72942

Alice Sturch of Steyorton, 49 years. Friday 16 September 1631, 7.00 am. Present. A tall strong wench.
[Left margin] Cannot sleep.
No thought of marriage. An unsettled brain & fancy.
Sees strange things in the air. Fears bewitching.
Has not had them [menstruation] 2 years. It seems that some thing speaks in her left ear. Hears as it were a voice, but knows not what, with a stinking smell that she cannot rest. 3 years ill. Light headed and speaks she knows not what & will wander now & then from her friend[s]. Not sick in her body but brain.
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Case 11744

[Recorded on 11 or 12 October 1598.] Susan Blundell took her fit by some foolish vision & sight at what time she laughed & saw Goody Greene & Goody Nichols flinging of trenchers & when it took her as they say she cried out upon Goody Barnwell. The 13 of November Saturday around 12 at night 1596.
[Partial chart.]
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Case 14265

Gryphen Crocker of Little Kymble, 60 year. Saturday 3 December 1603, 9.50 am. His eyesight failed him by little he knows not how. His ground is haunted & treasure is hid there as the report goes. There is heard much music & melody. This Gryphen Crocker has seen lights. The parson of Elsborough 16, 17, 18 years since delivered a note out of a book unto Henry Ginger that now dwells at Wigginton in Hertfordshire, an old man of 80 years. As follows: Elsborough church & Little Kymble church of the right side of the way even against the castle hill there lies of gold & silver & jewels, brass & pewter. A wain load laid in by lord Everet Knotsby & his man at the conquest. This was all that was delivered him in a note, which he lost, willing him to enquire further for he himself saw often a great light which has been seen since by many since his death. & sometimes there will appear a thing like a black hog & very lately seen a white cat with a marvellous long & great tail which ran into a pond. Music heard lately by Crockwell & his wife & children. Henry Ginger within those 2 years when some came to seek this treasure saw a white bullock without ears & horns. & others saw a fair gentlewoman. A lion, an antelope, a friar with a grey cloak cast upon his shoulders. But none could find the treasure.
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Case 70013

Isabel Wallis of Newport, 26 years, the Friday before St Luke in the morning. Saturday 30 January 1630, 5.00 pm.
The house is often troubled with ill spirits that frighten the woman. She sees them, & thought she saw the proportion of 2 faces.
Laid 2 irons in a place and took them away.
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Case 70026

Elizabeth Buncher of Paulerspury, 20 years. Friday 5 February 1630, 1.00 pm.
His house has been haunted with some ill thing. 10 years since the death of old Goodman Boughton. Like a light. & it did strike Mary Buncher putting her foot out of the bed. & it was swelled & ever since lame. But this Elizabeth Buncher did see a light twice & it lay upon her as she thought & she kicked it down & then it leapt up again & struck in the head & made her light headed & then with her arm struck it down. & it went down the stairs lumping.
[Upper right][Astrology.]
Her left hip stricken. Could not rest in her bed.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 73601

Anne Smyth of Kempson, 65 years. Friday 6 January, 1631, 11.00 am. Vide [see] Thursday 29 December, 1631.
The physic that she had before did not work with her. In a fit of sickness there did (to her thinking) a woman appear & spoke to her & when she had made her an answer there came a bee from her & she made such a great noise as if the chamber had been full of bees. & came out of her mouth & shrieked at her face but she put it by yet it continued a great while. When she spoke to her she vanished away & the bee & so the noise ceased.
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