Case 5247

Elizabeth Parker. Tuesday 24 April 1599, 7.15 pm. Nicholas Parker & his Brother for Besse/ quid incid [what follows] /et quis est pater eius conceptionis [and who is the father of her unborn child].
In this action remember this that follows:
Whitfield how he had her up.
The Smith that used to her.
William Casson how he had her.
Old Wheatly how he did use her.
Captain Riddelsden at Mr Brage’s.
Fardell of Southwark when I sent her to see his wife lying in.
The time that she went to Hackney and she went not thither but to Lambeth with a baker & other fellows & came home drunk.
The time that she went to Fleet Street when I went out to Lambeth in an afternoon & forbade her to go out.
The time that she stayed so long at market.
[Note: Parker had worked as a servant in Forman’s household, they had a sexual relationship, and he seems to be supplying the information about her numerous sexual partners.]
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Case 6211

Susan Sanders of Hackney, 36 years. 19 October 1599, 3.15 pm. Mack Williams’s daughter by Mary Chekes.
[Left margin] Look 5 November.
[Astrology.] Whether she shall have any more children. Any more husbands. & whether she shall live to enjoy him that does best deserve her.
She shall live to enjoy her beloved and it seems her husband will die in December next by drunkenness & then shall she marry him she loves if she will & have by him 2 children a boy & a maid but shall miscarry of the maid.
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Case 28530

Margaret Mead of Fenny Stratford, 24 years. A year married, never had children. A bad spending husband giving to drunkenness & now he curses her because she is become deaf. Saturday 6 April 1605, 9.30 am.
Deaf. Cannot hear well ever since Shrovetide. Head hot. Mightily pained in her head. Cannot hear well. Arms stiff and shoots into her shoulders and hands & feet swelled & was hot & angry from the knees to the toes.
Much water thin like to a well water.
Complains of her head & limbs.
Much grief by reason of a bad husband. Has not had her woman’s sickness not this 2 months.
Her head like a block.
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Case 43085

Thomas Chator of Wootton, 30 years. Wednesday 22 March 1616. 3.40 pm.
He sent himself.
[In chart] Much troubled in mind.
Belike [i.e. probably] overcome with drink & th[en?] a woman the hostess told him that if he would kiss her he should have the use of any woman.
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Case 18546

Robert Mathews’ brother-in-law of Whitfield came again for him. Tuesday 18 January 1603, 1.00 pm. Vide [see] January 11. He was Mr Thomas Spenser’s clerk. And took a surfeit and was drunken at London. After which time he took such a conceit that he was never well after, but his master’s maids made him believe sometimes that one of them loved him and sometimes another so that at length his mind ran altogether upon their love and he became sottish and now speaks he cannot tell what and talks idly never ceasing as long as he has any company. He sleeps well and eats whatever is given him.
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Case 19583

Stephen Rawlings of Ramsden in Bedfordshire, 36 years. Friday 10 July 1601, 9.45 am.
It is of Saturn in Scorpio, Moon separating from Mars in Genimi. The wife for the man without consent. It is of Sun in Cancer, Moon separating from Mars in Gemini. One that wastes & spends his patrimony very fondly & foolishly in drinking with friend company at Bedford. He does swear, ban & curse his wife & household & has no care of anything. Worst by night. Cannot sleep.
Told his wife that a thing went into his mouth a worm or he knew not what. [Treatment information.]
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Case 19398

Rawlings of Bedfordshire, 30 years. Friday 8 May 1601, 5.40 pm.
Does swear & take on & goes abroad a fortnight together. Drinking abroad & when he was a bachelor he rose to go abroad & to walk by night. & then he told his mother he saw a rugged thing flew in the air & then was like to a bird & did fly into his mouth & ever since he will not be ruled.
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Case 55156

Henry Norman of St. Yeedes, 33 years. Tuesday 22 October 1622, 6.30 pm. Head & stomach. Much urine, clear. Head giddy & light after drinking 2 or 3 days together. Fears bewitching.
[Right] fillet of his left side & flank betwixt his hucklebone
Did cast his hair into the fire & the party came into his house once & did afterwards forbear & came twice unsent her. & she would not.
[Left margin] his drink be it never so little afford with him.
Melancholy face. A thin urine like well water. Elizabeth Gorford. Apt to be drunk & then great sobbing. So for is pained three days & in a manner stark mad for the time.
[Left column] To six spoonfuls of this stilled milk with as much running water gromell [gromwell] seeds & nutmeg of each as much as will lie on a twelvepence. This moulders his stone.
[Right column] [Treatment information includes red onions, mallows, plantain, stilled in a gallon of milk.] This does him much good.
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