Case 44867

Henry Mead of Gamlingay, 20 years. Friday 9 May 1617, 10.45 am.
It took him about a year since either with a strain of an over heavy burden which he bore being 5 bushels of wheat or else by a wrench of a strong man that griped him. & after that had a great tumour & swelling as big as two fists breaking out under his left flank. It never broke but ran with clear water & after it was burst it still mattered not. They did eat out with burnt alum the rotten flesh. Now feels all his pain on the other side in his bones & they fear lest the like swelling should take him in that place. & has lived 3 weeks day & night in intolerable pain on the better side. Nothing as yet appearing.
[Left margin] Eats little. Full of anguish. Can take no rest.
His urine indifferent good.
Has had a scouring about a week.
The sore where the swelling was is almost healed. The swelling is quite gone.
[Treatment information including diet drinks and a blister.]
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Case 12093

Alice Jones, 18 years, at Alderton a mile beyond Grafton. Friday 16 March 1599, 12.20 pm. Pale coloured. 3 quarters of a year green sickness. Came in her own person.
Water yellow but full of many white cloudy flakes.
Heart, back, chest, short winded. Frightened with the biting of a dog that bit a little piece of her flesh as big as a shilling. She never had her flowers [courses]. Cannot digest her meat but is driven to cast it up again. Hoven & swollen in the belly & stomach. She was of a good red colour but now pale & white. With cold and heat. All things bitter. I gave her [treatment information].
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Case 43321

Robart Ampes of Sundon, 72 years, [born] 22 February 1544. Came Saturday 4 May 1616, 11.00 am.
Ill in his head ever since Sunday last. Quite bereaved of his senses & can make no answer & was never so before. It seems that he saw some ill thing.
Nicholas Day the minister suspected for a bad man. Married. He & his wife agree not. No child. His neighbours suspect him given to ill vices. Preaches every Sunday.
Is very unruly. Urine good colour but has a white stinking sediment in it. Was costive but yesterday had a stool. Eats hungrily.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 74582

Mrs Dorothy Latimer, 25 years. Thursday 10 May 1632, 4.40 pm.
An extreme cold over all her body. Cannot sleep. [Right margin]: & my opinion touching his bewitched child by 2 witches.
[In chart] Her palate is fallen.
Can take nothing but broth. Her throat expanding for that she cannot swallow. It will not stay being often put up.
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Case 20484

Luce Basell of Olnye, 40 years. Sunday 28 February 1602, 4.40 pm. Had not sickness [menstruation] till 8 or 10 weeks since. She cannot keep her meat ever since this sennet [sevennight]. Comes up, shakes and burns with cold. Quaerit an sit gravida [asks if she is pregnant]. Urina mediocris coloris [urine of a mediocre colour]. Jane Drubb did curse her, and presently had a calf that foamed and died. Beat hard against the ground. Taken grief and fear by the woman.
With child.
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Case 58373

Master Wyllyscot of Berkshire sent for my opinion touching the rags & whites in his water since his cutting Thursday 6 May 1624, 8.45 am. Wrote it 16 April 1624. For preservation from the breeding of another stone.
[In chart] Stone once cut for it. Is subject to have it still.
[To right of chart] His stone four inches round, six inches & a half in length round abo[?] 3 inches & a quarter long.
Drinks next his heart every morning.
He sent me 10s. in gold for my counsel & craved my opinion whence he voids in his urine now [and] then sand, sometimes matter, whitish clots. These do sink down to the bottom of the urinal downy, woolly, linty, cobwebby threads, rags & drags. Sometimes higher or lower in his urine according to their thinness, lightness & heaviness of substance & matter. Proceeding as some think from [1] the ulcer that was in his bladder. 2 others from the foulness of his bladder. 3 others from the back. 4 others from the veins & the whole body generally.
He is desirous to know whence it comes, fearing lest it should be a waste of nature & a weakening of his body.
He was ever of a very thin body. Lean, brown hair, much subject him. He came to man’s state [with?] nocturnal pollutions. & to some looseness of nature upon some little dalliance & carnal provocation & in coitu promptus emittere semen [quick to emit seed during sex] & not with strong ejection of it.
Suspected it might come being to forward to have to do being young with womankind.
[Next column] Since his cutting he finds not in coitus neither that ability nor abundance of nature as formerly, which makes him to think that the abovesaid matter & stuff proceeds to argue for the most part a decaying of nature & want of the former strength of body.
A greedy eating & ingestion at meals but digestion too slow. Egestion slow. Costive naturally.
Since his cutting feels himself more strong & able either on foot or horseback. Indifferent able, good ease & appetite yet errs both in eating & exercise.
He cannot hold his water now so well as when he was sound. He is none of strongest natures.
About the small of his back none of the strongest. If he sleeps any space of time, in his back bending again he feels a weakness.
If his meat offend him, he feels it not at dinner but at supper till towards supper time & his supper will not till after his first sleep.
If since his cutting he take any cassia or turp[entine] for preserve or if he use violent exercise, he shall void more or less sand & going to stool & making of water feels some burning in the neck of his bladder. & offence as formerly. Although before taking of it was at good ease & did see no sand expelled in the space of weeks.
Would use some present physic lest the stone should increase. Yet on the other side a fear of overmuch tempering [tampering] & meddling will make him weaker & worse.
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Case 17285

Richard Block of Cranfield, 30 years. Friday 18 June 1602, 9.30 am. Buried his wife & now married to another but an unkind wife that makes him to put out 4 children to board which is not able to maintain.
[In chart] A forward wife. Loves not his children nor him.
New ague. Arms heart & chest. Shortwinded. Has had a lask this fortnight.
Cannot eat anything but drink. Very dry. Very fearful that he shall die & then says he my children will beg. Has a bad wife & forward that cannot abide his children. A yellowish water & thick.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 57815

Mr Hatch for his child a year old. Wednesday 3 March 1624, 11 am.
[In chart and then across page] Her convulsions suddenly ceased upon the moment departing from London & since fallen into one side. Taken in one side.
[In chart] Dead on the right side.
[Left of chart, sideways, note to look on 26 Feb.]
Urine little white & thick being cold.
Used the pomander & the cord[ial?] lozenges.
It fell into her neck the fountain of the humours & has no sense nor motion of the right side.
Understanding indifferent. Sucking & eating indifferent well.
The gentlewoman that gives her suck has for these three weeks had her courses which do yet continue & make her sickly & knows not whether she had a mischance. Do fear her sucking to hurt the child. Would know my opinion & what diet drink Mistress Elizabeth might take & what physic & whether they should bring down the child.
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Case 20484

Luce Basell of Olney, 40 years. Sunday 28 February 1602, 4.40 pm.
Had not sickness till 8 or 10 weeks since. She cannot keep her meat ever since this sennet. Comes up shakes and burns with cold. Asks if she is pregnant. Urine of a mediocre colour.
[Right of chart] Jane Drubb did curse her, and presently had a calf that foamed and died. Beat hard against the ground. Taken grief and fear by the womb.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 12154

Isabell Linwell, servant to Thomas Buncher of Paulus Perrye, 30 years old, no father nor mother. Tuesday 27 of March 1599, 1.30 pm. A high coloured woman & sweateth. Heart swollen in the body & legs & chest. Faint that she can do no work. Head & heart beats. Short winded. Has been amiss this 3 weeks. Wakes.
[In chart] Head and heart amiss.
A white thin water reasonable good. Quivers & shakes. Has not had her courses but in little quantity or not at all. Stitches in her side. No lust to eat anything.
Now cold, then hot & worse with cold. Was likely to have had a husband but that her friends were against it. [Treatment including jeralog, scammony and senna.]
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Case 47179

Ellen Hands, servant to Sir John Temple of Staunton. Tuesday 18 July 1618, 6.30 am.
[In chart] Greensickness.
Back aches going or labouring. Never had them [menses]. Was so a year since.
I mean ill about her chest, heart, head & limbs. With a great laziness when she would labour or go about any business. But very well as long as she sits still. Neither eats fruit, salt or oatmeal. Has no great stomach [appetite]. Urine pale and thin. [Treatment.]
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Case 43891

Sir Thomas Snags keeper, 30 years. Sunday 15 September 1616, 5.40 pm. New ague. Which took him this day sennet & since is grown for lack of sleep. Mad, bites & tears & cannot be held down. Eats nothing every day alike. Will neither eat nor drink.
[Treatment including syrup and bloodletting.]
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Case 67826

Margaret Foster of Cardington Cotton End, 17 years. Tuesday 3 March 1629, 1.00 pm.
[In chart] Never had them.
[Right of chart] Widow Millard suspect made her to drink against her will.
Taken 3 years since Whit Sunday when her mother was buried one gave her drink against her will. A bad woman suspected & since ill by fits & casts all that she takes. One Alice Hyde. Ill after meat.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 74713

Richard Allen of Chesterton, 5 years. Tuesday 29 May 1632, 10.15 am. Goody Madock suspected. Gave bread to this child, never well since.
[In chart] Speechless & raves & rages & tears & skrikes.
[Left column] Eats well. A good complexion. Very pitiful for 3 weeks & speechless for 10 days.
[Right column] Haunted with strange fits, tearing and bites him still. Trembles & makes his clothes to tatters with great skriking. It will skrike & scream & grind the teeth & tears his clothes. Is loose bodied.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 12256

Jane Cuknole of Torceter, 28 years. Friday 20 April 1599, 7.00 pm. Ever since Candlemas lunatic. Came in her own person to me. Lunatic & sometimes dumb. Will not converse with her husband. Hates her children.
[In chart] It is of Venus in Cancer.
Clubber suspected to have her & that by her injuries felt a cold rise. These apples stick in her throat that she bought of goody Clubber’s maid. Eats her meat. Her water very red & of a bloody colour full of black cloudy cobwebs.
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Case 42211

Anne Becke of Kemolten, 60 years. Friday 11 August 1615, 6.20 am. Matrix ascensus [rising of the womb]. They do fear she is possessed.
Has a great rising up to her throat one day more than others.
[Between lines] Like the mother.
& sometimes will cry Lord Jesus Jesus help me, & then again will say that the devil will come for her & have her. Sometimes talks well and sometimes idly. [Astrology.] Black dullish water stinking & full of white stinking thick unsavoury matter. Has eaten little since Wednesday was sennet. It begins at the bottom of her belly as a live thing & rises up the th[roat] & swells & she waxes big.
Edition and image for CASE42211

Case 14814

[Cutbert crossed out] Roger Fuller of Evingho Aston, 16 years. Monday 14 April, 1603, 1.30 pm. Pater pro filio sine consensu [the father for the son without consent].
They think it to be haunted for always when he should go to his meat though he came from pissing but a little before, he will go forth and strain himself a quarter of an hour together until many times his ordure come from him, and when he comes in to eat as he takes the spoon in his hand to put it to his mouth he will stand thrusting his cheek with the other hand and spit a quarter of an hour together before he eat any thing.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 49141

A French maid 18 years, servant to my lady Lee of Leighton. Friday 7 July 1619, 1.30 pm. Her father would have sent her to marry with one that she loves not & then she came over to England by stealth.
[Right of chart] Had a clyster last night. [Treatment information.]
[Left of chart] Urine indiff[erent].
[Left margin below chart] A rising in her stomach up to her throat stopping her wind.
Sick since Monday a tingling in her flesh, stitches in her right side. Spit blood. Was let blood & then it went into the left side & then back again to the right side. Is benumbed & pricked all over & ill her joints & has as it were passion of the mother & as one swounding. [Between lines] Terms stopped 2 months.
Desires to eat & cannot get it down & will by fits laugh & be again extreme sick by fits.
Edition and image for CASE49141

Case 75152

Mary Harding of Shiddlington, 15 years. Monday 23 July 1632, 8.30 am. Married at Christmas last. Pained in her heart & stomach. Has little or no appetite to her meat. Cannot sleep. Ill 3 weeks. Stands as one in a trance.
[In chart] Convulsive fits. Mother.
In love with a young man & her friends against. Urine indifferent. 3 weeks sick. Yet married against her will. [Treatment information.] Has used all yet not the better.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE75152

Case 61723

Mr Thomas Newton wrote a friendly letter to me in the behalf of Mrs Elizabeth Davyes of Tingrith with her own sister, 60 years. Monday 6 March 1626, 1.40 pm.
[In chart] Mother. Epileptiae species [a kind of epilepsy].
Urine good a white thick sediment. Swooned . A quarter of a year by fits once in a month & now more often & in [one?]hour often times & then after a quarter of an hour very weak & weary.
[Left and between lines] Is very weak & takes little.
A rising in her legs & so [up?]ward until she swoon often. At the last full [moon] was so sick that they thought that she would die. If she live he would marry her.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 58797

Alice Stone of Woburne, 35 years. Saturday 17 July 1624, 8.30am.
[In chart] Mother.
6 years married no child. A great swelling like a twopenny loaf in her belly.
Nescit an sit gravida [does not know whether pregnant]. Aguish water red.
[Left] Urine good. Belly very hard & cries in her room these 6 weeks. Is up once a day. Eats little.
It takes her by fits in her belly by strong tormenting pains especially 3 weeks running up into her limbs. faint & weak & can scarce [breaks off].
[Astrology.] [Treatment information.]
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Case 49733

Mrs Hull of Newport, 37 years. Thursday 30 September 1619, 3.30 pm.
[In chart] Death of a consumption.
She died October 9 at 5pm. Aguish every day with sore sick fits. Ready to die at her heart. Casts that she takes else is not well. Her feet do swell at night. Has been sick 10 weeks. Very faint & feeble & commonly keeps her bed. Eats very little but broth & is never well until it be off from her stomach. Urine white like the green sickness with cobwebs. Has not had them a quarter of a year. Married 2 years & has had by this man no child. Has taken much physic vomit & purges & preparatives.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE49733

Case 45205

Eleanor Burge of Archester, 37 years. Monday 23 June 1617, 10.30 am. With consent. Was present. Very sensible.
[In chart] Much troubled in mind.
Has her terms very well. Ready to despair. 3 sons the youngest 4 years old. Has them very orderly. Head very light as if she had no brains. Had been amiss 3 weeks before on Lady Day in Lent. A very bad stomach. One said to her in her anger that she had the devil in her & since troubled in her mind. Cannot abide her child though she love it exceedingly for fear that she should kill her child. Afraid to have a knife in her hand least that she should either kill her self or her child or friend. Troubled with many wicked temptations very strongly as moving her to swear & to think that god objects against her. She thinks that she is unworthy to eat or drink. Else to do mercy to god herself or any body else.
Edition and image for CASE45205

Case 37895

Robert Nichols of this town, 65 years. Monday 22 April 1611, 6.15 pm.
Unspecified angel: He will mend by gods help.
It is of Mars in Cancer. Complains of short-wind dryness. Belly & left side. Voids much phlegm & has been so long & pines in his bed & can eat very little & cannot go. Best when he stands still.
Edition and image for CASE37895

Case 17135

William Wallington, of Wolverton 60 years. Monday 7 June 1602, 12.00 pm.
[In chart] Died on Wednesday. He died 3 days after. Very well & godly.
Miserably tempted & rages. Wits senses taken.
[Left] They fear lest he be beworded by taking of a woman a piece of cake with which I have nothing to do. God send them help. His water much of a thick bayish & reddish colour. Much bluish thick rubbish in the bottom.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE17135

Case 50337

Anne Warr of Stony Stratford, 46 years. Tuesday 29 February, 1620, 9.00 am. A weak pale water & windy. A weak stomach. Swelled in her face & head. If she sits up her feet swell also. Desires to drink. Eats nothing but broth & used to suck her water letting none of the substance to go down. Troubled also with the whites too much. Gonorrhea. Has them too much [courses].
Edition and image for CASE50337

Case 12256

Jane Cuknole of Torceter, 28 years. Friday 20 April 1599, 7.00 pm. Ever since Candlemas lunatic. Came in her own person to me. Lunatic & sometimes dumb. Will not converse with her husband. Hates her children.
[In chart] It is of Venus in Cancer.
Clubber suspected to have her. & that by her injuries felt a cold rise. These apples stick in her throat that she bought of goody Clubber’s maid. Eats her meat. Her water very red & of a bloody colour full of black cloudy cobwebs.
Edition and image for CASE12256