Case 45641

Ellen Triploe of Little Paxon, 48 years. Tuesday 21 October 1617, 3.40 pm. Starts & skrikes & says sometimes that she shall be drowned & sometimes burned. With many idle speeches. Ill 4 days by fits. Slept never a whit last night. Is distracted, pulls and snatches. Took grief that her son did marry against her will, yet she gave her consent. Much against her will. Wished that she might see him buried. Husband sine consensu [asks without consent].
Moon separating from conjunction with Mercury approaching conjunction with Mars.
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Case 27010

[supplied] Dr Shephard of London. Thursday 27 March 1606, 6.20 pm. per litteras quaerit [asking by letter].
Dr Shephard of London & Sarah his wife. Thursday 27 March 1606, 6.25 pm. His wife for physic & to cause fruitfulness. Also whether their father will like of the marriage betwixt her sister Martha Hall & Benjamin Barlowe. Both parties agreed but Martha fears lest her father will break it. The doctor quae plaga caeli commodior ad divitias acquerendas [asks which area of the sky is more fitting for the acquisition of wealth].
Best for him to dwell god willing towards the south part or west from London in any town or city of note.
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Case 5493

Jean Wintch of 25 years, born under 52 latitude 19 longitude, Saturday the 30 January 1574 at 2.00 pm. [Above] Asks on Monday 11 June 1599, 2.00 pm quid sibi accid in futuro &c. [what will happen to her in the future etc.]
Whether she has been with child & how many children she shall have & quid sibi accidet [what will happen to her]. Oriental[is] dat filios [planet east/rising gives sons]. [Astrology] signifies many children.
She may have two children but they will die & not live long. It seems she shall conceive 4 times. The 1 a man child and the 2 a man child, the 3 a man child, the 4 a man child. But they will hardly live or come to good and if any of them come to good they shall hate their father and have much strife with him yet they shall be gentle and mild in words but much envied of base people and evil in deeds.
And she shall have much strife care and sorrow about her children. And the children shall die young. If they live they shall be evil & yet carry a fair face.
[Right] [Astrology.]
She shall meddle with base persons which shall prove her enemies & she shall have much trouble about them and she shall be wretched and have much care in the end of her life and her enemies shall prevail against her.
She shall hurt her husband.
It seems she conceived first at 23 years & when she is 26 years she shall conceive again.
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Note 10493

[Update on Case 220994, Anne Wright of Littlington, 21 years. Monday 9 April 1604, 12 pm.]
6 weeks since delivered of a boy. Which would not confess the very day her midwife came & was delivered that she was with child but stoutly denied it & imprudently & married her father-in-law’s son which was but a stripling & a lad who denied it at the first. Some suppose she had it by her father-in-law. Said she had a tympany & it proved a tympany with 2 heels.
Quaere Agnis Wright great bellied and said she had a tympany.
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Case 16950

Thomas Piggott of Luton, 72 years. Tuesday 18 May 1602, 1.00 pm. Very sick long. Sleeps much. A cough & much phlegm. Taken grief that his children strive for his goods afore he be dead. Chiding & brawling one with another. A very thin water. Will die. A flux.
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Case 17285

Richard Block of Cranfield, 30 years. Friday 18 June 1602, 9.30 am. Buried his wife & now married to another but an unkind wife that makes him to put out 4 children to board which is not able to maintain.
[In chart] A forward wife. Loves not his children nor him.
New ague. Arms heart & chest. Shortwinded. Has had a lask this fortnight.
Cannot eat anything but drink. Very dry. Very fearful that he shall die & then says he my children will beg. Has a bad wife & forward that cannot abide his children. A yellowish water & thick.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 20302

Beatrice Miles of Stoke Golding, 30 years. Tuesday 26 January 1602, 11.00 am.
[In chart] Casts up her meat.
Has taken grief for at Christmas late she was excommuned for that she did prove her father’s will being made his executor not in the space of this 5 years. She was cited to the Emissary’s court.
Her husband would not meddle with it but would have her brother who had sold all the goods for her before they two were married together.
She took great grief that her husband would not meddle with it and end that business.
Casts up. Mighty grief that her husband made her believe as if she [breaks off].
[Next page] This Beatrice Miles casts up her meat. Very costive.
It is of Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio.
[Treatment information.] This grief taken by her husband’s bad and uncourteous dealing has stopped her courses & is the principal cause of her sickness. [Payment: 8d].
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Case 49971

Goody Fisher of Cucknoll. Lunatick. Monday 22 November 1619, 10.38 am. Accuses her old sister to have received from her by times £60 for the use of her child which in concealing from her husband has bred a law controversy in law betwixt the brother & sisters. & is to be handled November 24. Her brother in law came to me to have some light but I told him I meddled in no such business. Whether his sister tells true that she lent so much money to her sister.
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Case 70078

John Stoe, minister but schoolmaster. Married Lanes, daughter of Lowton, 42 years. Monday 22 February 1630, 4 pm.
[In chart] A quartan fever half a year
Much grief taken for a former naughty wife that put him in debt and now suing for Lanes daughter her port[ion?] 300 pounds which he cannot get.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 26735

Alice Gyrney of Edsborough, 36 years. Saturday 15 February 1606, 11.20 am. Married 9 years. Has had 4 children. Troubled in mind by fits and discontented with her husbands first wives friends and against her husband’s occasioners, because she thought her husband would have bought land and given it to his son by his first wife. Counseled by a woman in town against her husband & his friends & kindred.
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Case 19336

Harry Peach of Brayfield of the Green, 19 years. Saturday 2 May 1601, 10.50 am.
Sine consensu pater pro filio [father for the son without consent].
[In chart] Frantic with grief.
Cries out of his heart.
Urina bona [a good urine] on Saturday. [Cross symbol.]
Jeralog. 1 dram. water of [illeg.] Dns Jesus benedicit hinc medic. et conter caput serpentis [Lord Jesus, bless this medicine and crush the head of the serpent]. Stibium quarter tablet. 3 [illeg.] grains.
[Bottom left of page] Harry Peach grown stark mad by means of a cruel Aunt that whipped him naked with a cart whip in the night and threatened him again. A very devilish woman. And then threatened again by her ran out at night in his shirt to the minister of that town & since is grown stark mad & cries out against his Aunt & the devil & says his good spirit is gone & that he is haunted & would throttle himself still but that he is pinioned. Pined by his bad diet with his Aunt. Eats ravenously.
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