Case 56191

Thomas Burchmore of Carrington, hard by Luton, 28 years. Thursday 1 May 1623, 1 pm.
[Above chart to right] His brother cut the rope and saved him.
[In chart] Mopish. 3 weeks and extreme hard would hang and kill himself.
His brother cut it this Monday 31 March 1623, 6 am. His brother found him almost dead with a halter that he hanged himself. Cut and yet lives but very mopish and has a perfect remembrance.
His creditors bankrupt for debt of 8 pounds and his sheep rotten. Grown desperate and mopish otherwise a very honest man.
[Crossed out chart]
Know of his coming but not willing to make water. Had a tab[let] vomit and this wrought well.
Had a purge and that wrought indifferent well. Had pills and they wrought not at all which he took at night. A comfortable electuary of [leaves off].
[Left column] Urine good.
[Right column] Complains of his heart.
Grudges and pines at losses or money laid out. Horse leeches.
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Case 39207

Thomas Page of Wavendon, 50 years. Thursday 13 February 1612, 1.15 pm.
A butcher.
[In chart] Grew furious & raging about Thursday night.
Took grief for his wife’s death who died lately & has a child sick. Himself very godly. Confessed his sins & afterward grew into this melancholy sorrow crying out of devils, damnation & knaves & leapt out of his bed & pulled & held & now is grown mopish & speaks little.
Owes many debts & some came in for their debts. Grief for debts.
[Treatment information.]
It will do him good by God’s grace. Doubts he shall not have to discharge his debts.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 20302

Beatrice Miles of Stoke Golding, 30 years. Tuesday 26 January 1602, 11.00 am.
[In chart] Casts up her meat.
Has taken grief for at Christmas late she was excommuned for that she did prove her father’s will being made his executor not in the space of this 5 years. She was cited to the Emissary’s court.
Her husband would not meddle with it but would have her brother who had sold all the goods for her before they two were married together.
She took great grief that her husband would not meddle with it and end that business.
Casts up. Mighty grief that her husband made her believe as if she [breaks off].
[Next page] This Beatrice Miles casts up her meat. Very costive.
It is of Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio.
[Treatment information.] This grief taken by her husband’s bad and uncourteous dealing has stopped her courses & is the principal cause of her sickness. [Payment: 8d].
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Case 49971

Goody Fisher of Cucknoll. Lunatick. Monday 22 November 1619, 10.38 am. Accuses her old sister to have received from her by times £60 for the use of her child which in concealing from her husband has bred a law controversy in law betwixt the brother & sisters. & is to be handled November 24. Her brother in law came to me to have some light but I told him I meddled in no such business. Whether his sister tells true that she lent so much money to her sister.
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Case 70078

John Stoe, minister but schoolmaster. Married Lanes, daughter of Lowton, 42 years. Monday 22 February 1630, 4 pm.
[In chart] A quartan fever half a year
Much grief taken for a former naughty wife that put him in debt and now suing for Lanes daughter her port[ion?] 300 pounds which he cannot get.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 64036

Em Clark of Calverton, 45 years. Monday 11 June, 1627. A widow. 3 years troubled in mind & very wild & was kept bound in her bed, but now has been set at liberty a year. Cannot sleep. Her mind troubled with her children whom she cannot bring up by reason of her poverty.
[In chart] Mind troubled.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 2434

Mrs Emilia Lanier. Friday 2 September 1597, 7.30 am. Whether she shall be a lady, & how she shall speed.
She has been favoured much of her majesty and of many noblemen & has great gifts & been much made of. And a nobleman that is dead has loved her well & kept her and did maintain her long. But her husband has dealt hardly with her and spent and consumed her goods and she is now very needy and in debt & it seems for lucre’s sake will be a good fellow for necessity doth compel. She has a wart or mole in the pit of the throat or near it.
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Case 12841

Katheren Wels, of Buckingham, 22 years, married, has one child a year old. Saturday 24 November 1599, 12 pm.
[In chart] Troubled in mind. Tempted to kill herself. Grief touching her husband that has spent her goods and cares not for her.
Kath. Wells. Disease is of Moon in Cancer and Venus in Virgo.
Troubled in mind. Tempted to kill herself. Casts away all things. A very sensible woman until the fit comes upon her which is once in 6 or 7 weeks. Her husband cares not for her company and has spent her goods which was 10 pounds. Her water reasonable good but has much melancholy in it.
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Case 63100

Mr Piland of London, 60 years. Saturday 18 November 1626, 9 am.
[In chart] Has little lust. Gonorrhoea. Little comes away.
Much grief for debts he owes. Married an honest woman that knew he was in debt & yet would needs marry him. Now he cannot perform his duty of marriage.
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Case 5255

Mary Fowler, 21 years. Wednesday 25 April 1599, 6.30 pm. Whether it be best to go to her husband again or no. Whether she shall attain any yearly pension. What fortune she shall have year after.
Let her go to her husband for it is best so to do.
She shall hardly attain any pension.
She will have a hard life through her own folly but she may do well and she will. She would not go to him when he would have had her & after she had much trouble and was imprisoned.
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Case 462

Mr Monson. Monday 21 June 1596, 1.40 pm. Utrum sit in amor cum aliquo alio [whether in love with someone else] and whether there be any man living by whom he shall reap any benefit by or no.
It seems he loves one base born that now belongs to some lady. By the approach of Moon to Mercury by sextile. & he has loved another which now he loves not so by Venus going from Mars. He loves not his wife. There is none by whom he shall have any benefit of living by and it seems the prince shall do him little favour. He shall not be knighted. He shall begin to fall before he rise and after his fall he shall rise again to greater wealth. His wife it seems he married against his will by whom he hath 3 daughters and no son. She is a tall brown woman somewhat long & visage very gentle & courteous but hard favoured & it seems he loves her little. He has spent much & consumed much and is much in debt. Wavering minded & incredulous.
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Case 19583

Stephen Rawlings of Ramsden in Bedfordshire, 36 years. Friday 10 July 1601, 9.45 am.
It is of Saturn in Scorpio, Moon separating from Mars in Genimi. The wife for the man without consent. It is of Sun in Cancer, Moon separating from Mars in Gemini. One that wastes & spends his patrimony very fondly & foolishly in drinking with friend company at Bedford. He does swear, ban & curse his wife & household & has no care of anything. Worst by night. Cannot sleep.
Told his wife that a thing went into his mouth a worm or he knew not what. [Treatment information.]
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Case 64288

Thomas Langley of Oxford, 28 years of Shrove Monday last. Never married, a shipwright. A bachelor. Tuesday 17 July 1627. 7.20pm. He was present. Cannot stay anywhere.
[In chart] A weakness in his brain.
[Bottom of chart] D Prideaux his wife died [belonging to case 64287 on facing page].
[Right of chart] Upon studying of matters too high for him cracked his brain. Losses troubled him.
A melancholy suspected by the doctors. Haunted. It would seem he has carried some affection to some woman that has distempered him.
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Case 11734

Joan Hull of Newport of 46 years. Thursday 5 October 1598, 3.50 pm. For the rising of her & griping of her heart by fits she has had it a long time: somewhat like an impostume ready to stop her wind & can hardly swallow her spittle. Arising like the mother. Taken a grief touching her first husband who sold all that she had.
Her first husband & she could not agree. Used her not well & was lordly given & always sold away all & made her after she had a child to go 7 years to service again. Many hearts’ griefs.
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Case 43558

Thomas Burchmore of Hanslop, 16 years last Candlemas day. Monday 23 June 1616, 3.40 pm. In presence.
[In chart] Brain distempered.
A very high water. Fell sick on Thursday last in the morning. Senses gone overmuch study. Very forward, & wanting means to buy him books & to live in Oxford & besides overstudying. Sleeps well but has no talk at all. 3 nights at Oxford it seems that he never went to bed for those three nights. He will not except he be put in mind of it either after to go to stool or to make water or to eat but thence he will. Eats well & sleeps well but is costive.
[Treatment information.]
Complains of his breast. Understanding good.
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Case 38479

Goody Algate, a succourless woman, at great Gyddin in Huntingdonshire, 47 years. Saturday 27 July 1611, 9.00 am. & has a great charge of children. Buried her husband at beginning of Lent & she has swelled in her left arm & hand & cannot lift it up.
[Left margin] Somewhat mopish.
A fortnight afore Easter & has continued ever since & has no feel in it & the use of her legs is gone from her & cannot get her living & is mopish. Never had them [menses] since Shrovetide & has the whites often. Had her face swelled. She will mend for the time but will fall back again.
[Treatment information: Confectio hamech, diaphænicon, of each three drams, electuarium rosarum one dram, decoction three ounces, pilulae cochiae one dram, alhandal, diagridium, of each three grams, ox gall, neatsfoot oil, aqua vitae boiled.]
[Left] Asariel: will not be cured.
Had a boil & put a cerecloth to it & that drew up the humours.
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Case 17493

Mrs Brunning of Oxford, 50 years. Tuesday 13 July 1602, 6.45 am. For her disease.
Much grief. Disquieted in mind for suits of law & debt & want of silver. Had not her sickness [menstruation] this 5 years. Since she took allum to stay the reds which had exceedingly weakened her. A bad stomach & side. Wind cholic.
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Case 12453

Mrs Mary Berry of Cranfield, 52 years. Monday 14 May 1599, 3.15 pm. Came in person. She was wont to fall down as if she had a dead palsy.
Giddiness & swooning of the head. Weakness & faintness of the heart & stomach. Troubled much with windiness of the stomach with sudden melancholy passions. Has taken great grief at her husband’s meddling with his brother’s goods as to take the administration who think he exclaim again him as if he kept away their goods. For that he is much indebted & hardly thought of & slandered. She fears lest [if?] as he should die.
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