Case 68215

Master William Norwood that was an apprentice of London. Natus [born] 13 January 1605. Then 20 years. Came to me Friday 17 April 1629, 4.30 pm.
An apprentice of London.
A letter from Doctor Jarman in his behalf being once fellow of Corpus Christi College.
[In chart] Strange fantasies. Cannot sleep.
[To right of chart] His brother brought a letter in his behalf from Dr. Jarman.
Cold ague.
Had a strong fever & his master caused him to drink strong aquavitas & another time very strong drink.
Went to Paul’s Steeple.
Was let blood in the right arm 8 or 9 ounces .
Melancholy & suspects that his friends would poison him. Either by fits over sad, or over merry.
Has taken physic last Michaelmas. Was 2 years toying & jesting & then to cursing & then to talk idly & without sense. Had these fits twice or thrice.
In his youth was struck with a horse about his head or ears & bled with it 15 years & windiness causing pain in his ears.
By taking of physic at December recovered.
1 Had clysters. 2 Let blood. 3 Purged with potions & pills. Taking those by fits oftentimes.
[Left margin] 1 Little ease. 2 Bedlam.
[Right column]
Was very dry & thirsty & with ill company the worse.
Was very costive then took clysters.
Angered & dis[tempered?]. Will [harm?] himself with knife. Fancy & perplex his b[binding]. His master p[binding] him to be h[binding]. Ostler half a year.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 32602

Thomas Kelly, Friday 22 January 1608, 9 am, had a sore shaking aguish fit. The Lady Constable’s man. Thomas Kelly fell into a new & a strange aguish fit shaking bed & chamber round about Saturday, 9 am, 1608.
[In chart] He died of a pleurisy for not letting blood.
Moon separating from opposition with Sun approaching trine with Venus.
& he voided at his mouth.
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Case 60743

Richard Harnesse of Ramsey, 34 years. Sunday 3 July 1625, 7.40 pm.
[In chart] Much grief for that his mother in law [ar]rested him.
It took him yesterday, was sennet. Can eat little yet casts not. Went not to stool since Thursday last. Very dry hot & thirsty & keeps his bed. Urine red & thick & white. Was a strong man & now very weak. Another & he went to law. They [ar]rested him & he paid them. But unjustly & since he rested them. & now he thinks he is damned for it. & his mother in law rested him & since he took grief & in his fits does always talk thereof. His mother-in-law when his father died rested him for 12 bags of malt & since taking grief says his sins be great. Was let blood that night in the arm about a pint & better & the most was water. Jupiter lord. Casts up his drink.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 12841

Katheren Wels, of Buckingham, 22 years, married, has one child a year old. Saturday 24 November 1599, 12 pm.
[In chart] Troubled in mind. Tempted to kill herself. Grief touching her husband that has spent her goods and cares not for her.
Kath. Wells. Disease is of Moon in Cancer and Venus in Virgo.
Troubled in mind. Tempted to kill herself. Casts away all things. A very sensible woman until the fit comes upon her which is once in 6 or 7 weeks. Her husband cares not for her company and has spent her goods which was 10 pounds. Her water reasonable good but has much melancholy in it.
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Case 40432

Mary Goodman of Newton Blossomville, 27 years. Saturday 26 September 1612, 10.30 am. Senses gone by fit. Last Thursday at night h[ora] [hour] 11, September 10 Thursday h. 11 pm, 1612.
[Right of chart] In her senses until the 3 days was past. Cannot keep her clothes on her back.
[In chart] Newly about a fortnight brought abed frantic.
[Treatment information.]
Sent to me the 17 of September & then I gave her mandrake. Child dead born. Urine red & thick with great [illegible word that looks like ‘hellins’ or ‘sellins’].
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Case 23797

Sara Pendred of Dunstable, 45 years. Friday 12 August 1614, 6.25 am. Maritus pro uxore sine consensu [the husband for the wife without consent].
Brought abed on Monday last was sennet.
He came for his wife who is distracted of her wits & did scratch her husband yesterday. & yet a very godly & a religious woman that cannot sleep nor take any rest.
She did talk idly by fits some 3 or 4 days ago but came into a fit of extremity about 2 in the morning. & ever since her wits have failed her and lies as one distracted of her wits. Has not gone to stool these 2 days.
Brought abed August 3 Wednesday 10 am 1614 of a boy who does well. Her daughter told her that was bound prentice to one in London who was a customer to her as she told her mother that she thought would put her out of her wits if she so continued.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 48912

Mistress Audley of Sandy, 25 years. Monday 7 June 1619, 5.47 am. She died the Wednesday following.
[In chart] She died. The witch since is cast into Bedford jail.
Brought abed a fortnight since. She dreamed that she must not nurse her own child. Cruelly tormented & has little use of her senses in her fits. & cries how how [sic] a woman suspected. Who, upon burning of her hair & paring of her nails burnt in the fire, the woman suspected came in presence but they did nothing to her.
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Case 70332

Margaret Foster of Cardington, 18 years. Friday 26 March 1630, 1 pm.
Ill a fortnight afore Christmas with a wringing pain of her heart & chest & navel with extreme grippings by fits & does cast often times & is not well until she has casted. Never had them [menstruation]. Urine good.
[Treatment information.]
Elizabeth Millard suspect gave her drink once and never since well. & Also Alice Hyde suspected. Said that she had a ready faery. & Came to her in the likeness of a cock and a child. Easter Monday about 9 put on her sigil of Jupiter 8 am.
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Case 67498

Anne Edmonds of London, 34 years. Saturday 18 December 1628, 6 pm.
[Right of page, running to bottom] My advice for her falling out with a woman, her landlady, midsummer last a twelvemonth. Fell out with her, & struck her about a sister in law of hers that lived with Mrs Edmonds. She struck her & gave her cursed words & one that followed her boy being 9 months old. Put her boy into a strange fit & so continued a good while & died in the end of the fever fits. The doctors said it was in shifting the boy into another house. Had no more fits for 14 weeks after. Then her lord lady’s sister her maid was warned by her to go out of her service. And Goody Crosse that had gotten her aforetimes & the maid leaving her to come to her old mistress that Goody Crosse that did help her to a service came railing to her & cursing Mistress Edmonds with bitter curses & said that she would make her to repent it for keeping of her servant. So her child fell into these fits again & so continued with 20, 30, 40 fits a day until it died. & the mother Mistress Edmonds dreamed that a woman did bewitch her child & Dr Lamb told her that Goody Crosse had bewitched her boy.
And for herself is fallen into the same fits and craves my counsel. This Mistress Crosse did say that she did no more against her child than what she was set on.
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Case 48272

Anne Smith of Stony Stratford, 30 years. Saturday 20 February 1619, 3.00 pm. Married. 12 days sick. Lies like a chrisom child all the day & always at night behaves her self like a bedlam & has in her mad fits cut off a great piece of her tongue. Cannot sleep these 12 days but lies broad awake.
Was suddenly frighted in the night as she thought seeing the devil coming to carry her to hell. The devil tells her that she shall hang in hell by the tongue. & calls & cries out of the devil. Will pray by fits & then again by fits rage. Cannot sleep. Will take nothing nor can abide the sight of any thing. Does lose her excrements of urine & ordure in her bed. [Treatment information including syrup of poppy and water of cowslip.]
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Case 15351

Edward Pursell of Winslowe, 27 years. Tuesday 19 July 1603, 12.40 pm.
Beside himself. Fell into these fits on Friday last about noon. Says that he is so great a sinner that his sins cannot be forgiven. Affection to a young woman who also loves him. Troubles in love. His sister’s husband came for him to enquire whether Mr S. [Napier, known as Sandy] could do him any good or no.
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Case 45582

George Norris of Stevenage in Hertford parish, 32 years. Thursday 9 October 1617, 5.00 pm. Crazed his brains for love to a wench.
[In chart] Much melancholy. Mopish.
Has had 3 or 4 fits would not keep his bed but ris[e] & strike. A stout migh[ty] man. Was let blood & purged.
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Case 16553

Mrs Mary Woodward of Easton Maudit, 20 years. Thursday 21 February 1605, 9.45 am.
Moon separating from trine with Mars approaching trine with Saturn.
Taken with desperate fits. Her first fit began on Tuesday last. Took a conceit partly by hearing of Mr Isaac’s daughters of Fensham who as they report are possessed, & partly ex impatientia amoris [from impatience for love].
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Case 26630

Agnes Mabbet of Wellingborough, 28 years. Sunday 19 January 1606, 4.40 pm. Pater sine filiae consensu [the father without consent of the daughter].
[In chart] Frantic maddish by fits.
Long visage. Frantic maddish 4 or 5 days by fits. Took it with a cold & could not sleep & now raves & cries out that the devil will have her in most fearful manner. Water indifferent. Has a cough.
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Case 40432

Mary Goodman of Newnton Blossomfild, 27 years. Saturday 26 September 1612, 10.30 am. Senses gone by fit last Thursday at night 11 pm Sept 10. In her senses until the 3rd day past. Cannot keep her clothes on her back.
[In chart] Newly about a fortnight brought abed. Frantic.
Half a dram my cousin Eving[ton] water 1 ounce. Diasc. 1 dram. Water of lettuce 2 and a half ounces. Syrup of poppy 1 ounce. Seeds of poppy 1 scruple. All.
Sent to me the 17 of September & then I gave her mandrake. Child dead borne. Urine red & thick with gravel.
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Case 40648

Margaret Middleton of Hushon, 11 years. Saturday 28 November 1612, 3.00 pm. Sick two days & yesterday frantic. Suspect Goody Campbell.
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Fell sick on Thursday[?] and was as one frantic yesterday by fits. & voids worms. Urine good. Antimony 2 and a half ounces. Absinth 2 drams. Cries out upon a woman that did threaten her.
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Case 42054

Cicely Cowden of Newport, 15 years. Saturday 24 June 1615, 5.20 pm.
At this time her laughing frantic fits began. She went to see a dead woman & two hours or 3 hours after fell frantic mad & laughs. Slept soundly yesterday night. Some think it may be bred because she has a mother. Something frantic at some times of the year. Some think it comes by her breasts swelling which did issue & now are stopped.
Antimony 4 quarters. Conserve half an ounce.
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Case 48337

Goody Richardson Millers sister of Newport, 56 years. Tuesday 9 March 1619, 9.45 am. Filia pro mater [the daughter for the mother]. By fits mad & furious.
[In chart] distracted was so[me?]tymes.
Her fits take her commonly at 12 at midnight mar 8 Sunday [Sunday 8 March?] 12.00 pm. Cries out of the devil.
Was let blood. Had extract of opium 7 grains. Syrup of poppy. Yet cannot sleep. Make a blistering plaster for her neck. [Astrology.] Cries out of the devil that stands at her bedside & says she is doomed & rages by [in binding] extreme[?]. Cannot sleep.
1. antimony 5 quarters. Wine 4 ounces.
2. A blistering. Plaster.
3. Hamech. 5 drams. Garlic 10 quarters. Elect. 3 ounces. Syrup of [illeg.] 1 ounce.
4. Haemorrhoid vein.
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Case 11744

[Recorded on 11 or 12 October 1598.] Susan Blundell took her fit by some foolish vision & sight at what time she laughed & saw Goody Greene & Goody Nichols flinging of trenchers & when it took her as they say she cried out upon Goody Barnwell. The 13 of November Saturday around 12 at night 1596.
[Partial chart.]
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Case 49842

William Jackson of Lowick in Northamptonshire, 45 years. Tuesday 19 October 1619, 10.00 am.
[In chart] Light headed.
By fits light headed. Was taken Sunday sennet in the afternoon. [Astrology.]
Buried a son & took grief for it. & also for his wife that grew idle headed. Himself is idle headed by fits & either he is St David or else the Devil.
[Left margin] His wife is mended prettily. Urine good.
Had somewhat on Wednesday he took but a little of it & was let blood. Cannot sleep. Starts in his sleep. [Treatment information.]
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Case 76582

Elizabeth Cox of Olnye. 16 years. Monday 4 March 12.30pm, 1633. Was ill about 2 years since being bewitched, & the witch was executed for it at Aylesbury. This morning about 4 was taken with the like fits again. She complained that some body pricked her in the feet & from thence it struck up into her body. Screeches & foams at mouth & sets her teeth together ready to bite off her tongue.
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Case 79174

Mrs Eleanor Aylett of Magdalen Leaver. Tuesday 7 October, 1634, 9.45 am. For her self & her child. She sent hither the 22nd of September.
1.Taken with a fainting fit & a chillness. Pained in her teeth & a flushing all over her body. Her cattle grow dry & give not so much milk as they used to do. Suspects Elizabeth Spacy most.
2. Her child which is 5 years old has a sore grown upon her back which does run & has been thus this month. Desires something for it.
3. Her son which is 6 years old was taken in the night & his eyelids drawn away & diverse little knobs like warts on his eye lids. Was very well when he went to bed & was disfigured in one night.
There was a match propounded her for her daughter & it brake off again. Now there is another offered & desires to know the issue whether it will be good to harken to it or no.
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