Case 13210

Alice Scot at Rawson. Monday 4 July 1597, 8.00 am. {for} quae phrenesin passa est [who suffered from frenzy]. It took her in the neck in the morning as she was charring. Husband for wife, without consent.
[In chart] Frenzy. Death.
It is of Saturn in Virgo. Moon separating from Venus in Cancer. Moon converges with Sun after vacates 5th approaching sextile with Jupiter. After square with Mars. After conjunction with Mercury. Trine Saturn and Mars approaching. Conjunction Moon and Venus approaching. Square of Mars and Mercury approaching.
Death about a week after.
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Case 11071

Agnys Olny of Tebbath in Chalbrook parish. Friday 25 July 1600, 8.30 am.
Had a bad midwife. [Astrology.] It is of Jupiter in Leo and Mercury in Leo. Hot in her body full of aches cannot hold her water. Electuary lenitivi half an ounce. Diacatholicon 2 drams.
Sit over a close stool wherein sheeps’ heads had been sodden to stay her water. Her midwife used in great haste a very iron hook to deliver her child & so has harmed her. Has used to bath her body with French mallows, fennel, sheep’s suet & running water. But not the better. A white greasy water. Her water ready to burn her when it comes from her.
A thin plate of lead cooled in vinegar. Red sandalwood, water lilly, parsley, bole armeniac, dragons’ blood, myrtle berries, pomegranate blossoms, myrrh, frankincense. 12 pence.
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Case 19336

Harry Peach of Brayfield of the Green, 19 years. Saturday 2 May 1601, 10.50 am.
Sine consensu pater pro filio [father for the son without consent].
[In chart] Frantic with grief.
Cries out of his heart.
Urina bona [a good urine] on Saturday. [Cross symbol.]
Jeralog. 1 dram. water of [illeg.] Dns Jesus benedicit hinc medic. et conter caput serpentis [Lord Jesus, bless this medicine and crush the head of the serpent]. Stibium quarter tablet. 3 [illeg.] grains.
[Bottom left of page] Harry Peach grown stark mad by means of a cruel Aunt that whipped him naked with a cart whip in the night and threatened him again. A very devilish woman. And then threatened again by her ran out at night in his shirt to the minister of that town & since is grown stark mad & cries out against his Aunt & the devil & says his good spirit is gone & that he is haunted & would throttle himself still but that he is pinioned. Pined by his bad diet with his Aunt. Eats ravenously.
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Case 19379

Harry Peach of Brayfield in the Green, 20 years. Thursday 7 May 1601, 9.45 am.
[In chart] Frantic. He mended god be thanked.
He escaped god be thanked. Pater sine consensu filij utrum filius evadet nec ne mortis periculum [the father without consent of the son. Whether his son will escape or whether he is danger of death]. He had a tablet and jeralog. I cured him.
Sun lord of the ascendant for the father. And Mercury lord of the hour for the father. Et Jupiter Lord of the eighth for death. Jupiter Lord of the fifth for the son. Lord of the eighth for death. Growing into Jupiter lord of the ascendant argues escaping. Lord of the fifth and eighth Jupiter argues danger of death. Moon lord of the eighth in last three degrees, with Saturn in the fourth, argues danger of death. Urina satis bona nisi quod plena sit melanch. humoribus. Vid maii 2. [Urine good enough, except that it is full of melancholy humours. See May 2.] All his stibium tablets went downward & his other physick.
I gave him again tablets stibium 3. pro valesci. 1 dram.
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Case 19702

Elisabeth Paxhoode Sympson of Grafton, 30 years. Tuesday July 28 1601, 4.20 pm.
[In chart] Maritus causa phrenesis [the husband is the cause of the frenzy].
Mater sine consensu per filia quaerit [the mother asks for the daughter without her consent].
This Elisabeth Sympson is exceedingly distracted. For that as is supposed, she found her husband in bed with Mrs George at such time as she went to Northampton assizes to speak to the judges for Mrs George.
It is of Venus in Cancer and Mars in Cancer.
She took it on the 15 of July being Wednesday at night between 10 & 11. At such time as she found them together, that is, Mrs George & her husband that never laid but once with her this 8 or 9 years since they were married but kept this Mrs George. This her husband killed a man & was cast into prison long since.
Syrup of poppy 2 ounces. Water of poppy 1 ounce. Diasc. 3 drams. Laudanum of Paracelsus 10 ounces. Ointment of mandrake. Item. Syrup of cowslip and water of cowslip 1 quarter each. sim. 3 ounces. 16 pence.
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Case 19849

Agnes [Anne] Meadbury of Stockgolding, 38 years. Thursday 27 August 1601, 1.12 pm.
Soror pro fratre vel mater pro filia [Sister for brother or mother for daughter]. This woman is frantic amiss this fortnight. Taken grief touching a bad husband that had a bastard & was put out of his living by his landlord & has spent all & beats her.
Syrup of poppy. Water of poppy. 3 ounces. Gratis [fee waived]. Ointment of mandrake.
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Case 19851

Agnes [Anne] Meadbury of Stockgoldin. Friday 28 August 1601, 8.45 am. Pater pro filia phrenetica [father for frantic daughter].
Taken grief by an unkind husband.
Jeralog. Pro valesci. each half a dram. Water of betony. 3 ounces. Seeds[?]. 1 scruple. Opium dissolved in 10 ounces of rose water with a scruple of saffron & nutmeg & with a linen cloth dampened applied to her temples.
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Case 19953

Mr Kinge Mr Whaly & the rest of the lecturers of Toceter sent unto me that I would come over to see Mr Jansone a minister that lies as it were in despair. & cannot be comforted. By a letter. Saturday 10 October 10 1601, 6.30 pm. Quaero utrum morbus eius sit curabilis nec ne. freneticus. desperabundus. [I ask whether his disease is curable or not. Frantic. Desperate.]
Venus & Mercury orient, & Jupiter rises in their debility.
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Case 21485

Richard Kilpyne of Woulson great, 27 years. Taken frantic. Friday 14 September 1604, 7.45 am. Frater pro frater. Vel pater potius [Father. Brother for brother. Or rather father.]
[In chart] lightheaded & rabid. Was purged, let blood & mended god be thanked.
Since Wednesday last did eat little or nothing nor could sleep. Fat & red before now white & palish. Forgetful & melancholy almost half a year & mopish with all.
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Case 21573

Jane Broughe of Stonystratford, 52 years. Saturday 13 October 1604, 9.15 am.
[In chart] mad frantic. Extreme sick. Sent afterward to be let blood. Died.
Taken with a hot burning ague ever since Tuesday. Head ill & giddy feels as it were a noise in her ears. Casts up everything she takes. If she takes any conserves they broil in her stomach & she is worst after it. Talks idly. Head very light. Urine not high coloured.
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Case 23738

Anne Syred of Monkes Riseborough, 26 years. Thursday 28 July 1614, 9.15 am. Married.
[In chart] Frantic & mad. Distracted.
Urine indifferent but somewhat high coloured.
Mopish & distracted since Friday night & not before. Very froward & much dejected by reason of her sins. Has had 3 children, youngest about half a year & sucks. Yesterday they had much ado to keep her: & called them devils and rated all & was wonderful ill for two hours. Cries out of her sins. Desires to lie on the ground. Head very light.
1. Tab. 5 pence 12.
2. From the cephalic vein 8 ounces.
3. Extract of opium 2 and a half quarters.
Diasc. 1 dram. Syrup of poppy 1 ounce. Water of violets 2 ounces.
From the sapherous vein 7 ounces.
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Case 23753

Anne Syred of Monkes Riseborough, 26 years. Tuesday 2 August 1614, 2.30 pm. Vide Iulii 28 [see July 28].
Very hot inward in her chest & stomach. Distracted in her brain that she will tear anything. Sings & whoops.
1. Electuary of roses 5 drams. Garlic 1 scruple. Decoction 4 ounces. Jeralog 1 scruple, a small handful. Seeds of mandrake 1 scruple.
2. From the saphenous vein six ounces.
3. Extract 3 quarters. Diasc. 1 dram. Syrup of poppy 1 ounce. Water of violets 1 ounce. Fleawort.
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Case 26630

Agnes Mabbet of Wellingborough, 28 years. Sunday 19 January 1606, 4.40 pm. Pater sine filiae consensu [the father without consent of the daughter].
[In chart] Frantic maddish by fits.
Long visage. Frantic maddish 4 or 5 days by fits. Took it with a cold & could not sleep & now raves & cries out that the devil will have her in most fearful manner. Water indifferent. Has a cough.
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Case 28866

Richard Cowly of Tinswicke, 30 years. Tuesday 30 April 1605, 9.00 am. A bachelor.
[In chart:] afflicted in mind. Frantic & lunatic.
Trine between Saturn and Venus.
7 trine with Jupiter and Mars.
Conjunction between Sun and Mercury.
Square between Jupiter and Venus.
Trine between Jupiter and Mercury approaching May 2.
He came yesterday to Mr Gerence when I was from home & he willed him to be let blood & he is somewhat mended but ever since Tuesday was sennet has take taken great grief touching one whom he loved & promised marriage & now is married. & he has much thought & grief. Very wild as one frantic. Much tormented in mind & very sick. Cannot sleep. [Added later:] Talks idly.
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Case 29281

Robert Parker of Hanslop, 24 years. Friday 21 June 1605, 10.30 am.
Head light. Frantic. Talks godly. Can take no rest nor sleep. But talks to himself. His mother sent his water.
His greatest talk is of Jesus Christ. Denies that ever he was in love with any but it took him sitting on a cross upon Sunday in the afternoon about 2 of the clock. His urine good.
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Case 32676

I came to Mr Potkins of Lilly by the how, 62 years. Tuesday 4 February 1606, 10.15 am. Uxor pro marito sine consensu [the wife for the husband without consent].
[In chart] Frantic despairs ready to murder himself.
And beats his head[?] against the bedstead & says that he has given himself to the devil.
At a 11. After square with Sun. After square with Mercury.
Sextile between Jupiter and Venus approaching.
Conjunction between Sun and Mercury approaching.
Square between Mars and Mercury approaching February 11.
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Case 37423

Lady Mustean’s daughter. Wednesday 28 February 1610, 5.00 pm. Tempted to despair & to destroy herself.
[In chart] She died the 10 of April following.
36 days hence some mischief will happen. On the 5 of Apr. she leapt out of a window to break her neck but as god would took no harm. Orig truer the[n] Everarte.
[Next page] Lady Mustean sent for her frantic daughter, 22 years. Wednesday 28 February 1610, 5.00 pm. Full of blood. She died the 10 of April following. Had them not [menses].
[In chart] Was very frantic. She died. She died when the Sun came out of Aries to Taurus.
She died coming to her wits by gods grace April 10 about Sun rising. She was tempted to destroy herself & leapt out of a high window & had no great harm. & after that thought to have drowned herself. When the Sun came to the last degree of Aries she died.
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Case 40373

Mary Goodman of Newnton, 30 years. Thursday 17 September 1612, 9.00 am. Child dead born.
[In chart] Frantic.
Brought abed. Sept. 10 Thursday 10.10. pm. Child dead & she well after it until Monday she rose & took a cold & never since well but has lost her remembrance & is mad for she cannot sleep.
Laudanum 2 ounces in posset drink. Ointment of mandrake 1 ounce. Vid sept 26 [see September 26].
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Case 40432

Mary Goodman of Newnton Blossomfild, 27 years. Saturday 26 September 1612, 10.30 am. Senses gone by fit last Thursday at night 11 pm Sept 10. In her senses until the 3rd day past. Cannot keep her clothes on her back.
[In chart] Newly about a fortnight brought abed. Frantic.
Half a dram my cousin Eving[ton] water 1 ounce. Diasc. 1 dram. Water of lettuce 2 and a half ounces. Syrup of poppy 1 ounce. Seeds of poppy 1 scruple. All.
Sent to me the 17 of September & then I gave her mandrake. Child dead borne. Urine red & thick with gravel.
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Case 40648

Margaret Middleton of Hushon, 11 years. Saturday 28 November 1612, 3.00 pm. Sick two days & yesterday frantic. Suspect Goody Campbell.
[Next page]
Fell sick on Thursday[?] and was as one frantic yesterday by fits. & voids worms. Urine good. Antimony 2 and a half ounces. Absinth 2 drams. Cries out upon a woman that did threaten her.
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Case 42054

Cicely Cowden of Newport, 15 years. Saturday 24 June 1615, 5.20 pm.
At this time her laughing frantic fits began. She went to see a dead woman & two hours or 3 hours after fell frantic mad & laughs. Slept soundly yesterday night. Some think it may be bred because she has a mother. Something frantic at some times of the year. Some think it comes by her breasts swelling which did issue & now are stopped.
Antimony 4 quarters. Conserve half an ounce.
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Case 48337

Goody Richardson Millers sister of Newport, 56 years. Tuesday 9 March 1619, 9.45 am. Filia pro mater [the daughter for the mother]. By fits mad & furious.
[In chart] distracted was so[me?]tymes.
Her fits take her commonly at 12 at midnight mar 8 Sunday [Sunday 8 March?] 12.00 pm. Cries out of the devil.
Was let blood. Had extract of opium 7 grains. Syrup of poppy. Yet cannot sleep. Make a blistering plaster for her neck. [Astrology.] Cries out of the devil that stands at her bedside & says she is doomed & rages by [in binding] extreme[?]. Cannot sleep.
1. antimony 5 quarters. Wine 4 ounces.
2. A blistering. Plaster.
3. Hamech. 5 drams. Garlic 10 quarters. Elect. 3 ounces. Syrup of [illeg.] 1 ounce.
4. Haemorrhoid vein.
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