Case 71807

Sara Goodman of Maidwell, 18 years. Thursday 14 April 1631, 6 am.
A week ill. Light headed. She lost the keys of her house & thought that somebody was within that kept her out. A fat face.
[Left margin] Apt to sleepe mutch the[n] not.
The more was frightened because a year or two since a man was found [in] the bed that had no power to steal. Full of blood.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 62514

She took a fright Thursday 19 January 1626, 4.30 pm. The cause an abortion.
Sat in a chair being weary. The seat fell out & took a fright & complained of her back.
Was sick & casted as if she should swoon.
Was tired.
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Case 66097

Parnell Clark, 21 years, of Dunton in Bedfordshire. Thursday 15 May 1628, 1 pm. Had the green sickness. Distracted 4 days. Taken by overmuch study of her book. Terms stopped. Is very fearful & raves much & was frightened & cannot better it. Lets her urine go. Cannot sleep & worse after sleep.
Is frightened, as she said, with 3 things. Did shake & quake & he will have her. Costive.
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Case 39575

Margaret Web, Elisabeth Baldwin’s servant, Tuesday 7 April 1612, 1.20 pm. Is frighted with ill sights. A tickling in her legs. Mind troubled. Fears ill disposed people. An Neals & Bassets wife. Pain suddenly anywhere. Urine good. Has something that comes down before her terms like a bag. Fears bursting or mother.
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Case 53758

My Godson Richard Sharpe, 6 years a next Whitsuntide, born on a Monday about sun rising the Monday 3 weeks after Whitsuntide. Much troubled about 8 at night in his first sleep & will rise out of his bed & cry ‘O God, O God’ & stare & run about. This fortnight is frightened & does not remember it. Monday 25 March 1622, 2.25 pm. He was present for half an hour. Some ill thing feared.
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Case 70013

Isabel Wallis of Newport, 26 years, the Friday before St Luke in the morning. Saturday 30 January 1630, 5.00 pm.
The house is often troubled with ill spirits that frighten the woman. She sees them, & thought she saw the proportion of 2 faces.
Laid 2 irons in a place and took them away.
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Case 28434

Catherine Nelson of Hilsden parish, 35 years. Thursday 21 March 1605, 2.30 pm. Married since Christmas.
[In chart] Very light headed.
Light headed this fortnight. Was frighted with a piece of a chimney which fell upon her. Her water very yellowish & thick. Talks fondly & did swoon. Supposed to have taken sore grief & fright for that her husband lives at her service. Very hot & sorely vexed in her stomach & says that she has fire & brimstone.
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