Case 39207

Thomas Page of Wavendon, 50 years. Thursday 13 February 1612, 1.15 pm.
A butcher.
[In chart] Grew furious & raging about Thursday night.
Took grief for his wife’s death who died lately & has a child sick. Himself very godly. Confessed his sins & afterward grew into this melancholy sorrow crying out of devils, damnation & knaves & leapt out of his bed & pulled & held & now is grown mopish & speaks little.
Owes many debts & some came in for their debts. Grief for debts.
[Treatment information.]
It will do him good by God’s grace. Doubts he shall not have to discharge his debts.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 48779

Alice Marriot of Sirwell, 45 years next October 29. Her husband came for her without consent Thursday May 20 1619, 3.39 pm. Jealous furious mischievous to her husband & to certain women that she thinks that he has been nought with.
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Case 48337

Goody Richardson Millers sister of Newport, 56 years. Tuesday 9 March 1619, 9.45 am. Filia pro mater [the daughter for the mother]. By fits mad & furious.
[In chart] distracted was so[me?]tymes.
Her fits take her commonly at 12 at midnight mar 8 Sunday [Sunday 8 March?] 12.00 pm. Cries out of the devil.
Was let blood. Had extract of opium 7 grains. Syrup of poppy. Yet cannot sleep. Make a blistering plaster for her neck. [Astrology.] Cries out of the devil that stands at her bedside & says she is doomed & rages by [in binding] extreme[?]. Cannot sleep.
1. antimony 5 quarters. Wine 4 ounces.
2. A blistering. Plaster.
3. Hamech. 5 drams. Garlic 10 quarters. Elect. 3 ounces. Syrup of [illeg.] 1 ounce.
4. Haemorrhoid vein.
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Case 64602

Elizabeth Hurrell of Barton by Cambridge a widow, 60 years. Monday 17 September 1627, 7.30am. Distracted of her wits since midsummer. Will curse & talk continually & be doing of some ill except she be tied & will tear her clothes & is senseless. Fretful & furious & can sleep little. Light headed.
[In chart] Frantic senseless & furious.
Will take little.
1. Sigil of Jupiter in taffeta with a fair ribbon.
2. A plaster.
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Case 47095

Joan Ekins of Raunce, 25 years. Friday 17 July 1618, 9.30 am.
[Left] Joan Ekins of Raunce, 26 years. Friday 17 July 1618, 9.30 am.
The 9 of July was taken suddenly taken & began to speak idlly & has done so ever since, talking of the devil & says that she has given away her soul to the devil & says he has a lease of her life. Is grown very furious. Urine good. Full of slimy residue. Child was christened. Her boy was christened on Candlemas day last was twelvemonth. [Treatment information.] This wrought exceedingly with her & made her very sick. Ceph[alic vein] et Saph[enous vein] & pulls down any thing upon her.
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Case 50854

Mr Fettyplace, Tuesday 16 May 1620, 12.20 pm. Born Wednesday 3 October 1593, 3pm. Mr Fettyplace came to me not of his own accord but by the appointment of his lady mother a young gentleman. Loved one that his mother despised.
[In chart] Mopish by fits & furious. Could not be cured.
It is by fits in his head mopish & will not speak a word a week or better & by fits mends & will speak. Well sensed a quarter of a year. Ill 2 years by fits. [Astrology.]
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Case 51281

Mr Fettyplace his urine brought Saturday 22 July 1620, 3.20 am.
His man sine consensu [without consent]. Urine red & aguish.
Not a week since furious & struck his servant & made him black and blue & then told him that now he will fight no more & said that he will have his wench Anne & wishes that he had her. Urine red & aguish. 1. A cooling clyster.
Continued MS Ashmole 414 f. 187r.
7 August 1620. Whether good for Mr Fettyplace to marry the poor maid his mother’s maid though but poor or to continue still foolish and idle-headed for lack of one.
Purge him well with vomits or purges or clysters or all and leeches and then let him marry where his mind is set.
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