Case 63100

Mr Piland of London, 60 years. Saturday 18 November 1626, 9 am.
[In chart] Has little lust. Gonorrhoea. Little comes away.
Much grief for debts he owes. Married an honest woman that knew he was in debt & yet would needs marry him. Now he cannot perform his duty of marriage.
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Case 46866

Mr John Spencer of Offley. Monday 15 June 1618, 12.40 pm. For gonorrhea. Had purging pills for his head & rheume of his nose which brought a dandruff on his head. A great eater of hair. [Inserted between lines] Denot curam hanc esse difficilem [indicates this cure to be difficult]. Loath to take inward medicine for his flux least it should increase it.
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Case 34228

Russell Mr Leas man, 34 years. Tuesday 18 October, 1608, 4.35 pm. Troubled with a great itching and pimples and spots and dry up suddenly. Troubled also with the gonorrhea of the reins.
[Treatment information.] Was let blood. A plate of lead. Venice turpentine. Acorn cups. Bole [arminiack].
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Case 23538

Mr Ketteridge of Newport. Monday 6 June 1614, 6.30 pm. For one troubled with the gonorrhea whose stones are exceeding hard for 3 weeks in great pain. This gonorrhea is stopped & since his both stones are grown very hard. 25 years at Clyfton Raynes.
[In chart] Morbus gallicus he did him[self] no good.
[Treatment information, includes a plate of lead.]
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Case 50337

Anne Warr of Stony Stratford, 46 years. Tuesday 29 February, 1620, 9.00 am. A weak pale water & windy. A weak stomach. Swelled in her face & head. If she sits up her feet swell also. Desires to drink. Eats nothing but broth & used to suck her water letting none of the substance to go down. Troubled also with the whites too much. Gonorrhea. Has them too much [courses].
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