Case 45641

Ellen Triploe of Little Paxon, 48 years. Tuesday 21 October 1617, 3.40 pm. Starts & skrikes & says sometimes that she shall be drowned & sometimes burned. With many idle speeches. Ill 4 days by fits. Slept never a whit last night. Is distracted, pulls and snatches. Took grief that her son did marry against her will, yet she gave her consent. Much against her will. Wished that she might see him buried. Husband sine consensu [asks without consent].
Moon separating from conjunction with Mercury approaching conjunction with Mars.
Edition and image for CASE45641

Case 32922

George Vescy of Whaddon, 52 years. Tuesday 1 March 1608, 2.40 pm. [Brought?] 2 cockerels.
[Left of chart] George Vescy’s wife. Much grief touching him. Whites, reds, bleeds much.
Runs into his limbs, hips, arms & left leg with flushing heat. & then after extreme cold. Goody Bigge of Nashe suspected. Is very desirous ever since precession [procession?] Monday [?binding] to have women to whip him.
Edition and image for CASE32922

Case 16948

Elisabeth Parret of North Crowly, 48 years. Tuesday 18 May 1602, 11.30 am. Cannot take anything.
[In chart] Vomits mightily every 24 hours at night in her bed. Grief.
8 years since broke 2 of her ribs on the liver side & ever since has felt a great pain in that side especially in the fall of the leaf. 4 or 5 hours after she is laid when her meat is brought to the liver there feels a great pricking & shooting & pain until she has voided upward that which she hath taken every 24 hours. After her first sleep. Never had child, hath not whites nor reds.
Edition and image for CASE16948

Case 21091

Alice Woodward of Stoke Hammond, 38 years. Thursday 19 April 1604, 12.45 pm.
[In chart] Proved with child. As I think quick.
Much pain in her back. The whites much. Right side & the back. Has her red ones. Has taken much grief for that she had 7 children at full time & yet born still all saving her first. Stomach sides back. A great looseness ever since Shrovetide. Turns now of late to be red. Fears the bloody flux. Never had a child on this ground where now she dwells but in Brickhill she had one. Fears the ground to be ill.
[Right column] Takes her sometimes as if she dies in every place. Head legs arms.
Had a child on Hallowtide but stillborn. Cannot quiet her mind because she has not the like fortune that other women have. Fears Alice Colman. Urine yellowish with white dregs.
Edition and image for CASE21091

Case 13646

Elizabeth Fawnes of Cranfield, 29 years. Tuesday 5 April 1603, 11.12 am.
[In chart] Troubled with the reds & whites. Much grief.
A patch of white matter grew in her urine, otherwise being of good colour. Married 14 years, never had child. Has taken much grief by reason her husband, the parson of Cranfield, has been long in law and has been s[o] much smayed. Has the whites that trouble her much & has the other that follow her exceedingly. A tall visage & of white paleish complexion. Asks whether she shall have children & the cause of her barrenness.
Edition and image for CASE13646

Case 75893

Mary Homes of Milton, 50 years. Saturday 10 November 1632, 2.30 pm.
No children these 6 or 7 years.
Soror sine consensu [sister without consent].
Extreme grief taken against her husband for getting a servant of theirs with child. She would have had to put away but he would not & yet last Michaelmas did confess that he had been naughty with her heretofore but not of late & that the child is none of his.
This servant has been with them 14 years.
Edition and image for CASE75893

Case 60743

Richard Harnesse of Ramsey, 34 years. Sunday 3 July 1625, 7.40 pm.
[In chart] Much grief for that his mother in law [ar]rested him.
It took him yesterday, was sennet. Can eat little yet casts not. Went not to stool since Thursday last. Very dry hot & thirsty & keeps his bed. Urine red & thick & white. Was a strong man & now very weak. Another & he went to law. They [ar]rested him & he paid them. But unjustly & since he rested them. & now he thinks he is damned for it. & his mother in law rested him & since he took grief & in his fits does always talk thereof. His mother-in-law when his father died rested him for 12 bags of malt & since taking grief says his sins be great. Was let blood that night in the arm about a pint & better & the most was water. Jupiter lord. Casts up his drink.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE60743

Case 16201

Joane Pampion of Abington, 60 years. Friday 22 June 1604, 9.20 am.
A pain at her heart. Pulled in her shoulders and back. Took much grief for that her landlord since her husband’s death has taken her land away and given her other for it not so good, and now her senses are gone. Mopish. And cares not for any thing. Many times has idle speeches.
[Treatment information]
Edition and image for CASE16201

Case 27768

Mary Laughton, my cousin Warrens servant, 20 years. Friday 11 July 1606, 2.00 pm.
John Blundell pretended love to her.
[Bottom left of chart] She mended & after gone to be as bad as before & at length amended.
Brows & eyes. Urine thin full of white long flakes & rags. Stomach hoven & swelling. Head ill. A noise in her ear[s] every three weeks. Has them [menses] but few.
[Treatment information.]
Grief touching her husband who was robbed of £10. Never well since.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE27768

Case 20302

Beatrice Miles of Stoke Golding, 30 years. Tuesday 26 January 1602, 11.00 am.
[In chart] Casts up her meat.
Has taken grief for at Christmas late she was excommuned for that she did prove her father’s will being made his executor not in the space of this 5 years. She was cited to the Emissary’s court.
Her husband would not meddle with it but would have her brother who had sold all the goods for her before they two were married together.
She took great grief that her husband would not meddle with it and end that business.
Casts up. Mighty grief that her husband made her believe as if she [breaks off].
[Next page] This Beatrice Miles casts up her meat. Very costive.
It is of Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio.
[Treatment information.] This grief taken by her husband’s bad and uncourteous dealing has stopped her courses & is the principal cause of her sickness. [Payment: 8d].
Edition and image for CASE20302

Case 70078

John Stoe, minister but schoolmaster. Married Lanes, daughter of Lowton, 42 years. Monday 22 February 1630, 4 pm.
[In chart] A quartan fever half a year
Much grief taken for a former naughty wife that put him in debt and now suing for Lanes daughter her port[ion?] 300 pounds which he cannot get.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE70078

Case 12841

Katheren Wels, of Buckingham, 22 years, married, has one child a year old. Saturday 24 November 1599, 12 pm.
[In chart] Troubled in mind. Tempted to kill herself. Grief touching her husband that has spent her goods and cares not for her.
Kath. Wells. Disease is of Moon in Cancer and Venus in Virgo.
Troubled in mind. Tempted to kill herself. Casts away all things. A very sensible woman until the fit comes upon her which is once in 6 or 7 weeks. Her husband cares not for her company and has spent her goods which was 10 pounds. Her water reasonable good but has much melancholy in it.
Edition and image for CASE12841

Case 48556

Temperance Negoose of Dunton in Bedfordshire, 30 years. Tuesday 27 April 1619, 9.38 am.
Thursday next a week brought abed & is full of melancholy. Despairing & offering to drown herself. Was so a year since & mended with that I sent her. God’s name be praised for it.
Faint & weak.
Complains of her belly & griping.
Doubts of God’s grace.
Fearful in her sleep.
Belly griped.
Urine red & thick.
Her child was christened & that day hence doubts & despairs of her salvation.
It died & since she waxed m[gap].
Offers to drown herself. Cholical. Is loose bodied.
[Astrology beginning Saturn Lord of the 6th …]
Grief touching her child.
[Over page] Temperance Negoose of Dunton by Bedford, 30 years. Tuesday 27 April 1619. 9.39 am.
[Treatment information including an electuary, an unguent and a pigeon applied to her feet.]
Edition and image for CASE48556

Case 68796

Mistress Joan Plot of Dunstable, 36 years. Saturday 29 June 1629, 1 pm.
Brought abed this day 5 weeks.
[In chart] Her conscience sorely tormented about her child that died a year since. Imagination so depraved that no counsel will serve.
[To right of chart] Brought abed 5 weeks since.
Took a grief for a child of 4 years old that died.
Despairs of her salvation because that she said if he die let him die. This thought troubles her mind. Cares not for her husband nor child but goes into a corner to weep. Waxes mopish.
[Left column] Covetous to have [or save?] [ward?] & neighbours. Nurses a child.
Edition and image for CASE68796

Case 77894

Goody Kirby of Newport, 48 years. Saturday 20 July 1633, 5.00 pm.
Her husband a miller left her 15 years [ago] & she lives at Newport, but at Newport fair went to him & lay with him 2 nights & 2 days. After that she came home the white ones passed down continually. Cannot rest at night for grief & thought of it.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE77894

Case 28530

Margaret Mead of Fenny Stratford, 24 years. A year married, never had children. A bad spending husband giving to drunkenness & now he curses her because she is become deaf. Saturday 6 April 1605, 9.30 am.
Deaf. Cannot hear well ever since Shrovetide. Head hot. Mightily pained in her head. Cannot hear well. Arms stiff and shoots into her shoulders and hands & feet swelled & was hot & angry from the knees to the toes.
Much water thin like to a well water.
Complains of her head & limbs.
Much grief by reason of a bad husband. Has not had her woman’s sickness not this 2 months.
Her head like a block.
Edition and image for CASE28530

Case 20484

Luce Basell of Olney, 40 years. Sunday 28 February 1602, 4.40 pm.
Had not sickness till 8 or 10 weeks since. She cannot keep her meat ever since this sennet. Comes up shakes and burns with cold. Asks if she is pregnant. Urine of a mediocre colour.
[Right of chart] Jane Drubb did curse her, and presently had a calf that foamed and died. Beat hard against the ground. Taken grief and fear by the womb.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE20484

Case 48188

Jeffery Hasker of Shenly, 38 years. Friday 5 February 1619, 12.39 pm. Much urine and thin. Argues [i.e. indicates] obstructions. He has taken much grief because his wife killed her child with beating & the Crown has set upon it. He fears that something did haunt his wife. Had lost her senses on a sudden. & this man thinks that he putting out his hand felt a thing like a cat. Complains of the reins of his back. Has a rising in his stomach.
[Left margin] Mind troubled.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE48188

Case 11285

Elisabeth Lee of Cublington, 33 years. Monday, 15 September 1600, 9 am. A servant. Her father dyed 2 years since.
Elisabeth Lee of Cublington, nata [born] 1567 [Sunday] being St Andrew’s day about evening prayer, betwixt 4 [and] 4 pm (sic) 1567.
Has been diverse times dissembled with. One made her stay 10 years & departed her & is married. The other, being Mr Fortescue’s grandson, has made her stay for him 9 years and now seems not to care much for her by reason of some false reports. She was likely the other day by the fall of a rotten barn to have been maimed. Has taken much grief. She will not now come to the her friend’s house as he was wont. Has taken much grief.
Let her talk with him September 21.
Consilium gratis [advice free].
Edition and image for CASE11285

Case 79072

Joan Hawkins of Marson, 43 years. Tuesday 3 June 1634, 10.00 am.
Has been sick these 8 weeks. Pained in her chest, stomach, heart, back. Sometimes pulled & pinched in her belly. Sleeps pretty well. Spits much. Body soluble. Has had a vomit. Was let blood by Dr Bannister’s counsel.
[Astrology; Treatment information, including a clyster and a cordial.]
Their house has been much troubled these 2 years’ space. Something haunting it many nights together yet never did any hurt to them but makes a noise & throws things about & plays many unhappy tricks. Always comes in the night & never heard till the candle be out.
Upon this they removed their house. It followed them & since leaving that it haunts them where they are.
She has but one child & that has been as it were stricken ill. 4 years since & is lame all of one side. Has the falling sickness & dead palsy together.
It had ointments & other things of my uncle & a sigil of tin/Jupiter.
It should seem she has taken much grief at it and some conceit that her house is haunted.
Edition and image for CASE79072

Case 36155

Mary Faulkner of Cowley, 26 years. Friday 7 July 1609, 1.45 pm. In presence herself.
[In chart] A love matter. Grief. Spits blood. Head heavy. No senses. Terms ill.
Vide [See] July 6. Quando dominus venerat pro sua serva [when the lord had come for his servant]. Weeps much & is very sad. Craves not to eat. Casts up much blood very often but looks well. Never had her sickness [menstruation] well. Stomach ill & back & fumes into her face.
Edition and image for CASE36155

Case 19336

Harry Peach of Brayfield of the Green, 19 years. Saturday 2 May 1601, 10.50 am.
Sine consensu pater pro filio [father for the son without consent].
[In chart] Frantic with grief.
Cries out of his heart.
Urina bona [a good urine] on Saturday. [Cross symbol.]
Jeralog. 1 dram. water of [illeg.] Dns Jesus benedicit hinc medic. et conter caput serpentis [Lord Jesus, bless this medicine and crush the head of the serpent]. Stibium quarter tablet. 3 [illeg.] grains.
[Bottom left of page] Harry Peach grown stark mad by means of a cruel Aunt that whipped him naked with a cart whip in the night and threatened him again. A very devilish woman. And then threatened again by her ran out at night in his shirt to the minister of that town & since is grown stark mad & cries out against his Aunt & the devil & says his good spirit is gone & that he is haunted & would throttle himself still but that he is pinioned. Pined by his bad diet with his Aunt. Eats ravenously.
Edition and image for CASE19336

Case 19849

Agnes [Anne] Meadbury of Stockgolding, 38 years. Thursday 27 August 1601, 1.12 pm.
Soror pro fratre vel mater pro filia [Sister for brother or mother for daughter]. This woman is frantic amiss this fortnight. Taken grief touching a bad husband that had a bastard & was put out of his living by his landlord & has spent all & beats her.
Syrup of poppy. Water of poppy. 3 ounces. Gratis [fee waived]. Ointment of mandrake.
Edition and image for CASE19849

Case 19851

Agnes [Anne] Meadbury of Stockgoldin. Friday 28 August 1601, 8.45 am. Pater pro filia phrenetica [father for frantic daughter].
Taken grief by an unkind husband.
Jeralog. Pro valesci. each half a dram. Water of betony. 3 ounces. Seeds[?]. 1 scruple. Opium dissolved in 10 ounces of rose water with a scruple of saffron & nutmeg & with a linen cloth dampened applied to her temples.
Edition and image for CASE19851

Case 28866

Richard Cowly of Tinswicke, 30 years. Tuesday 30 April 1605, 9.00 am. A bachelor.
[In chart:] afflicted in mind. Frantic & lunatic.
Trine between Saturn and Venus.
7 trine with Jupiter and Mars.
Conjunction between Sun and Mercury.
Square between Jupiter and Venus.
Trine between Jupiter and Mercury approaching May 2.
He came yesterday to Mr Gerence when I was from home & he willed him to be let blood & he is somewhat mended but ever since Tuesday was sennet has take taken great grief touching one whom he loved & promised marriage & now is married. & he has much thought & grief. Very wild as one frantic. Much tormented in mind & very sick. Cannot sleep. [Added later:] Talks idly.
Edition and image for CASE28866

Case 55480

Mrs. Hanger 30 miles from Steapington, 55 years the first Friday in Lent. Tuesday 7 January 1622, 2.40 pm.
Upper lip it was cut a little after Whitsuntide about midsummer. Otherwise Mrs. Edwards Knights daughter at Piddington.
[Right of chart] Full of fond fancies before in her throat now since in her lip, & says that she is punished for marrying of Dr. Hanger a parson. A woman otherwise wise enough.
[Left margin] She did strive to harm or drown herself.
[In chart] Her upper lip. Hypochond[riac] passion.
[Left margin] A good urine but thin with [the] whites. Had a fall.
Her upper lip vexes her very much & yesterday pimpled & red but never before. It used to burn & itch & she scraped it & bled & was for pain unpatient. It began of a wheal last mid-Lent. She applied morning water & it blistered & after mended looking red. Is very unquiet & troubled in mind by reason of her lip only as she says. Had physic at Cambridge a month. Had a purge of me & was let blood under the tongue & arm. Yet never the better. A diet drink.
[Top right of page] Dr. Allat gave her a cooling drink to take morning & evening & also syr. August. Weep take grief chide & very import & says that everybody hates her. Her urine good but thin. No sediment.
[Following page] [Treatment information.] Much decayed in her body. Had plasters for her feet & temples & ointments. [Treatment information.] Cannot abide to see knives. Will hide herself.
Edition and image for CASE55480

Case 49842

William Jackson of Lowick in Northamptonshire, 45 years. Tuesday 19 October 1619, 10.00 am.
[In chart] Light headed.
By fits light headed. Was taken Sunday sennet in the afternoon. [Astrology.]
Buried a son & took grief for it. & also for his wife that grew idle headed. Himself is idle headed by fits & either he is St David or else the Devil.
[Left margin] His wife is mended prettily. Urine good.
Had somewhat on Wednesday he took but a little of it & was let blood. Cannot sleep. Starts in his sleep. [Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE49842

Case 10235

Ursula Coles of Ashon, 26 years. Wednesday 2 April 1600, 10.00 am. This day sennet at night. With consent.
[In chart] Troubled in mind.
Ill in mind. Troubled in mind. James Linwell of Ashon that was amiss & now is mended by that I gave him. Ill in his mind about a year since. He caused this body to come. This woman is ill in mind. It is of Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Leo. Had a child about five weeks before Michaelmas. Grieved in mind that she went not to church. Before Easter haunted with some evil spirit. Devil more in her mind than God yet she always calls upon God. Ready to despair by reason of sins. Stomach full. An honest well minded woman & of a tender conscience.
Edition and image for CASE10235

Case 11734

Joan Hull of Newport of 46 years. Thursday 5 October 1598, 3.50 pm. For the rising of her & griping of her heart by fits she has had it a long time: somewhat like an impostume ready to stop her wind & can hardly swallow her spittle. Arising like the mother. Taken a grief touching her first husband who sold all that she had.
Her first husband & she could not agree. Used her not well & was lordly given & always sold away all & made her after she had a child to go 7 years to service again. Many hearts’ griefs.
Edition and image for CASE11734

Case 53589

Mrs Anne Gawdon of Horton, 34 years. Last Candlemas eve betwixt 11 & 12 or near 12 in the daytime but came in her own person Tuesday 19 February 1622, 10.45 am. Twice married but of late 3 quarters of a year.
[Right] Head continually pained, neck & shoulder.
Is sorely troubled with the mother some 3 hours in extremity & comes not to her present memory & senses not in 12 hours. Within half a year February 7 on Thursday about 9 in the morning & also on the 10 of February & some grief last night. Feels also an evil heat in her stomach. A very windy stomach full of obstructions. [Right margin] A cold body especially in her fits.
A thick white settling. Has not the course of her body as she was wont to have them once in three weeks some days well coloured now twice in 3 weeks some 3 days & pale coloured.
[Left column] [Astrology.] And is sorely pained with griping under her left side under her short ribs & has the wind colic & the stone colic after it not able to make water for an hour after it.
[Right column] No appetite, costive. Much discontent by her husband when he lived by living from her but he is dead. Stomach heaves when it begins. Begins at her left side. Back much pained. Quivers & shakes & is very dry & stomach is full & foul.
No physic 14 years. Grief bred it.
Edition and image for CASE53589

Case 50434

Will Stampford of Teddington, 31 years. Saturday 25 March 1620, 2.20 pm. A bachelor born on St Mark’s day being Friday about 11. 30 am 31 years a mark he had in his forehead. The falling sickness many kinds of it.
[In chart] Epilepsia.
[Astrology.] Mater sine consensu [mother without consent]. Ready to die in his fits. Is never [breaks off]. 3 years ill by fits taken suddenly light headed senseless sometimes 24 hours & better sometimes 2 or 3 days & nights. Mopish sometimes it will hold but one hour & well a fortnight. Voids at his mouth almost a quart of roping water like the white of an egg. It is ready to strangle him like the mother. He will rove & roam & skrike & roam with his hands as one besides himself & as if he would die for the time. Urine good. Love as is thought betwixt him & a wench.
[Top right] Will Stampford of Teddington, March 25 Saturday 2.20 pm, 1620. He looks thin, yellow. A good urine. Will eat [out] of the fit. [Left] Reddish hair.
[Treatment information.]
Grief brings him to his fit. Mopish & childish.
Edition and image for CASE50434

Cases 33877, 33879

Case 33877
Jane Dickerson of Hartwell, 27 years. Monday 25 July 1608, 9.30pm. Her first fit.
[In chart] Took grief for one that did love her. & Married another. Falling sickness.
Burned that day, & after a great heat took cold. Head ache & tooth ache. Did take grief touching one that she loved & did mock her & now is married about a year since.
Edition and image for CASE33877

Case 33879
Jane Dickerson of Hartwell now of Sawcy Forrest, 27 years. Thursday 4 August 1608, 1.45 pm.
[In chart] Falling sickness.
On monday was sennet [seven nights] at evening late had a sore fit.
[Between lines] Face does swell.
July 25 the first fit betwixt 9 & 10 at night. Has them very well.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE33879

Case 20832

Ralf Webster of Quainten 30 years a bachelor. Monday 19 March 1604, 2.48 am.
[In chart] Falling sickness.
Took a grief for one that loved him & married another. Has taken much grief as as soon as he starts he falls. If he hears any noise he starts & falls. The noise of a dog makes him to start & to fall.
Right side & head. & his eyes run with water & smart. Trembles & starts much.
2 years amiss.
Edition and image for CASE20832

Case 12466

Edith Elinge of Walton, 25 years. Wednesday 16 May 1599, 2.45 pm. Fears the falling sickness.
[In chart] Swoons much. Contracted. Grief taken for one she should have had & broke off & yet had him after.
A good water a few motes & hairs.
Hot as fire & as cold as water. A well coloured & faced wench & full faced & corpulent.
Edition and image for CASE12466

Case 34388

Elisabeth Seer of Fosket, 22 years. Friday 11 November 1608, 11.00 am.
Long sick. Head & left side & heart. Head swelled. Ready to stop her wind. [Treatment information.]
Is thought to take grief touching one that she loves. Being crossed in her match. Might have been matched once or twice & her father hinders the marriage.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE34388

Case 38297

Joan Carter of Denton, 27 years. Monday 17th June 1611, 9.25am.
[In chart] Mother.
Her child 22 weeks old. Had a sore fit of the mother yesterday & swooned often times. Subject to melancholy. It is of Saturn in Pisces. Apt to take grief & discontentment. Subject to melancholy.
[Treatment information.]
[Angel: Asariel] It will do her good by god’s grace.
Had this disease before she was married but never since yesterday.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE38297

Case 13536

Millers, Friday 14 July 1598 7.45 am. Thomas Richardson for his wife. To know what will be her end. About 30 years old. She suspects she has been bewitched. Light headed & talks much of the devil. She can not speak. Sometimes in her fit lets out her excrements.
It seems she has taken it with a great grief. Her mind much disquieted. She scratched one that she thought had bewitched her. Magnum argumentum est maledicae linguae et hostis odij [The great evidence is of evil speech and the hatred of enemies].
Edition and image for CASE13536

Case 65367

Mrs Haws of Bedford, 47 years March 27 next. Wednesday 13 February 1628, 11.00 am.
Sick a long time but worse of late. Is corpulent. Can eat little. Troubled with fits of the mother.
Grief for her husband’s death. No physic. Sleeps much after her mother fits & complains of her legs.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE65367

Case 46452

Mrs Cock of Stachdon, 36 years. Thursday 23 April 1618, 12.15 pm.
Much grief taken for the death of 2 children but not altogether so much for the latter as for the first but too much. 3 weeks distempered. A great pain on her left side since her husband died. A great pain on her left side and swells as broad & big. Terms stopped with grief & arising up to her stomach. Head pained. Bones. Cannot sleep. Breast & heart pricked. [Treatment information.]
Purge with opening things. Chest swelled.
[Left] Sweats & burns & is drowsy & lazy.
Edition and image for CASE46452

Case 29666

Cicely Tomkins of Newnton, 26 years. Wednesday 4 September 1605, 12.00. 2 child, youngest of a year old. Troubled in mind.
[In chart] Tempted to hurt herself. Looks well.
Has not had her sickness [menstruation] a year since nor used to have them. No grief at all but grieved in mind 2 years since & never opened it. A good creature. Never saw any thing. Tempted when she is alone to make herself away with knife. A good creature & speaks well. Merry in company, ill solitary. A corpulent bodied woman. Urine much & good. Took a fear & smay at a friend of hers that hanged herself. Thinks her self a sinner & troubled with filthy words. Looks well.
Edition and image for CASE29666

Case 28826

Agnes Soule of Steppingly, 50 years. Friday 26 April 1605, 9.30 am.
Left side ill. A very good water but has a slimy stuff & residence. An aching of her heart. Complains of a great burning over all her body. Her back burns as fire. Shortwinded. No quiet rest but quaking & trembling. Fear & grief. [Illeg.] left her 4 years. A great pain in her back, burning like fire. Can eat but not digest. No appetite. Sweats & is by complexion cold. Costive, not once in 3 days. A giddiness & staggering in her head without pain. Runs into arms legs back & hips & all other parts. A slight taken touching some bargain her husband made but all fell out well notwithstanding.
Edition and image for CASE28826

Case 42365

Robert Banbery of West Haddon, 47 years. Wednesday 6 September 1615, 8.00 am.
[In chart] Mopish.
One charged him for stealing one of his sheep. His partner. Cannot hold his water any night since Easter & sometimes in the day. Griped in his belly as if an ill thing within him did nip him. Strong yet keeps his bed idly. Much grief taken for it he was falsely charged. They would have him to be bagged for a lunatic. & then out of spite accused this honest man to be the death of his mother all which were proved to be false. Mistress out of spite accused him. Never since well. [Sigil] Jupiter tied about his neck.
Edition and image for CASE42365

Case 28434

Catherine Nelson of Hilsden parish, 35 years. Thursday 21 March 1605, 2.30 pm. Married since Christmas.
[In chart] Very light headed.
Light headed this fortnight. Was frighted with a piece of a chimney which fell upon her. Her water very yellowish & thick. Talks fondly & did swoon. Supposed to have taken sore grief & fright for that her husband lives at her service. Very hot & sorely vexed in her stomach & says that she has fire & brimstone.
Edition and image for CASE28434

Case 16939

Mary Hill of Hanslop, 41 years. Monday 17 May 1602, 1.30 pm.
[In chart] Mind troubled & tempted.
Had no child six years. Complains of her stomach this 8 weeks. Had her sickness [menstruation] about a fortnight since. Good quantity, black. Much grief & sorrow. Mind distracted. Fears quakes & trembles as if she were frighted with some ill sight. Mr Lingard the minister her landlord threatened to cast them out of the house. Troubled with melancholy.
[Treatment information, includes hiera logadii.]
Edition and image for CASE16939

Case 19094

Robert Alcock of Bonist, 22 years. A bachelor in Bedfordshire. Thursday 26 March 1601, 1.00 pm.
Stomach, light headed. It is of Saturn in Scorpio Moon separating from Jupiter in Virgo. Stomach & rises up to his throat. Head pained. Much water & somewhat yellowish. [Treatment information, includes jeralog.]
Has taken grief touching a lewd woman that dwelt in the house with him that a year before he knew her had a child & afterward this woman spoke him fear being acquainted with another young man which is now is gone & they of the house mocked him with her as if he would have her. & Now fearing lest she should be naught & he to be hanged with her being but a softly fellow is as it were frantic & foolish & fears lest he should be bewitched by this woman that spoke him fear.
Edition and image for CASE19094

Case 12453

Mrs Mary Berry of Cranfield, 52 years. Monday 14 May 1599, 3.15 pm. Came in person. She was wont to fall down as if she had a dead palsy.
Giddiness & swooning of the head. Weakness & faintness of the heart & stomach. Troubled much with windiness of the stomach with sudden melancholy passions. Has taken great grief at her husband’s meddling with his brother’s goods as to take the administration who think he exclaim again him as if he kept away their goods. For that he is much indebted & hardly thought of & slandered. She fears lest [if?] as he should die.
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Case 50453

Mrs Margaret Franklin of Bonehurst, 24 years. Wednesday 29 March 1620, 10.40 am. Worst fasting. Head full & dizzy. Windy. A cold stomach. Hot liver. Full of melancholy grief since her father’s death. Face flushing hot & breaking out. Unmarried. Cold feet hot head.
[Bottom left of chart] A thick and muddy water.
Has taken much physic, purges, pills. Let blood little the better.
[Treatment information.] A purging diet drink for melancholy. The like for Elizabeth Bosse 26 years melancholy.
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Case 28690

William Stoe of the parish of Parsnam, 43 years. Thursday 18 April 1605, 9.25 am. Head feet & toes. Short-winded.
[In chart] Fears morbus gallicus.
Looks as if he had the jaundice. Faint at his stomach. Much grief from time to time. Had a wife long sick who died after much physic. Lost much cattle which died. Had the plague in his house. 2 child died. Himself had it with heavings under his throat with red spots in his hands & legs. Never well since.
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