Case 48188

Jeffery Hasker of Shenly, 38 years. Friday 5 February 1619, 12.39 pm. Much urine and thin. Argues [i.e. indicates] obstructions. He has taken much grief because his wife killed her child with beating & the Crown has set upon it. He fears that something did haunt his wife. Had lost her senses on a sudden. & this man thinks that he putting out his hand felt a thing like a cat. Complains of the reins of his back. Has a rising in his stomach.
[Left margin] Mind troubled.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 79072

Joan Hawkins of Marson, 43 years. Tuesday 3 June 1634, 10.00 am.
Has been sick these 8 weeks. Pained in her chest, stomach, heart, back. Sometimes pulled & pinched in her belly. Sleeps pretty well. Spits much. Body soluble. Has had a vomit. Was let blood by Dr Bannister’s counsel.
[Astrology; Treatment information, including a clyster and a cordial.]
Their house has been much troubled these 2 years’ space. Something haunting it many nights together yet never did any hurt to them but makes a noise & throws things about & plays many unhappy tricks. Always comes in the night & never heard till the candle be out.
Upon this they removed their house. It followed them & since leaving that it haunts them where they are.
She has but one child & that has been as it were stricken ill. 4 years since & is lame all of one side. Has the falling sickness & dead palsy together.
It had ointments & other things of my uncle & a sigil of tin/Jupiter.
It should seem she has taken much grief at it and some conceit that her house is haunted.
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Case 19379

Harry Peach of Brayfield in the Green, 20 years. Thursday 7 May 1601, 9.45 am.
[In chart] Frantic. He mended god be thanked.
He escaped god be thanked. Pater sine consensu filij utrum filius evadet nec ne mortis periculum [the father without consent of the son. Whether his son will escape or whether he is danger of death]. He had a tablet and jeralog. I cured him.
Sun lord of the ascendant for the father. And Mercury lord of the hour for the father. Et Jupiter Lord of the eighth for death. Jupiter Lord of the fifth for the son. Lord of the eighth for death. Growing into Jupiter lord of the ascendant argues escaping. Lord of the fifth and eighth Jupiter argues danger of death. Moon lord of the eighth in last three degrees, with Saturn in the fourth, argues danger of death. Urina satis bona nisi quod plena sit melanch. humoribus. Vid maii 2. [Urine good enough, except that it is full of melancholy humours. See May 2.] All his stibium tablets went downward & his other physick.
I gave him again tablets stibium 3. pro valesci. 1 dram.
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Case 14265

Gryphen Crocker of Little Kymble, 60 year. Saturday 3 December 1603, 9.50 am. His eyesight failed him by little he knows not how. His ground is haunted & treasure is hid there as the report goes. There is heard much music & melody. This Gryphen Crocker has seen lights. The parson of Elsborough 16, 17, 18 years since delivered a note out of a book unto Henry Ginger that now dwells at Wigginton in Hertfordshire, an old man of 80 years. As follows: Elsborough church & Little Kymble church of the right side of the way even against the castle hill there lies of gold & silver & jewels, brass & pewter. A wain load laid in by lord Everet Knotsby & his man at the conquest. This was all that was delivered him in a note, which he lost, willing him to enquire further for he himself saw often a great light which has been seen since by many since his death. & sometimes there will appear a thing like a black hog & very lately seen a white cat with a marvellous long & great tail which ran into a pond. Music heard lately by Crockwell & his wife & children. Henry Ginger within those 2 years when some came to seek this treasure saw a white bullock without ears & horns. & others saw a fair gentlewoman. A lion, an antelope, a friar with a grey cloak cast upon his shoulders. But none could find the treasure.
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Case 70026

Elizabeth Buncher of Paulerspury, 20 years. Friday 5 February 1630, 1.00 pm.
His house has been haunted with some ill thing. 10 years since the death of old Goodman Boughton. Like a light. & it did strike Mary Buncher putting her foot out of the bed. & it was swelled & ever since lame. But this Elizabeth Buncher did see a light twice & it lay upon her as she thought & she kicked it down & then it leapt up again & struck in the head & made her light headed & then with her arm struck it down. & it went down the stairs lumping.
[Upper right][Astrology.]
Her left hip stricken. Could not rest in her bed.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 12887

Thomas Leades an old man that dwells in Stonystratford & sells aquavitæ. Monday 10 December 1599, 11.00 am. Lies at his heart pit ever since Saturday night & is as a thing that heaves & sucks on him & makes him that he cannot rest day nor night & would be ripped alive if I would counsel him therunto. Looks very pale & consumed. Ter nuptus [third marriage].
[In chart] Haunted or bewitched.
It is of Saturn in Libra. Water of a reasonable colour but full of motes, hairs. Once in a month to stool & then very black & hard, but vomits up all things he takes. He persuades himself that there crept into his mouth some evil thing lying under a hedge.
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Case 17896

Elisabeth Kay of Halstone, 24 years. 12 September, 1602. A maiden.
Fears a timpany. Is mightily hoven in her body face head chest body legs. Legs do run with clear water & her thighs run. Her wind is ready to be stopped. [Treatment information.] Goody Smallbone hanged for witchery. She said that she left worst behind her. Suspect one Goody Bailey. Thinks that she is haunted with some sprite or witch as she terms it. Her body pimples like to a gooseskin. Ever short winded.
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