Case 48986

Richard Bedford of Gadstone in Hertfordshire, 50 [years]. Monday 14 June 1619, 6.40 am.
Urine good. [In binding.] Somewhat mopish. Ca[res] not to go abroad, & he will keep his be[d] all the day. [In binding.] Costive.
[Left margin] [Treatment information including sigil tin/Jupiter.]
At the first he said he [was] so fat that he was [ashamed] to go abroad. Had been first heart sick & was twice let blood & [in margin]. Now will keep his bed almost all d[ays] & will not go out of his own house. He talks well & wisely & sometimes will [in margin]. I would wish all men to go to the church. Promises to go to church but they cannot bring him to it.
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Case 272

Agnes Painter of Whetstone beyond Highgate, 21 years. Tuesday 11 May 1598, 6.20 am. Utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant].
She has a fever and is fretful. It is in her stomach. Like to vomit often & in the reins. She has not her courses. Pained heart, reins. She will have the green sickness. She is not with child. Her water sprinkles very much. But yet by judgment of this figure she seems to be with child. This wench was well enough but she was supposed to be with child. She was very big.
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Case 10145

Utrum habebit filios [whether she will have any children]. Mrs Smith of Parsnam, 18 years. Married half a month. For the wind colic. Monday 10 March 1600, 3.30 pm. No child whether [leaves off].
[In chart] Because she has no children.
Whether she shall have children. Stomach & heart. Has a gnashing in her left side as if her liver did grow to her side. Troubled also with a wind colic. Ready to swoon as one that has the green sickness. 2s. Will take no physic.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 10806

Margaret Wilson of Hanslop, 24 years. Married 2 years. No children. Tuesday 10 June 1600, 11.00 am.
Amiss this quarter of this year. Thought once she was with child. Pained in her back. Bottom of her belly. Costive. That which comes from her like the slime of a white of an egg. Offers to go often to the stool but can do nothing. Took grief for that a doctor 3 years since told her she should have no children. Heart sore. Cannot abide her girdle. Has her sickness [menstruation] 3 weeks since.
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Case 71500

Mistress Whelens of Collingtree by Northampton, 54 years. Wednesday 9 March 1631, 4 pm.
[Deleted chart.]
[Over page] Mistress Whelens of Collingtree, 53 years. Wednesday 9 March 1631, 4 pm.
Much urine & good.
Troubled with a trembling of her heart. Ill if she goes to bed with her husband. Since the sises [assizes?] a passion of the heart makes her mopish & suggests ill thoughts against her husband.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 70332

Margaret Foster of Cardington, 18 years. Friday 26 March 1630, 1 pm.
Ill a fortnight afore Christmas with a wringing pain of her heart & chest & navel with extreme grippings by fits & does cast often times & is not well until she has casted. Never had them [menstruation]. Urine good.
[Treatment information.]
Elizabeth Millard suspect gave her drink once and never since well. & Also Alice Hyde suspected. Said that she had a ready faery. & Came to her in the likeness of a cock and a child. Easter Monday about 9 put on her sigil of Jupiter 8 am.
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Case 12154

Isabell Linwell, servant to Thomas Buncher of Paulus Perrye, 30 years old, no father nor mother. Tuesday 27 of March 1599, 1.30 pm. A high coloured woman & sweateth. Heart swollen in the body & legs & chest. Faint that she can do no work. Head & heart beats. Short winded. Has been amiss this 3 weeks. Wakes.
[In chart] Head and heart amiss.
A white thin water reasonable good. Quivers & shakes. Has not had her courses but in little quantity or not at all. Stitches in her side. No lust to eat anything.
Now cold, then hot & worse with cold. Was likely to have had a husband but that her friends were against it. [Treatment including jeralog, scammony and senna.]
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Case 47179

Ellen Hands, servant to Sir John Temple of Staunton. Tuesday 18 July 1618, 6.30 am.
[In chart] Greensickness.
Back aches going or labouring. Never had them [menses]. Was so a year since.
I mean ill about her chest, heart, head & limbs. With a great laziness when she would labour or go about any business. But very well as long as she sits still. Neither eats fruit, salt or oatmeal. Has no great stomach [appetite]. Urine pale and thin. [Treatment.]
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Case 19206

Mary Key of Wodell 7 miles hence, 29 years. Saturday 18 April 1601, 10.15 am. Unmarried. Dwells with Mr Worlye.
It is of Saturn in Scorpio. Maestititum concepit propter iuvenem male frugis quod perdite amabit domina illius eum dissuadit [took grief regarding a young man of little worth whom she loves desperately. Her mistress dissuaded him].
It is of Saturn in Capricorn. [Treatment information.]
Pained in her heart. Pursy. Short winded. Ache in her legs. Both swelled & so is her body. Swells at the change of the moon. April 16 Moon separating from Saturn approaching sextile with Mars and trine with Venus.
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Case 19276

Mary Kay of Wooddell, 28 years. A maiden. Saturday 25 April 1601, 2.00 pm.
It is of Sun in Taurus, Moon separating from Mars in Aries.
A griping & pulling at her heart. Doubts lest some ill thing haunted the house. A child of her four years lay grievously ill handled. Could not speak all that time but had the tongue drawn in & so died. A woman threatened her. Had also a sister that was suddenly taken being well. Margaret Bray 60 years. Dwells at Wodell. Elisabeth Parker. This Mary Kay bore affection to a young man who faithfully promised her & was broken by her mistress’s persuasion. Lord Jesus grant this may do her good. Vide April 18 Mary Kay.
[Treatment information.]
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