Case 51832

Richard Carter of Lilly, 30 years. In love. Wednesday 6 December 1620, 3.00 pm. Sine consensu [without consent]. Widow Peddle. Is tempted that he cannot pray.
[Left side of chart] By fits well. Quakes. Cannot sleep.
[In chart] Tempted much.
Idle headed a week about Thursday night last. Sine consensu frat[er] p[ro] frater [without consent, the brother for the brother].
Opposition of Jupiter and Venus approaching. Keeps his bed & cannot make water since Sunday. His urine like grease. Will steal abroad without his bands very fondly. [Meaning: if you untie/unchain him, he’ll sneak out and behave in a deranged manner.] Thought he is in love. The last time mended presently being let blood, purged & a rose cake applied about last Whitsuntide. Is pained in his belly as if his body would part in the middle. Curses much & looks ghastly.
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Case 28831

Agnys Abbots of Layton parish of the Reach, 62 years. Friday 26 April 1605, 12.00 pm. Idle headed & says every thing is too good for her. Head light. Mind troubled. A noise in her head. A thick puddle water. Has been let blood. She died May eve. It is of Saturn in Sagittarius Moon separating from Saturn.
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Case 17592

Grace Allen of Turvy, 55 years. Wednesday 28 July 1602, 7.45 am.
[Bottom left of chart] Did cast & vomit much.
Mind troubled with the loss of a fat lamb which perished by negligence & will have words given of her that she should be a witch. & Was not. First taken in her back. Bottom of her belly. Upon the 18 of July Sunday between 6 and 7 pm 1602. Suddenly stricken being abroad. For lack of sleep idle headed & says she cares not.
[Treatment information.]
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