Case 29154

Elizabeth Earle of Blisworth, 20 years. Monday 3 June 1605, 11.10 am.
On Whitson Monday at evening prayer time. At church fell very ill. Came home and talks idly. Not well in her wits. Weeps much.
[In chart, overleaf] Elizabeth Earle of Blisworth distracted.
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Case 45641

Ellen Triploe of Little Paxon, 48 years. Tuesday 21 October 1617, 3.40 pm. Starts & skrikes & says sometimes that she shall be drowned & sometimes burned. With many idle speeches. Ill 4 days by fits. Slept never a whit last night. Is distracted, pulls and snatches. Took grief that her son did marry against her will, yet she gave her consent. Much against her will. Wished that she might see him buried. Husband sine consensu [asks without consent].
Moon separating from conjunction with Mercury approaching conjunction with Mars.
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Case 71199

Master George Bicklye fellow of Magdalen College in Cambridge, 26 years. [Above the line] March 27. Thursday 6 January 1631, 5.40 pm.
Son to the parson of Sandy which was dead.
[Left of chart] Is mended God be thanked & made of late an excellent sermon.
Had a fall against a door & did hurt his forehead & it did swell much & now is abated but a singing in his ears with trembling & starting & giddiness in his head. Speaks idly. Troubled with much melancholy. Cannot sleep.
[Left column] Was let blood in the head vein of the right arm & bled six saucers full of black blood & had a purge which wrought well.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 13548

Alice Rawling the daughter of Will Rawling fell sick. About Monday morning about 10 July 1598, 7.30 am. She speaks idly & is bereaved of her speech & tongue both. & wits.
Moon separating from trine with Mercury approaching trine with Jupiter after opposition with Mars …
It should seem that this child should be in danger of death & yet should at length be delivered through the goodness of God.
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Case 16201

Joane Pampion of Abington, 60 years. Friday 22 June 1604, 9.20 am.
A pain at her heart. Pulled in her shoulders and back. Took much grief for that her landlord since her husband’s death has taken her land away and given her other for it not so good, and now her senses are gone. Mopish. And cares not for any thing. Many times has idle speeches.
[Treatment information]
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Case 23797

Sara Pendred of Dunstable, 45 years. Friday 12 August 1614, 6.25 am. Maritus pro uxore sine consensu [the husband for the wife without consent].
Brought abed on Monday last was sennet.
He came for his wife who is distracted of her wits & did scratch her husband yesterday. & yet a very godly & a religious woman that cannot sleep nor take any rest.
She did talk idly by fits some 3 or 4 days ago but came into a fit of extremity about 2 in the morning. & ever since her wits have failed her and lies as one distracted of her wits. Has not gone to stool these 2 days.
Brought abed August 3 Wednesday 10 am 1614 of a boy who does well. Her daughter told her that was bound prentice to one in London who was a customer to her as she told her mother that she thought would put her out of her wits if she so continued.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 26180

Mistress Holland of London, 23 years at Hallowtide last. Tuesday 6 May 1606, 10.00 am. Taken first on Wednesday Easter week at night in her bed at 12 pm. A thing like a dog came upon her. Made her foam & skrike. She said she saw some ill thing in her bed coming to her like a cat or a dog as she lay with her husband that struck her with a dead palsy.
Was a very modest woman. Cares not what she says in this taking. Taken with a palsy all over her left side. Mopish in her wits by fits at an instant. Draws her arms & legs after her. Talks idly. Is with child & looks to be delivered about a month hence. A very good urine with some motes. A sudden flash & motion of the brain.
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Case 79209

Mr John Clarson minister of Horley in the behalf of one Henry Goodwin of the same place, 30 years. Tuesday 23 December 1634, 1.30 pm.
[In chart] He came about a year after this & I thank god he went away well in a month.
Troubled in mind. Has been for this 2 years much distempered in his head. Will not work. Full of idle talk & fond conceits & imaginations. Sometimes starting out of his bed in the night. Fearsome. & gazing in a window or in a looking glass for an hour or more together & sometimes walking & talking to himself in the night time for the span of 2 or 3 hours. Has been ill this month & worse than before.
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Case 29281

Robert Parker of Hanslop, 24 years. Friday 21 June 1605, 10.30 am.
Head light. Frantic. Talks godly. Can take no rest nor sleep. But talks to himself. His mother sent his water.
His greatest talk is of Jesus Christ. Denies that ever he was in love with any but it took him sitting on a cross upon Sunday in the afternoon about 2 of the clock. His urine good.
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Case 18546

Robert Mathews’ brother-in-law of Whitfield came again for him. Tuesday 18 January 1603, 1.00 pm. Vide [see] January 11. He was Mr Thomas Spenser’s clerk. And took a surfeit and was drunken at London. After which time he took such a conceit that he was never well after, but his master’s maids made him believe sometimes that one of them loved him and sometimes another so that at length his mind ran altogether upon their love and he became sottish and now speaks he cannot tell what and talks idly never ceasing as long as he has any company. He sleeps well and eats whatever is given him.
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Case 21573

Jane Broughe of Stonystratford, 52 years. Saturday 13 October 1604, 9.15 am.
[In chart] mad frantic. Extreme sick. Sent afterward to be let blood. Died.
Taken with a hot burning ague ever since Tuesday. Head ill & giddy feels as it were a noise in her ears. Casts up everything she takes. If she takes any conserves they broil in her stomach & she is worst after it. Talks idly. Head very light. Urine not high coloured.
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Case 28866

Richard Cowly of Tinswicke, 30 years. Tuesday 30 April 1605, 9.00 am. A bachelor.
[In chart:] afflicted in mind. Frantic & lunatic.
Trine between Saturn and Venus.
7 trine with Jupiter and Mars.
Conjunction between Sun and Mercury.
Square between Jupiter and Venus.
Trine between Jupiter and Mercury approaching May 2.
He came yesterday to Mr Gerence when I was from home & he willed him to be let blood & he is somewhat mended but ever since Tuesday was sennet has take taken great grief touching one whom he loved & promised marriage & now is married. & he has much thought & grief. Very wild as one frantic. Much tormented in mind & very sick. Cannot sleep. [Added later:] Talks idly.
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