Case 63064

The Countess of Sussex. Frances Suite by her former husband but by her father Mutes. 38 years. Thursday 9 November 1626, 2 pm. The Earl her husband.
[In chart] Nothing continued neither could I pleasure her. Omni pess[im]um ibant. All things turned out for the worse. Nothing prospered.
[Astrology.] Supposes that she is now [with] child. Married 2 years & 3 quarters & always supposed that she had been with child but was not yet. Had milk in her breast. Had one daughter by her first husband. Supposes that her husband & she are hurt by ill tongues. Has them every month indifferent but watery. Quaerit an sit gravida [asks whether pregnant].
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Case 79504

Margaret Franklin of Marson, 26 years. Monday 4 September, 1637, 2.00 pm.
Fears some ill tongue. Strangely handled with a pain in her sides & chest, vomits sometimes. Her youngest child a quarter old. Had something to wear about her neck of my uncle which did her a good so long as she wore that, she was well & fine. That she has lost it she has been ill again as before. She had it a year before my uncle died Her name was Forster then. Sigil Jupiter with a ribbon. They suspected Joan Millard of Cardington to have done her much hurt.
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Case 71407

Mr Penrids daughter of Barkamsted, 9 years. Monday 21 February, 1631, 2.30 pm.
[In chart] Has been very ill a long time. Lying upon her back she will bend like a hoop, that her heels will touch her head & something stirs in her belly as if it were alive. Her friends suppose her to be under some ill tongue.
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Case 46806

Agnys Butresse of Fænystratford, 24 years. Saturday 6 June 1618, 4.00 pm. Makes grievous moan for her senses cannot follow any business. Went to drown herself last Monday but she returned & said that he would not; & praised God that she had escaped it. A bad tongue feared. Give her in Gods holy name a thing to hang about her neck.
[Next page] A year since had a Sigil on her neck & all spent took it off her neck & lay it in the floor & then as it were a great black Dog came to her & lay in her lap.
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Case 79335

Mrs Joan Prescott of the Priory in Kimbolton parish, 65 years. Sunday 24 May 1635, 12.45 pm.
Suspects herself to be under an ill tongue. Without any just cause given on her part. Has a suspicion of two persons viz of one Ann Hart & widow Wardbois of Kimbolton parish in the county of Huntington. But most especially of the said Ann Hart being a woman of a bad conversation in reviling, cursing, swearing & so noted by her neighbours for that divers of her neighbours have suspected her to be the only occasion of the loss of their several goods as horses, cows, calfs, pigs & hens, ducks.
She is very much tormented in her body both inwardly in her bowels by pricking & pulling & gnawing & pricking at her heart & sometimes outwardly all over her body sometimes in her head & then in her eyes, shoulders, arms, hands, thighs, knees, legs & no place free & sometimes reasonable well & then comes again & thus she has been this 10 weeks. Has taken much physic & wrought reasonable well with her. But yet she continues as ill as ever. Sleeps indifferent well now often yet heretofore could not sleep well. Is troubled many times taken with a rising up to her thro[at] even ready to stop her. Urine very good. Body very costive. Much troubled with wind.
[Treatment information.]
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