Case 64487

Francis Write of Sherington, 29 years. 18 August 1627, 3.00 pm.
4 years troubled with a swelling in Mercury into her leg & right arm. Then into her belly which sometimes is as big as one that is with child & it swageth somty(m)s but is very hard like a cake on the life side. The left side ever since her quartain ague last which is now about 2 years. 8 years married. [In margin: had a child.] Had had an itch & her mother putting about her a girdle of quicksilver & this hath brought up into her arms great red & other & ring worms & knobs & in her brows & full of red spots. Has not had her usual courses 4 years in her childbed.
[Treatment information.]
Her husband went from her with a whore 3 or 4 years since.
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Case 13483

Gregory Reynolds’s maid came to clear herself. Tuesday 11 April 1598, 10.40 am. Suspected of adultery with her master. Had a child but she said it was by a servant of the house.
[Overleaf] When she intended to receive the communion [churching or thanksgiving].
Reynolds’ maiden came to me after she had her child & had been out of the parish & came again to the town. Tuesday 11 April 1598, 10.40 am.
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Case 5247

Elizabeth Parker. Tuesday 24 April 1599, 7.15 pm. Nicholas Parker & his Brother for Besse/ quid incid [what follows] /et quis est pater eius conceptionis [and who is the father of her unborn child].
In this action remember this that follows:
Whitfield how he had her up.
The Smith that used to her.
William Casson how he had her.
Old Wheatly how he did use her.
Captain Riddelsden at Mr Brage’s.
Fardell of Southwark when I sent her to see his wife lying in.
The time that she went to Hackney and she went not thither but to Lambeth with a baker & other fellows & came home drunk.
The time that she went to Fleet Street when I went out to Lambeth in an afternoon & forbade her to go out.
The time that she stayed so long at market.
[Note: Parker had worked as a servant in Forman’s household, they had a sexual relationship, and he seems to be supplying the information about her numerous sexual partners.]
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Case 5584

28 June 1599. The woman came from Bess [Elizabeth Parker] et dixit se parituram puellam questo pm at 30 post 8 quid inde sequitur et utrum sit meam nec non [and said that she had been delivered of a girl at 8.30 pm, what will follow from it and whether it is mine or not].
[Astrological and geomantic charts.]
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Case 75893

Mary Homes of Milton, 50 years. Saturday 10 November 1632, 2.30 pm.
No children these 6 or 7 years.
Soror sine consensu [sister without consent].
Extreme grief taken against her husband for getting a servant of theirs with child. She would have had to put away but he would not & yet last Michaelmas did confess that he had been naughty with her heretofore but not of late & that the child is none of his.
This servant has been with them 14 years.
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Case 60289

Mistress Midlemore of Edgebaston, 29 years. Friday 22 April 1625, 5.20 pm.
Cannot endure her husband’s company.
Very rational & sensible but hates her husband whom she loved because he did set a woman over her that did overawe her. Desires to go from her husband & father’s house anywhere. Did take Mr. Bromhan’s physic well.
Was well brought abed yet a while after swooning & faint. Took hot waters & broths & cawdles & inflamed her blood & brain & so grew furious & frantic but now will speak little yet can speak well & sensibly & behave herself well. Terms stopped since.
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Case 1398

Thomasin Goodrom of 18 years last midsummer was born Tuesday the 23 of June 1579 at high noon vz at 12 of the clock. The Rainbow & the Shears in Southwark in St Mary Ofories. Joan Bevin. Henry Goodrom.
She shall have disease of the throat belly and foot and shall be wrapped in many snares. And her adversaries shall speak ill of her and trouble her and she shall have debate and strife for things that belong unto her. And her state and life shall be changeable and unsteadfast and yet shall victor in all things and the father of her children shall never continue whole or long in quiet with her and she shall love true judgment in all things and she shall come to good religion and her unlucky days are Wednesday, Friday, Thursday, and she shall be famous and glorious in her acts and have enough in her old age and it shall be long before she have any child or else shall have but one son of which she shall much rejoice. And her gain shall come out of watery places or matter. And she shall take thought in some desserty place shall put herself in hazard of her life and shall be tormented with the continuance of many perils and she shall travail often and have some privy vice and in her age she shall have joy and her husband will be mad and she shall lose her substance and get it again and her profit must come by her own industry and she shall have children by another man or another man’s child not her husband’s shall be heir to her goods.
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Case 48779

Alice Marriot of Sirwell, 45 years next October 29. Her husband came for her without consent Thursday May 20 1619, 3.39 pm. Jealous furious mischievous to her husband & to certain women that she thinks that he has been nought with.
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Case 8778

Alice Chapman herself in Towar Street, 30 years. Monday 9 February 1601, 2.45 pm. For John Chennelhouse her husband. Whether ever they shall come together again or no as man & wife.
They shall come to conference. He is married to another woman on Newark on Trent & has a child by her & has been 5 years from this woman.
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