Case 29154

Elizabeth Earle of Blisworth, 20 years. Monday 3 June 1605, 11.10 am.
On Whitson Monday at evening prayer time. At church fell very ill. Came home and talks idly. Not well in her wits. Weeps much.
[In chart, overleaf] Elizabeth Earle of Blisworth distracted.
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Case 43321

Robart Ampes of Sundon, 72 years, [born] 22 February 1544. Came Saturday 4 May 1616, 11.00 am.
Ill in his head ever since Sunday last. Quite bereaved of his senses & can make no answer & was never so before. It seems that he saw some ill thing.
Nicholas Day the minister suspected for a bad man. Married. He & his wife agree not. No child. His neighbours suspect him given to ill vices. Preaches every Sunday.
Is very unruly. Urine good colour but has a white stinking sediment in it. Was costive but yesterday had a stool. Eats hungrily.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 16201

Joane Pampion of Abington, 60 years. Friday 22 June 1604, 9.20 am.
A pain at her heart. Pulled in her shoulders and back. Took much grief for that her landlord since her husband’s death has taken her land away and given her other for it not so good, and now her senses are gone. Mopish. And cares not for any thing. Many times has idle speeches.
[Treatment information]
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Case 40432

Mary Goodman of Newton Blossomville, 27 years. Saturday 26 September 1612, 10.30 am. Senses gone by fit. Last Thursday at night h[ora] [hour] 11, September 10 Thursday h. 11 pm, 1612.
[Right of chart] In her senses until the 3 days was past. Cannot keep her clothes on her back.
[In chart] Newly about a fortnight brought abed frantic.
[Treatment information.]
Sent to me the 17 of September & then I gave her mandrake. Child dead born. Urine red & thick with great [illegible word that looks like ‘hellins’ or ‘sellins’].
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Case 23797

Sara Pendred of Dunstable, 45 years. Friday 12 August 1614, 6.25 am. Maritus pro uxore sine consensu [the husband for the wife without consent].
Brought abed on Monday last was sennet.
He came for his wife who is distracted of her wits & did scratch her husband yesterday. & yet a very godly & a religious woman that cannot sleep nor take any rest.
She did talk idly by fits some 3 or 4 days ago but came into a fit of extremity about 2 in the morning. & ever since her wits have failed her and lies as one distracted of her wits. Has not gone to stool these 2 days.
Brought abed August 3 Wednesday 10 am 1614 of a boy who does well. Her daughter told her that was bound prentice to one in London who was a customer to her as she told her mother that she thought would put her out of her wits if she so continued.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 48188

Jeffery Hasker of Shenly, 38 years. Friday 5 February 1619, 12.39 pm. Much urine and thin. Argues [i.e. indicates] obstructions. He has taken much grief because his wife killed her child with beating & the Crown has set upon it. He fears that something did haunt his wife. Had lost her senses on a sudden. & this man thinks that he putting out his hand felt a thing like a cat. Complains of the reins of his back. Has a rising in his stomach.
[Left margin] Mind troubled.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 60718

Lawrence Plummer of Layton, 60 years. Wednesday 29 June 1625, 8.30 am.
Vain & senseless. Mopish, melancholy & will be going he knows not where. & sometimes senseless & cannot keep him in his bed. Will walk all night in his chamber & pull off his shirt.
Sine consensu uxor pro viro [wife for the husband without consent]. Elizabeth Ganger a shepherd’s wife suspected & broke at first his cannell [collar] bone.
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Case 72184

Master Michael Cole of Berkswell by Coventry, 30 years. Wednesday 25 May 1631, 11.00 am.
[In chart] Troubled mind.
Cursed in his love that his friends liked not of & broke it. Then at London a quarter of a year since had a burning fever & likely to die of it yet recovered. Since an unfortunate brother coming to see him in his sickness & finding him mopish & sottish & without sense.
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Case 40432

Mary Goodman of Newnton Blossomfild, 27 years. Saturday 26 September 1612, 10.30 am. Senses gone by fit last Thursday at night 11 pm Sept 10. In her senses until the 3rd day past. Cannot keep her clothes on her back.
[In chart] Newly about a fortnight brought abed. Frantic.
Half a dram my cousin Eving[ton] water 1 ounce. Diasc. 1 dram. Water of lettuce 2 and a half ounces. Syrup of poppy 1 ounce. Seeds of poppy 1 scruple. All.
Sent to me the 17 of September & then I gave her mandrake. Child dead borne. Urine red & thick with gravel.
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Case 64602

Elizabeth Hurrell of Barton by Cambridge a widow, 60 years. Monday 17 September 1627, 7.30am. Distracted of her wits since midsummer. Will curse & talk continually & be doing of some ill except she be tied & will tear her clothes & is senseless. Fretful & furious & can sleep little. Light headed.
[In chart] Frantic senseless & furious.
Will take little.
1. Sigil of Jupiter in taffeta with a fair ribbon.
2. A plaster.
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Case 59172

Joan Savage of Northlie. Tuesday 28 September 1624, 8am. Cousin for his kinswoman a very poor woman. Sine consensu [without consent].
A red thick urine.
[Lower right] A thick water. Does all under her as she lies. Cannot sleep. Devilish minded & would kill any.
[Treatment information.]
Much bedlam, whipping & cruel dealing made her senseless & worse than before.
[Upper right] Joan Savage of Northlie, 36 years. Tuesday 28 September 1624, 7.45 am. Mad since Whitsontide & has ever since been tied with chains & is ravenous of meat. Was distracted 15 or 16 years since & mended again. Was proud of her clothes & tore them all in pieces. Understands every thing & has a good remembrance, but talks nonsense.
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Case 60271

Elizabeth Hayford of Loughton in Leicestershire, 54 years. Thursday 21 April 1625, 2.15 pm. Complains of her wits. Sometimes furious & tempted to make herself away & to drown herself in wells. Uses idle speeches & will [breaks off].
[Left margin] Had vomits & purges.
Head ill & eyes bad & dim. Had a thing to drink & to put about her neck. Cannot be saved, the devil so tells her as she says. Look where the devil stands. Will weep much. A great itch. [Treatment information.]
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Case 43973

Isabel Furber of Alesbury 23 years. Monday 30 September 1616, 2.20 pm.
A good stomach. Was let blood arm & foot. [Treatment information.]
[Left column] Isabel Furber troubled with the falling sickness often & rises up with a sore wind. Takes away her senses for an hour. A beating about her girdlestead [waist] thumping continually with an arising upward. She should have had a young man. Which broke because they could not give. Apt to cry & wail & then worst. 2 or 3 years.
[Left margin] Never fell before she took physic & then fell continually.
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Case 61852

William & Robert Lewis supposed to be hurt by bad tongues. 24 March 1626, 6.50 pm. Will 15, Robert 12 years.
[In chart] Betwitched.
Roberts water good but has a great patch of white gravel. They be strangely handled of all parts of their bodies & cry out of the witches hand & the use of their senses & wits taken away. They be haunted. The youngest Mr Hamell mended God be thanked. [Astrology.] Will[iam], water more high coloured with a ground. Muddish red grounds.
[Left margin] The children be well out of their fits.
They had vomits & lozenges were let blood. One mended but two elder are worse than before. 1 tab. Sigil Jupiter a little before 8 in the morning. Water of hypericum. Mugwort water.
[Right of page] Will Lewis of Henley of the Temps 15 years. Ill as before or rath[er] worse.
Their speeches in ther fits are all of witch[es]. They say in their fits that they are possessed. They do adjure th[e] witches to come out of them. Their senses are gone & their fits con[tinue?] one hour mo[re] or less & when they are out of their fit they complain of all[in binding]. White gravel of all parts of their bod[ies].
[Over page] Will Lewis had
1. tab 3. d.
2. A purge. Antimony 9 grains. Diagr. 12. Garlic. Jeralog each 4 grains.
3. Water of hypericum or mugwort 3 ounces. Sigil Jupiter. 2 scruples of coral.
The like for Robert Lewis.
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Case 43558

Thomas Burchmore of Hanslop, 16 years last Candlemas day. Monday 23 June 1616, 3.40 pm. In presence.
[In chart] Brain distempered.
A very high water. Fell sick on Thursday last in the morning. Senses gone overmuch study. Very forward, & wanting means to buy him books & to live in Oxford & besides overstudying. Sleeps well but has no talk at all. 3 nights at Oxford it seems that he never went to bed for those three nights. He will not except he be put in mind of it either after to go to stool or to make water or to eat but thence he will. Eats well & sleeps well but is costive.
[Treatment information.]
Complains of his breast. Understanding good.
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Case 17135

William Wallington, of Wolverton 60 years. Monday 7 June 1602, 12.00 pm.
[In chart] Died on Wednesday. He died 3 days after. Very well & godly.
Miserably tempted & rages. Wits senses taken.
[Left] They fear lest he be beworded by taking of a woman a piece of cake with which I have nothing to do. God send them help. His water much of a thick bayish & reddish colour. Much bluish thick rubbish in the bottom.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 30527

Mary Assop of Harborough, 40 years. Tuesday 27 January 1607, 9. 30 am. The husband for his wife without consent.
[In chart] Mopish & senseless.
[Treatment information.] Never well since her last child the last Lent which lives still. Prays & calls upon God & thanks him. Her eyesight fails her. [Astrology.] Elisabeth Wakeline kneeled down upon her knees & prayed unto god in her own house before the woman & prayed to God that Mary Austoppe might never have her health so long as she had a tongue to speak again she said the plague of god light upon her & all the plagues in hell light upon her. Her urine dunnish & somewhat blackish with hanes of purulenta materia en fundo [festering matter in the bottom]. Stinking strong & filthy. Heart hot & eats very well. Almost a year thus. The woman was at her travail thus cursing her & said although I have not my wish one way yet I have it another way.
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Case 19083

Grace Hall of Faeny Stratford 26 years. Wednesday 25 March 1601, 9.30 am.
With child. Pained in her head. Doubts she is bewitched. Would not take what I sent her. Cries out. She is bewitched. Light headed. Has no sense nor care to do anything. She tells everyone that comes to her that her child that died, her cattle, & now her self is bewitched. Goody Bricknell suspected.
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Case 24451

Anne Wade of Hampsted daughter to Sir William Wade. 14 years this next May. Sunday 23 April 1615, 12.50 pm. Taken in her tongue ever since 4 years old & does stumble & stuttle & can scarce bring fourth a ready word. The mother without consent.
This child was sensible at 3 but afterward grew like a changeling senseless & as a natural. Grows well of a pretty stature & countenance good. & eats well & holds down her head much & loves to be solitary. & still is clapping her hands scratching people by the hands & laughs after it & is still in motion stirring & walking & playing with her hands & cannot rest in any place. Yet witless. [Her mother] has had many child & goodly. & many strangely handled. [One] weake in his limbs downwards & dead. Hath a little child of 4 & 5 deaf & Dumb, & a boy of 6 years & he is deaf & dumb & he begins to speak a little of late & hears a little. Another of 9 is lame & goes ill. Widow Bradly suspected & hanged. 6 years since. Widow Hunt also suspected.
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