Case 6280

Mary Goddard the daughter of Andrew Clark & Joan. She dwells at Westminster in Gardeners Lane, 28 years the Thursday before Christmas next. She has been married two years. The wife of John Goddard, pinner. Question whether she shall have any children or no. & when. & what is the cause, she has none. & whether the fault be in her or her husband. Question Monday 5 November 1599, 8.15 am.
She must pay 5s. Re[ceived] 12d.
It is overmuch dryness of her matrix is the cause. She has no children for she has not her courses well & her husband is dry also. Prepare & purge twice.
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Case 6494

Anne Tymcok, 31 years. Monday 17 December 1599, 1.20 pm. Whether she shall have any children or no.
It seems she shall conceive twice. But she may bring one child with much ado into the world. The other will perish & not come to life. Her husband’s nature does not agree with her. They are both dry. Let her rectify her body well. And her husband also for the greatest fault is in the man.
And it seems she shall have a child by some other man and not by her husband.
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