Case 64487

Francis Write of Sherington, 29 years. 18 August 1627, 3.00 pm.
4 years troubled with a swelling in Mercury into her leg & right arm. Then into her belly which sometimes is as big as one that is with child & it swageth somty(m)s but is very hard like a cake on the life side. The left side ever since her quartain ague last which is now about 2 years. 8 years married. [In margin: had a child.] Had had an itch & her mother putting about her a girdle of quicksilver & this hath brought up into her arms great red & other & ring worms & knobs & in her brows & full of red spots. Has not had her usual courses 4 years in her childbed.
[Treatment information.]
Her husband went from her with a whore 3 or 4 years since.
Edition and image for CASE64487

Case 23806

John Faldo of Goldington, 29 years. Saturday 13 August 1614, 7.40 am.
Fretting & choleric & melancholy.
A salt rheum.
Married a young woman. Lived not long.
Will be hard to be pleased in matches.
Has had many offers & refuses them either because they be not fair enough or else not virtuous.
Cannot abide to.
Some would advise him to have a widow but he likes better of a virgin.
Edition and image for CASE23806

Case 43321

Robart Ampes of Sundon, 72 years, [born] 22 February 1544. Came Saturday 4 May 1616, 11.00 am.
Ill in his head ever since Sunday last. Quite bereaved of his senses & can make no answer & was never so before. It seems that he saw some ill thing.
Nicholas Day the minister suspected for a bad man. Married. He & his wife agree not. No child. His neighbours suspect him given to ill vices. Preaches every Sunday.
Is very unruly. Urine good colour but has a white stinking sediment in it. Was costive but yesterday had a stool. Eats hungrily.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE43321

Case 491

Dorothy Headlowe, 22 years. Mrs Lockley’s maid. Utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant]. Monday 28 June 1596, 1.00 pm. The mistress made the question without consent of the maid.
She is with child about 38 weeks. She was delivered Thursday 8 July & the party did marry her before she was delivered.
I examined the maid about 2 the same day. And she confessed she was with child and who it was that lay with her one Richard.
Edition and image for CASE491

Case 27010

[supplied] Dr Shephard of London. Thursday 27 March 1606, 6.20 pm. per litteras quaerit [asking by letter].
Dr Shephard of London & Sarah his wife. Thursday 27 March 1606, 6.25 pm. His wife for physic & to cause fruitfulness. Also whether their father will like of the marriage betwixt her sister Martha Hall & Benjamin Barlowe. Both parties agreed but Martha fears lest her father will break it. The doctor quae plaga caeli commodior ad divitias acquerendas [asks which area of the sky is more fitting for the acquisition of wealth].
Best for him to dwell god willing towards the south part or west from London in any town or city of note.
Edition and image for CASE27010

Case 14192

Frances Hulse of London, a poor goldsmith’s wife. Brave & fine. Married 5 years. Monday 17 October 1603, 2.45 pm. Quærit utrum habebit liberos et quali fortunæ fruetur [asks whether she will have children and what her fortune will be]. Boarding in Sir Edwin Sands’s house. Sun denotans maritum est peregrinus [the Sun, denoting the husband, is peregrine].
[In chart] Loves besides her husband as Mars in the seventh house shows.
A fully faced woman. Bold & little regards her husband. Had a child shortly after.
Edition and image for CASE14192

Case 75893

Mary Homes of Milton, 50 years. Saturday 10 November 1632, 2.30 pm.
No children these 6 or 7 years.
Soror sine consensu [sister without consent].
Extreme grief taken against her husband for getting a servant of theirs with child. She would have had to put away but he would not & yet last Michaelmas did confess that he had been naughty with her heretofore but not of late & that the child is none of his.
This servant has been with them 14 years.
Edition and image for CASE75893

Case 17285

Richard Block of Cranfield, 30 years. Friday 18 June 1602, 9.30 am. Buried his wife & now married to another but an unkind wife that makes him to put out 4 children to board which is not able to maintain.
[In chart] A forward wife. Loves not his children nor him.
New ague. Arms heart & chest. Shortwinded. Has had a lask this fortnight.
Cannot eat anything but drink. Very dry. Very fearful that he shall die & then says he my children will beg. Has a bad wife & forward that cannot abide his children. A yellowish water & thick.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE17285

Case 20302

Beatrice Miles of Stoke Golding, 30 years. Tuesday 26 January 1602, 11.00 am.
[In chart] Casts up her meat.
Has taken grief for at Christmas late she was excommuned for that she did prove her father’s will being made his executor not in the space of this 5 years. She was cited to the Emissary’s court.
Her husband would not meddle with it but would have her brother who had sold all the goods for her before they two were married together.
She took great grief that her husband would not meddle with it and end that business.
Casts up. Mighty grief that her husband made her believe as if she [breaks off].
[Next page] This Beatrice Miles casts up her meat. Very costive.
It is of Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio.
[Treatment information.] This grief taken by her husband’s bad and uncourteous dealing has stopped her courses & is the principal cause of her sickness. [Payment: 8d].
Edition and image for CASE20302

Case 12841

Katheren Wels, of Buckingham, 22 years, married, has one child a year old. Saturday 24 November 1599, 12 pm.
[In chart] Troubled in mind. Tempted to kill herself. Grief touching her husband that has spent her goods and cares not for her.
Kath. Wells. Disease is of Moon in Cancer and Venus in Virgo.
Troubled in mind. Tempted to kill herself. Casts away all things. A very sensible woman until the fit comes upon her which is once in 6 or 7 weeks. Her husband cares not for her company and has spent her goods which was 10 pounds. Her water reasonable good but has much melancholy in it.
Edition and image for CASE12841

Case 26735

Alice Gyrney of Edsborough, 36 years. Saturday 15 February 1606, 11.20 am. Married 9 years. Has had 4 children. Troubled in mind by fits and discontented with her husbands first wives friends and against her husband’s occasioners, because she thought her husband would have bought land and given it to his son by his first wife. Counseled by a woman in town against her husband & his friends & kindred.
Edition and image for CASE26735

Case 6211

Susan Sanders of Hackney, 36 years. 19 October 1599, 3.15 pm. Mack Williams’s daughter by Mary Chekes.
[Left margin] Look 5 November.
[Astrology.] Whether she shall have any more children. Any more husbands. & whether she shall live to enjoy him that does best deserve her.
She shall live to enjoy her beloved and it seems her husband will die in December next by drunkenness & then shall she marry him she loves if she will & have by him 2 children a boy & a maid but shall miscarry of the maid.
Edition and image for CASE6211

Case 6490

Anne Tymcok, 31 years. Monday 17 December 1599, 1.20 pm. Diz [the nature of the disease]. Whether she shall ever have any child. It is of Jupiter in Leo, Moon separating from Mercury. Has her course well but watery. Her husband’s nature agrees not with her.
Edition and image for CASE6490

Case 7257

Joan Corden, 32 years. Thursday 24 April 1600, 10.50 am. Diz [the nature of the disease]. By the Beargarden. A chandler. And whether she shall ever have any more children.
It is of Saturn in Libra, Moon separating from Sun. She is not sick nor well. Pain, stomach, head, back, belly of melancholy.
Whether she shall have any more children. Whether she shall have any more husbands & whether her friend will continue faithful unto her. William Corden of 2 years her husband. John Banister of 30 her friend. And whether she shall ever marry him.
Edition and image for CASE7257

Case 11665

Edward Mash that was betrothed came down to me with Ashburne that was betrothed to Alice Scambler. Friday 1 September 1598, 6.54 am. Quare veniunt quaero. Et qualis et uxor ejus futura. Et quale conjugium futurum [I ask why they come and what sort of people they are, and what sort of marriage they will have]. These were married at 8.15 in the morning. My man would have forbidden the banns if he [leaves off].
[In chart] My man was angry with me & if he had known of it by me he would have forbidden the banns & have law with them for his mother had [?ayd] of his.
This woman abuses her blind sister & brother & keeps from her that linen which her mother gave her.
Edition and image for CASE11665

Case 4801

Whether Thomas Havers shall have the young wench he dreamed of to his wife or no. Question Monday 22 January 1599, 2.45 pm. And whether she shall be a good wife unto him & profitable.
Some 80 days hence this matter will grow to the highest.
Edition and image for CASE4801

Case 5255

Mary Fowler, 21 years. Wednesday 25 April 1599, 6.30 pm. Whether it be best to go to her husband again or no. Whether she shall attain any yearly pension. What fortune she shall have year after.
Let her go to her husband for it is best so to do.
She shall hardly attain any pension.
She will have a hard life through her own folly but she may do well and she will. She would not go to him when he would have had her & after she had much trouble and was imprisoned.
Edition and image for CASE5255

Case 77894

Goody Kirby of Newport, 48 years. Saturday 20 July 1633, 5.00 pm.
Her husband a miller left her 15 years [ago] & she lives at Newport, but at Newport fair went to him & lay with him 2 nights & 2 days. After that she came home the white ones passed down continually. Cannot rest at night for grief & thought of it.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE77894

Case 48944

Mistress Pedder of Potters Perry, 39 years last St. Lawrence’s day. Wednesday 10 August 1580, 11.30 am.
12 years married, our Lady Day’s eve three weeks before Michaelmas married.
Her husband abuses her. Rails on her, calls her whore bitch & beats her & swears that she is nought[y] & says he is bewitched. [Above the line] with Mr. Troughton.
Wednesday was sennet in the morning her husband beat her & kicked her 2 of June. [Astrology.]
Had 2 children. One died a year old 7 years since & miscarried of another.
[Right column] Master Pedder 43 years. 29 March last.
Edition and image for CASE48944

Case 60491

Elizabeth Bondage of Thurleigh, 40 years. Saturday 21 May 1625, 10 am.
See 5 May. Was now present. 7 children.
[In chart] An unkind husband & a company keeper. Much grief.
Is hot upward, but always cold downward. Had a purge & was the better 4 days. Blood of the arm naught but of the foot very good & waterish. Terms stopped but a drop or two. Finds a great heat stomach but head specially & face & loves cold things to her brow.
[Bottom left] Elizabeth Bondage would have married a preacher whom she loved exceedingly but overruled by her mother married this unkind husband that beats her and deals rigorously with her & keeps ill company.
[Middle column] Cannot sweat yet being hot.
Costive by hard clots.
Edition and image for CASE60491

Case 69966

Agnes Barnikle of Nappon on the Hill in Warwickshire, 30 years. Married three quarters of a year & better & is quick with child. Monday 18 January 1630, 4.20 pm. Her mind is sorely troubled & cannot abide her husband’s house but is gone home to her mother’s house. Her husband a husbandman with half a yard. Her husband cares not for her.
[Bottom right] Agnes Barnikle of Nappen, 30 years. Monday 18 January 1630, 4.30 pm. Urine good. Mind troubled. With child. Her husband does not love her. She is gone home to her own mother. Discontent in mind. Taken by her husband a while after that she was newly married. As one distracted. Asking how she shall live & what will become of her. [Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE69966

Case 49919

Sara Haddon of Dunstable, 40 years. Tuesday 9 November 1619, 10.45 am.
[In chart] Mind troubled with her husband slandered to be nought.
Cannot sleep. Mind troubled. Perplexed that her husband was slandered to be nought[y]. Was not. & by fits will be pretty well then will rage & fight with her husband & children. 30 weeks gone with child. Has 9 children. 2 years ill & troubled in mind by fits. Cannot by fits abide her husband, children. Troubled with sudden fears & heats. Weeps much.
[Over page] Sara Haddon of Dunstable, 40 years. Tuesday 9 November 1619, 10.40 am. Mind much troubled about her husband. Slandered cannot brook him.
[Treatment information, including a sigil of Jupiter.]
Fears an ill tongue.
Edition and image for CASE49919

Case 61917

Mistress Sara Edmonds of Holborn, 26 years. Saturday Midsummer Eve 1626, 11 pm.
But her mother came to me for her daughter Saturday 1 April 1626, 2.30 pm.
Is fallen out with her husband who bound her with fetters.
[Bottom right] Had a plague sore but it never broke out & grew maddish & melancholy & her husband bound her & since she cannot abide him upon any little occasion.
Urine red & aguish.
Is gone with child 15 weeks or 16.
Would have a sigil.
[Middle column]
Would live from him.
Ill since Michaelmas.
Edition and image for CASE61917

Case 60289

Mistress Midlemore of Edgebaston, 29 years. Friday 22 April 1625, 5.20 pm.
Cannot endure her husband’s company.
Very rational & sensible but hates her husband whom she loved because he did set a woman over her that did overawe her. Desires to go from her husband & father’s house anywhere. Did take Mr. Bromhan’s physic well.
Was well brought abed yet a while after swooning & faint. Took hot waters & broths & cawdles & inflamed her blood & brain & so grew furious & frantic but now will speak little yet can speak well & sensibly & behave herself well. Terms stopped since.
Edition and image for CASE60289

Case 71500

Mistress Whelens of Collingtree by Northampton, 54 years. Wednesday 9 March 1631, 4 pm.
[Deleted chart.]
[Over page] Mistress Whelens of Collingtree, 53 years. Wednesday 9 March 1631, 4 pm.
Much urine & good.
Troubled with a trembling of her heart. Ill if she goes to bed with her husband. Since the sises [assizes?] a passion of the heart makes her mopish & suggests ill thoughts against her husband.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE71500

Case 8778

Alice Chapman herself in Towar Street, 30 years. Monday 9 February 1601, 2.45 pm. For John Chennelhouse her husband. Whether ever they shall come together again or no as man & wife.
They shall come to conference. He is married to another woman on Newark on Trent & has a child by her & has been 5 years from this woman.
Edition and image for CASE8778

Case 77231

Elizabeth Poulter of Willingham, 25 years. Friday 10 May 1633, 10 am. Denies her husband the use of her body.
[In chart] Mind troubled. Mopish & musing.
Married 3 quarters of a year. A month before Christmas. Has them well. Was let blood in her arm & foot 3 quarters of a year since. Mended & ser ward [afterward?] mend [?] on Christmas last grew to melancholy.
[On left] Can rest well & is only sick in her mind.
Could never endure to hear or to see that strange man that let her blood & professed surgery who is now gone from the town where he professed his surgery for a quarter of a year.
Edition and image for CASE77231

Case 64872

Alice Lambert of Northampton, 21 years. Friday 2 November 1620, 11 am. 21 a month before midsummer last at 11 at night, Saturday.
Married a fortnight. Sleeps much & ill a week over with musing. Urine red & thick. She does skrike & says that there is a black crow.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE64872

Case 2209

Charity Palmer alias Pottell the daughter of John [and] Elizabeth Standback, 28 years. Wednesday 3 August 1597, 9.30 am. Pro [for] Henry Sevedell of 30 years. The wife of Edmond Pottell.
Henry the son of Elizabeth and Edmond of St Martins by Ludgate. He dwells in Paternoster Row.
She has loved this fellow this ten years and she cannot be quiet when she is out of his company. Her husband she shall bury him and she shall marry again.
On the side of the belly & two in the clitch between the belly & the thigh
[Drawing of face.] Colour & countenance
It seems he has dealt very friendly with her for money and else. And has known all parts of her body but has not carnally known her for he loathes a woman & cannot abide the smell of a woman, is sodomitical, secretly minded & very religious. Affair long & in love with another. He will never marry her. She had another husband and her master begot her with child & then married her to this base squire. Her first husband lived scant a year. This hath been married to her some year.
Edition and image for CASE2209

Case 462

Mr Monson. Monday 21 June 1596, 1.40 pm. Utrum sit in amor cum aliquo alio [whether in love with someone else] and whether there be any man living by whom he shall reap any benefit by or no.
It seems he loves one base born that now belongs to some lady. By the approach of Moon to Mercury by sextile. & he has loved another which now he loves not so by Venus going from Mars. He loves not his wife. There is none by whom he shall have any benefit of living by and it seems the prince shall do him little favour. He shall not be knighted. He shall begin to fall before he rise and after his fall he shall rise again to greater wealth. His wife it seems he married against his will by whom he hath 3 daughters and no son. She is a tall brown woman somewhat long & visage very gentle & courteous but hard favoured & it seems he loves her little. He has spent much & consumed much and is much in debt. Wavering minded & incredulous.
Edition and image for CASE462

Case 19702

Elisabeth Paxhoode Sympson of Grafton, 30 years. Tuesday July 28 1601, 4.20 pm.
[In chart] Maritus causa phrenesis [the husband is the cause of the frenzy].
Mater sine consensu per filia quaerit [the mother asks for the daughter without her consent].
This Elisabeth Sympson is exceedingly distracted. For that as is supposed, she found her husband in bed with Mrs George at such time as she went to Northampton assizes to speak to the judges for Mrs George.
It is of Venus in Cancer and Mars in Cancer.
She took it on the 15 of July being Wednesday at night between 10 & 11. At such time as she found them together, that is, Mrs George & her husband that never laid but once with her this 8 or 9 years since they were married but kept this Mrs George. This her husband killed a man & was cast into prison long since.
Syrup of poppy 2 ounces. Water of poppy 1 ounce. Diasc. 3 drams. Laudanum of Paracelsus 10 ounces. Ointment of mandrake. Item. Syrup of cowslip and water of cowslip 1 quarter each. sim. 3 ounces. 16 pence.
Edition and image for CASE19702

Case 28866

Richard Cowly of Tinswicke, 30 years. Tuesday 30 April 1605, 9.00 am. A bachelor.
[In chart:] afflicted in mind. Frantic & lunatic.
Trine between Saturn and Venus.
7 trine with Jupiter and Mars.
Conjunction between Sun and Mercury.
Square between Jupiter and Venus.
Trine between Jupiter and Mercury approaching May 2.
He came yesterday to Mr Gerence when I was from home & he willed him to be let blood & he is somewhat mended but ever since Tuesday was sennet has take taken great grief touching one whom he loved & promised marriage & now is married. & he has much thought & grief. Very wild as one frantic. Much tormented in mind & very sick. Cannot sleep. [Added later:] Talks idly.
Edition and image for CASE28866

Case 72942

Alice Sturch of Steyorton, 49 years. Friday 16 September 1631, 7.00 am. Present. A tall strong wench.
[Left margin] Cannot sleep.
No thought of marriage. An unsettled brain & fancy.
Sees strange things in the air. Fears bewitching.
Has not had them [menstruation] 2 years. It seems that some thing speaks in her left ear. Hears as it were a voice, but knows not what, with a stinking smell that she cannot rest. 3 years ill. Light headed and speaks she knows not what & will wander now & then from her friend[s]. Not sick in her body but brain.
Edition and image for CASE72942

Case 19583

Stephen Rawlings of Ramsden in Bedfordshire, 36 years. Friday 10 July 1601, 9.45 am.
It is of Saturn in Scorpio, Moon separating from Mars in Genimi. The wife for the man without consent. It is of Sun in Cancer, Moon separating from Mars in Gemini. One that wastes & spends his patrimony very fondly & foolishly in drinking with friend company at Bedford. He does swear, ban & curse his wife & household & has no care of anything. Worst by night. Cannot sleep.
Told his wife that a thing went into his mouth a worm or he knew not what. [Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE19583

Case 12256

Jane Cuknole of Torceter, 28 years. Friday 20 April 1599, 7.00 pm. Ever since Candlemas lunatic. Came in her own person to me. Lunatic & sometimes dumb. Will not converse with her husband. Hates her children.
[In chart] It is of Venus in Cancer.
Clubber suspected to have her & that by her injuries felt a cold rise. These apples stick in her throat that she bought of goody Clubber’s maid. Eats her meat. Her water very red & of a bloody colour full of black cloudy cobwebs.
Edition and image for CASE12256

Case 45459

Joan Rogers of Little Barford. Wednesday 13 August 1617, 10.20 am. Now married about 2 years. A young child about a year old which she nurses until now.
[In chart] Distracted.
Urine red & thick. Taken in her head. Taken as she was going to make hay & ever since has been distracted for the most part. Whoops & hallows & spits in everybody’s face. She fights & beats her husband & all that come to her. Such as she can master. She says that God, on Monday last was sennet in the morning, gave her to the Devil & then the Devil said to her that he must have her. [Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE45459

Case 64584

William Ring of Bletchley, 30 years. Married. Friday 14 September 1627, 6.00 am.
[In chart] Troubled with wicked thoughts. Sorely tempted.
Satan suggests so his sins as that he would persuade him that he is damned for it. About St Jamestide 6 weeks since. Committed adultery.
Edition and image for CASE64584

Case 12907

Catherine Wels of Buckingam, 23 years. Thursday 20 December, 1599, 9.30 am. Vexed as she says with a spirit & dares not to ride lest seeing the water she should fall into it. Sent unto me. Troubled this 3 years. Married & has a child a year old.
[In chart] Haunted, tempted to kill herself or her child.
Worse for that her husband makes small reckoning of her. Asks whether it be not good to let her blood because she is full of blood. [Astrology.] Goes ad secessum bene [goes to stool well]. She thinks some evil spirit to be within. Tempted either to kill her self or her child & therefore when she sees a knife she flings it away. Cannot abide to take any potion to drink because it had once made her mad. But will eat anything.
Edition and image for CASE12907

Case 23511

Katherine Ignoram of Rishdon hard by Hiem Feryes, 23 years. Thursday 2 June 1614, 6.00 pm. Mater pro filia sine consensu [the mother for the daughter without consent].
Married 3 years to her husband. She is willing to lie with him, but will not permit her husband to have the use of her body. Feels a yucking up of her meat & is as one tormented that she cannot [breaks off]. It will lie in her throat not able to speak her eyes closed & her mouth & yet sometimes will bounce on her bed & yet cannot speak striving, & then it will choke her & then will weep & when they go to prayer the more ease she feels. Is foolish & mopish some days & at other times she will neither. Blood letting or purging will do her good. At some times of the year, a deadness began & a while after will grow frantic. If she take a vomit it will work & she will fall down dead for 3 hours & then afterward will come to her sense. Never now desires carnal copulation.
[Treatment information.]
Under tongue also.
Edition and image for CASE23511

Case 49141

A French maid 18 years, servant to my lady Lee of Leighton. Friday 7 July 1619, 1.30 pm. Her father would have sent her to marry with one that she loves not & then she came over to England by stealth.
[Right of chart] Had a clyster last night. [Treatment information.]
[Left of chart] Urine indiff[erent].
[Left margin below chart] A rising in her stomach up to her throat stopping her wind.
Sick since Monday a tingling in her flesh, stitches in her right side. Spit blood. Was let blood & then it went into the left side & then back again to the right side. Is benumbed & pricked all over & ill her joints & has as it were passion of the mother & as one swounding. [Between lines] Terms stopped 2 months.
Desires to eat & cannot get it down & will by fits laugh & be again extreme sick by fits.
Edition and image for CASE49141

Case 75152

Mary Harding of Shiddlington, 15 years. Monday 23 July 1632, 8.30 am. Married at Christmas last. Pained in her heart & stomach. Has little or no appetite to her meat. Cannot sleep. Ill 3 weeks. Stands as one in a trance.
[In chart] Convulsive fits. Mother.
In love with a young man & her friends against. Urine indifferent. 3 weeks sick. Yet married against her will. [Treatment information.] Has used all yet not the better.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE75152

Case 11734

Joan Hull of Newport of 46 years. Thursday 5 October 1598, 3.50 pm. For the rising of her & griping of her heart by fits she has had it a long time: somewhat like an impostume ready to stop her wind & can hardly swallow her spittle. Arising like the mother. Taken a grief touching her first husband who sold all that she had.
Her first husband & she could not agree. Used her not well & was lordly given & always sold away all & made her after she had a child to go 7 years to service again. Many hearts’ griefs.
Edition and image for CASE11734

Case 53589

Mrs Anne Gawdon of Horton, 34 years. Last Candlemas eve betwixt 11 & 12 or near 12 in the daytime but came in her own person Tuesday 19 February 1622, 10.45 am. Twice married but of late 3 quarters of a year.
[Right] Head continually pained, neck & shoulder.
Is sorely troubled with the mother some 3 hours in extremity & comes not to her present memory & senses not in 12 hours. Within half a year February 7 on Thursday about 9 in the morning & also on the 10 of February & some grief last night. Feels also an evil heat in her stomach. A very windy stomach full of obstructions. [Right margin] A cold body especially in her fits.
A thick white settling. Has not the course of her body as she was wont to have them once in three weeks some days well coloured now twice in 3 weeks some 3 days & pale coloured.
[Left column] [Astrology.] And is sorely pained with griping under her left side under her short ribs & has the wind colic & the stone colic after it not able to make water for an hour after it.
[Right column] No appetite, costive. Much discontent by her husband when he lived by living from her but he is dead. Stomach heaves when it begins. Begins at her left side. Back much pained. Quivers & shakes & is very dry & stomach is full & foul.
No physic 14 years. Grief bred it.
Edition and image for CASE53589

Case 68820

Lady Elizabeth Walter, 48 years. December last the 8 being Thursday about nine at night but came to me Tuesday 23 June 1629, 3.00 pm. Cold in her stomach mouth & lips. [Right] Spleen & mother & veneficium [witchcraft].
[Left of chart] A bad husband that did not regard her.
[Right of chart] Cowslip rosemary flowers mithridate oil of ambers to prevent the palsy.
A windy head & noise. A spice of the mother & spleen.
[Over page] This woman had a violent purge in winter & snowy weather which wrought 20 times in a day & night that it could hardly be stayed. & stopping the looseness with hot cloths never had them since. Which was about 2 years since. Took saffron 1d & it set her in a flower [menstruation]. Then drank a pint of barley water & that made her extreme cold in stomach & lips. Yet digests well. [Astrology.]
[Over page] The Lady Walter beyond London 40 miles came to me for my counsel. [Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE68820

Case 43973

Isabel Furber of Alesbury 23 years. Monday 30 September 1616, 2.20 pm.
A good stomach. Was let blood arm & foot. [Treatment information.]
[Left column] Isabel Furber troubled with the falling sickness often & rises up with a sore wind. Takes away her senses for an hour. A beating about her girdlestead [waist] thumping continually with an arising upward. She should have had a young man. Which broke because they could not give. Apt to cry & wail & then worst. 2 or 3 years.
[Left margin] Never fell before she took physic & then fell continually.
Edition and image for CASE43973

Cases 33877, 33879

Case 33877
Jane Dickerson of Hartwell, 27 years. Monday 25 July 1608, 9.30pm. Her first fit.
[In chart] Took grief for one that did love her. & Married another. Falling sickness.
Burned that day, & after a great heat took cold. Head ache & tooth ache. Did take grief touching one that she loved & did mock her & now is married about a year since.
Edition and image for CASE33877

Case 33879
Jane Dickerson of Hartwell now of Sawcy Forrest, 27 years. Thursday 4 August 1608, 1.45 pm.
[In chart] Falling sickness.
On monday was sennet [seven nights] at evening late had a sore fit.
[Between lines] Face does swell.
July 25 the first fit betwixt 9 & 10 at night. Has them very well.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE33879

Case 12466

Edith Elinge of Walton, 25 years. Wednesday 16 May 1599, 2.45 pm. Fears the falling sickness.
[In chart] Swoons much. Contracted. Grief taken for one she should have had & broke off & yet had him after.
A good water a few motes & hairs.
Hot as fire & as cold as water. A well coloured & faced wench & full faced & corpulent.
Edition and image for CASE12466

Case 51281

Mr Fettyplace his urine brought Saturday 22 July 1620, 3.20 am.
His man sine consensu [without consent]. Urine red & aguish.
Not a week since furious & struck his servant & made him black and blue & then told him that now he will fight no more & said that he will have his wench Anne & wishes that he had her. Urine red & aguish. 1. A cooling clyster.
Continued MS Ashmole 414 f. 187r.
7 August 1620. Whether good for Mr Fettyplace to marry the poor maid his mother’s maid though but poor or to continue still foolish and idle-headed for lack of one.
Purge him well with vomits or purges or clysters or all and leeches and then let him marry where his mind is set.
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Case 54392

Mrs Esther Conquest, 21 years. This last 29 of May being Friday about 8 in the morning, but came to me Thursday 6 June 1622, 1pm.
[In chart] Melancholia cum delyrio. Ridet post flet idque saepius [melancholy with delirium. She laughs after she weeps, and this often].
Could not speak but now can again. Voluit maritum Salowe, quem parentes noluerunt [wanted Salowe for a husband, whom her parents did not want]. Will take no more clysters nor inward physic. But outward only. Has a ravenous stomach. A purging diet for mother & herself.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 61723

Mr Thomas Newton wrote a friendly letter to me in the behalf of Mrs Elizabeth Davyes of Tingrith with her own sister, 60 years. Monday 6 March 1626, 1.40 pm.
[In chart] Mother. Epileptiae species [a kind of epilepsy].
Urine good a white thick sediment. Swooned . A quarter of a year by fits once in a month & now more often & in [one?]hour often times & then after a quarter of an hour very weak & weary.
[Left and between lines] Is very weak & takes little.
A rising in her legs & so [up?]ward until she swoon often. At the last full [moon] was so sick that they thought that she would die. If she live he would marry her.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 34388

Elisabeth Seer of Fosket, 22 years. Friday 11 November 1608, 11.00 am.
Long sick. Head & left side & heart. Head swelled. Ready to stop her wind. [Treatment information.]
Is thought to take grief touching one that she loves. Being crossed in her match. Might have been matched once or twice & her father hinders the marriage.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 38719

Elisabeth Seer of Fosket, 25 years. Tuesday 1 October 1611, 11.00 am.
[In chart] Green sickness. She is now upon concluding of a marriage.
[Below chart] Stopped since Whitsunday.
[Right] [Angel: Michael] It will do her good. It will be a good match
[Treatment information.] [Astrology.]
It begins at her head & goes down to her back & heart.
[Left] A heat in her left foot. Ill 3 years.
Cannot see well for pain of the head.
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Case 28826

Agnes Soule of Steppingly, 50 years. Friday 26 April 1605, 9.30 am.
Left side ill. A very good water but has a slimy stuff & residence. An aching of her heart. Complains of a great burning over all her body. Her back burns as fire. Shortwinded. No quiet rest but quaking & trembling. Fear & grief. [Illeg.] left her 4 years. A great pain in her back, burning like fire. Can eat but not digest. No appetite. Sweats & is by complexion cold. Costive, not once in 3 days. A giddiness & staggering in her head without pain. Runs into arms legs back & hips & all other parts. A slight taken touching some bargain her husband made but all fell out well notwithstanding.
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Case 20139

Mary Gunthrop of Wolverton, 30 years. Monday 21 December 1601, 2.00 pm. Grief. Discontentment with her husband.
Mary Gunthrop troubled with an arising in her stomach like the mother. Her mistress doubts that she is with child. Melancholy since the death of her child. Refuses company. Lies in her chest & all over her side.
[Treatment information: tabulatus silicate ii & suppository with hiera picra]
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Case 18758

John Wilkingson of Olny, 28 years. Monday 5 January, 1601, 10.50am. A bachelor. Luem habet veneream [has venereal disease]. Concubuit cum uxore Woodmany of Olny unde usta uxor ussit maritum cocubuit [he lay with Woodmancy of Only’s wife, whence, burned, the wife burned her husband].
Vitiavit alterius coniugem [he violated another’s wife]. Had one of his stones cut off in a fight & fray. A filthy person. It is of Sun in Capricorn Moon separating from Mercury in Aquarius. Morbum gallicum habet [has the French disease]. Had a thrust with a rapier in his privy parts & cut the conduit of his bladder & voids blood like the bloody flux beneath. All his hair of his head is gone with the French disease. Pained in the head.
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Case 33670

Sir Henry Constable of Ethrop, 21 years. Saturday 2 July 1608, 4.50 pm. Retentio seminis et ad semen multipl. [retention of seed and build up of seed]. [Treatment information.]
[Continued below] Sir Henry Constable of Ethrop married a week.
[In chart] Profusion of seed.
He took it from lying with his wife. He excuses himself & took this [profusion of seed] as he says with leaping & straining. Now married about a week.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 12256

Jane Cuknole of Torceter, 28 years. Friday 20 April 1599, 7.00 pm. Ever since Candlemas lunatic. Came in her own person to me. Lunatic & sometimes dumb. Will not converse with her husband. Hates her children.
[In chart] It is of Venus in Cancer.
Clubber suspected to have her. & that by her injuries felt a cold rise. These apples stick in her throat that she bought of goody Clubber’s maid. Eats her meat. Her water very red & of a bloody colour full of black cloudy cobwebs.
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