Case 64487

Francis Write of Sherington, 29 years. 18 August 1627, 3.00 pm.
4 years troubled with a swelling in Mercury into her leg & right arm. Then into her belly which sometimes is as big as one that is with child & it swageth somty(m)s but is very hard like a cake on the life side. The left side ever since her quartain ague last which is now about 2 years. 8 years married. [In margin: had a child.] Had had an itch & her mother putting about her a girdle of quicksilver & this hath brought up into her arms great red & other & ring worms & knobs & in her brows & full of red spots. Has not had her usual courses 4 years in her childbed.
[Treatment information.]
Her husband went from her with a whore 3 or 4 years since.
Edition and image for CASE64487

Case 79789

Mistress Bostocke of Haversham. Tuesday 10 November 1635, 3.40 pm.
Was vexed & frighted with her servant who offered her violence & did pinch & scratch her. & since she has spit blood & has had a great showers & abundance of them [courses] & now some few. Has been with child this 16 weeks gone. Shortwinded & finds her body to swell upon it.
Edition and image for CASE79789

Case 12093

Alice Jones, 18 years, at Alderton a mile beyond Grafton. Friday 16 March 1599, 12.20 pm. Pale coloured. 3 quarters of a year green sickness. Came in her own person.
Water yellow but full of many white cloudy flakes.
Heart, back, chest, short winded. Frightened with the biting of a dog that bit a little piece of her flesh as big as a shilling. She never had her flowers [courses]. Cannot digest her meat but is driven to cast it up again. Hoven & swollen in the belly & stomach. She was of a good red colour but now pale & white. With cold and heat. All things bitter. I gave her [treatment information].
Edition and image for CASE12093

Case 19244

Joan Balle of Walten, 40 years. Thursday 23 April 1601, 8 am.
Her teeth chatter. Head ill & hart rests not all the night long. Quærit an sit gravida [asks if she is pregnant].
It is of Mercury in Gemini. Moon separating from Jupiter in Capricorn.
Urine perquam optima [extremely good].
Swelled in her legs.
Obstructio mensium [blocked courses]. Has not her menses. Had them 12 weeks since a show she had in Lent. I take it that the stay of them is cause of her sickness.
Edition and image for CASE19244

Case 1932

Jean Brown of 40 years. Tuesday 21 June 1597, 10 am. Utrum sit gravida nec non [whether she is pregnant or not].
She seems to be with child by Moon in 5° and yet she has her course every month. But because Moon does approach to the square of Mars in the 8th house it seems she will strain herself and spoil it. She has gone between 9 and 10 weeks.
Edition and image for CASE1932

Case 1994

Joan Band, 27 years. Friday 1 July 1597, 11.00 am. Diz [the nature of the disease]. Herself [asks]. Ratlif. Utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant].
[Right of chart] Try this. Utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant].
[Astrology] ergo gravida [therefore pregnant]. This woman supposes herself with child & there is a great presumption of it because Venus is lady of the ascendant and is applying to Saturn, lord of the fifth house. But she is pained in the reins, belly & stuffed in the stomach. Of Jupiter in Gemini, Moon separating from Mercury. She is not sick. And she has not her course but it seems she will be with child shortly. She is with child of 7 weeks.
Edition and image for CASE1994

Case 177

Mrs Braddedge, 38 years. Tuesday 27 April 1596, 6.15 am.
Diz [the nature of the disease]. Et quando parit et utrum sit gravida vel non [when she will give birth and whether pregnant or not].
She has been in labour often & yesterday was in travail all day & then she had a show of her courses came from her & at night her travail ceased again & I judge that she is not with child but has some mole of the matrix or false conception which will come from her some 5 days hence or else some fortnight hence.
Edition and image for CASE177

Case 27618

Alice Chivoll of Great Woolstone, 32 years. 21 June 1606, 9.39 am.
Back ill. Back & belly as a woman that has throws. Her urine good. Motes, gravel.
Never well since she was laid of her last child. Quaerit an sit gravida [asks if pregnant]. Had 2 child. Has a mind to [smudged].
Has not had them these 16 weeks.
Counts she should quicken with[in] about 3 or 4 weeks. So is by fits as a woman in travail. Very fearful.
Arguit eam esse gravidam [shows her to be pregnant].
[Bottom left] Vide Alice Chivoll Whitsuntide was twelvemonth. Was with child.
[Treatment information.]
She was with child & was afterward brought abed & had 2 children at a birth.
Edition and image for CASE27618

Case 272

Agnes Painter of Whetstone beyond Highgate, 21 years. Tuesday 11 May 1598, 6.20 am. Utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant].
She has a fever and is fretful. It is in her stomach. Like to vomit often & in the reins. She has not her courses. Pained heart, reins. She will have the green sickness. She is not with child. Her water sprinkles very much. But yet by judgment of this figure she seems to be with child. This wench was well enough but she was supposed to be with child. She was very big.
Edition and image for CASE272

Case 42629

Elisabeth Leach of Caucot otherwise Caldecote, 43 years. Wednesday 8 November 1615, 9 am.
Quaerit an sit gravida necne [asks whether she is pregnant or not]. Has been bigger & bigger ever since midsummer & is grown bigger and bigger as a woman great with child. & yet has her terms every month. Has a few. Her breasts leak. Very desirous to know whether she have not a tympany bred on her.
Much troubled with wind & great pain in the lower part of her belly.
Did vomit with [?] last night. Complains of her back. Share very sore. Breasts leak.
[Astrology, including conclusion that she’s not pregnant.]
Edition and image for CASE42629

Case 587

Alice Sampson, 26 years. Thursday 22 July 1596, 7.00 am. Mr Spidells maid. Diz [the nature of the disease].
She should have much pain in the head heart & belly. But she seems to be with child. Her urine sprinkled a little & did cast as if she were with child. & pained stomach, rheumatic and has taken grief. And has not her course in order but is like to vomit. She says stoutly she is not with child.
Edition and image for CASE587

Case 300

Dorothy Midnol of 21 years. Saturday 15 May 1596 10.40 am. Utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant]. Set it at a 11.
[2 charts.]
Her urine sprinkles and she is much stopped & has not her course this 14 weeks. But I suppose her with child but either of some false conception or some sudden alteration of her body will follow.
Edition and image for CASE300

Case 20484

Luce Basell of Olnye, 40 years. Sunday 28 February 1602, 4.40 pm. Had not sickness [menstruation] till 8 or 10 weeks since. She cannot keep her meat ever since this sennet [sevennight]. Comes up, shakes and burns with cold. Quaerit an sit gravida [asks if she is pregnant]. Urina mediocris coloris [urine of a mediocre colour]. Jane Drubb did curse her, and presently had a calf that foamed and died. Beat hard against the ground. Taken grief and fear by the woman.
With child.
Edition and image for CASE20484

Case 18510

Isabel Foster of Densanger, 18 years. Saturday 8 January 1603, 10.15 am.
[In chart, added later] Proved with child & died in child bed & her child also.
Menses obstructed this quarter of a year. A pulling about her heart. Faint that she cannot go. Looks very white and pale. Cannot take her rest. So full of pains. Many times great pain of her head. Also vomits.
[Added later:] Took much physic to destroy the fruit of her womb. Delivered of a very poor child dead.
Edition and image for CASE18510

Case 46577

Judith Honour, his wife of Milton Harnesse, 45 years. Thursday 7 May 1618 4 pm.
Married 23 years. Never had any terms at all in her life time & therefore no child. Fully faced, complexion sanguine. Twice let blood on foot in diverse places & is never sick but they lie in her back & legs & make her to go halting. So a long time.
Edition and image for CASE46577

Case 63064

The Countess of Sussex. Frances Suite by her former husband but by her father Mutes. 38 years. Thursday 9 November 1626, 2 pm. The Earl her husband.
[In chart] Nothing continued neither could I pleasure her. Omni pess[im]um ibant. All things turned out for the worse. Nothing prospered.
[Astrology.] Supposes that she is now [with] child. Married 2 years & 3 quarters & always supposed that she had been with child but was not yet. Had milk in her breast. Had one daughter by her first husband. Supposes that her husband & she are hurt by ill tongues. Has them every month indifferent but watery. Quaerit an sit gravida [asks whether pregnant].
Edition and image for CASE63064

Case 10806

Margaret Wilson of Hanslop, 24 years. Married 2 years. No children. Tuesday 10 June 1600, 11.00 am.
Amiss this quarter of this year. Thought once she was with child. Pained in her back. Bottom of her belly. Costive. That which comes from her like the slime of a white of an egg. Offers to go often to the stool but can do nothing. Took grief for that a doctor 3 years since told her she should have no children. Heart sore. Cannot abide her girdle. Has her sickness [menstruation] 3 weeks since.
Edition and image for CASE10806

Case 1862

Susan van Hulste at the Black Bull at Queenhithe, a brewhouse, 33 years. Sunday 12 June 1597, 9.00 am. Diz et utrum habebit filios unquam necnon [the nature of the disease and whether she will ever have children or not].
She has not her courses in order. Much pain in the head, reins, side, shoulders, heart, belly. Of Sun in Cancer, Moon separating from Venus. Much water mixed with the blood & she swells often times in her body.
A false conception first and then [in binding] prepare her, purge her and then with an artificial clyster scour her matrix. Her courses began to come down last the 4 of June & stayed but 3 days and she has them every 5 weeks. Remember to let her have a purge again Thursday 23 of June.
Edition and image for CASE1862

Case 34941

Phillip Eason of Stony Stratford, 28 years. Tuesday 21 March 1609, 2.20 pm. Pained at her heart, chest & breast with pricking. Best fasting. Was 10 weeks without them [menses] & had them. Next Saturday will be a month & then had them three days together in great store[?]. Married six [years]. Had two children at a birth last Magdalene tide one stillborn & the other lived a day & then died. Purges will not work downward but upward. Had a child three years last Allhallowtide & was here & had physic about March & proved with child & was half delivered & the child lives. This woman never had her sickness at all until she was delivered. Never had them neither before she was married nor that year neither until she was delivered. At that time had a vomit & was let blood in both feet & yet did well. A thin white water. Very ill after & used to be costive. Eating. Quaerit an sit gravida [asks whether she is pregnant].
[Left of chart] Very sick after meat & was fain to go to bed.
Edition and image for CASE34941

Case 27768

Mary Laughton, my cousin Warrens servant, 20 years. Friday 11 July 1606, 2.00 pm.
John Blundell pretended love to her.
[Bottom left of chart] She mended & after gone to be as bad as before & at length amended.
Brows & eyes. Urine thin full of white long flakes & rags. Stomach hoven & swelling. Head ill. A noise in her ear[s] every three weeks. Has them [menses] but few.
[Treatment information.]
Grief touching her husband who was robbed of £10. Never well since.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE27768

Case 20302

Beatrice Miles of Stoke Golding, 30 years. Tuesday 26 January 1602, 11.00 am.
[In chart] Casts up her meat.
Has taken grief for at Christmas late she was excommuned for that she did prove her father’s will being made his executor not in the space of this 5 years. She was cited to the Emissary’s court.
Her husband would not meddle with it but would have her brother who had sold all the goods for her before they two were married together.
She took great grief that her husband would not meddle with it and end that business.
Casts up. Mighty grief that her husband made her believe as if she [breaks off].
[Next page] This Beatrice Miles casts up her meat. Very costive.
It is of Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio.
[Treatment information.] This grief taken by her husband’s bad and uncourteous dealing has stopped her courses & is the principal cause of her sickness. [Payment: 8d].
Edition and image for CASE20302

Case 41833

Elizabeth Whistler of Stoke Hammond, 30 years. Wednesday 10 May 1615, 1.15 pm.
[In chart] She was brought abed yesterday about sunrise.
She was brought abed of a boy which is well but not christened.
The boy was christened on Thursday & died on Friday night.
She complains of her head & brows that one is fain [obliged] to hold her head always.
She had a fall on her right shoulder on Michaelmas last from a horse & now applied bucks [rabbits] to her side upon stitches which she felt. & have also applied a rose cake with treacle & aquavitae warmed & sallet oil. But she feels no ease nor can take no rest.
Was ill on Monday last. Much urine but thin like well water.
Her pain took her when she was with child.
[Interpolated] Fully faced & red coloured.
Her flesh casts.
Fears a bad woman called Goody Parker.
Goody Gadstone cries out of this widow Parker.
Has her terms but now & then.
Edition and image for CASE41833

Case 76882

Joan Dean of London the wife of one that is porter to the Earl of Northampton, dwelling in London, 36 years. Monday 8 April 1633, 10 am.
Brought abed a week after Christmas in Grasin in Maidenhead Alley.
[To right of chart, treatment information.]
[Right column] Has not had them since she lay in. & she lay in & was brought abed a week after Christmas. Never had her courses since. Very cold.
[Left column] Full of melancholy & has mind for nothing nor husband nor child.
Has 5 children. Mopish ever since 5 weeks before Michaelmas. Ever since that she quickened.
Cannot sleep.
Urine thick & has dregs in it of a good colour.
[Middle column] A neighbour fell out with her & ill ever since. Mary Dudwyn did curse her & her children. And Mistress Barbery also suspected.
[Left column] Complains of her stomach & head. Mopish. Has taken much physic of the doctors. Vomits & purges & was let blood.
Vomits, purges, pills was also let blood by the doctors yet never the better.
Edition and image for CASE76882

Case 35006

Mistress Mary Crowly of Harlington, 26 years. Monday 27 March 1609, 1 pm.
4 children the youngest a quarter [of a year] old & she does suckle it.
Suckles. Has no terms.
[In chart] A disquiet of the mind.
[Left margin] No joy of anything.
Tempted with many idle thoughts suddenly to stab either herself or others. & tempted [leaves off]
Took a conceit about a sennet & since fallen again into her old passions of melancholy sadness.
White & fully faced.
Fully faced.
Was troubled with such fancies in her conscience 15 years since.
5s given.
Not sick in stomach & yet has no stomach.
Edition and image for CASE35006

Case 6280

Mary Goddard the daughter of Andrew Clark & Joan. She dwells at Westminster in Gardeners Lane, 28 years the Thursday before Christmas next. She has been married two years. The wife of John Goddard, pinner. Question whether she shall have any children or no. & when. & what is the cause, she has none. & whether the fault be in her or her husband. Question Monday 5 November 1599, 8.15 am.
She must pay 5s. Re[ceived] 12d.
It is overmuch dryness of her matrix is the cause. She has no children for she has not her courses well & her husband is dry also. Prepare & purge twice.
Edition and image for CASE6280

Case 6490

Anne Tymcok, 31 years. Monday 17 December 1599, 1.20 pm. Diz [the nature of the disease]. Whether she shall ever have any child. It is of Jupiter in Leo, Moon separating from Mercury. Has her course well but watery. Her husband’s nature agrees not with her.
Edition and image for CASE6490

Case 60491

Elizabeth Bondage of Thurleigh, 40 years. Saturday 21 May 1625, 10 am.
See 5 May. Was now present. 7 children.
[In chart] An unkind husband & a company keeper. Much grief.
Is hot upward, but always cold downward. Had a purge & was the better 4 days. Blood of the arm naught but of the foot very good & waterish. Terms stopped but a drop or two. Finds a great heat stomach but head specially & face & loves cold things to her brow.
[Bottom left] Elizabeth Bondage would have married a preacher whom she loved exceedingly but overruled by her mother married this unkind husband that beats her and deals rigorously with her & keeps ill company.
[Middle column] Cannot sweat yet being hot.
Costive by hard clots.
Edition and image for CASE60491

Case 60289

Mistress Midlemore of Edgebaston, 29 years. Friday 22 April 1625, 5.20 pm.
Cannot endure her husband’s company.
Very rational & sensible but hates her husband whom she loved because he did set a woman over her that did overawe her. Desires to go from her husband & father’s house anywhere. Did take Mr. Bromhan’s physic well.
Was well brought abed yet a while after swooning & faint. Took hot waters & broths & cawdles & inflamed her blood & brain & so grew furious & frantic but now will speak little yet can speak well & sensibly & behave herself well. Terms stopped since.
Edition and image for CASE60289

Case 28530

Margaret Mead of Fenny Stratford, 24 years. A year married, never had children. A bad spending husband giving to drunkenness & now he curses her because she is become deaf. Saturday 6 April 1605, 9.30 am.
Deaf. Cannot hear well ever since Shrovetide. Head hot. Mightily pained in her head. Cannot hear well. Arms stiff and shoots into her shoulders and hands & feet swelled & was hot & angry from the knees to the toes.
Much water thin like to a well water.
Complains of her head & limbs.
Much grief by reason of a bad husband. Has not had her woman’s sickness not this 2 months.
Her head like a block.
Edition and image for CASE28530

Case 70332

Margaret Foster of Cardington, 18 years. Friday 26 March 1630, 1 pm.
Ill a fortnight afore Christmas with a wringing pain of her heart & chest & navel with extreme grippings by fits & does cast often times & is not well until she has casted. Never had them [menstruation]. Urine good.
[Treatment information.]
Elizabeth Millard suspect gave her drink once and never since well. & Also Alice Hyde suspected. Said that she had a ready faery. & Came to her in the likeness of a cock and a child. Easter Monday about 9 put on her sigil of Jupiter 8 am.
Edition and image for CASE70332

Case 66097

Parnell Clark, 21 years, of Dunton in Bedfordshire. Thursday 15 May 1628, 1 pm. Had the green sickness. Distracted 4 days. Taken by overmuch study of her book. Terms stopped. Is very fearful & raves much & was frightened & cannot better it. Lets her urine go. Cannot sleep & worse after sleep.
Is frightened, as she said, with 3 things. Did shake & quake & he will have her. Costive.
Edition and image for CASE66097

Case 12154

Isabell Linwell, servant to Thomas Buncher of Paulus Perrye, 30 years old, no father nor mother. Tuesday 27 of March 1599, 1.30 pm. A high coloured woman & sweateth. Heart swollen in the body & legs & chest. Faint that she can do no work. Head & heart beats. Short winded. Has been amiss this 3 weeks. Wakes.
[In chart] Head and heart amiss.
A white thin water reasonable good. Quivers & shakes. Has not had her courses but in little quantity or not at all. Stitches in her side. No lust to eat anything.
Now cold, then hot & worse with cold. Was likely to have had a husband but that her friends were against it. [Treatment including jeralog, scammony and senna.]
Edition and image for CASE12154

Case 13098

Florence Tickle of Woulverton, servant to old Mrs Longueville, 19 years. Tuesday 19 February 1600, 1.30 pm. For the green sickness. Pale & white coloured.
An Wilson, young Mr Harry Longueville’s chamber maid, 21 years. Pale & ill coloured. Tuesday 19 February 1600, 1.30 pm.
Florence Tickle’s water very well coloured.
Ann Wilson’s well coloured but hath now white motes & rags.
Sometimes they are not able to go nor fetch their wind. Both faint & feeble & at death’s door. Florence Tickle had not her [w or n, false start on a word?] sickness [menses] never had it all.
Ann Wilson will faint & swoon with it.
Edition and image for CASE13098

Case 13928

An Kinge of Potters Perry, Mr Clarke’s servant, 25 years. Saturday 13 August 1603, 11.40 am. Was with me last Lent. Inquires an sit casta nec ne [whether chaste or not].
Very unwieldy in her body. Swollen mightily in her legs. Weeps for that she is accused. Has not had her sickness [menses] this 23 weeks. Denies her self to be with child. Chest worms in her body.
Edition and image for CASE13928

Case 39575

Margaret Web, Elisabeth Baldwin’s servant, Tuesday 7 April 1612, 1.20 pm. Is frighted with ill sights. A tickling in her legs. Mind troubled. Fears ill disposed people. An Neals & Bassets wife. Pain suddenly anywhere. Urine good. Has something that comes down before her terms like a bag. Fears bursting or mother.
Edition and image for CASE39575

Case 47179

Ellen Hands, servant to Sir John Temple of Staunton. Tuesday 18 July 1618, 6.30 am.
[In chart] Greensickness.
Back aches going or labouring. Never had them [menses]. Was so a year since.
I mean ill about her chest, heart, head & limbs. With a great laziness when she would labour or go about any business. But very well as long as she sits still. Neither eats fruit, salt or oatmeal. Has no great stomach [appetite]. Urine pale and thin. [Treatment.]
Edition and image for CASE47179

Case 36155

Mary Faulkner of Cowley, 26 years. Friday 7 July 1609, 1.45 pm. In presence herself.
[In chart] A love matter. Grief. Spits blood. Head heavy. No senses. Terms ill.
Vide [See] July 6. Quando dominus venerat pro sua serva [when the lord had come for his servant]. Weeps much & is very sad. Craves not to eat. Casts up much blood very often but looks well. Never had her sickness [menstruation] well. Stomach ill & back & fumes into her face.
Edition and image for CASE36155

Case 37423

Lady Mustean’s daughter. Wednesday 28 February 1610, 5.00 pm. Tempted to despair & to destroy herself.
[In chart] She died the 10 of April following.
36 days hence some mischief will happen. On the 5 of Apr. she leapt out of a window to break her neck but as god would took no harm. Orig truer the[n] Everarte.
[Next page] Lady Mustean sent for her frantic daughter, 22 years. Wednesday 28 February 1610, 5.00 pm. Full of blood. She died the 10 of April following. Had them not [menses].
[In chart] Was very frantic. She died. She died when the Sun came out of Aries to Taurus.
She died coming to her wits by gods grace April 10 about Sun rising. She was tempted to destroy herself & leapt out of a high window & had no great harm. & after that thought to have drowned herself. When the Sun came to the last degree of Aries she died.
Edition and image for CASE37423

Case 72942

Alice Sturch of Steyorton, 49 years. Friday 16 September 1631, 7.00 am. Present. A tall strong wench.
[Left margin] Cannot sleep.
No thought of marriage. An unsettled brain & fancy.
Sees strange things in the air. Fears bewitching.
Has not had them [menstruation] 2 years. It seems that some thing speaks in her left ear. Hears as it were a voice, but knows not what, with a stinking smell that she cannot rest. 3 years ill. Light headed and speaks she knows not what & will wander now & then from her friend[s]. Not sick in her body but brain.
Edition and image for CASE72942

Case 67826

Margaret Foster of Cardington Cotton End, 17 years. Tuesday 3 March 1629, 1.00 pm.
[In chart] Never had them.
[Right of chart] Widow Millard suspect made her to drink against her will.
Taken 3 years since Whit Sunday when her mother was buried one gave her drink against her will. A bad woman suspected & since ill by fits & casts all that she takes. One Alice Hyde. Ill after meat.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE67826

Case 54333

Catherine Persival of Old Stratford, 22 years. Thursday 30 May 1622, 12.30 pm.
Mater pro filia [the mother for the daughter].
[In chart] Mopish, haunted & possessed.
23 a month before Michaelmas on a Sunday 9.40 am. Born 8 weeks before her time.
Goody Gayton of Brodyn suspected. Is dry & drinks much. Has her terms well. Would bark like a cat, dog, bull by fits when she says Lord delivers from all evil.
[Left margin] Has her terms well. Sorely tormented.
She says that she is possessed with [breaks off]. Would soon tell things that would come to pass. The king did give her a little of his own [illeg.] & tied it about her arm & helps [illeg.] her of her mad fits twice. & that she should strike her left arm strongly three times.
[Left margin] Head & chest. Not heartsick.
Goody Clark suspected. Goody French suspected.
Says that she has the Devil in her & God also in her to defend her. Since a Monday was a sennet has no fits but complains of her chest.
[Right] Oleu[m]. Susp[ected] Tomlyns. 5 years since was with me & had a vomit or two & a purge. Since Easter was tempted. [Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE54333

Cases 58589, 58589

Case 58588
Elizabeth Lawrence of Luton Hoe 20 years. Tuesday 1 June 1624, 3.30 pm.
[In chart] Mad with love & melancholy & full of prate. Long ere she mended.
Apt to sigh.
1. was let blood arm & foot
2. had a vomit
Has had them but 4 times. The middle of her head ill & cannot sleep. Head & heart ill. Apt to talk of religion. Had the green sickness but now had them not this twelvemonth since last harvest. Always sickly. Despairs of gods mercy. [Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE58588

Case 58589
Elizabeth Lawrence was sent Monday 24 May 1624, 5.45 am. Tempted by Satan fell into a pond & likely to be drowned but was safely delivered very godly & religious & of a good mind and faith.
Full of sad heavy melancholy thoughts. Back & head eyes run with water. Trembles and quivers.
Edition and image for CASE58589

Case 54168

Mrs Anne Stap of Emmerton, 21 years a fortnight before Easter. Wednesday 15 May 1622, 3.40pm.
[In chart] An ague.
Complains of an arising in her left side & runs up to her short ribs & full of wind. A noise in her head.
Has not had them since she was brought abed. Never had them before but a little before she conceived nor never since. Had the green sickness 12 years. Mended not until she married & was with child.
Nescit an sit gravida [does not know whether pregnant]. Ill in her stomach.
A thin urine like well water.
Edition and image for CASE54168

Case 56943

Marge Savage of Towcester, 44 years. Saturday 23 August 1623, 2.00 pm.
[In chart] Mother.
Eyes do run with water. Urine much but good. Did complain of her head ever since Christmas & now but a day of her stomach & did swoon once today & did cast with all about eight in the morning. Has an arising up to her stomach ready to stop her wind. 6 children. No child these two years.
Has them orderly every month. Had them last week orderly.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE56943

Case 55304

Joan Hanscombe of Shitlington, 34 years. Monday 24 November 1622, 1.20 pm.
[In chart] Mother fits. swooning.
Nescit an sit gravida [does not know whether pregnant]. No child these two years & a quarter. No terms these 15 weeks. Feels something to arise from the right side up to her chest & head & swoons for an hour oftentimes together.
Swooned these two months very often.
Edition and image for CASE55304

Case 63747

Bridget Raynolds of Holcot, 23 years. Wednesday 25th April 1607, 9.30 am. Troubled with the mother on her left side arising up to her throat & cannot speak then [in binding] for a whole day and night nor yet cannot take her breath.
Has them but not well. [Treatment information.]
Stomach full. Always costive. [Treatment information.]
[Right column] Married 6 years but never had child. Not well long before in her stomach. & was ever healthful before Christmas last.
[Bottom right] Not heart sick nor feels any pain but in her back.
Edition and image for CASE63747

Case 49717

Mrs Hull of Newport who did dwell at London but came down to recover her health, 36 years. Saturday 18 September 1619. Had 4 children by her first husband & now married 2 years to one Mr Hull. 2 years & a half & has had no child.
Had a vomit at London & since never well. Urine like well water. Troubled with sore stitches on her right side & chest as a thing arising like a live thing. Her feet did burn. Had of me an electuary which did her no good. Has a great dryness is exceedingly hot & dry in her fit & goes away with a cold sweat. Is much troubled with the mother. Had not her sickness kindly these 2 years since her husband died. Is very faint & short winded & is led betwixt 2 people supporting her.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE49717

Case 49733

Mrs Hull of Newport, 37 years. Thursday 30 September 1619, 3.30 pm.
[In chart] Death of a consumption.
She died October 9 at 5pm. Aguish every day with sore sick fits. Ready to die at her heart. Casts that she takes else is not well. Her feet do swell at night. Has been sick 10 weeks. Very faint & feeble & commonly keeps her bed. Eats very little but broth & is never well until it be off from her stomach. Urine white like the green sickness with cobwebs. Has not had them a quarter of a year. Married 2 years & has had by this man no child. Has taken much physic vomit & purges & preparatives.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE49733

Case 46452

Mrs Cock of Stachdon, 36 years. Thursday 23 April 1618, 12.15 pm.
Much grief taken for the death of 2 children but not altogether so much for the latter as for the first but too much. 3 weeks distempered. A great pain on her left side since her husband died. A great pain on her left side and swells as broad & big. Terms stopped with grief & arising up to her stomach. Head pained. Bones. Cannot sleep. Breast & heart pricked. [Treatment information.]
Purge with opening things. Chest swelled.
[Left] Sweats & burns & is drowsy & lazy.
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Case 46567

Mrs Cook of Stachdon. 40 years. Wednesday 6 May 1618, 11.00 am.
Aguish water. Has as it were an ague as cake on the left side. Head ill & very faint. Last week took her purge & wrought plentifully & used her ointment. Has them not well. Stomach clogged with the stoppage. Full of wind in her left side with an ague cake has also a lump like a wedge in the bottom of her belly ascending upward. A very windiness of the spleen. Mother suspected. All full of wheals.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 29666

Cicely Tomkins of Newnton, 26 years. Wednesday 4 September 1605, 12.00. 2 child, youngest of a year old. Troubled in mind.
[In chart] Tempted to hurt herself. Looks well.
Has not had her sickness [menstruation] a year since nor used to have them. No grief at all but grieved in mind 2 years since & never opened it. A good creature. Never saw any thing. Tempted when she is alone to make herself away with knife. A good creature & speaks well. Merry in company, ill solitary. A corpulent bodied woman. Urine much & good. Took a fear & smay at a friend of hers that hanged herself. Thinks her self a sinner & troubled with filthy words. Looks well.
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Case 29490

Alice Hartley of St Needes, 43 years. Tuesday 30 July 1605, 3.30 pm.
[Right margin: had not her sickness [menstruation] since Candlemas.]
Troubled with a rising in her stomach. Ready to stop her wind. Has voided a worm downward & tickles like a worm upward. This 12 years cold inward & dry. An itch about her breast. Comes with a trouble of mind. Had her sickness [menstruation] 3 weeks since.
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Case 17493

Mrs Brunning of Oxford, 50 years. Tuesday 13 July 1602, 6.45 am. For her disease.
Much grief. Disquieted in mind for suits of law & debt & want of silver. Had not her sickness [menstruation] this 5 years. Since she took allum to stay the reds which had exceedingly weakened her. A bad stomach & side. Wind cholic.
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Case 16939

Mary Hill of Hanslop, 41 years. Monday 17 May 1602, 1.30 pm.
[In chart] Mind troubled & tempted.
Had no child six years. Complains of her stomach this 8 weeks. Had her sickness [menstruation] about a fortnight since. Good quantity, black. Much grief & sorrow. Mind distracted. Fears quakes & trembles as if she were frighted with some ill sight. Mr Lingard the minister her landlord threatened to cast them out of the house. Troubled with melancholy.
[Treatment information, includes hiera logadii.]
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Case 11621

Agnes Miller, 45 years. Saturday 12 August, [1598], 8.34 am. Has had an old disease as she thinks of the wind colic ready to stop there [her] wind. Lies at her heart every day of the week. The running of the reins.
[Right of chart] Saturday 12 August, 8.34 am. For Agnes Miller who has been troubled with the running of her reins & so also her husband for the space of this 4 years & her mother with the wind colic. While she had her terms she was a sound woman but since never having them she has been much distempered with the running of the reins.
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Case 50337

Anne Warr of Stony Stratford, 46 years. Tuesday 29 February, 1620, 9.00 am. A weak pale water & windy. A weak stomach. Swelled in her face & head. If she sits up her feet swell also. Desires to drink. Eats nothing but broth & used to suck her water letting none of the substance to go down. Troubled also with the whites too much. Gonorrhea. Has them too much [courses].
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