Case 6311

Mary Watson, 17 years. Thursday 8 November 1599, 12.20 pm. Utrum sit gravida necnon et quid inde sequitur [whether pregnant or not and what would follow]. Herself sent.
She was with child but it perishes and consumes in her womb by ill drinks and medicines she has taken & yet she will take more medicine. But meddle not thou with her lest ill come of it. For if the conception proved she would be quick the 18 of November. Give her nothing till the 14 of this month then prepare & purge.
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Case 62118

Mrs Nameless beyond Bedfordshire, 30 years. Unmarried. Francis Ablestone, a waiting gentlewoman. Friday 21 April 1626, 7.30 am.
[Right of chart] She took diverse things to cause abortion of diverse means but none would do. I gave her nothing.
Was in love with one. Is by child with him & he is fled to Ireland & she leaving Dunstable goes into Bedfo[rd].
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Case 30804

Anne Gadstone of Rawnson, 27 years. Sunday 8 March 1607, 12.00 pm. Chest, pit of stomach & back & has not her terms this 3 months. Head & eyes red.
[Bottom left] [In chart] Proved with child & would have destroyed it but could not god be thanked.
[Right of chart] Anne Gadstone of Ranson 27 years. Sunday 8 March 1607, 12.00 pm.
Anne Gadstone was let blood March 22 4.50 pm 1607 in arm & foot & yet god be thanked miscarried not but proved with child. Took [treatment information. Gratis]. God be thanked it did not hurt her. But proved with child.
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Case 27141

Jane Varney of great Horwood, 29 years. [15 April 1606, c. 10.00 am.] Married 11 years. One child 10 years old. Had one after & abortum. With a continual a gnawing about her heart & right side. Most pitiful. Has them monthly a spot or 2. Troubled also with wind. Pale coloured. Urine good. Head, face, eyes now swelled. About a fortnight since.
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Case 62514

She took a fright Thursday 19 January 1626, 4.30 pm. The cause an abortion.
Sat in a chair being weary. The seat fell out & took a fright & complained of her back.
Was sick & casted as if she should swoon.
Was tired.
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Case 67084

Sir Christopher Hatton’s mother for her daughter, Alice Hatton of Moulten Park, 22 years. Sunday 28 September 1628, 1 pm.
[In chart] Maid child. Was safely brought abed that afternoon. Only desires my presence. Fears that she shall miscarry.
[Right] She was safely brought abed of a dead child that day.
Her daughter with child & all her time very ill & seems that she shall miscarry. Is very weak & faint. Complains of a coldness of her stomach.
[Right column] This lady Hatton has in her house these commodities:
1 mythridate
2 diascordium
3 Venice treacle
4 alkermes
5 bezoar stone
6 syrup of gillyflowers
7 spirit of Venice treacle
8 aqua coelest
9 cinnamon water
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Case 77616

Alice Danford of Densanger, 30 years. Sunday 16 June 1633, 8 pm.
Was safely brought abed by Dr Chamberlain & her daughter also.
Woman & child had safe deliverance.
A widow before he married her & had 2 children by her former husband. & both of them are dead. & she was married to this last husband fortnight before Michaelmas last. The child is dead in her womb.
1. Sneezing powder (2 scruples); pellitory of Spain (2 scruples); diatrium pipereon [species] (1 scruple).
2. Borax; savin juniper; origanum dictamnus; 1 dram each, in 3 papers.
3. Pennyroyal, hyssop (both 1 minim?); aniseed (spoonful); licorice (spoonful); cinnamon (1 dram); ginger (1 dram); in 2 pounds of posset ale.
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Case 6211

Susan Sanders of Hackney, 36 years. 19 October 1599, 3.15 pm. Mack Williams’s daughter by Mary Chekes.
[Left margin] Look 5 November.
[Astrology.] Whether she shall have any more children. Any more husbands. & whether she shall live to enjoy him that does best deserve her.
She shall live to enjoy her beloved and it seems her husband will die in December next by drunkenness & then shall she marry him she loves if she will & have by him 2 children a boy & a maid but shall miscarry of the maid.
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Case 6494

Anne Tymcok, 31 years. Monday 17 December 1599, 1.20 pm. Whether she shall have any children or no.
It seems she shall conceive twice. But she may bring one child with much ado into the world. The other will perish & not come to life. Her husband’s nature does not agree with her. They are both dry. Let her rectify her body well. And her husband also for the greatest fault is in the man.
And it seems she shall have a child by some other man and not by her husband.
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Case 51150

Mrs. Mary Talbot of Saldon, 20 years last Michaelmas. Friday 30 June 1620, 4.4[5] pm.
[In chart] Late abortion.
Has had 3 false conceptions & this last on Wednesday morning with great pain & travail & many throes nothing but a bla[dder] & nothing in it. Has never but [a] few. Used much fasting & also a sparing diet. Enquires the ca[use] & what remedy.
[Left margin] Has no proportion or shape of a carrot [?]. Apt to conceive.
The matrix too cold. Full of raw & [in binding] humours that hinder [or] corrupt it.
The first had as it were a pig’s bladder blown a little water & the [in binding] like an afterbirth with some clots [?].
[Next page] Whether this defect proceeds not as well from the husband as the wife. By reason there wants only the shape. Thought good to go to the spa for them both & what I think thereof. What best for diet & hereafter what physic & for the present whether condiment, electuary or lozenges.
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Case 48944

Mistress Pedder of Potters Perry, 39 years last St. Lawrence’s day. Wednesday 10 August 1580, 11.30 am.
12 years married, our Lady Day’s eve three weeks before Michaelmas married.
Her husband abuses her. Rails on her, calls her whore bitch & beats her & swears that she is nought[y] & says he is bewitched. [Above the line] with Mr. Troughton.
Wednesday was sennet in the morning her husband beat her & kicked her 2 of June. [Astrology.]
Had 2 children. One died a year old 7 years since & miscarried of another.
[Right column] Master Pedder 43 years. 29 March last.
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Cases 63570, 63568

Edward Clark of Haddingham, 25 years. Saturday 7 April 1627, 6.00 am. Mind jealous.
[Over page] Edward Clark sent his water Saturday 7 April 1627, 5.45 am. Sleeps little.
[Left] Sick 7 weeks. Was Married.
After midnight sings curses & swears bitterly. Was let blood in one arm 12 ounces & had a vomit 6 weeks since.
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[Related decumbiture,bottom left.] Edward Clark fell sick Thursday h. 1.30pm 1627. [Astrology.] His wife was brought abed 9 weeks 2 months. The child was alive 3 days & was christened. The Monday three weeks before Lammas about the tenth of July. Longed for something & it had it not & so miscarried.
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