Case 78483

Mistress Mary Fisher sister to Master Jobson, 31 years. Sunday 20 October 1633, 11.45 am.
[In chart] Cataract feared.
A mist before her eyes which in the morning oftentimes takes away her sight with seeming black spots between the eye & the light, & nothing to be seen.
Her eyes seldom or never water, but burn sometimes extremely, & sometimes a cold rheum comes down her face & strikes into her eyes. Brain & forehead often hot & burning. Brain hot & dry. First caused through continual weeping. Her eyes grow worse & worse. Desires advice & counsel.
[Lengthy treatment.]
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Case 48986

Richard Bedford of Gadstone in Hertfordshire, 50 [years]. Monday 14 June 1619, 6.40 am.
Urine good. [In binding.] Somewhat mopish. Ca[res] not to go abroad, & he will keep his be[d] all the day. [In binding.] Costive.
[Left margin] [Treatment information including sigil tin/Jupiter.]
At the first he said he [was] so fat that he was [ashamed] to go abroad. Had been first heart sick & was twice let blood & [in margin]. Now will keep his bed almost all d[ays] & will not go out of his own house. He talks well & wisely & sometimes will [in margin]. I would wish all men to go to the church. Promises to go to church but they cannot bring him to it.
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Case 49292

Georg Myles complained of his chest. Tuesday 20 July 1619, 4 pm.
Windyness & aptness to swound & of black stuff that comes from by his excrements.
It would seem that his spleen is not sound.
Jupiter lord of the ascendant approaching Saturn lord of the sixth house in the seventh, in Gemini.
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Case 29154

Elizabeth Earle of Blisworth, 20 years. Monday 3 June 1605, 11.10 am.
On Whitson Monday at evening prayer time. At church fell very ill. Came home and talks idly. Not well in her wits. Weeps much.
[In chart, overleaf] Elizabeth Earle of Blisworth distracted.
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Case 71807

Sara Goodman of Maidwell, 18 years. Thursday 14 April 1631, 6 am.
A week ill. Light headed. She lost the keys of her house & thought that somebody was within that kept her out. A fat face.
[Left margin] Apt to sleepe mutch the[n] not.
The more was frightened because a year or two since a man was found [in] the bed that had no power to steal. Full of blood.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 64487

Francis Write of Sherington, 29 years. 18 August 1627, 3.00 pm.
4 years troubled with a swelling in Mercury into her leg & right arm. Then into her belly which sometimes is as big as one that is with child & it swageth somty(m)s but is very hard like a cake on the life side. The left side ever since her quartain ague last which is now about 2 years. 8 years married. [In margin: had a child.] Had had an itch & her mother putting about her a girdle of quicksilver & this hath brought up into her arms great red & other & ring worms & knobs & in her brows & full of red spots. Has not had her usual courses 4 years in her childbed.
[Treatment information.]
Her husband went from her with a whore 3 or 4 years since.
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Case 45641

Ellen Triploe of Little Paxon, 48 years. Tuesday 21 October 1617, 3.40 pm. Starts & skrikes & says sometimes that she shall be drowned & sometimes burned. With many idle speeches. Ill 4 days by fits. Slept never a whit last night. Is distracted, pulls and snatches. Took grief that her son did marry against her will, yet she gave her consent. Much against her will. Wished that she might see him buried. Husband sine consensu [asks without consent].
Moon separating from conjunction with Mercury approaching conjunction with Mars.
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Case 23806

John Faldo of Goldington, 29 years. Saturday 13 August 1614, 7.40 am.
Fretting & choleric & melancholy.
A salt rheum.
Married a young woman. Lived not long.
Will be hard to be pleased in matches.
Has had many offers & refuses them either because they be not fair enough or else not virtuous.
Cannot abide to.
Some would advise him to have a widow but he likes better of a virgin.
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Case 32922

George Vescy of Whaddon, 52 years. Tuesday 1 March 1608, 2.40 pm. [Brought?] 2 cockerels.
[Left of chart] George Vescy’s wife. Much grief touching him. Whites, reds, bleeds much.
Runs into his limbs, hips, arms & left leg with flushing heat. & then after extreme cold. Goody Bigge of Nashe suspected. Is very desirous ever since precession [procession?] Monday [?binding] to have women to whip him.
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