Case 48986

Richard Bedford of Gadstone in Hertfordshire, 50 [years]. Monday 14 June 1619, 6.40 am.
Urine good. [In binding.] Somewhat mopish. Ca[res] not to go abroad, & he will keep his be[d] all the day. [In binding.] Costive.
[Left margin] [Treatment information including sigil tin/Jupiter.]
At the first he said he [was] so fat that he was [ashamed] to go abroad. Had been first heart sick & was twice let blood & [in margin]. Now will keep his bed almost all d[ays] & will not go out of his own house. He talks well & wisely & sometimes will [in margin]. I would wish all men to go to the church. Promises to go to church but they cannot bring him to it.
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Case 56191

Thomas Burchmore of Carrington, hard by Luton, 28 years. Thursday 1 May 1623, 1 pm.
[Above chart to right] His brother cut the rope and saved him.
[In chart] Mopish. 3 weeks and extreme hard would hang and kill himself.
His brother cut it this Monday 31 March 1623, 6 am. His brother found him almost dead with a halter that he hanged himself. Cut and yet lives but very mopish and has a perfect remembrance.
His creditors bankrupt for debt of 8 pounds and his sheep rotten. Grown desperate and mopish otherwise a very honest man.
[Crossed out chart]
Know of his coming but not willing to make water. Had a tab[let] vomit and this wrought well.
Had a purge and that wrought indifferent well. Had pills and they wrought not at all which he took at night. A comfortable electuary of [leaves off].
[Left column] Urine good.
[Right column] Complains of his heart.
Grudges and pines at losses or money laid out. Horse leeches.
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Case 16201

Joane Pampion of Abington, 60 years. Friday 22 June 1604, 9.20 am.
A pain at her heart. Pulled in her shoulders and back. Took much grief for that her landlord since her husband’s death has taken her land away and given her other for it not so good, and now her senses are gone. Mopish. And cares not for any thing. Many times has idle speeches.
[Treatment information]
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Case 39207

Thomas Page of Wavendon, 50 years. Thursday 13 February 1612, 1.15 pm.
A butcher.
[In chart] Grew furious & raging about Thursday night.
Took grief for his wife’s death who died lately & has a child sick. Himself very godly. Confessed his sins & afterward grew into this melancholy sorrow crying out of devils, damnation & knaves & leapt out of his bed & pulled & held & now is grown mopish & speaks little.
Owes many debts & some came in for their debts. Grief for debts.
[Treatment information.]
It will do him good by God’s grace. Doubts he shall not have to discharge his debts.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 76882

Joan Dean of London the wife of one that is porter to the Earl of Northampton, dwelling in London, 36 years. Monday 8 April 1633, 10 am.
Brought abed a week after Christmas in Grasin in Maidenhead Alley.
[To right of chart, treatment information.]
[Right column] Has not had them since she lay in. & she lay in & was brought abed a week after Christmas. Never had her courses since. Very cold.
[Left column] Full of melancholy & has mind for nothing nor husband nor child.
Has 5 children. Mopish ever since 5 weeks before Michaelmas. Ever since that she quickened.
Cannot sleep.
Urine thick & has dregs in it of a good colour.
[Middle column] A neighbour fell out with her & ill ever since. Mary Dudwyn did curse her & her children. And Mistress Barbery also suspected.
[Left column] Complains of her stomach & head. Mopish. Has taken much physic of the doctors. Vomits & purges & was let blood.
Vomits, purges, pills was also let blood by the doctors yet never the better.
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Case 68796

Mistress Joan Plot of Dunstable, 36 years. Saturday 29 June 1629, 1 pm.
Brought abed this day 5 weeks.
[In chart] Her conscience sorely tormented about her child that died a year since. Imagination so depraved that no counsel will serve.
[To right of chart] Brought abed 5 weeks since.
Took a grief for a child of 4 years old that died.
Despairs of her salvation because that she said if he die let him die. This thought troubles her mind. Cares not for her husband nor child but goes into a corner to weep. Waxes mopish.
[Left column] Covetous to have [or save?] [ward?] & neighbours. Nurses a child.
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Case 71500

Mistress Whelens of Collingtree by Northampton, 54 years. Wednesday 9 March 1631, 4 pm.
[Deleted chart.]
[Over page] Mistress Whelens of Collingtree, 53 years. Wednesday 9 March 1631, 4 pm.
Much urine & good.
Troubled with a trembling of her heart. Ill if she goes to bed with her husband. Since the sises [assizes?] a passion of the heart makes her mopish & suggests ill thoughts against her husband.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 77231

Elizabeth Poulter of Willingham, 25 years. Friday 10 May 1633, 10 am. Denies her husband the use of her body.
[In chart] Mind troubled. Mopish & musing.
Married 3 quarters of a year. A month before Christmas. Has them well. Was let blood in her arm & foot 3 quarters of a year since. Mended & ser ward [afterward?] mend [?] on Christmas last grew to melancholy.
[On left] Can rest well & is only sick in her mind.
Could never endure to hear or to see that strange man that let her blood & professed surgery who is now gone from the town where he professed his surgery for a quarter of a year.
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Case 26180

Mistress Holland of London, 23 years at Hallowtide last. Tuesday 6 May 1606, 10.00 am. Taken first on Wednesday Easter week at night in her bed at 12 pm. A thing like a dog came upon her. Made her foam & skrike. She said she saw some ill thing in her bed coming to her like a cat or a dog as she lay with her husband that struck her with a dead palsy.
Was a very modest woman. Cares not what she says in this taking. Taken with a palsy all over her left side. Mopish in her wits by fits at an instant. Draws her arms & legs after her. Talks idly. Is with child & looks to be delivered about a month hence. A very good urine with some motes. A sudden flash & motion of the brain.
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Case 60718

Lawrence Plummer of Layton, 60 years. Wednesday 29 June 1625, 8.30 am.
Vain & senseless. Mopish, melancholy & will be going he knows not where. & sometimes senseless & cannot keep him in his bed. Will walk all night in his chamber & pull off his shirt.
Sine consensu uxor pro viro [wife for the husband without consent]. Elizabeth Ganger a shepherd’s wife suspected & broke at first his cannell [collar] bone.
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Case 72184

Master Michael Cole of Berkswell by Coventry, 30 years. Wednesday 25 May 1631, 11.00 am.
[In chart] Troubled mind.
Cursed in his love that his friends liked not of & broke it. Then at London a quarter of a year since had a burning fever & likely to die of it yet recovered. Since an unfortunate brother coming to see him in his sickness & finding him mopish & sottish & without sense.
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Case 31853

William Flye of Hinton beyond Brackley, 22 years. Saturday 4 July 1607, 12.00 pm. His head ill. Mopish. Father for the child. Mopish.
[In chart] In love with one that he never did ask the question & now tempted.
[To right of chart] Grown mopish ever since May.
Worse than heretofore since Monday last. June 29, Saturday. Saturn separating from Moon, opposition Sun approaching opposition Mars. Says he is bewitched & that he must have the wench he loves. Sleeps ill.
[Treatment including mandrake and jeralog.]
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Case 45582

George Norris of Stevenage in Hertford parish, 32 years. Thursday 9 October 1617, 5.00 pm. Crazed his brains for love to a wench.
[In chart] Much melancholy. Mopish.
Has had 3 or 4 fits would not keep his bed but ris[e] & strike. A stout migh[ty] man. Was let blood & purged.
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Case 21485

Richard Kilpyne of Woulson great, 27 years. Taken frantic. Friday 14 September 1604, 7.45 am. Frater pro frater. Vel pater potius [Father. Brother for brother. Or rather father.]
[In chart] lightheaded & rabid. Was purged, let blood & mended god be thanked.
Since Wednesday last did eat little or nothing nor could sleep. Fat & red before now white & palish. Forgetful & melancholy almost half a year & mopish with all.
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Case 23738

Anne Syred of Monkes Riseborough, 26 years. Thursday 28 July 1614, 9.15 am. Married.
[In chart] Frantic & mad. Distracted.
Urine indifferent but somewhat high coloured.
Mopish & distracted since Friday night & not before. Very froward & much dejected by reason of her sins. Has had 3 children, youngest about half a year & sucks. Yesterday they had much ado to keep her: & called them devils and rated all & was wonderful ill for two hours. Cries out of her sins. Desires to lie on the ground. Head very light.
1. Tab. 5 pence 12.
2. From the cephalic vein 8 ounces.
3. Extract of opium 2 and a half quarters.
Diasc. 1 dram. Syrup of poppy 1 ounce. Water of violets 2 ounces.
From the sapherous vein 7 ounces.
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Case 23511

Katherine Ignoram of Rishdon hard by Hiem Feryes, 23 years. Thursday 2 June 1614, 6.00 pm. Mater pro filia sine consensu [the mother for the daughter without consent].
Married 3 years to her husband. She is willing to lie with him, but will not permit her husband to have the use of her body. Feels a yucking up of her meat & is as one tormented that she cannot [breaks off]. It will lie in her throat not able to speak her eyes closed & her mouth & yet sometimes will bounce on her bed & yet cannot speak striving, & then it will choke her & then will weep & when they go to prayer the more ease she feels. Is foolish & mopish some days & at other times she will neither. Blood letting or purging will do her good. At some times of the year, a deadness began & a while after will grow frantic. If she take a vomit it will work & she will fall down dead for 3 hours & then afterward will come to her sense. Never now desires carnal copulation.
[Treatment information.]
Under tongue also.
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Case 50434

Will Stampford of Teddington, 31 years. Saturday 25 March 1620, 2.20 pm. A bachelor born on St Mark’s day being Friday about 11. 30 am 31 years a mark he had in his forehead. The falling sickness many kinds of it.
[In chart] Epilepsia.
[Astrology.] Mater sine consensu [mother without consent]. Ready to die in his fits. Is never [breaks off]. 3 years ill by fits taken suddenly light headed senseless sometimes 24 hours & better sometimes 2 or 3 days & nights. Mopish sometimes it will hold but one hour & well a fortnight. Voids at his mouth almost a quart of roping water like the white of an egg. It is ready to strangle him like the mother. He will rove & roam & skrike & roam with his hands as one besides himself & as if he would die for the time. Urine good. Love as is thought betwixt him & a wench.
[Top right] Will Stampford of Teddington, March 25 Saturday 2.20 pm, 1620. He looks thin, yellow. A good urine. Will eat [out] of the fit. [Left] Reddish hair.
[Treatment information.]
Grief brings him to his fit. Mopish & childish.
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Case 50854

Mr Fettyplace, Tuesday 16 May 1620, 12.20 pm. Born Wednesday 3 October 1593, 3pm. Mr Fettyplace came to me not of his own accord but by the appointment of his lady mother a young gentleman. Loved one that his mother despised.
[In chart] Mopish by fits & furious. Could not be cured.
It is by fits in his head mopish & will not speak a word a week or better & by fits mends & will speak. Well sensed a quarter of a year. Ill 2 years by fits. [Astrology.]
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