Case 32602

Thomas Kelly, Friday 22 January 1608, 9 am, had a sore shaking aguish fit. The Lady Constable’s man. Thomas Kelly fell into a new & a strange aguish fit shaking bed & chamber round about Saturday, 9 am, 1608.
[In chart] He died of a pleurisy for not letting blood.
Moon separating from opposition with Sun approaching trine with Venus.
& he voided at his mouth.
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Case 64423

Mistress Turney of Layton, 51 years. Friday 10 August 1628, 7.30 am, 7.45am.
[In chart] Melancholy & much tormented with griping pain in her belly. Can find no help having tried many.
Always costive. Tormented 16 weeks with griping wind tormenting her day & night as one haunted. Has taken physic of Doctor Gifford & Doctor Wilson & Doctor Martin & Mister Wallis. & had by all of their consents clysters & ointment yet feels no use. Is of late grown very cold.
[Left column] [Astrology.] Of a melancholy disposition. Apt to vomit continually & yet brings up nothing but phlegm. Yet hearty after fits. Has taken the leeches(?).
[Treatment information.]
[Central column] Lamentable pain as one rent & torn & can take no rest day nor night.
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Case 20347

Thomas Davy of Marston 53 years. Thursday 4 February 1602, 10.53 am.
[In chart] Noli me tangere in the lips [canker on the lips].
Has had it ever since Whitsontide was twelvemonth. It first began on his lip & broke out with heat to be a little scab. & now by ointments laid to it, it is grown to knobs & was big as an egg. & a water somewhat too high coloured & too red. His stomach is full of water.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 67084

Sir Christopher Hatton’s mother for her daughter, Alice Hatton of Moulten Park, 22 years. Sunday 28 September 1628, 1 pm.
[In chart] Maid child. Was safely brought abed that afternoon. Only desires my presence. Fears that she shall miscarry.
[Right] She was safely brought abed of a dead child that day.
Her daughter with child & all her time very ill & seems that she shall miscarry. Is very weak & faint. Complains of a coldness of her stomach.
[Right column] This lady Hatton has in her house these commodities:
1 mythridate
2 diascordium
3 Venice treacle
4 alkermes
5 bezoar stone
6 syrup of gillyflowers
7 spirit of Venice treacle
8 aqua coelest
9 cinnamon water
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Case 2069

Jean Knight of Baldock of 43 years. Thursday 14 July 1597, 3.30 pm. Diz. [the nature of the disease] & whether she be forespoken by Katherine Bigrave, the wife of John Bigrave of Baldock.
She is much tormented in her back, belly & stomach.
She is overspelled or overseen. The first two potions that were made for her were burst, one by the way homeward & the other so soon as it came home standing in the cupboard.
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