Case 2294

Elizabeth Borase of Horsy Downs, 40 years. Tuesday 16 August 1597, 8.25 am. Herself sent.
She supposes her self with child, but I think it is not so. Of 12 weeks & 2 days, but I think it is putrefaction in her matrix. With much pain of the reins, ready to vomit. Pained head, belly. She proved shortly after not to be with child.
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Case 513

Mrs Clark utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant]. Friday 2 July 1596, 8.00 am.
Her urine sprinkles freshly but she should not be with child by her urine but stopped. But she is with child by the sign & conjunction of Saturn & Venus & has gone 14 weeks. She was not as it proved.
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Case 1249

Julian Wilson, 50 years. Friday 18 February 1597, 11.35 am. Diz [the nature of the disease]. Herself [asks] et utrum sit gravida [and whether pregnant]. At the Swan in St Katherines.
She says she is with child and hath but 12 days to go.
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Case 177

Mrs Braddedge, 38 years. Tuesday 27 April 1596, 6.15 am.
Diz [the nature of the disease]. Et quando parit et utrum sit gravida vel non [when she will give birth and whether pregnant or not].
She has been in labour often & yesterday was in travail all day & then she had a show of her courses came from her & at night her travail ceased again & I judge that she is not with child but has some mole of the matrix or false conception which will come from her some 5 days hence or else some fortnight hence.
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Case 272

Agnes Painter of Whetstone beyond Highgate, 21 years. Tuesday 11 May 1598, 6.20 am. Utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant].
She has a fever and is fretful. It is in her stomach. Like to vomit often & in the reins. She has not her courses. Pained heart, reins. She will have the green sickness. She is not with child. Her water sprinkles very much. But yet by judgment of this figure she seems to be with child. This wench was well enough but she was supposed to be with child. She was very big.
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Case 42629

Elisabeth Leach of Caucot otherwise Caldecote, 43 years. Wednesday 8 November 1615, 9 am.
Quaerit an sit gravida necne [asks whether she is pregnant or not]. Has been bigger & bigger ever since midsummer & is grown bigger and bigger as a woman great with child. & yet has her terms every month. Has a few. Her breasts leak. Very desirous to know whether she have not a tympany bred on her.
Much troubled with wind & great pain in the lower part of her belly.
Did vomit with [?] last night. Complains of her back. Share very sore. Breasts leak.
[Astrology, including conclusion that she’s not pregnant.]
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Case 6311

Mary Watson, 17 years. Thursday 8 November 1599, 12.20 pm. Utrum sit gravida necnon et quid inde sequitur [whether pregnant or not and what would follow]. Herself sent.
She was with child but it perishes and consumes in her womb by ill drinks and medicines she has taken & yet she will take more medicine. But meddle not thou with her lest ill come of it. For if the conception proved she would be quick the 18 of November. Give her nothing till the 14 of this month then prepare & purge.
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Case 300

Dorothy Midnol of 21 years. Saturday 15 May 1596 10.40 am. Utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant]. Set it at a 11.
[2 charts.]
Her urine sprinkles and she is much stopped & has not her course this 14 weeks. But I suppose her with child but either of some false conception or some sudden alteration of her body will follow.
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Case 2508

Susan Sims in Phillip Lane of 24 years. Wednesday 14 September 1597 4.00 pm. Utrum sit gravida necnon [whether pregnant or not]. Herself came.
She seems to be gravida of 7 months but the foetus I judge will not come to good. & either she has a mole & a foetus or two shapes in her body. Of Saturn in Scorpio, Moon separating from Jupiter. False conception.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 3399

Antonia Yersley in the Old Change. Friday 31 March 1598, 4.00 pm. Disease and whether she shall ever have any more children.
Est gravida [she is pregnant]. Full of water. She is fretful and the child will hardly prove.
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Case 34941

Phillip Eason of Stony Stratford, 28 years. Tuesday 21 March 1609, 2.20 pm. Pained at her heart, chest & breast with pricking. Best fasting. Was 10 weeks without them [menses] & had them. Next Saturday will be a month & then had them three days together in great store[?]. Married six [years]. Had two children at a birth last Magdalene tide one stillborn & the other lived a day & then died. Purges will not work downward but upward. Had a child three years last Allhallowtide & was here & had physic about March & proved with child & was half delivered & the child lives. This woman never had her sickness at all until she was delivered. Never had them neither before she was married nor that year neither until she was delivered. At that time had a vomit & was let blood in both feet & yet did well. A thin white water. Very ill after & used to be costive. Eating. Quaerit an sit gravida [asks whether she is pregnant].
[Left of chart] Very sick after meat & was fain to go to bed.
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Case 5247

Elizabeth Parker. Tuesday 24 April 1599, 7.15 pm. Nicholas Parker & his Brother for Besse/ quid incid [what follows] /et quis est pater eius conceptionis [and who is the father of her unborn child].
In this action remember this that follows:
Whitfield how he had her up.
The Smith that used to her.
William Casson how he had her.
Old Wheatly how he did use her.
Captain Riddelsden at Mr Brage’s.
Fardell of Southwark when I sent her to see his wife lying in.
The time that she went to Hackney and she went not thither but to Lambeth with a baker & other fellows & came home drunk.
The time that she went to Fleet Street when I went out to Lambeth in an afternoon & forbade her to go out.
The time that she stayed so long at market.
[Note: Parker had worked as a servant in Forman’s household, they had a sexual relationship, and he seems to be supplying the information about her numerous sexual partners.]
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Case 20484

Luce Basell of Olney, 40 years. Sunday 28 February 1602, 4.40 pm.
Had not sickness till 8 or 10 weeks since. She cannot keep her meat ever since this sennet. Comes up shakes and burns with cold. Asks if she is pregnant. Urine of a mediocre colour.
[Right of chart] Jane Drubb did curse her, and presently had a calf that foamed and died. Beat hard against the ground. Taken grief and fear by the womb.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 54168

Mrs Anne Stap of Emmerton, 21 years a fortnight before Easter. Wednesday 15 May 1622, 3.40pm.
[In chart] An ague.
Complains of an arising in her left side & runs up to her short ribs & full of wind. A noise in her head.
Has not had them since she was brought abed. Never had them before but a little before she conceived nor never since. Had the green sickness 12 years. Mended not until she married & was with child.
Nescit an sit gravida [does not know whether pregnant]. Ill in her stomach.
A thin urine like well water.
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Case 13715

Elisabeth Machum of Milton. Wednesday 27 April 1603, 2.00 pm.
[In chart] Morbus comitialis. Gravidam fuit [epilepsy. Was pregnant]. Has had a child yet never the better.
[Below chart] Was never helped.
She proved with child as I think
[Right] Nescit an sit gravida [does not know whether pregnant].
Makes her nose bleed.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 55304

Joan Hanscombe of Shitlington, 34 years. Monday 24 November 1622, 1.20 pm.
[In chart] Mother fits. swooning.
Nescit an sit gravida [does not know whether pregnant]. No child these two years & a quarter. No terms these 15 weeks. Feels something to arise from the right side up to her chest & head & swoons for an hour oftentimes together.
Swooned these two months very often.
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Case 58797

Alice Stone of Woburne, 35 years. Saturday 17 July 1624, 8.30am.
[In chart] Mother.
6 years married no child. A great swelling like a twopenny loaf in her belly.
Nescit an sit gravida [does not know whether pregnant]. Aguish water red.
[Left] Urine good. Belly very hard & cries in her room these 6 weeks. Is up once a day. Eats little.
It takes her by fits in her belly by strong tormenting pains especially 3 weeks running up into her limbs. faint & weak & can scarce [breaks off].
[Astrology.] [Treatment information.]
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Case 38692

Barbara Hopkins of Pitchlie, 28 years. Wednesday 11 September 1611, 3.15 pm.
Complains most of her belly with a gripping ever since Whitsuntide. Most by fits. Colic.
[Name of angel in binding]: Will mend by god’s grace.
[Treatment information: Diaphænicon five drams, pulvis hiera picra and sancti, of each half an ounce, saxifraga, chamomile, of each one ounce, decoction two ounces.] Quaerit an sit gravida [asks whether pregnant].
Raphael: Is not.
Fears consumption.
[Treatment information: Conserve Rosarum one and a half ounces, theriaca [illeg.] half an ounce, diagalangae one scruple, theriaca Andromachi half a dram.]
[Right column] Troubled with the wind colic. Faint & short winded.
Michael: She is but a week gone with child & will die about 24 weeks hence.
Thinks herself not to be with child. If it were so, she thinks that she is near her time of quickening. Was very lame that she could not go nor rest for the extremity of pain & ache. Feels a rumbling in her belly. Is lame still but a little mends. Has had an extreme scouring a great while.
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Case 38222

Mrs Douglas Foster of Carington, 26 years. Monday 10 June 1611, 10.00 am. [Above: Mrs Elisabeth Blundell wrote in her behalf.] The Lord’s name be blessed.
[In chart] She is with child.
[Left margin] Michael, Rafael: Seems that now no body would take her to be with child. Seems small.
Supposes herself to be with child. Now past her reckoning 3 weeks & has throws gripping in her belly. 3 months troubled with the terms. Mostly feels nothing stirring & therefore wants to know if she is pregnant. If not would take something to break them. It is of Saturn Lord of the 6th & 5th houses retrograde. Troubled with the reds & whites.
[Right margin] Michael: Will mend by god’s grace.
[Treatment information: Conserve Rosarum two ounces, trochisci de terra sigillata one & a half scruple, sanguis draconis one scruple, diascordium one scruple {illegible} one scruple, piluae coralliis one scruple.]
Mrs Blundel’s midwife does not take her to be with child. Nor can feel anything if she be. She is very small as ever one saw.
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Case 20139

Mary Gunthrop of Wolverton, 30 years. Monday 21 December 1601, 2.00 pm. Grief. Discontentment with her husband.
Mary Gunthrop troubled with an arising in her stomach like the mother. Her mistress doubts that she is with child. Melancholy since the death of her child. Refuses company. Lies in her chest & all over her side.
[Treatment information: tabulatus silicate ii & suppository with hiera picra]
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