Case 79789

Mistress Bostocke of Haversham. Tuesday 10 November 1635, 3.40 pm.
Was vexed & frighted with her servant who offered her violence & did pinch & scratch her. & since she has spit blood & has had a great showers & abundance of them [courses] & now some few. Has been with child this 16 weeks gone. Shortwinded & finds her body to swell upon it.
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Case 1994

Joan Band, 27 years. Friday 1 July 1597, 11.00 am. Diz [the nature of the disease]. Herself [asks]. Ratlif. Utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant].
[Right of chart] Try this. Utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant].
[Astrology] ergo gravida [therefore pregnant]. This woman supposes herself with child & there is a great presumption of it because Venus is lady of the ascendant and is applying to Saturn, lord of the fifth house. But she is pained in the reins, belly & stuffed in the stomach. Of Jupiter in Gemini, Moon separating from Mercury. She is not sick. And she has not her course but it seems she will be with child shortly. She is with child of 7 weeks.
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Case 491

Dorothy Headlowe, 22 years. Mrs Lockley’s maid. Utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant]. Monday 28 June 1596, 1.00 pm. The mistress made the question without consent of the maid.
She is with child about 38 weeks. She was delivered Thursday 8 July & the party did marry her before she was delivered.
I examined the maid about 2 the same day. And she confessed she was with child and who it was that lay with her one Richard.
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Case 20484

Luce Basell of Olnye, 40 years. Sunday 28 February 1602, 4.40 pm. Had not sickness [menstruation] till 8 or 10 weeks since. She cannot keep her meat ever since this sennet [sevennight]. Comes up, shakes and burns with cold. Quaerit an sit gravida [asks if she is pregnant]. Urina mediocris coloris [urine of a mediocre colour]. Jane Drubb did curse her, and presently had a calf that foamed and died. Beat hard against the ground. Taken grief and fear by the woman.
With child.
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Case 30804

Anne Gadstone of Rawnson, 27 years. Sunday 8 March 1607, 12.00 pm. Chest, pit of stomach & back & has not her terms this 3 months. Head & eyes red.
[Bottom left] [In chart] Proved with child & would have destroyed it but could not god be thanked.
[Right of chart] Anne Gadstone of Ranson 27 years. Sunday 8 March 1607, 12.00 pm.
Anne Gadstone was let blood March 22 4.50 pm 1607 in arm & foot & yet god be thanked miscarried not but proved with child. Took [treatment information. Gratis]. God be thanked it did not hurt her. But proved with child.
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Case 21091

Alice Woodward of Stoke Hammond, 38 years. Thursday 19 April 1604, 12.45 pm.
[In chart] Proved with child. As I think quick.
Much pain in her back. The whites much. Right side & the back. Has her red ones. Has taken much grief for that she had 7 children at full time & yet born still all saving her first. Stomach sides back. A great looseness ever since Shrovetide. Turns now of late to be red. Fears the bloody flux. Never had a child on this ground where now she dwells but in Brickhill she had one. Fears the ground to be ill.
[Right column] Takes her sometimes as if she dies in every place. Head legs arms.
Had a child on Hallowtide but stillborn. Cannot quiet her mind because she has not the like fortune that other women have. Fears Alice Colman. Urine yellowish with white dregs.
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Case 69966

Agnes Barnikle of Nappon on the Hill in Warwickshire, 30 years. Married three quarters of a year & better & is quick with child. Monday 18 January 1630, 4.20 pm. Her mind is sorely troubled & cannot abide her husband’s house but is gone home to her mother’s house. Her husband a husbandman with half a yard. Her husband cares not for her.
[Bottom right] Agnes Barnikle of Nappen, 30 years. Monday 18 January 1630, 4.30 pm. Urine good. Mind troubled. With child. Her husband does not love her. She is gone home to her own mother. Discontent in mind. Taken by her husband a while after that she was newly married. As one distracted. Asking how she shall live & what will become of her. [Treatment information.]
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Case 49919

Sara Haddon of Dunstable, 40 years. Tuesday 9 November 1619, 10.45 am.
[In chart] Mind troubled with her husband slandered to be nought.
Cannot sleep. Mind troubled. Perplexed that her husband was slandered to be nought[y]. Was not. & by fits will be pretty well then will rage & fight with her husband & children. 30 weeks gone with child. Has 9 children. 2 years ill & troubled in mind by fits. Cannot by fits abide her husband, children. Troubled with sudden fears & heats. Weeps much.
[Over page] Sara Haddon of Dunstable, 40 years. Tuesday 9 November 1619, 10.40 am. Mind much troubled about her husband. Slandered cannot brook him.
[Treatment information, including a sigil of Jupiter.]
Fears an ill tongue.
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Case 61917

Mistress Sara Edmonds of Holborn, 26 years. Saturday Midsummer Eve 1626, 11 pm.
But her mother came to me for her daughter Saturday 1 April 1626, 2.30 pm.
Is fallen out with her husband who bound her with fetters.
[Bottom right] Had a plague sore but it never broke out & grew maddish & melancholy & her husband bound her & since she cannot abide him upon any little occasion.
Urine red & aguish.
Is gone with child 15 weeks or 16.
Would have a sigil.
[Middle column]
Would live from him.
Ill since Michaelmas.
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Case 26180

Mistress Holland of London, 23 years at Hallowtide last. Tuesday 6 May 1606, 10.00 am. Taken first on Wednesday Easter week at night in her bed at 12 pm. A thing like a dog came upon her. Made her foam & skrike. She said she saw some ill thing in her bed coming to her like a cat or a dog as she lay with her husband that struck her with a dead palsy.
Was a very modest woman. Cares not what she says in this taking. Taken with a palsy all over her left side. Mopish in her wits by fits at an instant. Draws her arms & legs after her. Talks idly. Is with child & looks to be delivered about a month hence. A very good urine with some motes. A sudden flash & motion of the brain.
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