Case 38073

Alice Hills of Thorley, 14 years. Wednesday 8 May 1611, 2.45 pm. Parens sin consensu [the parents without consent].
[In chart] Not bewitched. Mother.
Raphael: Let her blood & she will mend.
Ellen Parret threatened her for a lie made of her & said if she took her she would flay her & after came to visit her & told her that the devil was in her & would never out of her until she lost her lying. Mightily troubled with a great arising in her chest up to her throat. They can scarce hold her. Has had it since 8 weeks & it began in her side like the falling sickness & now for 3 weeks is forced to keep her bed day & night.
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Case 42211

Anne Becke of Kemolten, 60 years. Friday 11 August 1615, 6.20 am. Matrix ascensus [rising of the womb]. They do fear she is possessed.
Has a great rising up to her throat one day more than others.
[Between lines] Like the mother.
& sometimes will cry Lord Jesus Jesus help me, & then again will say that the devil will come for her & have her. Sometimes talks well and sometimes idly. [Astrology.] Black dullish water stinking & full of white stinking thick unsavoury matter. Has eaten little since Wednesday was sennet. It begins at the bottom of her belly as a live thing & rises up the th[roat] & swells & she waxes big.
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Case 49141

A French maid 18 years, servant to my lady Lee of Leighton. Friday 7 July 1619, 1.30 pm. Her father would have sent her to marry with one that she loves not & then she came over to England by stealth.
[Right of chart] Had a clyster last night. [Treatment information.]
[Left of chart] Urine indiff[erent].
[Left margin below chart] A rising in her stomach up to her throat stopping her wind.
Sick since Monday a tingling in her flesh, stitches in her right side. Spit blood. Was let blood & then it went into the left side & then back again to the right side. Is benumbed & pricked all over & ill her joints & has as it were passion of the mother & as one swounding. [Between lines] Terms stopped 2 months.
Desires to eat & cannot get it down & will by fits laugh & be again extreme sick by fits.
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Case 11734

Joan Hull of Newport of 46 years. Thursday 5 October 1598, 3.50 pm. For the rising of her & griping of her heart by fits she has had it a long time: somewhat like an impostume ready to stop her wind & can hardly swallow her spittle. Arising like the mother. Taken a grief touching her first husband who sold all that she had.
Her first husband & she could not agree. Used her not well & was lordly given & always sold away all & made her after she had a child to go 7 years to service again. Many hearts’ griefs.
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Case 61723

Mr Thomas Newton wrote a friendly letter to me in the behalf of Mrs Elizabeth Davyes of Tingrith with her own sister, 60 years. Monday 6 March 1626, 1.40 pm.
[In chart] Mother. Epileptiae species [a kind of epilepsy].
Urine good a white thick sediment. Swooned . A quarter of a year by fits once in a month & now more often & in [one?]hour often times & then after a quarter of an hour very weak & weary.
[Left and between lines] Is very weak & takes little.
A rising in her legs & so [up?]ward until she swoon often. At the last full [moon] was so sick that they thought that she would die. If she live he would marry her.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 54168

Mrs Anne Stap of Emmerton, 21 years a fortnight before Easter. Wednesday 15 May 1622, 3.40pm.
[In chart] An ague.
Complains of an arising in her left side & runs up to her short ribs & full of wind. A noise in her head.
Has not had them since she was brought abed. Never had them before but a little before she conceived nor never since. Had the green sickness 12 years. Mended not until she married & was with child.
Nescit an sit gravida [does not know whether pregnant]. Ill in her stomach.
A thin urine like well water.
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Case 56943

Marge Savage of Towcester, 44 years. Saturday 23 August 1623, 2.00 pm.
[In chart] Mother.
Eyes do run with water. Urine much but good. Did complain of her head ever since Christmas & now but a day of her stomach & did swoon once today & did cast with all about eight in the morning. Has an arising up to her stomach ready to stop her wind. 6 children. No child these two years.
Has them orderly every month. Had them last week orderly.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 55304

Joan Hanscombe of Shitlington, 34 years. Monday 24 November 1622, 1.20 pm.
[In chart] Mother fits. swooning.
Nescit an sit gravida [does not know whether pregnant]. No child these two years & a quarter. No terms these 15 weeks. Feels something to arise from the right side up to her chest & head & swoons for an hour oftentimes together.
Swooned these two months very often.
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Case 29422

Mary Barton of Patshill, 21 years. Tuesday 16 July 1605, 4.40 pm.
[In chart] Lightheaded. She mended God be thanked.
[Astrology.] Costive, stomach swelled, throat stopped. Very phlegmatic. Lightheaded. Frantic. Stomach & a beerish urine had. Full body & of a good complexion. When the fit takes her looks with a black face. Troubled with a great rising in her stomach ready to stop her wind. Her fits take her twice or thrice in a day. Yesterday twice. Full of melancholy. Talks little at any time. Sweats. Troubled much in mind.
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Case 29490

Alice Hartley of St Needes, 43 years. Tuesday 30 July 1605, 3.30 pm.
[Right margin: had not her sickness [menstruation] since Candlemas.]
Troubled with a rising in her stomach. Ready to stop her wind. Has voided a worm downward & tickles like a worm upward. This 12 years cold inward & dry. An itch about her breast. Comes with a trouble of mind. Had her sickness [menstruation] 3 weeks since.
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Case 79335

Mrs Joan Prescott of the Priory in Kimbolton parish, 65 years. Sunday 24 May 1635, 12.45 pm.
Suspects herself to be under an ill tongue. Without any just cause given on her part. Has a suspicion of two persons viz of one Ann Hart & widow Wardbois of Kimbolton parish in the county of Huntington. But most especially of the said Ann Hart being a woman of a bad conversation in reviling, cursing, swearing & so noted by her neighbours for that divers of her neighbours have suspected her to be the only occasion of the loss of their several goods as horses, cows, calfs, pigs & hens, ducks.
She is very much tormented in her body both inwardly in her bowels by pricking & pulling & gnawing & pricking at her heart & sometimes outwardly all over her body sometimes in her head & then in her eyes, shoulders, arms, hands, thighs, knees, legs & no place free & sometimes reasonable well & then comes again & thus she has been this 10 weeks. Has taken much physic & wrought reasonable well with her. But yet she continues as ill as ever. Sleeps indifferent well now often yet heretofore could not sleep well. Is troubled many times taken with a rising up to her thro[at] even ready to stop her. Urine very good. Body very costive. Much troubled with wind.
[Treatment information.]
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