Case 43321

Robart Ampes of Sundon, 72 years, [born] 22 February 1544. Came Saturday 4 May 1616, 11.00 am.
Ill in his head ever since Sunday last. Quite bereaved of his senses & can make no answer & was never so before. It seems that he saw some ill thing.
Nicholas Day the minister suspected for a bad man. Married. He & his wife agree not. No child. His neighbours suspect him given to ill vices. Preaches every Sunday.
Is very unruly. Urine good colour but has a white stinking sediment in it. Was costive but yesterday had a stool. Eats hungrily.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 13134

Susan Blundell 1597. Was grievously handled with a disease which takes her every Saturday since it began to take her which was not until this year 1597 & towards the latter end of January. She was grieved therewith on the 12 of February betwixt one & two in the morning. She is as one dead & swoons 2 or 3 times together. Or a little after midnight betwixt 12 & one. It took her commonly in her sleep.
[Incomplete chart.]
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Case 13137

Susan Blundell 1597. Saturday, 12 February, 12.30 am. Was evilly handled of her disease. & it first took her in the night ready to choke her. She became as a natural changeling before she dyed & died in that sort.
[In chart] The falling sickness of which she died.
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Case 74784

Mary French of Little Powtlin, 5 years full, borne Tuesday night before Michaelmas. Tuesday 5 June 1632, 7.30 pm.
A dumb little child of Leicestershire. Six years old. Dumb born & is always goggling of the head & body. Still in action without understanding of her actions.
[To left of question] The child present.
[In chart] Fairy stricken. A lunatic changeling.
At 9 pm the Tuesday night before Michaelmas 5 years full.
[Extensive astrology.]
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Case 19244

Joan Balle of Walten, 40 years. Thursday 23 April 1601, 8 am.
Her teeth chatter. Head ill & hart rests not all the night long. Quærit an sit gravida [asks if she is pregnant].
It is of Mercury in Gemini. Moon separating from Jupiter in Capricorn.
Urine perquam optima [extremely good].
Swelled in her legs.
Obstructio mensium [blocked courses]. Has not her menses. Had them 12 weeks since a show she had in Lent. I take it that the stay of them is cause of her sickness.
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Case 74582

Mrs Dorothy Latimer, 25 years. Thursday 10 May 1632, 4.40 pm.
An extreme cold over all her body. Cannot sleep. [Right margin]: & my opinion touching his bewitched child by 2 witches.
[In chart] Her palate is fallen.
Can take nothing but broth. Her throat expanding for that she cannot swallow. It will not stay being often put up.
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Case 41868

Anthony Brittain of North Crowly, 57 years. Sunday 15 May 1615, 10 am. A butcher. An ill living man. He fled away with men’s money & ran away beyond sea & was ever so vexed & tormented that he was forced to come again & to confess it & since is taken that he can scarce speak well & is taken all of one side that he has little use of it especially of his hand & can go. He can go & came hither & can speak though not plainly.
Was counted an honest man before & was by a proud son of his persuaded to run away with others [sic] men’s monies.
[Treatment in five steps: a purge, an oil of some sort, bloodletting, and a tin/Jupiter sigil on the neck, and ‘good counsell to serve God & he shall amend.’]
A good urine but full of gravelish stuff. Right arm and right cheek taken & has little use of it. Can speak little or nothing to be understood.
[Added later:] He mended not but died.
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Case 11870

Fraunces Marshall of Newport. Tuesday 12 December 1598, 9.30 am. Very strangely. Can scarce speak, only makes signs for water to cool her. Her mouth is furred white with extreme heat. Takes her drink by a quill. First bound [costive], but that I gave her unbound her. Now in a lask & extreme hot & dry. Troubled in her sleep. The husband for his wife without consent.
Moon separating from square with Jupiter approaching sextile with Mars after sextile with Sun …
A foul yellow red water.
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Case 13548

Alice Rawling the daughter of Will Rawling fell sick. About Monday morning about 10 July 1598, 7.30 am. She speaks idly & is bereaved of her speech & tongue both. & wits.
Moon separating from trine with Mercury approaching trine with Jupiter after opposition with Mars …
It should seem that this child should be in danger of death & yet should at length be delivered through the goodness of God.
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