Case 79789

Mistress Bostocke of Haversham. Tuesday 10 November 1635, 3.40 pm.
Was vexed & frighted with her servant who offered her violence & did pinch & scratch her. & since she has spit blood & has had a great showers & abundance of them [courses] & now some few. Has been with child this 16 weeks gone. Shortwinded & finds her body to swell upon it.
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Case 32602

Thomas Kelly, Friday 22 January 1608, 9 am, had a sore shaking aguish fit. The Lady Constable’s man. Thomas Kelly fell into a new & a strange aguish fit shaking bed & chamber round about Saturday, 9 am, 1608.
[In chart] He died of a pleurisy for not letting blood.
Moon separating from opposition with Sun approaching trine with Venus.
& he voided at his mouth.
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Case 5247

Elizabeth Parker. Tuesday 24 April 1599, 7.15 pm. Nicholas Parker & his Brother for Besse/ quid incid [what follows] /et quis est pater eius conceptionis [and who is the father of her unborn child].
In this action remember this that follows:
Whitfield how he had her up.
The Smith that used to her.
William Casson how he had her.
Old Wheatly how he did use her.
Captain Riddelsden at Mr Brage’s.
Fardell of Southwark when I sent her to see his wife lying in.
The time that she went to Hackney and she went not thither but to Lambeth with a baker & other fellows & came home drunk.
The time that she went to Fleet Street when I went out to Lambeth in an afternoon & forbade her to go out.
The time that she stayed so long at market.
[Note: Parker had worked as a servant in Forman’s household, they had a sexual relationship, and he seems to be supplying the information about her numerous sexual partners.]
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Case 75893

Mary Homes of Milton, 50 years. Saturday 10 November 1632, 2.30 pm.
No children these 6 or 7 years.
Soror sine consensu [sister without consent].
Extreme grief taken against her husband for getting a servant of theirs with child. She would have had to put away but he would not & yet last Michaelmas did confess that he had been naughty with her heretofore but not of late & that the child is none of his.
This servant has been with them 14 years.
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Case 78046

Elynor Aylet of Magdalen Laver, 41 years. Wednesday 14 August 1633, 1 pm. Metuit veneficium [fears witchcraft].
[Right column] Since her last sending unto me has been troubled with the toothache & swelling in their faces. Troubled with dreams & other pains. & her teeth ache. & has lost a very good goose 3 weeks since & her horse was put into a close & was found dead in the morning. Her cattle ill or dead & others likely to die. Has changed the air & has been often worse abroad than at home.
[Left column] Her old serv[ant] maid. A fly came to Faith Sage & did so hit her in her face she saw it not but heard the wing of it. She dwells but a mile from her mistress. Cannot rest day. Cannot rest day nor night for 5 days.
Her cow died. Gave their dugs few [meaning unclear], cannot make her cheese to run.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 49141

A French maid 18 years, servant to my lady Lee of Leighton. Friday 7 July 1619, 1.30 pm. Her father would have sent her to marry with one that she loves not & then she came over to England by stealth.
[Right of chart] Had a clyster last night. [Treatment information.]
[Left of chart] Urine indiff[erent].
[Left margin below chart] A rising in her stomach up to her throat stopping her wind.
Sick since Monday a tingling in her flesh, stitches in her right side. Spit blood. Was let blood & then it went into the left side & then back again to the right side. Is benumbed & pricked all over & ill her joints & has as it were passion of the mother & as one swounding. [Between lines] Terms stopped 2 months.
Desires to eat & cannot get it down & will by fits laugh & be again extreme sick by fits.
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Case 11734

Joan Hull of Newport of 46 years. Thursday 5 October 1598, 3.50 pm. For the rising of her & griping of her heart by fits she has had it a long time: somewhat like an impostume ready to stop her wind & can hardly swallow her spittle. Arising like the mother. Taken a grief touching her first husband who sold all that she had.
Her first husband & she could not agree. Used her not well & was lordly given & always sold away all & made her after she had a child to go 7 years to service again. Many hearts’ griefs.
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Case 51281

Mr Fettyplace his urine brought Saturday 22 July 1620, 3.20 am.
His man sine consensu [without consent]. Urine red & aguish.
Not a week since furious & struck his servant & made him black and blue & then told him that now he will fight no more & said that he will have his wench Anne & wishes that he had her. Urine red & aguish. 1. A cooling clyster.
Continued MS Ashmole 414 f. 187r.
7 August 1620. Whether good for Mr Fettyplace to marry the poor maid his mother’s maid though but poor or to continue still foolish and idle-headed for lack of one.
Purge him well with vomits or purges or clysters or all and leeches and then let him marry where his mind is set.
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