Case 60271

Elizabeth Hayford of Loughton in Leicestershire, 54 years. Thursday 21 April 1625, 2.15 pm. Complains of her wits. Sometimes furious & tempted to make herself away & to drown herself in wells. Uses idle speeches & will [breaks off].
[Left margin] Had vomits & purges.
Head ill & eyes bad & dim. Had a thing to drink & to put about her neck. Cannot be saved, the devil so tells her as she says. Look where the devil stands. Will weep much. A great itch. [Treatment information.]
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Case 61852

William & Robert Lewis supposed to be hurt by bad tongues. 24 March 1626, 6.50 pm. Will 15, Robert 12 years.
[In chart] Betwitched.
Roberts water good but has a great patch of white gravel. They be strangely handled of all parts of their bodies & cry out of the witches hand & the use of their senses & wits taken away. They be haunted. The youngest Mr Hamell mended God be thanked. [Astrology.] Will[iam], water more high coloured with a ground. Muddish red grounds.
[Left margin] The children be well out of their fits.
They had vomits & lozenges were let blood. One mended but two elder are worse than before. 1 tab. Sigil Jupiter a little before 8 in the morning. Water of hypericum. Mugwort water.
[Right of page] Will Lewis of Henley of the Temps 15 years. Ill as before or rath[er] worse.
Their speeches in ther fits are all of witch[es]. They say in their fits that they are possessed. They do adjure th[e] witches to come out of them. Their senses are gone & their fits con[tinue?] one hour mo[re] or less & when they are out of their fit they complain of all[in binding]. White gravel of all parts of their bod[ies].
[Over page] Will Lewis had
1. tab 3. d.
2. A purge. Antimony 9 grains. Diagr. 12. Garlic. Jeralog each 4 grains.
3. Water of hypericum or mugwort 3 ounces. Sigil Jupiter. 2 scruples of coral.
The like for Robert Lewis.
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Case 49464

Mary Kings of Samford, 31 years. 7 August 1619, 2.38 pm.
[In chart] Desp[airing]. Tempted to hang herself.
Was at Banbury 5 weeks since. Tempted to burn her house. Did set fire in her bedstand of her bed & had burnt at night herself, husband & child all, if god in mercy had not quenched it about 5. Did it as she to burn herself, husband & child, being tempted to do it as she says.
[Treatment information, including 2 sigils of Jupiter.]
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Case 42365

Robert Banbery of West Haddon, 47 years. Wednesday 6 September 1615, 8.00 am.
[In chart] Mopish.
One charged him for stealing one of his sheep. His partner. Cannot hold his water any night since Easter & sometimes in the day. Griped in his belly as if an ill thing within him did nip him. Strong yet keeps his bed idly. Much grief taken for it he was falsely charged. They would have him to be bagged for a lunatic. & then out of spite accused this honest man to be the death of his mother all which were proved to be false. Mistress out of spite accused him. Never since well. [Sigil] Jupiter tied about his neck.
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Case 79504

Margaret Franklin of Marson, 26 years. Monday 4 September, 1637, 2.00 pm.
Fears some ill tongue. Strangely handled with a pain in her sides & chest, vomits sometimes. Her youngest child a quarter old. Had something to wear about her neck of my uncle which did her a good so long as she wore that, she was well & fine. That she has lost it she has been ill again as before. She had it a year before my uncle died Her name was Forster then. Sigil Jupiter with a ribbon. They suspected Joan Millard of Cardington to have done her much hurt.
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Case 46806

Agnys Butresse of Fænystratford, 24 years. Saturday 6 June 1618, 4.00 pm. Makes grievous moan for her senses cannot follow any business. Went to drown herself last Monday but she returned & said that he would not; & praised God that she had escaped it. A bad tongue feared. Give her in Gods holy name a thing to hang about her neck.
[Next page] A year since had a Sigil on her neck & all spent took it off her neck & lay it in the floor & then as it were a great black Dog came to her & lay in her lap.
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