Case 53758

My Godson Richard Sharpe, 6 years a next Whitsuntide, born on a Monday about sun rising the Monday 3 weeks after Whitsuntide. Much troubled about 8 at night in his first sleep & will rise out of his bed & cry ‘O God, O God’ & stare & run about. This fortnight is frightened & does not remember it. Monday 25 March 1622, 2.25 pm. He was present for half an hour. Some ill thing feared.
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Case 60718

Lawrence Plummer of Layton, 60 years. Wednesday 29 June 1625, 8.30 am.
Vain & senseless. Mopish, melancholy & will be going he knows not where. & sometimes senseless & cannot keep him in his bed. Will walk all night in his chamber & pull off his shirt.
Sine consensu uxor pro viro [wife for the husband without consent]. Elizabeth Ganger a shepherd’s wife suspected & broke at first his cannell [collar] bone.
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Case 48272

Anne Smith of Stony Stratford, 30 years. Saturday 20 February 1619, 3.00 pm. Married. 12 days sick. Lies like a chrisom child all the day & always at night behaves her self like a bedlam & has in her mad fits cut off a great piece of her tongue. Cannot sleep these 12 days but lies broad awake.
Was suddenly frighted in the night as she thought seeing the devil coming to carry her to hell. The devil tells her that she shall hang in hell by the tongue. & calls & cries out of the devil. Will pray by fits & then again by fits rage. Cannot sleep. Will take nothing nor can abide the sight of any thing. Does lose her excrements of urine & ordure in her bed. [Treatment information including syrup of poppy and water of cowslip.]
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Case 14488

Elizabeth Townsend of Odell, 80 years. Sunday 20 February 1603, 5 pm.
Without consent. A kinsman for his aunt. Without consent.
Light headed. Head and eyes. Cannot rest in her bed. Somewhat tempts her. Says that somewhat comes to her bed. Was up one night and went to a little spring and came in again herself all wet, and nobody knew of it till she was coming in.
She says if she had drowned herself she had saved her soul. For said she there was one of Harold that did so & saved herself. One Franklin’s wife.
She will pray well.
She has been long lightheaded for she loved one that deceived her.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 62503

Michael Adams of Over, 43 years. Wednesday 31 May 1626, 7.00 am.
[In chart] A mind much troubled with false conceits & illusions.
Melancholy false fears touching Satan’s illusions. Fearfulness of sin. Apt to sleep. Mr Baker wrote in his behalf. Fearful dreams. Yet when he would sleep supposes he sees many things which he sees not. A mist in his eyes, a giddiness in his head, an inclination to the falling sickness, a thing rising up out of the lower part of his stomach up to his head.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 76335

Samuel Traceloe of Olny, 28 years. Monday 21 January 1633, 8.30 am.
A running wind up & down & cannot rest anywhere nor sleep. Has been lately delivered out of prison & of correction of the house. Will break windows & do much harm.
[In chart] Light headed.
[Right of chart] Wonderful hot.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 55351

William Wyle of Clifton, 33 years. Saturday 7 December 1622, 2 pm. Much troubled with the fearful dreams that something lies at night on his breast.
Very fearful & thinks that something at night lies upon his breast. Cannot sleep for fear. Used now & then to light candles. Cannot sleep at home yet can abroad.
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Case 43891

Sir Thomas Snags keeper, 30 years. Sunday 15 September 1616, 5.40 pm. New ague. Which took him this day sennet & since is grown for lack of sleep. Mad, bites & tears & cannot be held down. Eats nothing every day alike. Will neither eat nor drink.
[Treatment including syrup and bloodletting.]
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Case 79072

Joan Hawkins of Marson, 43 years. Tuesday 3 June 1634, 10.00 am.
Has been sick these 8 weeks. Pained in her chest, stomach, heart, back. Sometimes pulled & pinched in her belly. Sleeps pretty well. Spits much. Body soluble. Has had a vomit. Was let blood by Dr Bannister’s counsel.
[Astrology; Treatment information, including a clyster and a cordial.]
Their house has been much troubled these 2 years’ space. Something haunting it many nights together yet never did any hurt to them but makes a noise & throws things about & plays many unhappy tricks. Always comes in the night & never heard till the candle be out.
Upon this they removed their house. It followed them & since leaving that it haunts them where they are.
She has but one child & that has been as it were stricken ill. 4 years since & is lame all of one side. Has the falling sickness & dead palsy together.
It had ointments & other things of my uncle & a sigil of tin/Jupiter.
It should seem she has taken much grief at it and some conceit that her house is haunted.
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Case 79209

Mr John Clarson minister of Horley in the behalf of one Henry Goodwin of the same place, 30 years. Tuesday 23 December 1634, 1.30 pm.
[In chart] He came about a year after this & I thank god he went away well in a month.
Troubled in mind. Has been for this 2 years much distempered in his head. Will not work. Full of idle talk & fond conceits & imaginations. Sometimes starting out of his bed in the night. Fearsome. & gazing in a window or in a looking glass for an hour or more together & sometimes walking & talking to himself in the night time for the span of 2 or 3 hours. Has been ill this month & worse than before.
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Case 71200

Margaret More [of] Colmworth by [St] Neots, 42 years. Friday 7 January 1630, 11.30 am.
[Left of chart] Proud of her knowledge, skillful in script.
[In chart] Mind troubled & brain distempered.
[Right column, much in margin]
[Left column] Will rise out of her bed to pray. Will not be kept down.
Is much [distem]pered in brain. Sleeps well. Eats indiff [in binding].
[Left column] Sweats much in her hand. Overstudied herself. All given to prayer. Quakes & shakes. Makes little water.
[Right column, much in margin]. Conscio[us] she sh[ould] die & [in binding] to heave[n].[Treatment information.]
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Case 39163

Mrs Elisabeth Belchar of Gilborough 25 years. Friday 7 February 1612, 2.20pm. 13 years married. Was here in person, Nescio quis oculus [I do not know what eye [bewitches]].
[In chart] She was bewitched & the witches were hanged at Northampton. Nescio quis occulus morbus caducus vel hysterico passio [I do not know what eye [bewitches]. The falling sickness or hysteric passion].
Her brother on a time did grip so sorely about her stomach that she swounded with it. & ever since ill & does swound again still. Head chest & stomach, back, legs, arms, sharebone, & veins do swell. Melancholy causes it to come & will talk & decry all that is in her heart in her sleep.
[Left margin] Head light. Legs continually cold. Metuit veneficium [fears witchcraft]. A sinking & pricking of her heart.
Is pined & consumed. Her throat swells. Her chest swells. Two veins under, gryping about her neck, before her sickness does take her, do swell.
[Right of page] [Treatment information.]
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