Case 44867

Henry Mead of Gamlingay, 20 years. Friday 9 May 1617, 10.45 am.
It took him about a year since either with a strain of an over heavy burden which he bore being 5 bushels of wheat or else by a wrench of a strong man that griped him. & after that had a great tumour & swelling as big as two fists breaking out under his left flank. It never broke but ran with clear water & after it was burst it still mattered not. They did eat out with burnt alum the rotten flesh. Now feels all his pain on the other side in his bones & they fear lest the like swelling should take him in that place. & has lived 3 weeks day & night in intolerable pain on the better side. Nothing as yet appearing.
[Left margin] Eats little. Full of anguish. Can take no rest.
His urine indifferent good.
Has had a scouring about a week.
The sore where the swelling was is almost healed. The swelling is quite gone.
[Treatment information including diet drinks and a blister.]
Edition and image for CASE44867

Case 68215

Master William Norwood that was an apprentice of London. Natus [born] 13 January 1605. Then 20 years. Came to me Friday 17 April 1629, 4.30 pm.
An apprentice of London.
A letter from Doctor Jarman in his behalf being once fellow of Corpus Christi College.
[In chart] Strange fantasies. Cannot sleep.
[To right of chart] His brother brought a letter in his behalf from Dr. Jarman.
Cold ague.
Had a strong fever & his master caused him to drink strong aquavitas & another time very strong drink.
Went to Paul’s Steeple.
Was let blood in the right arm 8 or 9 ounces .
Melancholy & suspects that his friends would poison him. Either by fits over sad, or over merry.
Has taken physic last Michaelmas. Was 2 years toying & jesting & then to cursing & then to talk idly & without sense. Had these fits twice or thrice.
In his youth was struck with a horse about his head or ears & bled with it 15 years & windiness causing pain in his ears.
By taking of physic at December recovered.
1 Had clysters. 2 Let blood. 3 Purged with potions & pills. Taking those by fits oftentimes.
[Left margin] 1 Little ease. 2 Bedlam.
[Right column]
Was very dry & thirsty & with ill company the worse.
Was very costive then took clysters.
Angered & dis[tempered?]. Will [harm?] himself with knife. Fancy & perplex his b[binding]. His master p[binding] him to be h[binding]. Ostler half a year.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE68215

Case 71199

Master George Bicklye fellow of Magdalen College in Cambridge, 26 years. [Above the line] March 27. Thursday 6 January 1631, 5.40 pm.
Son to the parson of Sandy which was dead.
[Left of chart] Is mended God be thanked & made of late an excellent sermon.
Had a fall against a door & did hurt his forehead & it did swell much & now is abated but a singing in his ears with trembling & starting & giddiness in his head. Speaks idly. Troubled with much melancholy. Cannot sleep.
[Left column] Was let blood in the head vein of the right arm & bled six saucers full of black blood & had a purge which wrought well.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE71199

Case 74582

Mrs Dorothy Latimer, 25 years. Thursday 10 May 1632, 4.40 pm.
An extreme cold over all her body. Cannot sleep. [Right margin]: & my opinion touching his bewitched child by 2 witches.
[In chart] Her palate is fallen.
Can take nothing but broth. Her throat expanding for that she cannot swallow. It will not stay being often put up.
Edition and image for CASE74582

Case 18510

Isabel Foster of Densanger, 18 years. Saturday 8 January 1603, 10.15 am.
[In chart, added later] Proved with child & died in child bed & her child also.
Menses obstructed this quarter of a year. A pulling about her heart. Faint that she cannot go. Looks very white and pale. Cannot take her rest. So full of pains. Many times great pain of her head. Also vomits.
[Added later:] Took much physic to destroy the fruit of her womb. Delivered of a very poor child dead.
Edition and image for CASE18510

Case 29518

Alice Chivoll of Great Woolstone, 33 years. Tuesday 6 August 1605, 7 am.
Feels something to move in her body as if she should have another child. Brought abed this day fortnight at [in binding] & had a daughter w[hich] died after it was [christe]ned on Thursday. Cannot sleep. A great pain in her right leg. Sleepy & it cannot sleep. Water good.
Edition and image for CASE29518

Case 54872

Goody Wright of Stony Stratford, 29 years. Saturday 31 August 1622, 1 pm. Never had child or mischance before.
[In chart] Aborted at 13 weeks.
Full of pain. Back & belly. On Sunday morning it came from her & abortum praeterebat praterebat sine illo obstetricis auxilio quando ad secessum iverat [she delivered the dead foetus without the help of her midwife having gone to a secluded place]. Cannot rest day nor night. Nothing [in binding] as they thought the after birth came & [in binding] semblance of a child. Water indifferent. A good stomach.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE54872

Case 55381

Mrs. Walcot (Knight) of Yelling, 36 years. Thursday 12 December 1622, 11.30 am. In presence.
Pained in her left shoulder & runs into her arm in the top of her shoulder. Has them well & but lately. It began 4 or 5 days since. Moon in Gemini. Arm shoulder cold. Cannot sleep.
[Left column] A year since had a child, a wench & had bad & hard deliverance. Not well since.
Anointed with sallet oil & neatsfoot oil. Worst when she lies.
She would not be with child because that she did dream it would be deformed & for that she did lie & company with her husband having her flux.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE55381

Case 64423

Mistress Turney of Layton, 51 years. Friday 10 August 1628, 7.30 am, 7.45am.
[In chart] Melancholy & much tormented with griping pain in her belly. Can find no help having tried many.
Always costive. Tormented 16 weeks with griping wind tormenting her day & night as one haunted. Has taken physic of Doctor Gifford & Doctor Wilson & Doctor Martin & Mister Wallis. & had by all of their consents clysters & ointment yet feels no use. Is of late grown very cold.
[Left column] [Astrology.] Of a melancholy disposition. Apt to vomit continually & yet brings up nothing but phlegm. Yet hearty after fits. Has taken the leeches(?).
[Treatment information.]
[Central column] Lamentable pain as one rent & torn & can take no rest day nor night.
Edition and image for CASE64423

Case 64036

Em Clark of Calverton, 45 years. Monday 11 June, 1627. A widow. 3 years troubled in mind & very wild & was kept bound in her bed, but now has been set at liberty a year. Cannot sleep. Her mind troubled with her children whom she cannot bring up by reason of her poverty.
[In chart] Mind troubled.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE64036

Case 45822 and Case 45823

Case 45822
Mary Boddington of Turvey, 26 years. Friday 5 December 1617, 9.45 am. She mended.
[In chart] Swoons often.
Tempts and says that the devil tempts her to kill herself.
Quaerit utrum mortem evadet [asks whether she shall escape death].
A hoarse cough.
Hot & dry. Cannot rest.
Edition and image for CASE45822

Case 45823
Brought abed upon Saturday last at twelve at daytime. Saturday 29 November 1617, 11.40 am.
Bleeds at the nose. Cannot rest. Is so pained & vexed. Hot & dry. A hoarseness & cannot rear [bring up] anything.
[In chart] Frantic & brought abed on Saturday.
[Left of chart] A cordial drink did her much good.
Was then brought abed & delivered of a boy & swooned very often until 2 in the afternoon.
Susp. veneficium [witchcraft suspected].
He sent also 2 December 1617, 10 am.
[Astrology, beginning Moon in square to Sun …]
Had a comfort drink for that she swooned & was heart sick.
Edition and image for CASE45823


Case 76882

Joan Dean of London the wife of one that is porter to the Earl of Northampton, dwelling in London, 36 years. Monday 8 April 1633, 10 am.
Brought abed a week after Christmas in Grasin in Maidenhead Alley.
[To right of chart, treatment information.]
[Right column] Has not had them since she lay in. & she lay in & was brought abed a week after Christmas. Never had her courses since. Very cold.
[Left column] Full of melancholy & has mind for nothing nor husband nor child.
Has 5 children. Mopish ever since 5 weeks before Michaelmas. Ever since that she quickened.
Cannot sleep.
Urine thick & has dregs in it of a good colour.
[Middle column] A neighbour fell out with her & ill ever since. Mary Dudwyn did curse her & her children. And Mistress Barbery also suspected.
[Left column] Complains of her stomach & head. Mopish. Has taken much physic of the doctors. Vomits & purges & was let blood.
Vomits, purges, pills was also let blood by the doctors yet never the better.
Edition and image for CASE76882

Case 71341

Alice Goodcheape of Campton, 40 years. Saturday 5 February 1631, 2.30 pm. Brought abed a fortnight since. Cannot sleep.
[In chart] Light headed.
The Saturday after her delivery she became light headed & on the Sunday following she put her fingers into the child’s mouth & tore it. But the child died not. & on the next day at night being Monday, she smothered it with her hand. The coroner has sat on the [case of the] child & found her guilty of the fact.
[Treatment, an unguent and a syrup.]
Edition and image for CASE71341

Case 49919

Sara Haddon of Dunstable, 40 years. Tuesday 9 November 1619, 10.45 am.
[In chart] Mind troubled with her husband slandered to be nought.
Cannot sleep. Mind troubled. Perplexed that her husband was slandered to be nought[y]. Was not. & by fits will be pretty well then will rage & fight with her husband & children. 30 weeks gone with child. Has 9 children. 2 years ill & troubled in mind by fits. Cannot by fits abide her husband, children. Troubled with sudden fears & heats. Weeps much.
[Over page] Sara Haddon of Dunstable, 40 years. Tuesday 9 November 1619, 10.40 am. Mind much troubled about her husband. Slandered cannot brook him.
[Treatment information, including a sigil of Jupiter.]
Fears an ill tongue.
Edition and image for CASE49919

Case 78046

Elynor Aylet of Magdalen Laver, 41 years. Wednesday 14 August 1633, 1 pm. Metuit veneficium [fears witchcraft].
[Right column] Since her last sending unto me has been troubled with the toothache & swelling in their faces. Troubled with dreams & other pains. & her teeth ache. & has lost a very good goose 3 weeks since & her horse was put into a close & was found dead in the morning. Her cattle ill or dead & others likely to die. Has changed the air & has been often worse abroad than at home.
[Left column] Her old serv[ant] maid. A fly came to Faith Sage & did so hit her in her face she saw it not but heard the wing of it. She dwells but a mile from her mistress. Cannot rest day. Cannot rest day nor night for 5 days.
Her cow died. Gave their dugs few [meaning unclear], cannot make her cheese to run.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE78046

Case 66097

Parnell Clark, 21 years, of Dunton in Bedfordshire. Thursday 15 May 1628, 1 pm. Had the green sickness. Distracted 4 days. Taken by overmuch study of her book. Terms stopped. Is very fearful & raves much & was frightened & cannot better it. Lets her urine go. Cannot sleep & worse after sleep.
Is frightened, as she said, with 3 things. Did shake & quake & he will have her. Costive.
Edition and image for CASE66097

Case 12847

Elizabeth Carter of Cranfield, 43 years. 14 years since had a child. Monday 26 November 1599, 10.15 am. Never well since she bred two twins & one died. Pained in her breast.
[In chart] Bewitched.
Elizabeth Carter’s water passing good. Fears that her pain came which is all over her body & was in her nipples out of which pulled out black thorns & prickels at sundry times & this she thinks came to her by some evil tongue as her first husband’s toe did rot by the same means.
Heavy in her body & belly & her tongue pained. Cannot sleep.
Edition and image for CASE12847

Case 48272

Anne Smith of Stony Stratford, 30 years. Saturday 20 February 1619, 3.00 pm. Married. 12 days sick. Lies like a chrisom child all the day & always at night behaves her self like a bedlam & has in her mad fits cut off a great piece of her tongue. Cannot sleep these 12 days but lies broad awake.
Was suddenly frighted in the night as she thought seeing the devil coming to carry her to hell. The devil tells her that she shall hang in hell by the tongue. & calls & cries out of the devil. Will pray by fits & then again by fits rage. Cannot sleep. Will take nothing nor can abide the sight of any thing. Does lose her excrements of urine & ordure in her bed. [Treatment information including syrup of poppy and water of cowslip.]
Edition and image for CASE48272

Case 14488

Elizabeth Townsend of Odell, 80 years. Sunday 20 February 1603, 5 pm.
Without consent. A kinsman for his aunt. Without consent.
Light headed. Head and eyes. Cannot rest in her bed. Somewhat tempts her. Says that somewhat comes to her bed. Was up one night and went to a little spring and came in again herself all wet, and nobody knew of it till she was coming in.
She says if she had drowned herself she had saved her soul. For said she there was one of Harold that did so & saved herself. One Franklin’s wife.
She will pray well.
She has been long lightheaded for she loved one that deceived her.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE14488

Case 76335

Samuel Traceloe of Olny, 28 years. Monday 21 January 1633, 8.30 am.
A running wind up & down & cannot rest anywhere nor sleep. Has been lately delivered out of prison & of correction of the house. Will break windows & do much harm.
[In chart] Light headed.
[Right of chart] Wonderful hot.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE76335

Case 55351

William Wyle of Clifton, 33 years. Saturday 7 December 1622, 2 pm. Much troubled with the fearful dreams that something lies at night on his breast.
Very fearful & thinks that something at night lies upon his breast. Cannot sleep for fear. Used now & then to light candles. Cannot sleep at home yet can abroad.
Edition and image for CASE55351

Case 29281

Robert Parker of Hanslop, 24 years. Friday 21 June 1605, 10.30 am.
Head light. Frantic. Talks godly. Can take no rest nor sleep. But talks to himself. His mother sent his water.
His greatest talk is of Jesus Christ. Denies that ever he was in love with any but it took him sitting on a cross upon Sunday in the afternoon about 2 of the clock. His urine good.
Edition and image for CASE29281

Case 51832

Richard Carter of Lilly, 30 years. In love. Wednesday 6 December 1620, 3.00 pm. Sine consensu [without consent]. Widow Peddle. Is tempted that he cannot pray.
[Left side of chart] By fits well. Quakes. Cannot sleep.
[In chart] Tempted much.
Idle headed a week about Thursday night last. Sine consensu frat[er] p[ro] frater [without consent, the brother for the brother].
Opposition of Jupiter and Venus approaching. Keeps his bed & cannot make water since Sunday. His urine like grease. Will steal abroad without his bands very fondly. [Meaning: if you untie/unchain him, he’ll sneak out and behave in a deranged manner.] Thought he is in love. The last time mended presently being let blood, purged & a rose cake applied about last Whitsuntide. Is pained in his belly as if his body would part in the middle. Curses much & looks ghastly.
Edition and image for CASE51832

Case 26630

Agnes Mabbet of Wellingborough, 28 years. Sunday 19 January 1606, 4.40 pm. Pater sine filiae consensu [the father without consent of the daughter].
[In chart] Frantic maddish by fits.
Long visage. Frantic maddish 4 or 5 days by fits. Took it with a cold & could not sleep & now raves & cries out that the devil will have her in most fearful manner. Water indifferent. Has a cough.
Edition and image for CASE26630

Case 48337

Goody Richardson Millers sister of Newport, 56 years. Tuesday 9 March 1619, 9.45 am. Filia pro mater [the daughter for the mother]. By fits mad & furious.
[In chart] distracted was so[me?]tymes.
Her fits take her commonly at 12 at midnight mar 8 Sunday [Sunday 8 March?] 12.00 pm. Cries out of the devil.
Was let blood. Had extract of opium 7 grains. Syrup of poppy. Yet cannot sleep. Make a blistering plaster for her neck. [Astrology.] Cries out of the devil that stands at her bedside & says she is doomed & rages by [in binding] extreme[?]. Cannot sleep.
1. antimony 5 quarters. Wine 4 ounces.
2. A blistering. Plaster.
3. Hamech. 5 drams. Garlic 10 quarters. Elect. 3 ounces. Syrup of [illeg.] 1 ounce.
4. Haemorrhoid vein.
Edition and image for CASE48337

Case 72942

Alice Sturch of Steyorton, 49 years. Friday 16 September 1631, 7.00 am. Present. A tall strong wench.
[Left margin] Cannot sleep.
No thought of marriage. An unsettled brain & fancy.
Sees strange things in the air. Fears bewitching.
Has not had them [menstruation] 2 years. It seems that some thing speaks in her left ear. Hears as it were a voice, but knows not what, with a stinking smell that she cannot rest. 3 years ill. Light headed and speaks she knows not what & will wander now & then from her friend[s]. Not sick in her body but brain.
Edition and image for CASE72942

Case 64340

Iohn Westbery of Sibbord, 60 years. Wednesday 25 July, 1627, 7am. Sine consensu uxor pro marito [without consent, the wife for the husband].
[In chart] Light headed a month. Talks idly.
Urine good. Will talk idly. Whoops & hollows & tears his clothes. They bind him in his hands. Going into the field will lure [holler?] and whoop, but not follow any business. Cannot sleep
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE64340

Case 64602

Elizabeth Hurrell of Barton by Cambridge a widow, 60 years. Monday 17 September 1627, 7.30am. Distracted of her wits since midsummer. Will curse & talk continually & be doing of some ill except she be tied & will tear her clothes & is senseless. Fretful & furious & can sleep little. Light headed.
[In chart] Frantic senseless & furious.
Will take little.
1. Sigil of Jupiter in taffeta with a fair ribbon.
2. A plaster.
Edition and image for CASE64602

Case 19583

Stephen Rawlings of Ramsden in Bedfordshire, 36 years. Friday 10 July 1601, 9.45 am.
It is of Saturn in Scorpio, Moon separating from Mars in Genimi. The wife for the man without consent. It is of Sun in Cancer, Moon separating from Mars in Gemini. One that wastes & spends his patrimony very fondly & foolishly in drinking with friend company at Bedford. He does swear, ban & curse his wife & household & has no care of anything. Worst by night. Cannot sleep.
Told his wife that a thing went into his mouth a worm or he knew not what. [Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE19583

Case 14462

George Swallow of Potters Perry, 50 years. Friday 3 February 1604, 1.40 pm.
Cannot sleep not for 3 weeks. Lay speechless for 24 hours for 5 times. Understood anything but would not speak. Light & lewd talk. Troubled with aches. He is chained & fettered & cries out of witches & casts every thing into the fire. Urine good full of motes. Cries out against Satan.
Edition and image for CASE14462

Case 59172

Joan Savage of Northlie. Tuesday 28 September 1624, 8am. Cousin for his kinswoman a very poor woman. Sine consensu [without consent].
A red thick urine.
[Lower right] A thick water. Does all under her as she lies. Cannot sleep. Devilish minded & would kill any.
[Treatment information.]
Much bedlam, whipping & cruel dealing made her senseless & worse than before.
[Upper right] Joan Savage of Northlie, 36 years. Tuesday 28 September 1624, 7.45 am. Mad since Whitsontide & has ever since been tied with chains & is ravenous of meat. Was distracted 15 or 16 years since & mended again. Was proud of her clothes & tore them all in pieces. Understands every thing & has a good remembrance, but talks nonsense.
Edition and image for CASE59172

Case 42653

Catherine Persival of Old Stratford, 18 years. Wednesday 15 November 1615, 2 pm.[Chart.]
Urine good. A month since ill for 3 nights. Taking her as soon as she is in bed in her sleep & then struggles with her hands & is in a great sweat. Talking of the white & black witch & that they would make her a witch. Her eyes open talks & dances in her sweat & they did bind her for fear of mischief. Dwelt in Bradden with Mrs Matthews whose child died as is thought to be bewitched.
[Left column] Jane Gayton suspected. Had a thing in her throat. Ready to stop her wind. Still cries out of a witch. [Treatment information.] Can take no rest. Never had them.
[Right column] Ill in her mind & thinks that she meets with the witch.
Can scarce speak but catch & scrat[ch] lying on her right side. Is tormented. But on the other s[ide] will dance.
Edition and image for CASE42653

Case 21595

Joan Spark of Blunnam, 32 years. Tuesday 16 October 1604, 11. 25 am. Had 6 children. Was delivered a Monday last fortnight of a boy which is well.
Sometimes well, & she talks idly of the devil altogether & says fondly that she has given her self to the devil & would make her self away. This last night took a garter to do it. In her fits will not talk. Has very strange fits & does fear least some ill has happened to her. Fears a bad woman that used to curse them. Had 2 calfs strangely taken. Cannot sleep.
Edition and image for CASE21595

Case 75152

Mary Harding of Shiddlington, 15 years. Monday 23 July 1632, 8.30 am. Married at Christmas last. Pained in her heart & stomach. Has little or no appetite to her meat. Cannot sleep. Ill 3 weeks. Stands as one in a trance.
[In chart] Convulsive fits. Mother.
In love with a young man & her friends against. Urine indifferent. 3 weeks sick. Yet married against her will. [Treatment information.] Has used all yet not the better.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE75152

Case 46452

Mrs Cock of Stachdon, 36 years. Thursday 23 April 1618, 12.15 pm.
Much grief taken for the death of 2 children but not altogether so much for the latter as for the first but too much. 3 weeks distempered. A great pain on her left side since her husband died. A great pain on her left side and swells as broad & big. Terms stopped with grief & arising up to her stomach. Head pained. Bones. Cannot sleep. Breast & heart pricked. [Treatment information.]
Purge with opening things. Chest swelled.
[Left] Sweats & burns & is drowsy & lazy.
Edition and image for CASE46452

Cases 63570, 63568

Edward Clark of Haddingham, 25 years. Saturday 7 April 1627, 6.00 am. Mind jealous.
[Over page] Edward Clark sent his water Saturday 7 April 1627, 5.45 am. Sleeps little.
[Left] Sick 7 weeks. Was Married.
After midnight sings curses & swears bitterly. Was let blood in one arm 12 ounces & had a vomit 6 weeks since.
Edition and image for CASE63570

[Related decumbiture,bottom left.] Edward Clark fell sick Thursday h. 1.30pm 1627. [Astrology.] His wife was brought abed 9 weeks 2 months. The child was alive 3 days & was christened. The Monday three weeks before Lammas about the tenth of July. Longed for something & it had it not & so miscarried.
Edition and image for CASE63568

Case 47857

Goody Kent of Padbery. Thursday 19 November 1618, 9.00 am. Craved something to make her sleep. Much troubled in mind & fears that she shall kill her self as her father did drown him self. Was here present.
[In chart] Tempted often to kill herself. She did drown herself in January.
Mind mightily troubled. Cannot sleep. Is very devout but exceeding fearful. Tempted
[Treatment information.] [Astrology.]
Edition and image for CASE47857

Case 43558

Thomas Burchmore of Hanslop, 16 years last Candlemas day. Monday 23 June 1616, 3.40 pm. In presence.
[In chart] Brain distempered.
A very high water. Fell sick on Thursday last in the morning. Senses gone overmuch study. Very forward, & wanting means to buy him books & to live in Oxford & besides overstudying. Sleeps well but has no talk at all. 3 nights at Oxford it seems that he never went to bed for those three nights. He will not except he be put in mind of it either after to go to stool or to make water or to eat but thence he will. Eats well & sleeps well but is costive.
[Treatment information.]
Complains of his breast. Understanding good.
Edition and image for CASE43558

Case 44156

John Lucas of Hitchin, 35 years. Saturday 14 December 1616, 1.20pm. The party present of a good complexion. Full of fancies.
[In chart] Mopish & troubled in mind.
[Astrology.] [Right] Ill this quarter of this year. Had 4 child one dead. [Treatment information.] Mind troubled with ill thoughts, especially when he is disposed to do well. Had a brother so troubled that went no man knows whither.
The more he studies on books the worse. Despairing thoughts arising unwilling that so hinder him that he cannot lie in his bed.
Edition and image for CASE44156

Case 17592

Grace Allen of Turvy, 55 years. Wednesday 28 July 1602, 7.45 am.
[Bottom left of chart] Did cast & vomit much.
Mind troubled with the loss of a fat lamb which perished by negligence & will have words given of her that she should be a witch. & Was not. First taken in her back. Bottom of her belly. Upon the 18 of July Sunday between 6 and 7 pm 1602. Suddenly stricken being abroad. For lack of sleep idle headed & says she cares not.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE17592

Case 29221

Joan Broadbrok of Weston Underwood, 40 years. Married. Friday 14 June 1605, 6.45 am. Tempted by an ill spirit. Thinks she has an ill spirit within her. The spirit tells her that he will burn her & drown her & seems to speak within her. A great rising in her stomach. Will take nothing. Cannot sleep at all. Mind much distempered this 7 years worse than others. Thinks her children to be rats & mice. Head throbs. Six weeks since.
Edition and image for CASE29221