Case 74784

Mary French of Little Powtlin, 5 years full, borne Tuesday night before Michaelmas. Tuesday 5 June 1632, 7.30 pm.
A dumb little child of Leicestershire. Six years old. Dumb born & is always goggling of the head & body. Still in action without understanding of her actions.
[To left of question] The child present.
[In chart] Fairy stricken. A lunatic changeling.
At 9 pm the Tuesday night before Michaelmas 5 years full.
[Extensive astrology.]
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Case 11870

Fraunces Marshall of Newport. Tuesday 12 December 1598, 9.30 am. Very strangely. Can scarce speak, only makes signs for water to cool her. Her mouth is furred white with extreme heat. Takes her drink by a quill. First bound [costive], but that I gave her unbound her. Now in a lask & extreme hot & dry. Troubled in her sleep. The husband for his wife without consent.
Moon separating from square with Jupiter approaching sextile with Mars after sextile with Sun …
A foul yellow red water.
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Case 13548

Alice Rawling the daughter of Will Rawling fell sick. About Monday morning about 10 July 1598, 7.30 am. She speaks idly & is bereaved of her speech & tongue both. & wits.
Moon separating from trine with Mercury approaching trine with Jupiter after opposition with Mars …
It should seem that this child should be in danger of death & yet should at length be delivered through the goodness of God.
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Case 74713

Richard Allen of Chesterton, 5 years. Tuesday 29 May 1632, 10.15 am. Goody Madock suspected. Gave bread to this child, never well since.
[In chart] Speechless & raves & rages & tears & skrikes.
[Left column] Eats well. A good complexion. Very pitiful for 3 weeks & speechless for 10 days.
[Right column] Haunted with strange fits, tearing and bites him still. Trembles & makes his clothes to tatters with great skriking. It will skrike & scream & grind the teeth & tears his clothes. Is loose bodied.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 12256

Jane Cuknole of Torceter, 28 years. Friday 20 April 1599, 7.00 pm. Ever since Candlemas lunatic. Came in her own person to me. Lunatic & sometimes dumb. Will not converse with her husband. Hates her children.
[In chart] It is of Venus in Cancer.
Clubber suspected to have her & that by her injuries felt a cold rise. These apples stick in her throat that she bought of goody Clubber’s maid. Eats her meat. Her water very red & of a bloody colour full of black cloudy cobwebs.
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Case 14462

George Swallow of Potters Perry, 50 years. Friday 3 February 1604, 1.40 pm.
Cannot sleep not for 3 weeks. Lay speechless for 24 hours for 5 times. Understood anything but would not speak. Light & lewd talk. Troubled with aches. He is chained & fettered & cries out of witches & casts every thing into the fire. Urine good full of motes. Cries out against Satan.
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Case 49967

Grace Child of Amerson, 60 years. 20 November, 1619, 3.20 pm. Was present. Deep melancholy & a strange fancy.
[In chart] Epilept[ic] fits of the mother.
Head much distempered & very forgetful. Vexed with many sore fits of Satan & that very often [inserted] in most pitiful manner.
[Left margin] Epilet[ic] fits of the mother.
Much grieved in trouble in mind. Ill since midsummer last. Head runs with many idle fancies. Thinks something haunts her & inwardly possesses her & speaks within her telling that she is his.
[Left margin] Thinks some live thing to be in her head alive.
Cannot speak when it is on her, when her fit is on her. Now can lift up her hand or arms & it writhes her mouth face & hands & takes away her senses & something [breaks off]. 8 years since was so troubled as she is now. Claver an old blind minister.
Liori, Mahoma, Mauro. All these three spirits came into her together. [Astrology.]
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Case 21595

Joan Spark of Blunnam, 32 years. Tuesday 16 October 1604, 11. 25 am. Had 6 children. Was delivered a Monday last fortnight of a boy which is well.
Sometimes well, & she talks idly of the devil altogether & says fondly that she has given her self to the devil & would make her self away. This last night took a garter to do it. In her fits will not talk. Has very strange fits & does fear least some ill has happened to her. Fears a bad woman that used to curse them. Had 2 calfs strangely taken. Cannot sleep.
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Case 45459

Joan Rogers of Little Barford. Wednesday 13 August 1617, 10.20 am. Now married about 2 years. A young child about a year old which she nurses until now.
[In chart] Distracted.
Urine red & thick. Taken in her head. Taken as she was going to make hay & ever since has been distracted for the most part. Whoops & hallows & spits in everybody’s face. She fights & beats her husband & all that come to her. Such as she can master. She says that God, on Monday last was sennet in the morning, gave her to the Devil & then the Devil said to her that he must have her. [Treatment information.]
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Case 23511

Katherine Ignoram of Rishdon hard by Hiem Feryes, 23 years. Thursday 2 June 1614, 6.00 pm. Mater pro filia sine consensu [the mother for the daughter without consent].
Married 3 years to her husband. She is willing to lie with him, but will not permit her husband to have the use of her body. Feels a yucking up of her meat & is as one tormented that she cannot [breaks off]. It will lie in her throat not able to speak her eyes closed & her mouth & yet sometimes will bounce on her bed & yet cannot speak striving, & then it will choke her & then will weep & when they go to prayer the more ease she feels. Is foolish & mopish some days & at other times she will neither. Blood letting or purging will do her good. At some times of the year, a deadness began & a while after will grow frantic. If she take a vomit it will work & she will fall down dead for 3 hours & then afterward will come to her sense. Never now desires carnal copulation.
[Treatment information.]
Under tongue also.
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Case 50854

Mr Fettyplace, Tuesday 16 May 1620, 12.20 pm. Born Wednesday 3 October 1593, 3pm. Mr Fettyplace came to me not of his own accord but by the appointment of his lady mother a young gentleman. Loved one that his mother despised.
[In chart] Mopish by fits & furious. Could not be cured.
It is by fits in his head mopish & will not speak a word a week or better & by fits mends & will speak. Well sensed a quarter of a year. Ill 2 years by fits. [Astrology.]
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Case 54392

Mrs Esther Conquest, 21 years. This last 29 of May being Friday about 8 in the morning, but came to me Thursday 6 June 1622, 1pm.
[In chart] Melancholia cum delyrio. Ridet post flet idque saepius [melancholy with delirium. She laughs after she weeps, and this often].
Could not speak but now can again. Voluit maritum Salowe, quem parentes noluerunt [wanted Salowe for a husband, whom her parents did not want]. Will take no more clysters nor inward physic. But outward only. Has a ravenous stomach. A purging diet for mother & herself.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 63747

Bridget Raynolds of Holcot, 23 years. Wednesday 25th April 1607, 9.30 am. Troubled with the mother on her left side arising up to her throat & cannot speak then [in binding] for a whole day and night nor yet cannot take her breath.
Has them but not well. [Treatment information.]
Stomach full. Always costive. [Treatment information.]
[Right column] Married 6 years but never had child. Not well long before in her stomach. & was ever healthful before Christmas last.
[Bottom right] Not heart sick nor feels any pain but in her back.
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Case 13536

Millers, Friday 14 July 1598 7.45 am. Thomas Richardson for his wife. To know what will be her end. About 30 years old. She suspects she has been bewitched. Light headed & talks much of the devil. She can not speak. Sometimes in her fit lets out her excrements.
It seems she has taken it with a great grief. Her mind much disquieted. She scratched one that she thought had bewitched her. Magnum argumentum est maledicae linguae et hostis odij [The great evidence is of evil speech and the hatred of enemies].
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Case 43558

Thomas Burchmore of Hanslop, 16 years last Candlemas day. Monday 23 June 1616, 3.40 pm. In presence.
[In chart] Brain distempered.
A very high water. Fell sick on Thursday last in the morning. Senses gone overmuch study. Very forward, & wanting means to buy him books & to live in Oxford & besides overstudying. Sleeps well but has no talk at all. 3 nights at Oxford it seems that he never went to bed for those three nights. He will not except he be put in mind of it either after to go to stool or to make water or to eat but thence he will. Eats well & sleeps well but is costive.
[Treatment information.]
Complains of his breast. Understanding good.
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Case 73921

Elizabeth Easton of Olny 14 years. 3 March 1632, 10.00 am. Goody Johnson suspected & her daughter & the child. Fell out & since ill. Sorely tormented in her throat. Cannot swallow cannot stand nor go. Her water passes. Hands & feet dead & can scarce speak. Hiccups.
[Left margin] Cannot make water. Sorely tempted.
[Right of chart] Last night scratched the woman suspected. Faint & her daughter fell out with this child.
[Below chart] Has some swounding fits with skriking.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 37877

Mr Faldoe of Goldington, 25 years. Friday 19 April 1611, 11.30 am.
Had the fore part with pain & a running humour in his share. Been most in his bed & least in stirring. Exceedingly faint & feeble. A purge, pills, let blood & bathing & stimulations & cordials every morning. Consumpt. Weeps. Faint & feeble than before. His pain by fits stronger than before & very sharp. Back weak. Had a clyster made in his neck which voided almost a porringer of water. & Speaks ill since his physic stuttering more than before & feels a pain overthwart his stomach. Scurfing powder did him much good of helleborus albus.
Michael: I should not meddle with him.
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Case 28434

Catherine Nelson of Hilsden parish, 35 years. Thursday 21 March 1605, 2.30 pm. Married since Christmas.
[In chart] Very light headed.
Light headed this fortnight. Was frighted with a piece of a chimney which fell upon her. Her water very yellowish & thick. Talks fondly & did swoon. Supposed to have taken sore grief & fright for that her husband lives at her service. Very hot & sorely vexed in her stomach & says that she has fire & brimstone.
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Case 24451

Anne Wade of Hampsted daughter to Sir William Wade. 14 years this next May. Sunday 23 April 1615, 12.50 pm. Taken in her tongue ever since 4 years old & does stumble & stuttle & can scarce bring fourth a ready word. The mother without consent.
This child was sensible at 3 but afterward grew like a changeling senseless & as a natural. Grows well of a pretty stature & countenance good. & eats well & holds down her head much & loves to be solitary. & still is clapping her hands scratching people by the hands & laughs after it & is still in motion stirring & walking & playing with her hands & cannot rest in any place. Yet witless. [Her mother] has had many child & goodly. & many strangely handled. [One] weake in his limbs downwards & dead. Hath a little child of 4 & 5 deaf & Dumb, & a boy of 6 years & he is deaf & dumb & he begins to speak a little of late & hears a little. Another of 9 is lame & goes ill. Widow Bradly suspected & hanged. 6 years since. Widow Hunt also suspected.
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