Case 66097

Parnell Clark, 21 years, of Dunton in Bedfordshire. Thursday 15 May 1628, 1 pm. Had the green sickness. Distracted 4 days. Taken by overmuch study of her book. Terms stopped. Is very fearful & raves much & was frightened & cannot better it. Lets her urine go. Cannot sleep & worse after sleep.
Is frightened, as she said, with 3 things. Did shake & quake & he will have her. Costive.
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Case 64288

Thomas Langley of Oxford, 28 years of Shrove Monday last. Never married, a shipwright. A bachelor. Tuesday 17 July 1627. 7.20pm. He was present. Cannot stay anywhere.
[In chart] A weakness in his brain.
[Bottom of chart] D Prideaux his wife died [belonging to case 64287 on facing page].
[Right of chart] Upon studying of matters too high for him cracked his brain. Losses troubled him.
A melancholy suspected by the doctors. Haunted. It would seem he has carried some affection to some woman that has distempered him.
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Case 43558

Thomas Burchmore of Hanslop, 16 years last Candlemas day. Monday 23 June 1616, 3.40 pm. In presence.
[In chart] Brain distempered.
A very high water. Fell sick on Thursday last in the morning. Senses gone overmuch study. Very forward, & wanting means to buy him books & to live in Oxford & besides overstudying. Sleeps well but has no talk at all. 3 nights at Oxford it seems that he never went to bed for those three nights. He will not except he be put in mind of it either after to go to stool or to make water or to eat but thence he will. Eats well & sleeps well but is costive.
[Treatment information.]
Complains of his breast. Understanding good.
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Case 44156

John Lucas of Hitchin, 35 years. Saturday 14 December 1616, 1.20pm. The party present of a good complexion. Full of fancies.
[In chart] Mopish & troubled in mind.
[Astrology.] [Right] Ill this quarter of this year. Had 4 child one dead. [Treatment information.] Mind troubled with ill thoughts, especially when he is disposed to do well. Had a brother so troubled that went no man knows whither.
The more he studies on books the worse. Despairing thoughts arising unwilling that so hinder him that he cannot lie in his bed.
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Case 71200

Margaret More [of] Colmworth by [St] Neots, 42 years. Friday 7 January 1630, 11.30 am.
[Left of chart] Proud of her knowledge, skillful in script.
[In chart] Mind troubled & brain distempered.
[Right column, much in margin]
[Left column] Will rise out of her bed to pray. Will not be kept down.
Is much [distem]pered in brain. Sleeps well. Eats indiff [in binding].
[Left column] Sweats much in her hand. Overstudied herself. All given to prayer. Quakes & shakes. Makes little water.
[Right column, much in margin]. Conscio[us] she sh[ould] die & [in binding] to heave[n].[Treatment information.]
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Case 69930

Elizabeth Whitton of the parish of Hardingstone in Cotton End by Northampton, 26 years. Thursday 7 January 1630, 2.30pm.
Urine good. Not sick but troubled with melancholy. Nescit an sit gravida (does not know if pregnant). Was brought abed since midsummer last & does suckle it. [Astrology.]
[Left of chart] Ill ever since 3 days before Michaelmas. Apt to swooning, is troubled with tooth ache as she [breaks off].
Troubled with ill thoughts. In great perplexity.
Studying upon hard script that she did not understand as of predestination.
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Case 53754

Ralph Winterton, fellow of King’s College. Sunday 24 March 1622, 5.20 pm. A rare young man for learning, studiousness & strictness of life. Mopish, melancholic, fell ill by overmuch study & that a knight entraining him to ride to his home & even promising him 30l per annum put him no man can yet learn the cause after a quarter of a year. His father sent for him. 23 years August 26, 3.30 pm.
[In chart] Mopish. Went to drown himself. Miraculously preserved.
He assayed to drown himself the Friday sennet before Candlemas day last but was miraculously preserved. Deep melancholy. Has taken much physic. Never the better.
Sometimes he calls upon God & trusts in Christ’s mercy, other times says that he is born the child of perdition.
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