Case 52582

Elizabeth Church of Castle Throp, 46 years. Saturday 2 June 1621, 8.30 am.
Was much troubled in her mind for one that she had loved long & ago who is now married & she meeting him of late told him that if her old husband dies that then she will marry him, but she meant it not as she told me because that his wife is living. Her husband is 80 years old & does whip her & scourge her black & blue egged on by his child. Casts all that she takes. Cannot rest nor sleep. Is somewhat wild & feels not the ground on which she goes. Troubled in her mind. Is much tempted by Satan that comes unto her in the likeness of a cat & tells her that Satan laboured to drown & to hang herself by Satan’s temptation.
[Left column. Treatment information.]
Teeth lost.
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Case 69930

Elizabeth Whitton of the parish of Hardingstone in Cotton End by Northampton, 26 years. Thursday 7 January 1630, 2.30pm.
Urine good. Not sick but troubled with melancholy. Nescit an sit gravida (does not know if pregnant). Was brought abed since midsummer last & does suckle it. [Astrology.]
[Left of chart] Ill ever since 3 days before Michaelmas. Apt to swooning, is troubled with tooth ache as she [breaks off].
Troubled with ill thoughts. In great perplexity.
Studying upon hard script that she did not understand as of predestination.
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Case 37866

Mrs Dorothy Rawlings of Stambridge, 31 years. Thursday 18 April 1611, 10.30 am.
[Left margin] Michael: She will mend.
Much troubled after cold taken in her chest which makes her by fits to vomit full of rheum & toothache. Did pull her tooth. Has been much troubled with often swooning & vomiting. The mother & that 8 years since that is gone & now mended. Took physic of me 8 years since & she was quick & knew it not. Had them 5 weeks hence but 3 or 4 days but not so well as heretofore. A tall & a slender woman full of choler. Posset drink made with pennyroyal & did sweat over a close stool & so went to bed. It is of Saturn in Pisces in the 8th house.
[Treatment information: Diaphænicon, electuarium rosarum, of each three ounces, hiera picra half an ounce, syrupi de 5 radicibus two ounces.]
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