Case 64340

Iohn Westbery of Sibbord, 60 years. Wednesday 25 July, 1627, 7am. Sine consensu uxor pro marito [without consent, the wife for the husband].
[In chart] Light headed a month. Talks idly.
Urine good. Will talk idly. Whoops & hollows & tears his clothes. They bind him in his hands. Going into the field will lure [holler?] and whoop, but not follow any business. Cannot sleep
[Treatment information.]
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Case 64602

Elizabeth Hurrell of Barton by Cambridge a widow, 60 years. Monday 17 September 1627, 7.30am. Distracted of her wits since midsummer. Will curse & talk continually & be doing of some ill except she be tied & will tear her clothes & is senseless. Fretful & furious & can sleep little. Light headed.
[In chart] Frantic senseless & furious.
Will take little.
1. Sigil of Jupiter in taffeta with a fair ribbon.
2. A plaster.
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Case 15411

Sibill Fisher of Cokenho, 24 years. Monday 1 August 1603, 12.15 pm.
[In chart] Light headed.
Light headed, laughs but at first took it with a weeping. Looks ghastly. A fleering [grimacing] look sets her teeth. One night did nothing but swear and curse.
[Top right of page] Sibill Fisher she knows not of her husbands coming for her, knows nobody. They bind her hands and feet. When she is loose she is so strong that they cannot deal with her. Sings idle songs. Desires to dance. She had 2 midwives. The first unskilful. The 2 forward & would not meddle with her because she was not first sent for, suspected to be a witch. The woman well layed, but a week after fell into these fits & at first speaking of her 2 midwives said what did you there with your black hen & such like speeches.
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Case 14462

George Swallow of Potters Perry, 50 years. Friday 3 February 1604, 1.40 pm.
Cannot sleep not for 3 weeks. Lay speechless for 24 hours for 5 times. Understood anything but would not speak. Light & lewd talk. Troubled with aches. He is chained & fettered & cries out of witches & casts every thing into the fire. Urine good full of motes. Cries out against Satan.
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Case 24087

Agnes Man of Great Gidding in Huntingdonshire, 24 years. Wednesday 9 November, 1614, 3.30 pm. A single woman.
[In chart] Lunatic a week before Michaelmas. Mended god be thanked.
Had a fit of lunacy every year for 3 years now about Michaelmas & is worse now than ever hencetofore. Will rage 3 days together & then will sleep & after sleep worse than ever. If she be not chained she will break the windows in the town. The mother sent for her daughter. [Treatment information.]
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Case 59172

Joan Savage of Northlie. Tuesday 28 September 1624, 8am. Cousin for his kinswoman a very poor woman. Sine consensu [without consent].
A red thick urine.
[Lower right] A thick water. Does all under her as she lies. Cannot sleep. Devilish minded & would kill any.
[Treatment information.]
Much bedlam, whipping & cruel dealing made her senseless & worse than before.
[Upper right] Joan Savage of Northlie, 36 years. Tuesday 28 September 1624, 7.45 am. Mad since Whitsontide & has ever since been tied with chains & is ravenous of meat. Was distracted 15 or 16 years since & mended again. Was proud of her clothes & tore them all in pieces. Understands every thing & has a good remembrance, but talks nonsense.
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Case 42653

Catherine Persival of Old Stratford, 18 years. Wednesday 15 November 1615, 2 pm.[Chart.]
Urine good. A month since ill for 3 nights. Taking her as soon as she is in bed in her sleep & then struggles with her hands & is in a great sweat. Talking of the white & black witch & that they would make her a witch. Her eyes open talks & dances in her sweat & they did bind her for fear of mischief. Dwelt in Bradden with Mrs Matthews whose child died as is thought to be bewitched.
[Left column] Jane Gayton suspected. Had a thing in her throat. Ready to stop her wind. Still cries out of a witch. [Treatment information.] Can take no rest. Never had them.
[Right column] Ill in her mind & thinks that she meets with the witch.
Can scarce speak but catch & scrat[ch] lying on her right side. Is tormented. But on the other s[ide] will dance.
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Case 38073

Alice Hills of Thorley, 14 years. Wednesday 8 May 1611, 2.45 pm. Parens sin consensu [the parents without consent].
[In chart] Not bewitched. Mother.
Raphael: Let her blood & she will mend.
Ellen Parret threatened her for a lie made of her & said if she took her she would flay her & after came to visit her & told her that the devil was in her & would never out of her until she lost her lying. Mightily troubled with a great arising in her chest up to her throat. They can scarce hold her. Has had it since 8 weeks & it began in her side like the falling sickness & now for 3 weeks is forced to keep her bed day & night.
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Case 52206

Old Mr Edwards, his daughter in law. For his oldest dead son’s daughter [he means wife] at Henlowe in Bedfordshire, 34 years. Wednesday 28 March 1621, 7.45am. A widow much troubled in her hearing. [Left] A good urine but much whites.
[In chart] Hearing bad.
Unwilling to take physic. [Left column, astrology.]
Since Saturday her first fit took her with a great wind in her stomach or like the mother. A windy stomach like the mother. She swells & heaves upwards that 3 folks cannot hold her down. This fit continued 3 hours & rested. Then the same night about eleven taken again with another fit but it held her not so long. On Monday the like fit but not as vehement as the first. But yesterday being Tuesday about eleven in the forenoon as vehement a fit as 4 women could not hold her down & made her shake as a woman bewitched.
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