Case 16948

Elisabeth Parret of North Crowly, 48 years. Tuesday 18 May 1602, 11.30 am. Cannot take anything.
[In chart] Vomits mightily every 24 hours at night in her bed. Grief.
8 years since broke 2 of her ribs on the liver side & ever since has felt a great pain in that side especially in the fall of the leaf. 4 or 5 hours after she is laid when her meat is brought to the liver there feels a great pricking & shooting & pain until she has voided upward that which she hath taken every 24 hours. After her first sleep. Never had child, hath not whites nor reds.
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Case 44867

Henry Mead of Gamlingay, 20 years. Friday 9 May 1617, 10.45 am.
It took him about a year since either with a strain of an over heavy burden which he bore being 5 bushels of wheat or else by a wrench of a strong man that griped him. & after that had a great tumour & swelling as big as two fists breaking out under his left flank. It never broke but ran with clear water & after it was burst it still mattered not. They did eat out with burnt alum the rotten flesh. Now feels all his pain on the other side in his bones & they fear lest the like swelling should take him in that place. & has lived 3 weeks day & night in intolerable pain on the better side. Nothing as yet appearing.
[Left margin] Eats little. Full of anguish. Can take no rest.
His urine indifferent good.
Has had a scouring about a week.
The sore where the swelling was is almost healed. The swelling is quite gone.
[Treatment information including diet drinks and a blister.]
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Case 68215

Master William Norwood that was an apprentice of London. Natus [born] 13 January 1605. Then 20 years. Came to me Friday 17 April 1629, 4.30 pm.
An apprentice of London.
A letter from Doctor Jarman in his behalf being once fellow of Corpus Christi College.
[In chart] Strange fantasies. Cannot sleep.
[To right of chart] His brother brought a letter in his behalf from Dr. Jarman.
Cold ague.
Had a strong fever & his master caused him to drink strong aquavitas & another time very strong drink.
Went to Paul’s Steeple.
Was let blood in the right arm 8 or 9 ounces .
Melancholy & suspects that his friends would poison him. Either by fits over sad, or over merry.
Has taken physic last Michaelmas. Was 2 years toying & jesting & then to cursing & then to talk idly & without sense. Had these fits twice or thrice.
In his youth was struck with a horse about his head or ears & bled with it 15 years & windiness causing pain in his ears.
By taking of physic at December recovered.
1 Had clysters. 2 Let blood. 3 Purged with potions & pills. Taking those by fits oftentimes.
[Left margin] 1 Little ease. 2 Bedlam.
[Right column]
Was very dry & thirsty & with ill company the worse.
Was very costive then took clysters.
Angered & dis[tempered?]. Will [harm?] himself with knife. Fancy & perplex his b[binding]. His master p[binding] him to be h[binding]. Ostler half a year.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 71199

Master George Bicklye fellow of Magdalen College in Cambridge, 26 years. [Above the line] March 27. Thursday 6 January 1631, 5.40 pm.
Son to the parson of Sandy which was dead.
[Left of chart] Is mended God be thanked & made of late an excellent sermon.
Had a fall against a door & did hurt his forehead & it did swell much & now is abated but a singing in his ears with trembling & starting & giddiness in his head. Speaks idly. Troubled with much melancholy. Cannot sleep.
[Left column] Was let blood in the head vein of the right arm & bled six saucers full of black blood & had a purge which wrought well.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 79789

Mistress Bostocke of Haversham. Tuesday 10 November 1635, 3.40 pm.
Was vexed & frighted with her servant who offered her violence & did pinch & scratch her. & since she has spit blood & has had a great showers & abundance of them [courses] & now some few. Has been with child this 16 weeks gone. Shortwinded & finds her body to swell upon it.
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Case 12093

Alice Jones, 18 years, at Alderton a mile beyond Grafton. Friday 16 March 1599, 12.20 pm. Pale coloured. 3 quarters of a year green sickness. Came in her own person.
Water yellow but full of many white cloudy flakes.
Heart, back, chest, short winded. Frightened with the biting of a dog that bit a little piece of her flesh as big as a shilling. She never had her flowers [courses]. Cannot digest her meat but is driven to cast it up again. Hoven & swollen in the belly & stomach. She was of a good red colour but now pale & white. With cold and heat. All things bitter. I gave her [treatment information].
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Case 22274

Master Edmond Ibbot of St Neots, 35 years. Friday 25 June 1630, 2.30 pm. Sick since Shrovetide. Utrum veneficium sit passus sit [whether he is suffering witchcraft].
[In chart] Legs broken & yet struck not a stroke.
Urine very good.
Had his leg broken on Shrove Tuesday. The bones came through the skin. Has kept his bed ever since.
Not able to arise ever since.
Has had 2 or 3 surgeons come to him. No good. The dead flesh rises faster than they can cut it down. Puts him to intolerable pain.
Goody Hills suspected for witchery. Wished that he might break his neck or leg & that his brother should be hanged. & killing a man he was hanged indeed.
[Left of chart] Sigil Jupiter on Sunday next at 3.15 am 1630.
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Case 18212

John Hollowyll of 28 years a batchelor of Suffolk. Thursday 11 November 1602 4.00 pm.
Right huckbone, knee, back of his foot, under his reins of his back & down to his hip & ankle. Not able to go. Hit on the shoulder with a brickbat as many more now in a house haunted as is thought with sprites which cast brickbats & pebble stones.
[Treatment information.]
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