Case 10476

Gillian Charge of Amptill, 30 years. Thursday 1 May 1600, 9 am.
Gillian Charge afflicted & disquieted in mind. Thinks prayers will do her little good. It is of Saturn in Libra.
[Treatment information.]
She thought she should want living. She said the devil & the guardians of the world have overcome. Was once in mind to make herself away.
Edition and image for CASE10476

Case 64036

Em Clark of Calverton, 45 years. Monday 11 June, 1627. A widow. 3 years troubled in mind & very wild & was kept bound in her bed, but now has been set at liberty a year. Cannot sleep. Her mind troubled with her children whom she cannot bring up by reason of her poverty.
[In chart] Mind troubled.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE64036

Case 12841

Katheren Wels, of Buckingham, 22 years, married, has one child a year old. Saturday 24 November 1599, 12 pm.
[In chart] Troubled in mind. Tempted to kill herself. Grief touching her husband that has spent her goods and cares not for her.
Kath. Wells. Disease is of Moon in Cancer and Venus in Virgo.
Troubled in mind. Tempted to kill herself. Casts away all things. A very sensible woman until the fit comes upon her which is once in 6 or 7 weeks. Her husband cares not for her company and has spent her goods which was 10 pounds. Her water reasonable good but has much melancholy in it.
Edition and image for CASE12841

Case 26735

Alice Gyrney of Edsborough, 36 years. Saturday 15 February 1606, 11.20 am. Married 9 years. Has had 4 children. Troubled in mind by fits and discontented with her husbands first wives friends and against her husband’s occasioners, because she thought her husband would have bought land and given it to his son by his first wife. Counseled by a woman in town against her husband & his friends & kindred.
Edition and image for CASE26735

Case 35006

Mistress Mary Crowly of Harlington, 26 years. Monday 27 March 1609, 1 pm.
4 children the youngest a quarter [of a year] old & she does suckle it.
Suckles. Has no terms.
[In chart] A disquiet of the mind.
[Left margin] No joy of anything.
Tempted with many idle thoughts suddenly to stab either herself or others. & tempted [leaves off]
Took a conceit about a sennet & since fallen again into her old passions of melancholy sadness.
White & fully faced.
Fully faced.
Was troubled with such fancies in her conscience 15 years since.
5s given.
Not sick in stomach & yet has no stomach.
Edition and image for CASE35006

Case 52582

Elizabeth Church of Castle Throp, 46 years. Saturday 2 June 1621, 8.30 am.
Was much troubled in her mind for one that she had loved long & ago who is now married & she meeting him of late told him that if her old husband dies that then she will marry him, but she meant it not as she told me because that his wife is living. Her husband is 80 years old & does whip her & scourge her black & blue egged on by his child. Casts all that she takes. Cannot rest nor sleep. Is somewhat wild & feels not the ground on which she goes. Troubled in her mind. Is much tempted by Satan that comes unto her in the likeness of a cat & tells her that Satan laboured to drown & to hang herself by Satan’s temptation.
[Left column. Treatment information.]
Teeth lost.
Edition and image for CASE52582

Case 69966

Agnes Barnikle of Nappon on the Hill in Warwickshire, 30 years. Married three quarters of a year & better & is quick with child. Monday 18 January 1630, 4.20 pm. Her mind is sorely troubled & cannot abide her husband’s house but is gone home to her mother’s house. Her husband a husbandman with half a yard. Her husband cares not for her.
[Bottom right] Agnes Barnikle of Nappen, 30 years. Monday 18 January 1630, 4.30 pm. Urine good. Mind troubled. With child. Her husband does not love her. She is gone home to her own mother. Discontent in mind. Taken by her husband a while after that she was newly married. As one distracted. Asking how she shall live & what will become of her. [Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE69966

Case 49919

Sara Haddon of Dunstable, 40 years. Tuesday 9 November 1619, 10.45 am.
[In chart] Mind troubled with her husband slandered to be nought.
Cannot sleep. Mind troubled. Perplexed that her husband was slandered to be nought[y]. Was not. & by fits will be pretty well then will rage & fight with her husband & children. 30 weeks gone with child. Has 9 children. 2 years ill & troubled in mind by fits. Cannot by fits abide her husband, children. Troubled with sudden fears & heats. Weeps much.
[Over page] Sara Haddon of Dunstable, 40 years. Tuesday 9 November 1619, 10.40 am. Mind much troubled about her husband. Slandered cannot brook him.
[Treatment information, including a sigil of Jupiter.]
Fears an ill tongue.
Edition and image for CASE49919

Case 77231

Elizabeth Poulter of Willingham, 25 years. Friday 10 May 1633, 10 am. Denies her husband the use of her body.
[In chart] Mind troubled. Mopish & musing.
Married 3 quarters of a year. A month before Christmas. Has them well. Was let blood in her arm & foot 3 quarters of a year since. Mended & ser ward [afterward?] mend [?] on Christmas last grew to melancholy.
[On left] Can rest well & is only sick in her mind.
Could never endure to hear or to see that strange man that let her blood & professed surgery who is now gone from the town where he professed his surgery for a quarter of a year.
Edition and image for CASE77231

Case 48188

Jeffery Hasker of Shenly, 38 years. Friday 5 February 1619, 12.39 pm. Much urine and thin. Argues [i.e. indicates] obstructions. He has taken much grief because his wife killed her child with beating & the Crown has set upon it. He fears that something did haunt his wife. Had lost her senses on a sudden. & this man thinks that he putting out his hand felt a thing like a cat. Complains of the reins of his back. Has a rising in his stomach.
[Left margin] Mind troubled.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE48188

Case 43085

Thomas Chator of Wootton, 30 years. Wednesday 22 March 1616. 3.40 pm.
He sent himself.
[In chart] Much troubled in mind.
Belike [i.e. probably] overcome with drink & th[en?] a woman the hostess told him that if he would kiss her he should have the use of any woman.
Edition and image for CASE43085

Case 39575

Margaret Web, Elisabeth Baldwin’s servant, Tuesday 7 April 1612, 1.20 pm. Is frighted with ill sights. A tickling in her legs. Mind troubled. Fears ill disposed people. An Neals & Bassets wife. Pain suddenly anywhere. Urine good. Has something that comes down before her terms like a bag. Fears bursting or mother.
Edition and image for CASE39575

Case 79209

Mr John Clarson minister of Horley in the behalf of one Henry Goodwin of the same place, 30 years. Tuesday 23 December 1634, 1.30 pm.
[In chart] He came about a year after this & I thank god he went away well in a month.
Troubled in mind. Has been for this 2 years much distempered in his head. Will not work. Full of idle talk & fond conceits & imaginations. Sometimes starting out of his bed in the night. Fearsome. & gazing in a window or in a looking glass for an hour or more together & sometimes walking & talking to himself in the night time for the span of 2 or 3 hours. Has been ill this month & worse than before.
Edition and image for CASE79209

Case 72184

Master Michael Cole of Berkswell by Coventry, 30 years. Wednesday 25 May 1631, 11.00 am.
[In chart] Troubled mind.
Cursed in his love that his friends liked not of & broke it. Then at London a quarter of a year since had a burning fever & likely to die of it yet recovered. Since an unfortunate brother coming to see him in his sickness & finding him mopish & sottish & without sense.
Edition and image for CASE72184

Case 33528

Margery Geare of Wilsamsteed, 42 years. Tuesday 14 June, 1608, 1.15 pm.
Not well these 3 years. Disquieted in mind. Weeps & cries much. Trembles & quakes. A wheelwright offered to lie with her 5 years since. Never well since. Sometimes loves him better than her husband. Cannot put this thought out of her mind.
Edition and image for CASE33528

Case 28866

Richard Cowly of Tinswicke, 30 years. Tuesday 30 April 1605, 9.00 am. A bachelor.
[In chart:] afflicted in mind. Frantic & lunatic.
Trine between Saturn and Venus.
7 trine with Jupiter and Mars.
Conjunction between Sun and Mercury.
Square between Jupiter and Venus.
Trine between Jupiter and Mercury approaching May 2.
He came yesterday to Mr Gerence when I was from home & he willed him to be let blood & he is somewhat mended but ever since Tuesday was sennet has take taken great grief touching one whom he loved & promised marriage & now is married. & he has much thought & grief. Very wild as one frantic. Much tormented in mind & very sick. Cannot sleep. [Added later:] Talks idly.
Edition and image for CASE28866

Case 62503

Michael Adams of Over, 43 years. Wednesday 31 May 1626, 7.00 am.
[In chart] A mind much troubled with false conceits & illusions.
Melancholy. False fears touching Satan’s illusions. Fearfulness of sin. Mr Baker wrote in his behalf. Fearful dreams. Yet when he would sleep supposes he sees many things which he sees not. A mist in his eyes, a giddiness in his head, an inclination to the falling sickness, a thing rising up out of the lower part of his stomach up to his head.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE62503

Case 55480

Mrs. Hanger 30 miles from Steapington, 55 years the first Friday in Lent. Tuesday 7 January 1622, 2.40 pm.
Upper lip it was cut a little after Whitsuntide about midsummer. Otherwise Mrs. Edwards Knights daughter at Piddington.
[Right of chart] Full of fond fancies before in her throat now since in her lip, & says that she is punished for marrying of Dr. Hanger a parson. A woman otherwise wise enough.
[Left margin] She did strive to harm or drown herself.
[In chart] Her upper lip. Hypochond[riac] passion.
[Left margin] A good urine but thin with [the] whites. Had a fall.
Her upper lip vexes her very much & yesterday pimpled & red but never before. It used to burn & itch & she scraped it & bled & was for pain unpatient. It began of a wheal last mid-Lent. She applied morning water & it blistered & after mended looking red. Is very unquiet & troubled in mind by reason of her lip only as she says. Had physic at Cambridge a month. Had a purge of me & was let blood under the tongue & arm. Yet never the better. A diet drink.
[Top right of page] Dr. Allat gave her a cooling drink to take morning & evening & also syr. August. Weep take grief chide & very import & says that everybody hates her. Her urine good but thin. No sediment.
[Following page] [Treatment information.] Much decayed in her body. Had plasters for her feet & temples & ointments. [Treatment information.] Cannot abide to see knives. Will hide herself.
Edition and image for CASE55480

Case 49842

William Jackson of Lowick in Northamptonshire, 45 years. Tuesday 19 October 1619, 10.00 am.
[In chart] Light headed.
By fits light headed. Was taken Sunday sennet in the afternoon. [Astrology.]
Buried a son & took grief for it. & also for his wife that grew idle headed. Himself is idle headed by fits & either he is St David or else the Devil.
[Left margin] His wife is mended prettily. Urine good.
Had somewhat on Wednesday he took but a little of it & was let blood. Cannot sleep. Starts in his sleep. [Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE49842

Case 64172

Elizabeth Watts of Westoning by Amptill, 42 years. Saturday 30 June 1627, 1.45 pm.
[In chart] Mind sorely troubled.
[Left column] Joan Dogget suspected, but this woman does not suspect her. Always sickly & it took her with a gasping being then in travail.
[Right column] Fears some ill thing haunts her inwardly. It rises in her imagination like a hairy thing up to her throat & so to her chaps sundry times together.
Edition and image for CASE64172

Case 49967

Grace Child of Amerson, 60 years. 20 November, 1619, 3.20 pm. Was present. Deep melancholy & a strange fancy.
[In chart] Epilept[ic] fits of the mother.
Head much distempered & very forgetful. Vexed with many sore fits of Satan & that very often [inserted] in most pitiful manner.
[Left margin] Epilet[ic] fits of the mother.
Much grieved in trouble in mind. Ill since midsummer last. Head runs with many idle fancies. Thinks something haunts her & inwardly possesses her & speaks within her telling that she is his.
[Left margin] Thinks some live thing to be in her head alive.
Cannot speak when it is on her, when her fit is on her. Now can lift up her hand or arms & it writhes her mouth face & hands & takes away her senses & something [breaks off]. 8 years since was so troubled as she is now. Claver an old blind minister.
Liori, Mahoma, Mauro. All these three spirits came into her together. [Astrology.]
Edition and image for CASE49967

Cases 63570, 63568

Edward Clark of Haddingham, 25 years. Saturday 7 April 1627, 6.00 am. Mind jealous.
[Over page] Edward Clark sent his water Saturday 7 April 1627, 5.45 am. Sleeps little.
[Left] Sick 7 weeks. Was Married.
After midnight sings curses & swears bitterly. Was let blood in one arm 12 ounces & had a vomit 6 weeks since.
Edition and image for CASE63570

[Related decumbiture,bottom left.] Edward Clark fell sick Thursday h. 1.30pm 1627. [Astrology.] His wife was brought abed 9 weeks 2 months. The child was alive 3 days & was christened. The Monday three weeks before Lammas about the tenth of July. Longed for something & it had it not & so miscarried.
Edition and image for CASE63568

Case 13654

John Beech not far from Luton came to me from my house at Linford to London to talk with me & to have my counsel. Monday 18 April 1603, 11.30 am.
[In chart] Mind disquieted but not distracted & healthy but troubled with fear & fancies.
Not sick at all in body but disquieted in mind with fear & dread. Fears evil tongues. Unwilling to have any man beside himself to know of his infirmity giving me great charge thereof. One that talks with him cannot find any such thing in his talk, he talks so discretely.
His disease comes still upon him. No medicine will do him good.
Edition and image for CASE13654

Case 47857

Goody Kent of Padbery. Thursday 19 November 1618, 9.00 am. Craved something to make her sleep. Much troubled in mind & fears that she shall kill her self as her father did drown him self. Was here present.
[In chart] Tempted often to kill herself. She did drown herself in January.
Mind mightily troubled. Cannot sleep. Is very devout but exceeding fearful. Tempted
[Treatment information.] [Astrology.]
Edition and image for CASE47857

Case 31759

Margery Turnan of Hogston, 28 years. Tuesday 23 June 1607, 11.00 am. Married 6 years. 4 child, youngest 6 weeks old. Tempted to despair.
[In chart] Mind troubled. Temped to do ill & harm.
[Right of chart] head light [largely lost in binding].
When Margery was but 15 years was tempted & well ever since until this three quarters of a year since.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE31759

Case 28831

Agnys Abbots of Layton parish of the Reach, 62 years. Friday 26 April 1605, 12.00 pm. Idle headed & says every thing is too good for her. Head light. Mind troubled. A noise in her head. A thick puddle water. Has been let blood. She died May eve. It is of Saturn in Sagittarius Moon separating from Saturn.
Edition and image for CASE28831

Case 29666

Cicely Tomkins of Newnton, 26 years. Wednesday 4 September 1605, 12.00. 2 child, youngest of a year old. Troubled in mind.
[In chart] Tempted to hurt herself. Looks well.
Has not had her sickness [menstruation] a year since nor used to have them. No grief at all but grieved in mind 2 years since & never opened it. A good creature. Never saw any thing. Tempted when she is alone to make herself away with knife. A good creature & speaks well. Merry in company, ill solitary. A corpulent bodied woman. Urine much & good. Took a fear & smay at a friend of hers that hanged herself. Thinks her self a sinner & troubled with filthy words. Looks well.
Edition and image for CASE29666

Case 45205

Eleanor Burge of Archester, 37 years. Monday 23 June 1617, 10.30 am. With consent. Was present. Very sensible.
[In chart] Much troubled in mind.
Has her terms very well. Ready to despair. 3 sons the youngest 4 years old. Has them very orderly. Head very light as if she had no brains. Had been amiss 3 weeks before on Lady Day in Lent. A very bad stomach. One said to her in her anger that she had the devil in her & since troubled in her mind. Cannot abide her child though she love it exceedingly for fear that she should kill her child. Afraid to have a knife in her hand least that she should either kill her self or her child or friend. Troubled with many wicked temptations very strongly as moving her to swear & to think that god objects against her. She thinks that she is unworthy to eat or drink. Else to do mercy to god herself or any body else.
Edition and image for CASE45205

Case 49464

Mary Kings of Samford, 31 years. 7 August 1619, 2.38 pm.
[In chart] Desp[airing]. Tempted to hang herself.
Was at Banbury 5 weeks since. Tempted to burn her house. Did set fire in her bedstand of her bed & had burnt at night herself, husband & child all, if god in mercy had not quenched it about 5. Did it as she to burn herself, husband & child, being tempted to do it as she says.
[Treatment information, including 2 sigils of Jupiter.]
Edition and image for CASE49464

Case 44156

John Lucas of Hitchin, 35 years. Saturday 14 December 1616, 1.20pm. The party present of a good complexion. Full of fancies.
[In chart] Mopish & troubled in mind.
[Astrology.] [Right] Ill this quarter of this year. Had 4 child one dead. [Treatment information.] Mind troubled with ill thoughts, especially when he is disposed to do well. Had a brother so troubled that went no man knows whither.
The more he studies on books the worse. Despairing thoughts arising unwilling that so hinder him that he cannot lie in his bed.
Edition and image for CASE44156

Case 29422

Mary Barton of Patshill, 21 years. Tuesday 16 July 1605, 4.40 pm.
[In chart] Lightheaded. She mended God be thanked.
[Astrology.] Costive, stomach swelled, throat stopped. Very phlegmatic. Lightheaded. Frantic. Stomach & a beerish urine had. Full body & of a good complexion. When the fit takes her looks with a black face. Troubled with a great rising in her stomach ready to stop her wind. Her fits take her twice or thrice in a day. Yesterday twice. Full of melancholy. Talks little at any time. Sweats. Troubled much in mind.
Edition and image for CASE29422

Case 29490

Alice Hartley of St Needes, 43 years. Tuesday 30 July 1605, 3.30 pm.
[Right margin: had not her sickness [menstruation] since Candlemas.]
Troubled with a rising in her stomach. Ready to stop her wind. Has voided a worm downward & tickles like a worm upward. This 12 years cold inward & dry. An itch about her breast. Comes with a trouble of mind. Had her sickness [menstruation] 3 weeks since.
Edition and image for CASE29490

Case 29221

Joan Broadbrok of Weston Underwood, 40 years. Married. Friday 14 June 1605, 6.45 am. Tempted by an ill spirit. Thinks she has an ill spirit within her. The spirit tells her that he will burn her & drown her & seems to speak within her. A great rising in her stomach. Will take nothing. Cannot sleep at all. Mind much distempered this 7 years worse than others. Thinks her children to be rats & mice. Head throbs. Six weeks since.
Edition and image for CASE29221

Case 28500

William Gawyn of Bydnam, 28 years. Wednesday 3 April 1605, 11.38 am.
[In chart] Much distempered in mind.
Complains of the left side & heart & round about his side & back & much offends him with a windiness. Flatulent melancholy. Saturn Jupiter ambo orient [both rising]. As it now with a griping as if one should stop his mouth with the pain. With an itching about his face.
Edition and image for CASE28500

Case 17302

Elisabeth Ellis, 27 years. Saturday 19 June 1602, 11.00 am. Back ill, head & [?]. 2 children the youngest 2 weeks old tomorrow. Distempered in mind. Heart faint. Sometimes hot & cold.
[Treatment information.]
[Bottom left] Elizabeth Ellis of Hanslop. Mind much disquieted, back very sore at all time. Very hot. Shoot & prick. A wind in her stomach & an arising. Head & memory ill. Lays hand at the mouth of her stomach.
[Treatment information, including stim, syr bugloss.]
Edition and image for CASE17302

Case 11817

Elizabeth Whooton of Sherington. Thursday 23 November 1598, 9.30 am. Unmarried. Crazy ever since Michaelmas but took her & handled her very grievously the 16 of November. Enquired of me a remedy. Father for the daughter with her consent.
[In chart] Swelled in her face body hands. She vomits up all.
[Right of chart] Worms troubled. Owes 6d.
She breaks wind upward. She complains of her heart & head & chest as if she were pricked with nails. [Preceding column] I gave her 6 of scammony & 6 of stim & 6 semis of hellebore & 4 ounces of [confection] hamech. Has not gone to ground this week. Her water whitish. She voided worms of her own accord. Belly hoven & hard. Complains of her left side. Hard belly. Nothing will stay but vomits it up.
Edition and image for CASE11817