Case 79789

Mistress Bostocke of Haversham. Tuesday 10 November 1635, 3.40 pm.
Was vexed & frighted with her servant who offered her violence & did pinch & scratch her. & since she has spit blood & has had a great showers & abundance of them [courses] & now some few. Has been with child this 16 weeks gone. Shortwinded & finds her body to swell upon it.
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Case 5493

Jean Wintch of 25 years, born under 52 latitude 19 longitude, Saturday the 30 January 1574 at 2.00 pm. [Above] Asks on Monday 11 June 1599, 2.00 pm quid sibi accid in futuro &c. [what will happen to her in the future etc.]
Whether she has been with child & how many children she shall have & quid sibi accidet [what will happen to her]. Oriental[is] dat filios [planet east/rising gives sons]. [Astrology] signifies many children.
She may have two children but they will die & not live long. It seems she shall conceive 4 times. The 1 a man child and the 2 a man child, the 3 a man child, the 4 a man child. But they will hardly live or come to good and if any of them come to good they shall hate their father and have much strife with him yet they shall be gentle and mild in words but much envied of base people and evil in deeds.
And she shall have much strife care and sorrow about her children. And the children shall die young. If they live they shall be evil & yet carry a fair face.
[Right] [Astrology.]
She shall meddle with base persons which shall prove her enemies & she shall have much trouble about them and she shall be wretched and have much care in the end of her life and her enemies shall prevail against her.
She shall hurt her husband.
It seems she conceived first at 23 years & when she is 26 years she shall conceive again.
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Case 71341

Alice Goodcheape of Campton, 40 years. Saturday 5 February 1631, 2.30 pm. Brought abed a fortnight since. Cannot sleep.
[In chart] Light headed.
The Saturday after her delivery she became light headed & on the Sunday following she put her fingers into the child’s mouth & tore it. But the child died not. & on the next day at night being Monday, she smothered it with her hand. The coroner has sat on the [case of the] child & found her guilty of the fact.
[Treatment, an unguent and a syrup.]
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Case 48944

Mistress Pedder of Potters Perry, 39 years last St. Lawrence’s day. Wednesday 10 August 1580, 11.30 am.
12 years married, our Lady Day’s eve three weeks before Michaelmas married.
Her husband abuses her. Rails on her, calls her whore bitch & beats her & swears that she is nought[y] & says he is bewitched. [Above the line] with Mr. Troughton.
Wednesday was sennet in the morning her husband beat her & kicked her 2 of June. [Astrology.]
Had 2 children. One died a year old 7 years since & miscarried of another.
[Right column] Master Pedder 43 years. 29 March last.
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Case 60491

Elizabeth Bondage of Thurleigh, 40 years. Saturday 21 May 1625, 10 am.
See 5 May. Was now present. 7 children.
[In chart] An unkind husband & a company keeper. Much grief.
Is hot upward, but always cold downward. Had a purge & was the better 4 days. Blood of the arm naught but of the foot very good & waterish. Terms stopped but a drop or two. Finds a great heat stomach but head specially & face & loves cold things to her brow.
[Bottom left] Elizabeth Bondage would have married a preacher whom she loved exceedingly but overruled by her mother married this unkind husband that beats her and deals rigorously with her & keeps ill company.
[Middle column] Cannot sweat yet being hot.
Costive by hard clots.
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Case 52582

Elizabeth Church of Castle Throp, 46 years. Saturday 2 June 1621, 8.30 am.
Was much troubled in her mind for one that she had loved long & ago who is now married & she meeting him of late told him that if her old husband dies that then she will marry him, but she meant it not as she told me because that his wife is living. Her husband is 80 years old & does whip her & scourge her black & blue egged on by his child. Casts all that she takes. Cannot rest nor sleep. Is somewhat wild & feels not the ground on which she goes. Troubled in her mind. Is much tempted by Satan that comes unto her in the likeness of a cat & tells her that Satan laboured to drown & to hang herself by Satan’s temptation.
[Left column. Treatment information.]
Teeth lost.
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Case 19702

Elisabeth Paxhoode Sympson of Grafton, 30 years. Tuesday July 28 1601, 4.20 pm.
[In chart] Maritus causa phrenesis [the husband is the cause of the frenzy].
Mater sine consensu per filia quaerit [the mother asks for the daughter without her consent].
This Elisabeth Sympson is exceedingly distracted. For that as is supposed, she found her husband in bed with Mrs George at such time as she went to Northampton assizes to speak to the judges for Mrs George.
It is of Venus in Cancer and Mars in Cancer.
She took it on the 15 of July being Wednesday at night between 10 & 11. At such time as she found them together, that is, Mrs George & her husband that never laid but once with her this 8 or 9 years since they were married but kept this Mrs George. This her husband killed a man & was cast into prison long since.
Syrup of poppy 2 ounces. Water of poppy 1 ounce. Diasc. 3 drams. Laudanum of Paracelsus 10 ounces. Ointment of mandrake. Item. Syrup of cowslip and water of cowslip 1 quarter each. sim. 3 ounces. 16 pence.
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Case 19849

Agnes [Anne] Meadbury of Stockgolding, 38 years. Thursday 27 August 1601, 1.12 pm.
Soror pro fratre vel mater pro filia [Sister for brother or mother for daughter]. This woman is frantic amiss this fortnight. Taken grief touching a bad husband that had a bastard & was put out of his living by his landlord & has spent all & beats her.
Syrup of poppy. Water of poppy. 3 ounces. Gratis [fee waived]. Ointment of mandrake.
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