Case 16948

Elisabeth Parret of North Crowly, 48 years. Tuesday 18 May 1602, 11.30 am. Cannot take anything.
[In chart] Vomits mightily every 24 hours at night in her bed. Grief.
8 years since broke 2 of her ribs on the liver side & ever since has felt a great pain in that side especially in the fall of the leaf. 4 or 5 hours after she is laid when her meat is brought to the liver there feels a great pricking & shooting & pain until she has voided upward that which she hath taken every 24 hours. After her first sleep. Never had child, hath not whites nor reds.
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Case 272

Agnes Painter of Whetstone beyond Highgate, 21 years. Tuesday 11 May 1598, 6.20 am. Utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant].
She has a fever and is fretful. It is in her stomach. Like to vomit often & in the reins. She has not her courses. Pained heart, reins. She will have the green sickness. She is not with child. Her water sprinkles very much. But yet by judgment of this figure she seems to be with child. This wench was well enough but she was supposed to be with child. She was very big.
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Case 42629

Elisabeth Leach of Caucot otherwise Caldecote, 43 years. Wednesday 8 November 1615, 9 am.
Quaerit an sit gravida necne [asks whether she is pregnant or not]. Has been bigger & bigger ever since midsummer & is grown bigger and bigger as a woman great with child. & yet has her terms every month. Has a few. Her breasts leak. Very desirous to know whether she have not a tympany bred on her.
Much troubled with wind & great pain in the lower part of her belly.
Did vomit with [?] last night. Complains of her back. Share very sore. Breasts leak.
[Astrology, including conclusion that she’s not pregnant.]
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Case 587

Alice Sampson, 26 years. Thursday 22 July 1596, 7.00 am. Mr Spidells maid. Diz [the nature of the disease].
She should have much pain in the head heart & belly. But she seems to be with child. Her urine sprinkled a little & did cast as if she were with child. & pained stomach, rheumatic and has taken grief. And has not her course in order but is like to vomit. She says stoutly she is not with child.
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Case 6234

Mary Watson, 17 years. Wednesday 24 October 1599, 11.00 am. Diz [the nature of the disease].
Pain in the head ready to vomit often & pain & fullness of her stomach and a pain in the bottom of the belly like stitches and she is with child. And it will perish or she will die thereof for it seems that physic will kill her.
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Case 7744

Mary Blakborowe of Tilshead in Wiltshire, 43 years. Friday 31 May 1633, 7.40 pm.
Matrix ill affected.
About the beginning of December last she miscarried being 18 weeks gone, since which time she has enjoyed indifferent health but she is now fallen dangerously ill. Some think her infirmity to be a quartain, others a hectic fever, both agree that the spleen is much out of order with a great deal of rawness. She is often troubled with the stone, being costive. She is much oppressed with vomiting. Seldom soluble, but when she takes purges, & then with them by reason of her weakness, she is very sick.
[Lengthy treatment information, including clysters, and a substance to be used ‘blood warm, injecting it in a metrinchita into the matrix, every day at 3 in the afternoon for a week together.’]
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Case 64423

Mistress Turney of Layton, 51 years. Friday 10 August 1628, 7.30 am, 7.45am.
[In chart] Melancholy & much tormented with griping pain in her belly. Can find no help having tried many.
Always costive. Tormented 16 weeks with griping wind tormenting her day & night as one haunted. Has taken physic of Doctor Gifford & Doctor Wilson & Doctor Martin & Mister Wallis. & had by all of their consents clysters & ointment yet feels no use. Is of late grown very cold.
[Left column] [Astrology.] Of a melancholy disposition. Apt to vomit continually & yet brings up nothing but phlegm. Yet hearty after fits. Has taken the leeches(?).
[Treatment information.]
[Central column] Lamentable pain as one rent & torn & can take no rest day nor night.
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Case 76604

Elizabeth Cox of Olney, 14 years. Thursday 7 March 1633, 9.30 am.
[In chart] Epilepsy of the matrix with convulsions. Foams.
[Below chart] Strangely handled that 5 or 6 can scarce keep her down. Talks that she sees some woman & that a cat appears.
Was 2 years since handled & the witch was searched & the woman committed & died in prison & has [breaks off]. She had a vomit & wrought well.
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Case 79072

Joan Hawkins of Marson, 43 years. Tuesday 3 June 1634, 10.00 am.
Has been sick these 8 weeks. Pained in her chest, stomach, heart, back. Sometimes pulled & pinched in her belly. Sleeps pretty well. Spits much. Body soluble. Has had a vomit. Was let blood by Dr Bannister’s counsel.
[Astrology; Treatment information, including a clyster and a cordial.]
Their house has been much troubled these 2 years’ space. Something haunting it many nights together yet never did any hurt to them but makes a noise & throws things about & plays many unhappy tricks. Always comes in the night & never heard till the candle be out.
Upon this they removed their house. It followed them & since leaving that it haunts them where they are.
She has but one child & that has been as it were stricken ill. 4 years since & is lame all of one side. Has the falling sickness & dead palsy together.
It had ointments & other things of my uncle & a sigil of tin/Jupiter.
It should seem she has taken much grief at it and some conceit that her house is haunted.
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Case 21573

Jane Broughe of Stonystratford, 52 years. Saturday 13 October 1604, 9.15 am.
[In chart] mad frantic. Extreme sick. Sent afterward to be let blood. Died.
Taken with a hot burning ague ever since Tuesday. Head ill & giddy feels as it were a noise in her ears. Casts up everything she takes. If she takes any conserves they broil in her stomach & she is worst after it. Talks idly. Head very light. Urine not high coloured.
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Case 76873

William Windover of Bedford, 56 years, a shoemaker. Saturday 6 April 1633, 9.15 am.
[In chart] A malignant fever.
A great good bedfellow. His wind is so short that he cannot go up & down. Heart pained, his legs cold & fail him all night. Took 5 pills which wrought well. His body loose ever since. He can sleep by no means. Troubled much with dreams & visions. Sleeping & waking which do much distemper him. Yesterday he began to vomit still after meat. Urine red and feverish.
Is very faint as inclined to a jaundice & to a dropsy.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 9425

Katherine Brook of Blackwall of Poplar, 60 years. Thursday 18 June 1601, 8.15 am. Diz [the nature of the disease]. The late wife of George Brook.
It is of Saturn in Scorpio, Moon separating from Venus in Leo. Paint a figure of too great pain stomach, back, head. Gripes & cold. She has most pain in her back & stomach & vomits & scours. Her ordure comes up at her mouth and so will die or escape hard 9 days hence & has marvelous fits & it takes her about the navel first & so works upward. She seems to be bewitched. Prepare 3 days & purge & burn her water or make a cake of rye flour & her urine.
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Case 11790

Joan Nelson of Mowlsoe, 52 years. Friday 10 November 1598, 8.35 am. Having taken a smay because her husband on a time beating her maid for denying of that which her husband knew to the contrary, she bearing of the blows when her husband struck her. It fortuned within a while after the servant died & the mother of that child said she would never live until she had hanged him for killing of her daughter. Since which time she ever vomits black soot every day for this twelve months. 14 years ago or thereabout her servant beaten died. She loses of her beasts & kines fat & good on a sudden since yesterday yea & sometimes she can make no butter. No physic will go downward but upward all, & that as much without physic as with it.
[In chart] Once in a week to ground. Burnt in body. Excrement hard & little, like sheep trittles. She fears her liver is wasted.
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