Case 32922

George Vescy of Whaddon, 52 years. Tuesday 1 March 1608, 2.40 pm. [Brought?] 2 cockerels.
[Left of chart] George Vescy’s wife. Much grief touching him. Whites, reds, bleeds much.
Runs into his limbs, hips, arms & left leg with flushing heat. & then after extreme cold. Goody Bigge of Nashe suspected. Is very desirous ever since precession [procession?] Monday [?binding] to have women to whip him.
Edition and image for CASE32922

Case 22274

Master Edmond Ibbot of St Neots, 35 years. Friday 25 June 1630, 2.30 pm. Sick since Shrovetide. Utrum veneficium sit passus sit [whether he is suffering witchcraft].
[In chart] Legs broken & yet struck not a stroke.
Urine very good.
Had his leg broken on Shrove Tuesday. The bones came through the skin. Has kept his bed ever since.
Not able to arise ever since.
Has had 2 or 3 surgeons come to him. No good. The dead flesh rises faster than they can cut it down. Puts him to intolerable pain.
Goody Hills suspected for witchery. Wished that he might break his neck or leg & that his brother should be hanged. & killing a man he was hanged indeed.
[Left of chart] Sigil Jupiter on Sunday next at 3.15 am 1630.
Edition and image for CASE22274

Case 20484

Luce Basell of Olnye, 40 years. Sunday 28 February 1602, 4.40 pm. Had not sickness [menstruation] till 8 or 10 weeks since. She cannot keep her meat ever since this sennet [sevennight]. Comes up, shakes and burns with cold. Quaerit an sit gravida [asks if she is pregnant]. Urina mediocris coloris [urine of a mediocre colour]. Jane Drubb did curse her, and presently had a calf that foamed and died. Beat hard against the ground. Taken grief and fear by the woman.
With child.
Edition and image for CASE20484

Case 57726

Goody Marshal of Newport, 33 years. Monday 23 February 1624, 8.50 am. Brought abed Friday 6 February 1624, 6.20 am. Saturday last was a sennet her child died. Griped in her thigh.
[Left of chart] 3 child all dead. Cannot sleep & much pulled & griped.
A hermaphroditus. Very light headed & first had a griping in a thigh & a shooting in every part. Did buy milk at a place where they suspect a bad woman. One Howets wife suspected.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE57726

Case 45822 and Case 45823

Case 45822
Mary Boddington of Turvey, 26 years. Friday 5 December 1617, 9.45 am. She mended.
[In chart] Swoons often.
Tempts and says that the devil tempts her to kill herself.
Quaerit utrum mortem evadet [asks whether she shall escape death].
A hoarse cough.
Hot & dry. Cannot rest.
Edition and image for CASE45822

Case 45823
Brought abed upon Saturday last at twelve at daytime. Saturday 29 November 1617, 11.40 am.
Bleeds at the nose. Cannot rest. Is so pained & vexed. Hot & dry. A hoarseness & cannot rear [bring up] anything.
[In chart] Frantic & brought abed on Saturday.
[Left of chart] A cordial drink did her much good.
Was then brought abed & delivered of a boy & swooned very often until 2 in the afternoon.
Susp. veneficium [witchcraft suspected].
He sent also 2 December 1617, 10 am.
[Astrology, beginning Moon in square to Sun …]
Had a comfort drink for that she swooned & was heart sick.
Edition and image for CASE45823


Case 76882

Joan Dean of London the wife of one that is porter to the Earl of Northampton, dwelling in London, 36 years. Monday 8 April 1633, 10 am.
Brought abed a week after Christmas in Grasin in Maidenhead Alley.
[To right of chart, treatment information.]
[Right column] Has not had them since she lay in. & she lay in & was brought abed a week after Christmas. Never had her courses since. Very cold.
[Left column] Full of melancholy & has mind for nothing nor husband nor child.
Has 5 children. Mopish ever since 5 weeks before Michaelmas. Ever since that she quickened.
Cannot sleep.
Urine thick & has dregs in it of a good colour.
[Middle column] A neighbour fell out with her & ill ever since. Mary Dudwyn did curse her & her children. And Mistress Barbery also suspected.
[Left column] Complains of her stomach & head. Mopish. Has taken much physic of the doctors. Vomits & purges & was let blood.
Vomits, purges, pills was also let blood by the doctors yet never the better.
Edition and image for CASE76882

Case 48912

Mistress Audley of Sandy, 25 years. Monday 7 June 1619, 5.47 am. She died the Wednesday following.
[In chart] She died. The witch since is cast into Bedford jail.
Brought abed a fortnight since. She dreamed that she must not nurse her own child. Cruelly tormented & has little use of her senses in her fits. & cries how how [sic] a woman suspected. Who, upon burning of her hair & paring of her nails burnt in the fire, the woman suspected came in presence but they did nothing to her.
Edition and image for CASE48912

Case 78046

Elynor Aylet of Magdalen Laver, 41 years. Wednesday 14 August 1633, 1 pm. Metuit veneficium [fears witchcraft].
[Right column] Since her last sending unto me has been troubled with the toothache & swelling in their faces. Troubled with dreams & other pains. & her teeth ache. & has lost a very good goose 3 weeks since & her horse was put into a close & was found dead in the morning. Her cattle ill or dead & others likely to die. Has changed the air & has been often worse abroad than at home.
[Left column] Her old serv[ant] maid. A fly came to Faith Sage & did so hit her in her face she saw it not but heard the wing of it. She dwells but a mile from her mistress. Cannot rest day. Cannot rest day nor night for 5 days.
Her cow died. Gave their dugs few [meaning unclear], cannot make her cheese to run.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE78046

Case 55321

Marge Glenister of Newport, 38 years. Saturday 30 November 1622, 11.25 am. At the latter end of harvest a magpie came into her house & did hang upon a painted cloth and of himself went out and presently did fly up into her loft and was never seen after. And [she] fell presently sick and did take a great cold and has a sore cough that her son 8 weeks {which} hath in a manner broken the skin of her belly and is very feeble and weak yet does not keep her bed. Still coughing.
Goody Howat suspected. Often abused and called witch. Sigil of tin. A red aguish water.
Edition and image for CASE55321

Case 70332

Margaret Foster of Cardington, 18 years. Friday 26 March 1630, 1 pm.
Ill a fortnight afore Christmas with a wringing pain of her heart & chest & navel with extreme grippings by fits & does cast often times & is not well until she has casted. Never had them [menstruation]. Urine good.
[Treatment information.]
Elizabeth Millard suspect gave her drink once and never since well. & Also Alice Hyde suspected. Said that she had a ready faery. & Came to her in the likeness of a cock and a child. Easter Monday about 9 put on her sigil of Jupiter 8 am.
Edition and image for CASE70332

Case 76604

Elizabeth Cox of Olney, 14 years. Thursday 7 March 1633, 9.30 am.
[In chart] Epilepsy of the matrix with convulsions. Foams.
[Below chart] Strangely handled that 5 or 6 can scarce keep her down. Talks that she sees some woman & that a cat appears.
Was 2 years since handled & the witch was searched & the woman committed & died in prison & has [breaks off]. She had a vomit & wrought well.
Edition and image for CASE76604

Case 41987

Christopher Winckles of Gorefield, 4 years. Came to me Thursday 8 June 1615, 12.38 pm. Holyrhood day at night. Being Thursday. Betwixt ten & eleven at night.
At half a year old was sick & swooned as if he had the falling sickness. He swooned this last Easter night betwixt 8 & 9. Full of mettle & busy body. & he swooned the Sunday before Whitsunday in the night in his bed. Born Thursday 14 September 1609, 10 pm.
[In chart] Epilepsia.
Has voided great long worms about a quarter of a year since.
[Treatment information.]
They suspect that he is witched.
Edition and image for CASE41987

Case 67498

Anne Edmonds of London, 34 years. Saturday 18 December 1628, 6 pm.
[Right of page, running to bottom] My advice for her falling out with a woman, her landlady, midsummer last a twelvemonth. Fell out with her, & struck her about a sister in law of hers that lived with Mrs Edmonds. She struck her & gave her cursed words & one that followed her boy being 9 months old. Put her boy into a strange fit & so continued a good while & died in the end of the fever fits. The doctors said it was in shifting the boy into another house. Had no more fits for 14 weeks after. Then her lord lady’s sister her maid was warned by her to go out of her service. And Goody Crosse that had gotten her aforetimes & the maid leaving her to come to her old mistress that Goody Crosse that did help her to a service came railing to her & cursing Mistress Edmonds with bitter curses & said that she would make her to repent it for keeping of her servant. So her child fell into these fits again & so continued with 20, 30, 40 fits a day until it died. & the mother Mistress Edmonds dreamed that a woman did bewitch her child & Dr Lamb told her that Goody Crosse had bewitched her boy.
And for herself is fallen into the same fits and craves my counsel. This Mistress Crosse did say that she did no more against her child than what she was set on.
Edition and image for CASE67498

Case 12847

Elizabeth Carter of Cranfield, 43 years. 14 years since had a child. Monday 26 November 1599, 10.15 am. Never well since she bred two twins & one died. Pained in her breast.
[In chart] Bewitched.
Elizabeth Carter’s water passing good. Fears that her pain came which is all over her body & was in her nipples out of which pulled out black thorns & prickels at sundry times & this she thinks came to her by some evil tongue as her first husband’s toe did rot by the same means.
Heavy in her body & belly & her tongue pained. Cannot sleep.
Edition and image for CASE12847

Case 29049

Joan Clarke of Rhood, 25 years. Saturday 18 May 1605, 8.00 am. Sine consensu filiæ [without the daughter’s consent].
The mother thinks she is bewitched. Her mother would have her well matched & she is ever against it & will match with none but such as are beggarly & poor. Her friends would bestow her well but she will not be ruled. She will have one Francis Stoakes & says she will have him. She will give no entertainment to any substantial body.
Edition and image for CASE29049

Case 31853

William Flye of Hinton beyond Brackley, 22 years. Saturday 4 July 1607, 12.00 pm. His head ill. Mopish. Father for the child. Mopish.
[In chart] In love with one that he never did ask the question & now tempted.
[To right of chart] Grown mopish ever since May.
Worse than heretofore since Monday last. June 29, Saturday. Saturn separating from Moon, opposition Sun approaching opposition Mars. Says he is bewitched & that he must have the wench he loves. Sleeps ill.
[Treatment including mandrake and jeralog.]
Edition and image for CASE31853

Case 40648

Margaret Middleton of Hushon, 11 years. Saturday 28 November 1612, 3.00 pm. Sick two days & yesterday frantic. Suspect Goody Campbell.
[Next page]
Fell sick on Thursday[?] and was as one frantic yesterday by fits. & voids worms. Urine good. Antimony 2 and a half ounces. Absinth 2 drams. Cries out upon a woman that did threaten her.
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Case 72942

Alice Sturch of Steyorton, 49 years. Friday 16 September 1631, 7.00 am. Present. A tall strong wench.
[Left margin] Cannot sleep.
No thought of marriage. An unsettled brain & fancy.
Sees strange things in the air. Fears bewitching.
Has not had them [menstruation] 2 years. It seems that some thing speaks in her left ear. Hears as it were a voice, but knows not what, with a stinking smell that she cannot rest. 3 years ill. Light headed and speaks she knows not what & will wander now & then from her friend[s]. Not sick in her body but brain.
Edition and image for CASE72942

Case 56863

Edward Cleaver of Stoe of 9 churches, 50 years. 9 August 1623, 7.00 am. Was present.
Jane Parbery suspected who confessed that she had a puppy did suck her a twelvemonth since & better after he had said god be thanked for his food. An ill motion came into his mind saying ‘kisse myne arse’. & since daily tempted ever after his praying then an ill motion comes into his hart to say Sir head giddy & when he is over calling & praying to god then he is sorely tempted with profane & ungodly thoughts & sometimes with an inward smiling & laughing in his heart. [Treatment information, including vomiting lozenges, a purge, a pomander about his neck.] His motions in his seeming doe rise from his fundament upward. Urine very aguish.
[Treatment information.]
[Next page] Tempted with ill thoughts against god & a continually crying. Urine aguish. Continually praying & still tempted with profane & unreverent thoughts against god which do mightily torment him. Cannot rest nor follow any business. His ill motions do seem to arise from his fundament. Has had 2 vomiting lozenges, one purge & 4 a pomander. Was 7 times let blood in one year.
Edition and image for CASE56863

Case 12887

Thomas Leades an old man that dwells in Stonystratford & sells aquavitæ. Monday 10 December 1599, 11.00 am. Lies at his heart pit ever since Saturday night & is as a thing that heaves & sucks on him & makes him that he cannot rest day nor night & would be ripped alive if I would counsel him therunto. Looks very pale & consumed. Ter nuptus [third marriage].
[In chart] Haunted or bewitched.
It is of Saturn in Libra. Water of a reasonable colour but full of motes, hairs. Once in a month to stool & then very black & hard, but vomits up all things he takes. He persuades himself that there crept into his mouth some evil thing lying under a hedge.
Edition and image for CASE12887

Case 67826

Margaret Foster of Cardington Cotton End, 17 years. Tuesday 3 March 1629, 1.00 pm.
[In chart] Never had them.
[Right of chart] Widow Millard suspect made her to drink against her will.
Taken 3 years since Whit Sunday when her mother was buried one gave her drink against her will. A bad woman suspected & since ill by fits & casts all that she takes. One Alice Hyde. Ill after meat.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE67826

Case 74713

Richard Allen of Chesterton, 5 years. Tuesday 29 May 1632, 10.15 am. Goody Madock suspected. Gave bread to this child, never well since.
[In chart] Speechless & raves & rages & tears & skrikes.
[Left column] Eats well. A good complexion. Very pitiful for 3 weeks & speechless for 10 days.
[Right column] Haunted with strange fits, tearing and bites him still. Trembles & makes his clothes to tatters with great skriking. It will skrike & scream & grind the teeth & tears his clothes. Is loose bodied.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE74713

Case 14462

George Swallow of Potters Perry, 50 years. Friday 3 February 1604, 1.40 pm.
Cannot sleep not for 3 weeks. Lay speechless for 24 hours for 5 times. Understood anything but would not speak. Light & lewd talk. Troubled with aches. He is chained & fettered & cries out of witches & casts every thing into the fire. Urine good full of motes. Cries out against Satan.
Edition and image for CASE14462

Case 42653

Catherine Persival of Old Stratford, 18 years. Wednesday 15 November 1615, 2 pm.[Chart.]
Urine good. A month since ill for 3 nights. Taking her as soon as she is in bed in her sleep & then struggles with her hands & is in a great sweat. Talking of the white & black witch & that they would make her a witch. Her eyes open talks & dances in her sweat & they did bind her for fear of mischief. Dwelt in Bradden with Mrs Matthews whose child died as is thought to be bewitched.
[Left column] Jane Gayton suspected. Had a thing in her throat. Ready to stop her wind. Still cries out of a witch. [Treatment information.] Can take no rest. Never had them.
[Right column] Ill in her mind & thinks that she meets with the witch.
Can scarce speak but catch & scrat[ch] lying on her right side. Is tormented. But on the other s[ide] will dance.
Edition and image for CASE42653

Case 53759

Mrs Brograve sent me a token. Her husband full of grief for the burning of his house & good[s] & Mr for Mr Edmunds daughter 17 years. Monday 25 March 1622, 4.20pm. Mr Edmund’s daughter.
[To right of chart] Haunted as her father thinks with some ill creature.
[In chart] Mind much grieved & troubled.
This maid is sorely handled about her back & sides & everywhere as if she should be torn in pieces oftentimes by fits since harvest. Now will take nothing. Extreme sick & feeble & lies as one in a trance & will skrike out for half an hour. They think she will die. Is so extreme sick. Looks well in her face & bates not in her flesh. Was pretty well until a week since. Urine indifferent good. Witchery suspected. Is as one haunted. [Treatment information]
Edition and image for CASE53759

Case 21595

Joan Spark of Blunnam, 32 years. Tuesday 16 October 1604, 11. 25 am. Had 6 children. Was delivered a Monday last fortnight of a boy which is well.
Sometimes well, & she talks idly of the devil altogether & says fondly that she has given her self to the devil & would make her self away. This last night took a garter to do it. In her fits will not talk. Has very strange fits & does fear least some ill has happened to her. Fears a bad woman that used to curse them. Had 2 calfs strangely taken. Cannot sleep.
Edition and image for CASE21595

Case 54333

Catherine Persival of Old Stratford, 22 years. Thursday 30 May 1622, 12.30 pm.
Mater pro filia [the mother for the daughter].
[In chart] Mopish, haunted & possessed.
23 a month before Michaelmas on a Sunday 9.40 am. Born 8 weeks before her time.
Goody Gayton of Brodyn suspected. Is dry & drinks much. Has her terms well. Would bark like a cat, dog, bull by fits when she says Lord delivers from all evil.
[Left margin] Has her terms well. Sorely tormented.
She says that she is possessed with [breaks off]. Would soon tell things that would come to pass. The king did give her a little of his own [illeg.] & tied it about her arm & helps [illeg.] her of her mad fits twice. & that she should strike her left arm strongly three times.
[Left margin] Head & chest. Not heartsick.
Goody Clark suspected. Goody French suspected.
Says that she has the Devil in her & God also in her to defend her. Since a Monday was a sennet has no fits but complains of her chest.
[Right] Oleu[m]. Susp[ected] Tomlyns. 5 years since was with me & had a vomit or two & a purge. Since Easter was tempted. [Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE54333

Case 68820

Lady Elizabeth Walter, 48 years. December last the 8 being Thursday about nine at night but came to me Tuesday 23 June 1629, 3.00 pm. Cold in her stomach mouth & lips. [Right] Spleen & mother & veneficium [witchcraft].
[Left of chart] A bad husband that did not regard her.
[Right of chart] Cowslip rosemary flowers mithridate oil of ambers to prevent the palsy.
A windy head & noise. A spice of the mother & spleen.
[Over page] This woman had a violent purge in winter & snowy weather which wrought 20 times in a day & night that it could hardly be stayed. & stopping the looseness with hot cloths never had them since. Which was about 2 years since. Took saffron 1d & it set her in a flower [menstruation]. Then drank a pint of barley water & that made her extreme cold in stomach & lips. Yet digests well. [Astrology.]
[Over page] The Lady Walter beyond London 40 miles came to me for my counsel. [Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE68820

Case 22060

Alice Cooper of Emmerton, 44 years. Friday 4 June 1630, 2.45 pm. Lame in all her joints hands arms legs feet.
Suspects some witch because it takes his wife very strangely & also his child at diff[erent] times. Very ill. Was advised by one Andrew Ward an Alsman [almsman?] in Rowell an old man to put of some of his wife’s hair [between lines: in the fore part of her head] in 4 places before & nape of the neck behind & over both ears, & then to bore thorough any of her ears to get some of her blood also a farthing worth of brimstone a farthing worth of rosen [resin] bind all together & fling it into the fire any time of the day. If it leaps out to put it in again. If any came for anything not to let them have anything. One Goody Barton came to borrow it & brought it presently again.
Edition and image for CASE22060

Case 55156

Henry Norman of St. Yeedes, 33 years. Tuesday 22 October 1622, 6.30 pm. Head & stomach. Much urine, clear. Head giddy & light after drinking 2 or 3 days together. Fears bewitching.
[Right] fillet of his left side & flank betwixt his hucklebone
Did cast his hair into the fire & the party came into his house once & did afterwards forbear & came twice unsent her. & she would not.
[Left margin] his drink be it never so little afford with him.
Melancholy face. A thin urine like well water. Elizabeth Gorford. Apt to be drunk & then great sobbing. So for is pained three days & in a manner stark mad for the time.
[Left column] To six spoonfuls of this stilled milk with as much running water gromell [gromwell] seeds & nutmeg of each as much as will lie on a twelvepence. This moulders his stone.
[Right column] [Treatment information includes red onions, mallows, plantain, stilled in a gallon of milk.] This does him much good.
Edition and image for CASE55156

Case 13536

Millers, Friday 14 July 1598 7.45 am. Thomas Richardson for his wife. To know what will be her end. About 30 years old. She suspects she has been bewitched. Light headed & talks much of the devil. She can not speak. Sometimes in her fit lets out her excrements.
It seems she has taken it with a great grief. Her mind much disquieted. She scratched one that she thought had bewitched her. Magnum argumentum est maledicae linguae et hostis odij [The great evidence is of evil speech and the hatred of enemies].
Edition and image for CASE13536

Case 61852

William & Robert Lewis supposed to be hurt by bad tongues. 24 March 1626, 6.50 pm. Will 15, Robert 12 years.
[In chart] Betwitched.
Roberts water good but has a great patch of white gravel. They be strangely handled of all parts of their bodies & cry out of the witches hand & the use of their senses & wits taken away. They be haunted. The youngest Mr Hamell mended God be thanked. [Astrology.] Will[iam], water more high coloured with a ground. Muddish red grounds.
[Left margin] The children be well out of their fits.
They had vomits & lozenges were let blood. One mended but two elder are worse than before. 1 tab. Sigil Jupiter a little before 8 in the morning. Water of hypericum. Mugwort water.
[Right of page] Will Lewis of Henley of the Temps 15 years. Ill as before or rath[er] worse.
Their speeches in ther fits are all of witch[es]. They say in their fits that they are possessed. They do adjure th[e] witches to come out of them. Their senses are gone & their fits con[tinue?] one hour mo[re] or less & when they are out of their fit they complain of all[in binding]. White gravel of all parts of their bod[ies].
[Over page] Will Lewis had
1. tab 3. d.
2. A purge. Antimony 9 grains. Diagr. 12. Garlic. Jeralog each 4 grains.
3. Water of hypericum or mugwort 3 ounces. Sigil Jupiter. 2 scruples of coral.
The like for Robert Lewis.
Edition and image for CASE61852

Case 79149

Sara Major of Blaxeley 18 years. Thursday 7 August 1634, 1.30 pm.
She was born 1 March 1616 at 2 of clock in the morning being Thursday. Vide Mrs Elisabeth Jennyns. Burns much. Complains of a pain in her sides & back. Urine good. Body costive. Was first taken making of hay & lying against a haycock where she felt something to prick her back & again the next day the like. Sometimes one bone in her back came forth & would slip in again & sometime another, at other a third joint & slip in & out again. Took purgations of one Mr Lapworths & Dove & Rawlins of Daventry, an Apothecary, which wrought 10 days together & she is very weak after it. Was at Bath yet grows worse & worse. Is very weak. Has sweating fits & cold fits. Has of late suspected some ill body that has bewitched her. Elisabeth Wickins & Em Taylor her daughter suspected. She is gone into Essex. She came oftentimes to houses.
Edition and image for CASE79149

Case 73921

Elizabeth Easton of Olny 14 years. 3 March 1632, 10.00 am. Goody Johnson suspected & her daughter & the child. Fell out & since ill. Sorely tormented in her throat. Cannot swallow cannot stand nor go. Her water passes. Hands & feet dead & can scarce speak. Hiccups.
[Left margin] Cannot make water. Sorely tempted.
[Right of chart] Last night scratched the woman suspected. Faint & her daughter fell out with this child.
[Below chart] Has some swounding fits with skriking.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE73921

Case 17592

Grace Allen of Turvy, 55 years. Wednesday 28 July 1602, 7.45 am.
[Bottom left of chart] Did cast & vomit much.
Mind troubled with the loss of a fat lamb which perished by negligence & will have words given of her that she should be a witch. & Was not. First taken in her back. Bottom of her belly. Upon the 18 of July Sunday between 6 and 7 pm 1602. Suddenly stricken being abroad. For lack of sleep idle headed & says she cares not.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE17592

Case 19094

Robert Alcock of Bonist, 22 years. A bachelor in Bedfordshire. Thursday 26 March 1601, 1.00 pm.
Stomach, light headed. It is of Saturn in Scorpio Moon separating from Jupiter in Virgo. Stomach & rises up to his throat. Head pained. Much water & somewhat yellowish. [Treatment information, includes jeralog.]
Has taken grief touching a lewd woman that dwelt in the house with him that a year before he knew her had a child & afterward this woman spoke him fear being acquainted with another young man which is now is gone & they of the house mocked him with her as if he would have her. & Now fearing lest she should be naught & he to be hanged with her being but a softly fellow is as it were frantic & foolish & fears lest he should be bewitched by this woman that spoke him fear.
Edition and image for CASE19094

Case 17135

William Wallington, of Wolverton 60 years. Monday 7 June 1602, 12.00 pm.
[In chart] Died on Wednesday. He died 3 days after. Very well & godly.
Miserably tempted & rages. Wits senses taken.
[Left] They fear lest he be beworded by taking of a woman a piece of cake with which I have nothing to do. God send them help. His water much of a thick bayish & reddish colour. Much bluish thick rubbish in the bottom.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE17135

Case 21977

Mrs Taylor of Lidlington, 28 years. Thursday 28 February 1605, 1.00 pm. In presence herself.
[In chart] Hurt by an unskilful midwife. Hypochondriac passion. Mind troubled.
Mightily troubled with wind in her guts runs up into her stomach & fumes up into her head back & shoulders. Mind tempted to witchcraft. Was hurt by a bad midwife. Of Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Sagittarius, Moon approaching Mercury. Has them [courses] orderly for 2 or 3 days every 3 weeks. Head & brain much disquieted. Fearful. Much troubled in mind. See December 31 last.
Edition and image for CASE21977

Case 66414

Alice Shepheard of Stukeley, 38 years. Friday 20 June 1628, 1.00 pm.
Has had 10 & seven died. They live a month & then die. Utrum malef sit passa [whether witchcraft is suffered]. 7 dead & 3 living 7 boys & 3 wenches.
A sanguine complexion. Youngest child a week old & she does suckle it. Put them to nurse for her milk does not agree with them. Some live a year some 3 years. Some half a year some less. Suspects some bad body.
Edition and image for CASE66414

Case 79504

Margaret Franklin of Marson, 26 years. Monday 4 September, 1637, 2.00 pm.
Fears some ill tongue. Strangely handled with a pain in her sides & chest, vomits sometimes. Her youngest child a quarter old. Had something to wear about her neck of my uncle which did her a good so long as she wore that, she was well & fine. That she has lost it she has been ill again as before. She had it a year before my uncle died Her name was Forster then. Sigil Jupiter with a ribbon. They suspected Joan Millard of Cardington to have done her much hurt.
Edition and image for CASE79504

Case 79115

Mrs Eleanor Aylet of Magdalen Laver in Essex, 43 years. Wednesday 9 July 1634, 7.45 am. Came her self. July 9 Wednesday 7.45 am 1634. Suspects witchcraft.
[Chart.] [Astrology.]
Elizabeth Spacy in high rowding near Anthrop Hall.
Richard Pavitt & his wife Rebecca of Leaden Roading
Parnel Sharp
Anne Matthew of Harlow
Jeffrey Holmes & Joan & her Mother Joan Dowsett
Very much troubled in her head & a dazzling in her eyes. Fumes ascending from the stomach causing those distempers. Urine good but with a great white sediment. Aches with a weak back.
[In margin] Rheumatic, subject to cholic & phlegm.
Troubled many times with a flushing heat. Yet of a pale complexion. Fainting many times by fits which takes her from the soles of her feet to the crown of her head. Sometimes more vehemently than others. Sleeps not well. Sometimes costive. Was taken so ill first in child bed & yet hath had 9 children since. Was ill before the death of her first husband who was an Aylett too. Witchery suspected. Husband, daughter & her self & her cattle that they can neither make butter nor cheese, it smells very ill.
[Charm/treatment note: orao. dne ora ante venificiu & that any thing.]
Edition and image for CASE79115

Case 39163

Mrs Elisabeth Belchar of Gilborough 25 years. Friday 7 February 1612, 2.20pm. 13 years married. Was here in person, Nescio quis oculus [I do not know what eye [bewitches]].
[In chart] She was bewitched & the witches were hanged at Northampton. Nescio quis occulus morbus caducus vel hysterico passio [I do not know what eye [bewitches]. The falling sickness or hysteric passion].
Her brother on a time did grip so sorely about her stomach that she swounded with it. & ever since ill & does swound again still. Head chest & stomach, back, legs, arms, sharebone, & veins do swell. Melancholy causes it to come & will talk & decry all that is in her heart in her sleep.
[Left margin] Head light. Legs continually cold. Metuit veneficium [fears witchcraft]. A sinking & pricking of her heart.
Is pined & consumed. Her throat swells. Her chest swells. Two veins under, gryping about her neck, before her sickness does take her, do swell.
[Right of page] [Treatment information.]
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Case 76582

Elizabeth Cox of Olnye. 16 years. Monday 4 March 12.30pm, 1633. Was ill about 2 years since being bewitched, & the witch was executed for it at Aylesbury. This morning about 4 was taken with the like fits again. She complained that some body pricked her in the feet & from thence it struck up into her body. Screeches & foams at mouth & sets her teeth together ready to bite off her tongue.
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Case 79097

Mrs Eleanor Aylett of Magdalen Laver 10 June 1634, 8.00 am.
Has been sorely tormented & vexed with a company of witches her self, her son & her cattle, & is at this time very sorely handled & fears they will work her end. Her cows give her very puddles of milk as good as nothing at some times good milk & then afterwards very puddles. & the cows are very sick & are often times troubled about the yard. In the beginning she is very hot then a flushing burning. Then soon after very cold again. Something comes a fly roaring & buzzing about her.
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Case 79174

Mrs Eleanor Aylett of Magdalen Leaver. Tuesday 7 October, 1634, 9.45 am. For her self & her child. She sent hither the 22nd of September.
1.Taken with a fainting fit & a chillness. Pained in her teeth & a flushing all over her body. Her cattle grow dry & give not so much milk as they used to do. Suspects Elizabeth Spacy most.
2. Her child which is 5 years old has a sore grown upon her back which does run & has been thus this month. Desires something for it.
3. Her son which is 6 years old was taken in the night & his eyelids drawn away & diverse little knobs like warts on his eye lids. Was very well when he went to bed & was disfigured in one night.
There was a match propounded her for her daughter & it brake off again. Now there is another offered & desires to know the issue whether it will be good to harken to it or no.
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Case 71407

Mr Penrids daughter of Barkamsted, 9 years. Monday 21 February, 1631, 2.30 pm.
[In chart] Has been very ill a long time. Lying upon her back she will bend like a hoop, that her heels will touch her head & something stirs in her belly as if it were alive. Her friends suppose her to be under some ill tongue.
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Case 9425

Katherine Brook of Blackwall of Poplar, 60 years. Thursday 18 June 1601, 8.15 am. Diz [the nature of the disease]. The late wife of George Brook.
It is of Saturn in Scorpio, Moon separating from Venus in Leo. Paint a figure of too great pain stomach, back, head. Gripes & cold. She has most pain in her back & stomach & vomits & scours. Her ordure comes up at her mouth and so will die or escape hard 9 days hence & has marvelous fits & it takes her about the navel first & so works upward. She seems to be bewitched. Prepare 3 days & purge & burn her water or make a cake of rye flour & her urine.
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Case 46806

Agnys Butresse of Fænystratford, 24 years. Saturday 6 June 1618, 4.00 pm. Makes grievous moan for her senses cannot follow any business. Went to drown herself last Monday but she returned & said that he would not; & praised God that she had escaped it. A bad tongue feared. Give her in Gods holy name a thing to hang about her neck.
[Next page] A year since had a Sigil on her neck & all spent took it off her neck & lay it in the floor & then as it were a great black Dog came to her & lay in her lap.
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Case 17896

Elisabeth Kay of Halstone, 24 years. 12 September, 1602. A maiden.
Fears a timpany. Is mightily hoven in her body face head chest body legs. Legs do run with clear water & her thighs run. Her wind is ready to be stopped. [Treatment information.] Goody Smallbone hanged for witchery. She said that she left worst behind her. Suspect one Goody Bailey. Thinks that she is haunted with some sprite or witch as she terms it. Her body pimples like to a gooseskin. Ever short winded.
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Case 30527

Mary Assop of Harborough, 40 years. Tuesday 27 January 1607, 9. 30 am. The husband for his wife without consent.
[In chart] Mopish & senseless.
[Treatment information.] Never well since her last child the last Lent which lives still. Prays & calls upon God & thanks him. Her eyesight fails her. [Astrology.] Elisabeth Wakeline kneeled down upon her knees & prayed unto god in her own house before the woman & prayed to God that Mary Austoppe might never have her health so long as she had a tongue to speak again she said the plague of god light upon her & all the plagues in hell light upon her. Her urine dunnish & somewhat blackish with hanes of purulenta materia en fundo [festering matter in the bottom]. Stinking strong & filthy. Heart hot & eats very well. Almost a year thus. The woman was at her travail thus cursing her & said although I have not my wish one way yet I have it another way.
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Case 11790

Joan Nelson of Mowlsoe, 52 years. Friday 10 November 1598, 8.35 am. Having taken a smay because her husband on a time beating her maid for denying of that which her husband knew to the contrary, she bearing of the blows when her husband struck her. It fortuned within a while after the servant died & the mother of that child said she would never live until she had hanged him for killing of her daughter. Since which time she ever vomits black soot every day for this twelve months. 14 years ago or thereabout her servant beaten died. She loses of her beasts & kines fat & good on a sudden since yesterday yea & sometimes she can make no butter. No physic will go downward but upward all, & that as much without physic as with it.
[In chart] Once in a week to ground. Burnt in body. Excrement hard & little, like sheep trittles. She fears her liver is wasted.
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Case 12256

Jane Cuknole of Torceter, 28 years. Friday 20 April 1599, 7.00 pm. Ever since Candlemas lunatic. Came in her own person to me. Lunatic & sometimes dumb. Will not converse with her husband. Hates her children.
[In chart] It is of Venus in Cancer.
Clubber suspected to have her. & that by her injuries felt a cold rise. These apples stick in her throat that she bought of goody Clubber’s maid. Eats her meat. Her water very red & of a bloody colour full of black cloudy cobwebs.
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Case 19083

Grace Hall of Faeny Stratford 26 years. Wednesday 25 March 1601, 9.30 am.
With child. Pained in her head. Doubts she is bewitched. Would not take what I sent her. Cries out. She is bewitched. Light headed. Has no sense nor care to do anything. She tells everyone that comes to her that her child that died, her cattle, & now her self is bewitched. Goody Bricknell suspected.
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Case 17265

Elisabeth Gascoyne of Wickgen,17 years. Wednesday 16 June 1602, 3. 45 pm. She scratched a woman & so mended.
[In chart] Took her disease with a scare & frighting.
By fits wonderfully handled. It is of Mars in Scorpio Moon separating from Sun in Pisces. About Shrovetide had her sickness & never since. Chest stomach heart & swounded at the first taking of her sickness & after pained in her back. & was taken suddenly & fell down dead & quaked & will hang upon her mistress. Urine of a good colour & fears Goody Hooke of it that fell out with her for apples that she sold. This Elisabeth Gascoyne after it she had scratched the party & wiped away the blood on a rag & cast it into the fire & mended presently.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 18322

Agnys Thorneton of Eckton, 38 years. Monday 29 November 1602, 12.20 pm. Wonderfully tormented in her throat. Cannot swallow anything. Joints ill, shoulder & head as if it would pull her in pieces. & yet not heart sick. Suspect some to have done her harm. One of them was hanged & the other in Northampton gaol. Alice Smyth thought to have done all the mischief who is now in prison. Ever since Whitsontide.
[In chart] Bewitched.
One of the women confessed that June Smiley did bewitch to death a child & [iij] 3 women. & this woman pines & consumes away.
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Case 79335

Mrs Joan Prescott of the Priory in Kimbolton parish, 65 years. Sunday 24 May 1635, 12.45 pm.
Suspects herself to be under an ill tongue. Without any just cause given on her part. Has a suspicion of two persons viz of one Ann Hart & widow Wardbois of Kimbolton parish in the county of Huntington. But most especially of the said Ann Hart being a woman of a bad conversation in reviling, cursing, swearing & so noted by her neighbours for that divers of her neighbours have suspected her to be the only occasion of the loss of their several goods as horses, cows, calfs, pigs & hens, ducks.
She is very much tormented in her body both inwardly in her bowels by pricking & pulling & gnawing & pricking at her heart & sometimes outwardly all over her body sometimes in her head & then in her eyes, shoulders, arms, hands, thighs, knees, legs & no place free & sometimes reasonable well & then comes again & thus she has been this 10 weeks. Has taken much physic & wrought reasonable well with her. But yet she continues as ill as ever. Sleeps indifferent well now often yet heretofore could not sleep well. Is troubled many times taken with a rising up to her thro[at] even ready to stop her. Urine very good. Body very costive. Much troubled with wind.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 24451

Anne Wade of Hampsted daughter to Sir William Wade. 14 years this next May. Sunday 23 April 1615, 12.50 pm. Taken in her tongue ever since 4 years old & does stumble & stuttle & can scarce bring fourth a ready word. The mother without consent.
This child was sensible at 3 but afterward grew like a changeling senseless & as a natural. Grows well of a pretty stature & countenance good. & eats well & holds down her head much & loves to be solitary. & still is clapping her hands scratching people by the hands & laughs after it & is still in motion stirring & walking & playing with her hands & cannot rest in any place. Yet witless. [Her mother] has had many child & goodly. & many strangely handled. [One] weake in his limbs downwards & dead. Hath a little child of 4 & 5 deaf & Dumb, & a boy of 6 years & he is deaf & dumb & he begins to speak a little of late & hears a little. Another of 9 is lame & goes ill. Widow Bradly suspected & hanged. 6 years since. Widow Hunt also suspected.
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